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The GATES of HELL That May Affect You

The GATES of HELL That May Affect You

The metaphorical significance of “the Gates of Hell” from Matthew 16:18 may be somewhat understood in Christendom, but what are these gates? Where are they? How do they function? And can we expect to come across them individually in this present world? Lynmarie shares the extraordinary insights she received in several prophetic dreams. Part 1 of 2.

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The N-Word & NAME-CALLING Dreams

The N-Word & NAME-CALLING Dreams

In the 1st of this 2-part series, Lynmarie explores the unsettling phenomenon of NAME-CALLING dreams, delving into a personal dream where her husband was called the N-word… & sharing how to discern the core meaning of dream elements. These dreams offer insight into how others secretly see us, guiding us to navigate relationships wisely.

The N-Word in Dreams- Part 2

The N-Word in Dreams- Part 2

Bringing further insight into the meaning of being called the N-word in her dream‒ and personal background connected to the application of that dream‒ Lynmarie provides vital perspectives on how to manage dreams where a character calls someone a derogatory name or disconcerting revelations about others are releveled.

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10 Site Feedback Comments

From Croyton, United Kingdom

Thank you so much, your site made me laugh with joy when I happened upon it.

-Patrick S

From Ndola, Zambia

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin… now, I know I have prophetic dreams… and I’m so grateful, how can I even thank you enough?


From Auckland, New Zealand

Thanks again for helping me make some sense of my dreams. God bless you for taking the time to help us.


From Ashville, North Carolina

I’m so glad I found this website and so grateful for all the wisdom and knowledge you’ve shared. I’ve really learned a lot about my dreams and I now have a better understanding what God is trying to tell me.

-Lisa W

From Honoraville, AL

Lynmarie, All I can say is WOW!!!! You nailed this one… the dream interpretation was right on down to every detail… My husband & I both really appreciate your help. You just don’t know what a difference this has made. Blessings.

-Cyndi W

From Baltimore, MD

Right now I am in tears; rejoicing that the Lord confirmed for me through your ministry and this dream that… Lynmarie, I can’t express to you how much this means to me. You hit the nail on the head. Hallelujah. Thank you guys so much.

-Barbara S

From Oklahoma City, OK

Wow! Great interpretation. That’s incredible! You’re right. I had a couple in the church… Thank you! Been praying for what to do. Thanks again!!!!

-Pastor Shawn

From Ashburn, VA

Thanks for creating such a wonderful and well needed platform, it not often you find people of God willing to go one step further and share their true passion and believes with the world. I found this site and information so positive and knowledgeable I am recommending it to all our members. I hope you don’t mind us sharing this site.

-Pastor Micklewhite

From Dallas, TX

You are spot on… I am glad someone understood this dream, because I didn’t! I just know you are correct in the Spirit because of what has been going on. Thank you guys.


From Central Missouri

Thank you for your ministry. I appreciate you and the calling God has on your life. Thank you for blessing me.

-Pastor Marcie

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