One of the most interesting recent dreams involved a character from a movie. In this post, let’s talk about that… characters from movies, television, plays, musicals and fictional books.

I would describe this particular dream as bizarre… one of the words I typically use to describe one possible feature of dreams from God. Dreams from God are often bizarre because they are so symbolic.

And when you put the symbols together in a scene, they often make no sense… a cop with an ATM machine on his chest, a dispenser of eyeliner rather than glue-stick, a vegan community eating steak, a newborn speaking the word “paint” etc.

This dream was one of those dreams… bizarre.


The dreamer was pregnant, but losing the baby. She was in the waiting room of a clinic where other women were having babies, yet had absolutely no feelings of loss.

And it wasn’t an abortion. As she watched the others being called into the delivery rooms, she expected to be called to one shortly, and for the process to be quick. To her surprise, she found herself sitting around and sitting around… no progress, no labor.

Just waiting. In a church setting, she encountered a woman and told her about her ministry focus. The woman passed it off as if it was nothing saying that she did the same thing.

Then suddenly she was sitting on a school bus behind her son who was taking his preschool to an art class. She told her son that she might as well go along too, because she had to wait for her miscarriage anyway.

What was most strange was the beginning of the dream. When the dreamer was in the clinic (before the miscarriage), she looked into the toilet basin that contained her miscarriage to see two things: 1) body parts of flesh, and 2) Woody, the lead character in Toy Story! She had miscarried Woody!


Let’s look at several aspects and elements of this dream.

• First, how could the dreamer be waiting throughout the dream for the miscarriage, yet see the components of the miscarriage in advance?

This is not uncommon. That part of the dream is prophetic. It prophesies the outcome of the miscarriage in advance. It explains what will be coming in the dreamer’s life after the waiting period the dream also prophesies.

• As the mother watches the others moving to the birthing rooms, why is the mother not sad about losing the child within her?

Because in this situation, the loss is a good thing. (Not in the sense of an abortion, of course.) So that is a clue as to the meaning of what she is losing… something she is better off without, but that she had kept “feeding” within her spirit for some time.

• Why does the dream show her waiting so long?

The reason is that in real life, she has been waiting and expecting things to change sooner rather than later. Don’t we do that?

So often, we anticipate improvement in our situations much sooner than God has planned for us. These seasons of waiting seem unnecessary and without value to us. “What’s the hold up?” we ask God.

But of course, God is developing our character and expanding our faith. Like a cake in the oven, we must be baked to perfection, lest we fall flat when we are removed from the heat.

• What’s with the school bus, son, granddaughter and art class?

In dreams, we can instantaneously be transported to other places and times. And that’s one way the Lord clarifies what He’s saying.

In this case, He is advising the dreamer that the ministry she has birthed comes with a person or group who knows little about the art of her ministry (or the ministry itself, if it’s art-related). God is advising her to simply watch and wait─ and not interfere─ as He teaches this person or group what they need to understand.

• Body parts and flesh in a toilet? Is that really God?

An interesting thing about God is that He doesn’t mince words. This can be confirmed in the Bible easily. Just read a chapter or two from just about anywhere in its text.

God has no problem being no-nonsense and even blunt. What seems disgusting to us contributes greatly to clarity.

• What would miscarrying flesh and Woody mean?

The answer to this type of question will lie in either the main characteristic or the main goal of the movie personality.

Though Woody’s personality is adorable, let’s look to his main goal throughout the movie because we know that it’s clear and straightforward. Woody is the leader of a gang of toys. And what is their mission?

These animated toys want their master─ who is moving to college─ to once again notice them, giving them continued purpose. They long to be about fulfilling their reason for existence. They yearn for their master to play with them. They want their master to see their value.


We too have a Master! And there it is… the message of the dream:

The time is coming when dreamer will no longer need to yearn to realize her destiny. Her ministry will no longer be treated as insignificant. She can shed that fleshly discontentment, because God’s intentions for her will shortly be fulfilled.

Through this dream, the Lord is reminding the dreamer that she is loved and not forgotten. She is to walk in confidence and faith, knowing that the future God has planned for her is on the way. And as she continues to develop her ministry, she can trust God to teach those around her what they need to know.


We will address movie characters in our dictionary by adding entries.

If you see an actor or an actress in a dream, but no movie tied to the person, then try looking up the meaning of their name, but avoid New Age horoscope-focused websites.

If you see a character in a movie… again, this person might be symbolic of the movie character him or herself, especially if their main character trait is strong and easily expressed.

The cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz surely represents anxiousness and fear. Superman represents one perceived as a hero. We have seen husbands depicted by their wives in dreams as Superman, but that may only mean that SHE sees him that way.

Of course, as with Woody, a movie character may be depicting the main mission of such character.

Maria or Julie Andrews in Sound of Music speaks of escaping oppression. Sylvester Stallone in Rocky may symbolize determination and persistence.

I hope you perceive the principal connected to this movie and the other principals used to interpret this dream, and that these are helpful to you in making sense of your own dreams!

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams. I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing! Lynmarie

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