We are happy to report that we have virtually completed the content for the new site— a new and much larger dictionary, several new courses, new features, etc.

At this point we are vetting techs to convert and migrate the courses, and tech firms to put it all together and then maintain it. Please pray for expedient, proficient, equitable and clear solutions.

We are also pursuing the funds to pay for this, as it will be thousands of dollars. If you would like to help, you can donate through our “MaxMinistries” Paypal account. contact@maxministries.com.

Once these issues are resolved, it shouldn’t take long to get back online.

Also, although Lyn’s health improved (2 conditions miraculously healed), she has declined greatly in the last 2 weeks, most likely due to an almost unfathomable month-long stress through which the devil made it crystal clear he wants to stop (or at the least delay) this endeavor.

Meanwhile you are welcome to email lyn@thedreamersinstitute.com. She may be able to get you info on a particular dream element.

Thank you so much for your continued patience, interest, prayers and encouraging emails!