Buildings, Houses & Settings in Dreams

Houses in dreams as well as buildings or settings generally have to do with a life situation. Scriptures says that a house divided cannot stand; a metaphor for a situation. Jesus spoke of building a house on a rock rather than on sand; saying that any and every situation should be built on solid ground. When a focus of a dream is a house, think of it like a parable. The message is, “there’s a situation in your life that looks like”…

The situation can be your health, a ministry, a career or job, a relationship, a church situation, a financial situation, a family, a person, or perhaps the body of a person.

Building Banner Dream in


This indicates more experience, skill, talent or power is available than with a ranch-style home

While a house is necessary for human survival, a home is necessary for human fulfillment and may symbolize a place you belong and a place of rest or relief. Your dream may or may not distinguish between the two, or the word “home” may be used.

This is referring to your activity such as your career or ministry, but provisions are involved in this situation.

This is a temporary situation or condition. A change is coming.

This dream is speaking of a very temporary situation or condition. It will change soon.

This dream concerns a business, vocation, enterprise, or venture

This situation involves a high calling or great amount of spiritual peace, power, or maturity

Temporary situation
You may have to pay for it
Vacation/time of rest

This situation concerns general provisions which may currently be accumulating but not released

Concerning seed and harvest, cultivation

This concerns general provisions being stored up for you

There is a situation in your life that concerning provisions, or the marketplace,

Concerning provisions or issues in a specific area

A place to receive either and upgrade or downgrade. Be careful.

Concerning the most basic general provisions

This situation involves the raising of something

You will be shown something

You are being watched or highlighted before others

This shows what’s happening behind the scenes

Something will be magnified

This situation is in connection with a big impact or event

Look, don’t touch

Royal, protected, favored, a blessed people within

Lavishly adorned or can be the same as a castle

Immobility, or bondage

Concerning taking in or dispensing information
Can symbolize a school, church, ministry, or Bible study

A school of thought or mindset, possibly a religious belief
Having to do with God’s work
An organization or gathering of people

Place of healing
Someone is sick in some way and needs healing
Church or ministry

Somebody needs to learn something
Somebody is learning something or will learn something

A place to receive power or fuel to keep you going
Can be about encouragement of provisions

This situation can be identified as a place of restoration or repair

This situation is about a time of rest

About a spirit of poverty

Someone is camping out/remaining by choice in something that they should have moved on from


Time of joy or possibly gifts

Warfare situation

Concerning wild, untamed, immature persons or pagans

Expect a scary ride with ups and downs

Know that you are on tracks and you will be safe

Although the coming experience may be uncomfortable, it won’t last long

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April 11, 2019

166 responses on "Buildings, Houses & Settings in Dreams"

  1. Hi. Dreamed I was at a large high school sitting in a classroom, but I needed to get to another class. I said to a someone, “I am not a student here. I go to Morgan State Univ.” I left that room and saw a teacher in the hallway. I asked “How can I get to the ethics class?” I walked up these steep steps made of cement. I was 1 step away from reaching the top step, straining to get there, but a young girl was standing on the top step; I was thinking of how I could get there, but I didn’t. Plz help. Thnx

    • Hello, Barbara. God continues to tweak us, doesn’t He? He dealt with me in a new way recently, providing me the clear miracle I needed, but quickly making it irrelevant as a rebuke. This dream seems to be a call to learn something about ethics, something you’d prefer not revisiting (you don’t go to that school). The girl may be you, speaking of returning to the innocence of childhood. I hope this helps. Love, as always!

  2. She pondered but knew prophetically that the dream was about me. My name means constant and stable etc.

  3. My sister had a dream about me that I had a new home (it was a big house or a detached condominium type). She said that it didn’t have any steps, so I helped pull her up into the house. She was amazed, and asked me was this my house and I said yes. I showed her around a little, then I told her that she could look around. She said that I said I had 4 closets, tv, stereo( surround sound), clothes (all these were new things).

  4. I had Room dream, I was in a room with a Caucasian man sitting on a sofa. He said, “Let’s take a shower together, but people were there. When I saw that the bathroom shower was dirty, I didn’t want to take a shower in there. We notice my sister had put Lysol spray on the floor, because it smell in the room, with the leaky roof. He took a water hose and begin to hose the tile floor. The water was cleaning away debris on the floor. We both laughed at the Lysol spray my sister placed on the floor, it wasn’t helping the smell problem, because the problem needed fixing.

  5. Hello! Im a Newbie and needing an interpretation!
    I was at the airport getting my boarding pass for seat 3A. I had 3 mins. to board so this guy wearing blue took my luggage and we skipped the TSA line. i went to an all-white bakery by my boarding gate. Then this guy name Jason appeared and said – I wanted to bring you flowers before boarding your flight–he gave me 3 set of flowers (red roses & yellow tulips). We hugged and the baker and the luggage guy were smiling. The luggage guy disappeared and left my luggage with me.

  6. Thanks for your encouragement Lyn, it means a lot to me. I didn’t know God could use me in this way and I feel truly honored and priviledged to be a channel for God in this manner. I would love to continue to do this on a regular basis. Please uphold me in your prayers. Love and blessings!!!

  7. Hi Aj

    Your dream seems to be something to do with a new venture for God as you get more and more intimate with Him.
    Let us know what’s going on and if this applies

  8. Hi Doreen – here’s my take on your Paul Huber dream.
    So God is saying that He has put a wall of protection around you and His favor is upon you. And no matter what the enemy is doing to keep you restricted to smaller things God has greater plans for you because what looks impossible to the natural eye IS possible with God.

  9. The person’s name was Paul Huber. The house was kinda like a mansion.

  10. Could I ask what the first and last name was of the person in your dream Doreen

  11. Hi Charika
    I am new to interpretation but I am trusting God and sharing my thoughts with you about your dream, let me know if this what’s going on in your life – You are in a situation where you are seeking to learn about God more. It looks puzzling and difficult because of being put into a small group but God is saying that there is protection and prosperity available to you – just trust Him. The Holy Spirit himself will guide and explain to you about the heavenly things that you are seeking after.

  12. Hi, I once dreamed that I had inherited a house from someone(1st and last names were both given in the dream). But I have never met this person, only saw their face in the dream. What could that mean?

  13. I was standing in line at my old college’s registrars office. The line was set up like a narrow maze with 2 green walls, but there was only 1 path to the front desk. The bottom of the maze had still water. The water level changed as I walked in line, but my head never went under. When I got to the registrars window, there was a student still standing at the desk. She said she was from England and she was taking classes online. I asked her if she liked England, she said yes. Then I woke up.

  14. Hi Lyn. Dreamed I was in a truck with a stranger(man) he was driving me to a house where I would be living with my oldest daughter. House was vacant for a long time i recog the house from living in the neighborhood sometime ago. Looked thru window of house I saw that it had lots of clutter. Inside house was dark gloomy brown panel on walls. 1 rm had bright blue/green carpet. Man explain that lots of sick people lived there but passed away. Rooms where spacious. Daughter said she would live in basement, I said no rooms r spacious upstairs. Went to backside of house saw a man cookin on grill, he never said a word, I was uncomfortable. Man went in house thru a door to adjoining house. I thought I must put up a petition between his house and mine. Sat with man who drove me to house and he talked about how house was sound.

  15. I had a dream about being in bed in bedroom and holding the hand of an old church member named Joel while he was standing halfway in between the door. We were having a conversation and at some point he ended up lying in bed with me and we were laughing together. He mentioned that he was glad that somebody else had their baby first. He then said he can’t wait for us to have our baby.

  16. So more likely a hidden sin in my life or something hidden that is becoming more apparent?

  17. Hello I dreamt that I was in this two story house and as I walked through it going from room to room, the ceiling was stained like there was a water leak. There was no water leaking from the ceiling but it was surely stained looking brownish/yellowish. Then I saw two big bulges coming out of the ceiling looked like icebergs but part of the ceiling. I was thinking that they were going to come off. I had a dream like this in the past about stained ceilings but don’t know what it means. Please help thank you.

    • Welcome, San Antonio! This speaks of a hidden move of the enemy in a situation. In this case, this is either confirmed or more likely, involves 2 components of this situation. Example- a nanny dreamed the ceiling of her bosses house was bulging down from one side of the living room to the other. Due to hidden sin, the couple eventually divorced. The difference between a dream of a flood in a home and the ceiling stained and buldging is the degree, and more importantly, that it’s hidden.

  18. I reach a house we are intending to move into. – There’s not enough furniture we are waiting for our own furniture to arrive. I see my in laws all sitting inside. Then it turns into my workplace – I am climbing up stairs to get to my classroom the carpet looks old, my boss comes in and hands me a cellphone and a journal as presents from Aitken’s ( Student) parents Ruby(student) comes along and snuggles up to me at the bottom of the stairs then we are going to my classroom I am admiring the stairs that have floral prints on them.I work at a primary school IRL

  19. Nothing seems to be working out lately so I have definitely been learning to rely on Him more. Definitely yes to the salvation part also. I don’t really feel like I’m being admired for my faith though. More of the opposite, actually. I have lost so many “friends” through this journey. My husband is a believer, but sadly, even my marriage seems to be suffering. So, yes, everything does seem to be falling apart.

    • God will surely help you through this season. And know that you ARE being admired, and by the only one who counts! I expect you’ll be getting some sweet dreams as the Lord continues to tell you of His love for you.

  20. I receive that as well thanks Lyn

  21. I dreamt I was in school at a desk. The building collapsed. I lifted my hands and started singing Jesus’ name 3 times. People were staring. I said, “Laugh if you want, He’s the only one who can save us” There’s a guy admiring me. Then I’m at an ice cream shop with this guy and a few others. The owner is sweeping up glass. His employee died and he had to figure out how to replace him. I told him I needed a job and I’d work for there and then felt guilty about taking the former employees place.

    • A lot to this one. I’d say God is teaching you something having to do with life appearing to collapse around you. You are learning to a deeper degree where “salvation” is found, solely in Jesus and being admired for your level of faith. This actually appears to be about a new and good relationship developing. Before I say more, does this fit? Has it manifested yet or is it needed in your life?

  22. So relaying information or teaching sounds apt as regards to my son, as I am praying for him to grow in maturity about Godly things. Amen ,so be it!! Thanks Lyn . May God bless you in all your endeavors too.

  23. Thanks, Lyn! I thought the Lord may have been telling me to clean up my spiritual house, so to speak; renew relationship with Christ. I had not fallen away but, lax in studying the Word and prayer. If the house is my spiritual journey, could it also be that since I had allowed where I feast on His Word to become untenable, I need to go back to where food is prepared? As for the robe, I thought of the robe of righteousness – to dawn it once again and stand under my identity in and covering in Christ.

  24. Hi Lyn,
    Have checked the dictionary for hidden rooms in a house…dreamt that I moved into an apartment and went upstairs to tour the place. On my way back down, I passed a door that wasn’t there before. A view from the window seemed to be a million miles in the air…beautiful scenery down below and then a deep sense of God’s presence washes over me, which literally lasted for days after the dream. Would a hidden room point to secrets of some sort?

    • Yes it would speak of something that has been hidden. In this case, God is saying that you will be in a situation common to man but new to you; and it sounds like it has to do with experiencing His Glory in some way. Great dream. Please let us know when you see this manifest.

  25. Takes place in the house I grew up in. The main characters: me, and a man whose name means “peaceful ruler.” Note: Past dreams of a man name meaning “little/young ruler.” Begins in basement, moves to dining room (man says it smells bad, dirty table: flies and dead flowers), then to kitchen (table also dirty, but with actual dirt that I wipe off). My sister shows up complaining about him being in the house past midnight (12:24?), but ultimately isn’t mad. It ends with the man saying, “Maybe you should put your robe back on,” but I wasn’t naked.

    • This has to do with a situation that can be decribed as where you belong (in perspective, for instance). God is saying also that in this situation things have been neglected, so most likely about a relationship. Be discerning so that you are able to hear the voice of truth rather than distortion. Not sure what kind of robe? Bath? If so, cleansing or forgivness is called for. Does that help?

  26. For the sake of other posters not getting confused, my comment above is in response to a June 3rd comment.

  27. You got it, Lynmarie! Hefty prayers and rebuking of the enemy coming your way. I’m glad things are beginning to work out.

  28. I was in this open market kind of place. I was buying marijuana. It was a complicated (hidden) system but I finally figured it out and bought a bag of the stuff. An older blonde hippie woman sold it to me from a window counter.

    My friend Joe called, and I hid it quickly before going out to talk with him. He was in a wheelchair. That’s why he had to wait outside for me. I found him laying down on a grassy knoll outside the market. I sat down to talk with him, hiding what I had just done.

    • Sorry; I am so behind! Here’s what it looks like to me. This dream would indicate that something you’re thinking or doing has slowed down the increase you have been looking for. The good news is that you will soon be blessed in this area. Coffee Monday morning?

  29. Thank you for replying. No, this has not manifested yet, but I know what to do when it does. I will keep you updated.

  30. Sorry to have replied so many times ,couldn’t work it out on the phone Anyway the dream mentioned above is the part of the dream in which I saw the house that was similar to the one which we were looking to buy coz the dining area is at the start in the house IRL too that we were wanting to buy but did not materialise as someone else bought it. There is another house next to it still available and interestingly enough both these houses look the same from inside BUT the one we liked got sold

  31. THIS PART IS THE DREAM Also inside that house it felt weird as the dining table was right in front as soon as I entered in. Normally you expect to see a living area or the foyer at the start but instead it was a dining table just brought in and ready to be reassembled and next to it was my 27 year old son standing. I felt a sense of relief to see him there

    • Sorry for delay. Hanging in, busy season for me. The dining table near the front door in this dream highlights that “food” is being prepared to be served. It’s not ready yet as the table isn’t even set up, but relaying information or teaching is the focus of the situation God is speaking of in this dream…

  32. My name means auspicious OR pleasant is another meaning for my name. I am wondering how this might relate to that context of my friend’s dream.

  33. I am amazed by how God gives you insight into dreams – ‘the place connected to experiencing God’s Glory ‘. By Place do you mean a physical place? Coz IRL the moving into that house did not materialise. Also inside that house it felt weird as the dining table was right in front as soon as I entered in. Normally you expect to see a living area or the foyer at the start but instead it was a dining table just brought in and ready to be reassembled and next to it was my 27 year old son standing. I felt a sense of relief to see him there

    • Not a literal place. So I don’t believe the friend’s dream is connected to you or the house you spoke of. And: what part of your comment is the dream? Copy and paste in as you REPLY via button above my comment.

  34. I arrived to my house and I gave my mother the keys to open the door and when she opened the door there was this man in the house. I grabbed a chair ready to hit the man with it and I asked him how did he get in the house and he said through the front door. I was trying to call 911 to let them know someone had broken into my house. And then it’s like me and the man started fighting. Then I saw him pull out a knife, so I stopped fighting him.

    • Hello again, Woman of God! The Lord has allowed something dark to enter a situation in your life. So He has a reason behind this. Your first instinct is to prohibit the person from speaking and to call on an authority such as the Lord. But you find yourself exchanging opinions which is fruitless because it becomes abusive. Bottom line- God is warning you so you can avoid provocation. Has this manifested yet?

  35. hello Lyn. Hope you are well…..

  36. She told me again that she had another dream of going to our house but by the time she reached there was a thick fog surrounding our house and she could not see it clearly. Is it because God wants it to be a riddle? This lady is also my prayer partner so knows about my prayer needs but says has never had prophetic dreams before.

    • Beware of others dreaming about you; it’s most likely about them! Remember, your name means oath, so I would count on the dreams being about a vow this woman has taken in her words or heart. This dream may be telling her that the oath she once took is resulting in difficulty in seeing a situation clearly. Pass that on to her and refer her to the site. Understanding where you’re coming from, I pray God speaks to YOU about your situation by your dreams or the prophetic words of others.

  37. A few months ago I had a dream of moving into a house I can clearly remember corresponds to the house that we are looking to buy for ourselves to live in. It felt like new houses were being built in the area by looking at the pieces of wood strewn around. Then IRL one day on our way to a friends house I thought it would be nice if someone actually told me about our new house. When we got there she told me her dream that there was a room downstairs and sea views. Now this house has exactly similar features IRL that we have seen. Don’t know if the dream was literal.

    • When in transition between residences, don’t be surprised if LITERAL components are revealed in dreams along with SYMBOLIC ones. We may see a combination. To discern between the two- if symbolism screams at you, it’s probably symbolic OR one element can even be both. The one you describe sounds like God speaking of a place which is connected to a season of seeing the Glory of God in a unique & personal way.

  38. 2nd dream that night. Now inside the school. It was a huge building, very nice. I remember lots of dark wood, stairs and escalators, especially in middle section of the school. Similar to a plaza like area. I was walking, constantly! I didn’t know anyone, and I was very shy and timid. I think it was my first day there. Some people weren’t nice to me, leaving me out purposely. But I never seemed to sit in a class room. It felt like I was always on my way to a class or somewhere.

    • Seems like God is saying that He has things to teach you, but it’s up to you to “sign up” or get started. It’s good stuff. So what have you been thinking of getting started in where you would learn? Whatever it is, God says it would be beneficial to get going.

  39. 2 dreams one night! Dreamed I was in high school out back, track & field and I believe I was leaving school. I saw a horse running toward the field in the parking lot. I hid out of fear, & tried to blend in the grass. Then a random bull came up behind me. I felt his teeth on my hand as I blocked my body, he got rough with me. Then the horse appeared, ran outward to prepare to charge, and then rammed the bull that was attacking me. I ran for cover inside the building.

  40. Thank you so much Lynmarie, I lost my job last year and I have been searching for a new one but haven’t been able to find any. I can relate to the interpretation now.

    • Keep in mind that the dream is recent, right? If so, then this is about something you currently have which will be lost. It may not have to do with a job, but if it does, it would mean that your position as a job-seeker will burn down!

  41. Kindly help with this one. I had a dream where I arrived home from work and found my house burning to ashes. Everything that was in it got burnt. I was not sad about the incident, I was only regreting losing my accademic certiicates. The house was very tiny and was wall by wall attached to other houses, but the fire only consumed mine. In the physical, my house us very different from the one in the dream and the area is not familiar

    • God is letting you know that he is allowing a situation to be torn down completely. Sounds like a job because it is connected to other houses, but it could be anything. Know that your holding on to this is much less important than you think! When this happens, FEAR NOT, God is at work in your life for your benefit and He will replace this with something better!

  42. Redemption from mistakes that I’ve made in my past, about ten years ago…the repercussions of which are still reverberating today. Unfortunately there are people in my life who make sure I won’t forget it. Thanks for your insight, and I’m praying that your wrist has a speedy recovery.

  43. Good morning,

    I’ve many dreams in the past two years about my backyard being under construction – big holes in the ground, etc. Last night I dreamt that the backyard had been beautifully redecorated and a small grove of baby fir trees had been planted to one side. The decorator left me a note, “With Love, from Donna.”

    What can I expect from this? Thanks for your help.

    • I feel confident that God is speaking to you about some kind of redemption concerning your past and given as a gift from your Lord. This message is even confirmed within the dream. What kind of redemption are you needing right now?

  44. I would be honored to. I will remember her in prayer daily.

    • Hey girl! We’re feeling your prayers about the daughter. Next week will be crucial as we attempt to resolve some issues together with the help of a counselor. The voice of the enemy needs to be put down prior to these Mon and Wed afternoon sessions. You can’t counsel out the demonic. All prayer appreciated right now!

  45. Hi Lynmarie – I just wanted to let you know that I should be able to get back to the dream course next week. G and I will be seeing much less of each other now although still in each other’s lives, so I’ll be able to focus more on my own stuff. I’ve done my part for now, the rest is in God’s hands. Also, he’s hearing the Lord for himself more and more, and having more dreams that he’s actively seeking the meanings of, so things are moving along. PTL.

  46. GM. Are u attending that church you broke your wrist at? Is that a new place for you? A lady called me from my church the other day to give me a word as to why God has me there. It was very encouraging and unexpected. Even before she called I made a decision to stay at this current church and allow God to use me. I will keep you updated……

  47. Honestly Lyn, I sense that the Pastor would love for me to be in leadership, but I am pulling back. Why, not sure. I’s it a fear of commitment. I even started going back to my old church from the 90s, mostly because the message is about the Fathers love. I don’t know anymore…but I pray God’s perfect will be done in my life!

    • I will join you in that prayer… but hope you don’t get the clarity I got! When I entered the place I now perceive God is calling us to, the devil wouldn’t even let me in the sanctuary! That’s when I broke my wrist… as I headed for it! Since then, dreams confirming.

  48. Oh my!! Prayer coming your way friend. I looked back at the first dream I sent you and it goes back to 2012!! Wow, 4 years.

  49. Thanks Lyn. How is your wrist? I am not in leadership at this current church, but I immediately thought of the sash unraveling dream a few weeks ago, remember! I notice that when I miss church the Pastor will call to check on me to find out why I wasnt in church..etc. So…..

    • I connected those dreams in my mind too. I said ministry because of the location of the property, but it could be taken another way.

      I could use prayer. Who breaks their bones again INSIDE THE CAST? I am set back for who know how many more weeks. It is prophetic, but I’m suffering. Mostly, I just want a FULL restoration, though.

  50. Sounds fantastic! Can you explain more about the two 10-year-olds living as a couple? I do understand that the number 10 refers to testimony through trial. Why are there 2 children, do you think? Me and G or something else? Thank you so much!

  51. Greetings! Help please. I have an idea, thinking about church…..

    Dreamed my daughter and I were leasing this cozy home near a body of water. One floor, 2 bdrms. My daughter went to work, I stayed home. Someone knocked on the door, I answered and there was a family coming to view the property. Another knock came, and another family came to view the home. Unknown to me, the house was for sale; yet no sale sign, but we had a lease, and the families that came to see the house didnt want to leave, but I reminded them that they couldnt stay, because we had a lease, so I kicked them out.

  52. Hi- dream from Feb., still can’t figure out. There’s a waterfront house high up on a cliff, 2 lg picture windows, same size then 1 is bigger. House is for wealthy & privileged occupants, everything provides & taken care of. Occupied by two 10-yr-olds, boy & girl, allowed to live as full-fledged couple as they function like adults. House now on shore of peninsula near tip, that means status in dream. River rock terrace, bedrm w/bed visible thru glass walls. Any ideas? Thx.

  53. I wish I could take you out to dinner! You have been nothing but a blessing to me and my family. Honestly, I didn’t see that one coming. Thanks Lyn.

  54. Hi Lyn. Dreamed 2 wks ago I was at pastor Damian church. Once he preached, I told him how much I enjoyed the word. He reached for my hand, and his hand was fat and heavy. He told me that there are 2 areas of water that I am not too walk away from. He said I know you, and this Barbara standing here will say yes to what I am saying, but there’s the Barbara who will want to figure it out. He said I know you spend a lot of time alone. He said God is doing something. My daughter Britney was standing behind me; she looked at me as though to say, “Mom, you know exactly what he’s talking about.”

    • That’s pretty clear. A major new relationship on the way! God says not to analyse, just trust Him! Sweet!!!

      These clear prophetic dreams sometimes take time to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, live in peace and expectant hope. Praise God!

  55. I had a three part dream with the theme of shifting/moving. My step mother was packing up stuff and she seemed to be moving out of the house (IRL my stepmother is involved in voodoo stuff). It seems I wasn’t part of the moving out because I wasn’t participating in the packing. I can’t clearly remember the other parts of the dreams but what I do remember is the theme was about someone shifting/moving. All the three dreams in one was about shifting/moving. Could this relate to the interp you gave in the “snake” dream I had? This dream came a day after the “snake” dream.

    • If the house felt like it was yours, her curses are being broken! Things will change for you. Blessings on the way. You might double check with the Lord as to if there is anything you are to do to expedite this process.

  56. Another question. This dream mirrors a real life situation that happened last year. Could this be a confirmation dream of that or are dreams always about what is coming?

  57. I’m not sure the camp was actually a youth camp in my dream. I refer to it like that as that is all I could compare it to (experience wise.) In the dream I was with adults and they were very persuasive and deceptive – which is true concerning my situation here. however, what doesn’t make sense is in reality (not the dream) I am one of the few people in this situation who know the people are being deceiving so I’m not sure if this is a warning for someone else or for me? That there is more deception I’m not aware of?

    • You can count of the fact that the dream was FYI- For Your Information. God is speaking about a specific situation, not the topic in general. If it’s not new information, then it’s confirmation and important to note at this time. What you do with the dream should be led only be the Holy Spirit.

      The “camp” feeling just speaks of people “camping out” on an idea, for instance. Again, if you got the “feeling” of a youth camp, that may indicate immaturity.

  58. Thank you for the insight. I think so. I’m in a situation of much warfare (for last 4 years). Similar to what your husband went through and I know the source/roots and have dealt with them but the more I grow and press into my gifts (like this prophetic gift especially) the more opposition I experience. I don’t know what this dream is specifically referring to but I will keep a watch on it. I have SO MANY dreams its hard to keep up.

    • You surely have a “call” on your life. God allows the enemy some space in these situations because your experience will help others. And, clearly, the devil HATES us to be able to hear clearly from God on a personal basis… and heaven forbid, minister to others through our gifts!

  59. I am in an underground room at a camp (like a youth camp). It’s nighttime. people there are telling me they want me to join them. Suddenly there are red flashing lights. the people there are hostile and were deceiving me. The “good guys” rush in and rescue me and we drive out of the camp area in a suv or armored vehicle. I think I understand some of the other details but not the camp and the room. thanks.

    • Sound like a dream about a multitude of situations I’ve been in! The camp is speaking of something temporary. If youth is not literal, then it’s speaking of the immaturity of this group. The group can be literal, but does not have to be; it can be speaking of the dark side. The room is underground; in this instance- meaning it is either showing you what is hidden and/or demonic activity.

    • The rest should be pretty clear. Are you aware of what this may apply to?

  60. I’ll let you know if it comes together. Thank you again for your help. 🙂

  61. Thank you so much for your interpretation and time, however it doesn’t ring a bell with me. I’m starting my own business and in the process of building a ministry. I’ve been having difficulties with understanding this particular dream, especially since the house is not mine. I’ve had this dream a couple of times now slightly different. God has been showing me dreams related the ministry he has called me to do. Substance abuse would be less likely for me.

    • That’s why I said it may be in bold. I sensed what I was saying didn’t hit the bulls-eye. The substance abuse was based on the name Darnell. Jack, of course, means “grace has been given”, and that might be a clue as to the direction and application of the dream.

      Try putting the meaning of the elements in the dream with your circumstance. Butter is slick talk. Oil may be similar. Remember, someone or something wants to “sell” something rather than “buying” what you are trying to sell. You are given a tour because this affects you. Let me know if this comes together for you.

  62. The name of my friend in the Castle house is Aleit.
    Thank you so much for your time xxx

    • Know that the person leading this ministry the dream is speaking of is noble, righteous and pure. That’s a good thing and it let’s you know where this dream applies.

      Someone adopts and/or learns something of the prophetic from you. I’d say this dream is warning you that the person you are mentoring could steal your position (commitment) there. FYI- I had that happen to me. We taught dream interpretation in a large ministry, and after exposing our power-points and teaching content, a person on the board just appointed herself to the ministry, replacing us.

  63. His name is Jack Darnell. He goes by Darnell mostly.

    • I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but it may be that there’s a plan in place from the dark side to trick you (especially with words) into an activity which would lead to substance abuse. You figure it out and aren’t fooled. Sound like that might be it to you?

  64. He declines to stay at my house until he found his own place

  65. I was visiting a friend who was selling his relatively new 2 story home. Standing in the kitchen talking he tells me the buyers want these unmelted sticks of butter on the stove as well as jugs of cooking oil around the kitchen in different places in the contract when closing. He declines to stay with me and says he is going to stay with a mutual friend of ours. Next he introduces me to friends that were coming downstairs to meet me. One, a twin of which I’ve knew but was introduced as if we never met.

  66. The name of the friend could be significant in unlocking the meaning of the dream. Do you know the name?

  67. Was at a friend’s house, very old castle – rooms all stone – no paint on the wall. Beautiful. Saw a little girl who wanted earrings and took my pearls-earrings and put it in her ears.
    There were so many people in every room tasting wine. I then I realized I lost my ring. I started walking through the castle, but it seemed like a maze and I could not find my ring. I did not know anyone else and Aleit was busy with his guests, so I could not ask him.

    ***dogs barked and I woke up***

  68. Today after a nap, I dreamed that I was on the phone with a woman, whom I don’t know but had a good vibe. She wanted me to go back to this house and show it to her. The house is a house that me and my husband would love to own. Its our dream house that we can’t afford. She wanted me to give her a tour. I told her she would love the house like we did. I began describing it to her. She needed directions. It as a sunny day. I gave her directions to the house. I took her inside and we began to walk up the stairs under the chandelier. Then I woke up…any thoughts?

  69. Hi! Do doors have any particular meaning in the prophetic? I seem to be seeing a lot of doors opening and closing (in real life as well as in my prayers). Thank you!!

  70. Hi lyn thx,it’s very strange that this’House’series is not stoping since few months.actualy we are planing to move into another church.but I do not know Its about church or my own home? Rest of life situations seems fine!it makes me confused what God is saying with ‘House’!?

    • Keep in mind that the Lord is speaking to you about a SITUATION. It may be one situation or your whole life in general. Once, years ago, I had a dream of our house sitting on mud -no vegetation whatsoever- and on top of that, the house was on a slope. In real life, God cleared the board so to speak, and we had ton start all over in general.

    • Your dreams may be speaking of one situation, and that situation may be completely different than you think. Just receive the meanings of the dreams in order to prepare you to properly manage whatever it is. God will show you more either prophetically or events. Let me know when this makes more sense.

  71. Hi lyn I forgot to mention one thing about his name! Which means ‘Fire’.near that house 1piller is standing tall,though house don’t need support but some string attach to it!

    • So this dream quite possibly is a warning dream that a particular decision would be “suicidal”. Think again about the plan you have been pondering. There is more to consider. Seek God’s insight; it is available along with a new beginning.

  72. Hi what’s it mean seeing a dead persons house being constructed? He was known person but not close to us.and we lived 30years back in our home town& his death was suicidal .well now I see his house just laid foundation & pillers but it’s huge,solid concrete.still he is giving grand housewarming party.But I see present church people in it, I pick up 1snack.when I take a snack I go for sauce but the bottle is empty so our church leader is asking waiter to replace sauce bottle.I see budget house in 3 point.1)22lk (lakh)being used.2)—-. 3) 108 lk more to built.

  73. Thank you so much for the interpretations,after these theme series of ‘houses ‘ I got 2more house dream, just on 15/4/2016 I saw another childhood neighbours house of another known person who was ‘ advocate’.this house was simple olden time kind house with green tress ,bushes around the dream it’s looking absolute clean,those trees are cut down,lawn are done with spotlights over it.everything looks neat.olden time(35-40 years back) it used to be bit messy undity house which has changed into clean house.

  74. I’ve alot of dreams I could I send but I am sticking to the ones I am having trouble with the interpretation.

    I am in a gymnasium type setting. I was standing in line with a naked baby girl in my hands. It had to be at least 4 weeks old. I remember turning to some unknown woman and telling her I was holding the baby for a friend but I could not hear what she was saying back to me. In the corner of my eye, I saw alot chairs set up and some people sitting in them. I noticed someone I knew from another church. The dream ended there.

    • The setting indicates that this may have to do with discipline in the sense that a disciplined person works out or practices there. So God is talking about something connected to much effort.

      That you are holding someone else’s baby means you are a guardian of something that someone else has authority over. Naked could be without covering yet, for instance. The chairs may tell you there are people involved, but if you can discern the application of the dream (what specifically God is speaking of), it will come together better. Shalom!

  75. Thank you for your interpretation. I think I ‘ve an idea what it could. I am having issue with someone at work. I think they don’t like the fact that I enjoy going to church and sometimes I go out of town to other churches. they want something I have. Its a long story but your interpretation is right on target.

  76. I was near a public indoor swimming pool. I find myself standing by the pool. I was dressed in a dark red bathing suit. One piece. Then I was holding my childhood Dog named Princess. She was a small dog-black and white in color. Then I notice a small snake (black and green body) slithering across my dog. She doesn’t seem to mind it but it slithered across me she growled at it. snake fell at my feet I lost grip on my dog. She fell into pool. Then she emerged out of pool. She got real close to my feet– snake slithered back into the pool. Princess just stood there at my feet.

    • The dream is apparently about something in your life which could be described as a pet– a pet habit, pet project, something you are attached to and enjoy. God seems to be telling you that there is opposition. The battle may be centered around a deception concerning wanting too much, something that someone else has, or the reality of prosperity. but you have the power through waging war in the Spirit to get the victory, and when you take up this battle, you will win. And this will be for good.

  77. I was (seems like volunteering??) in both a hospital and old-age home. Trying to help 2 old ladies go on vacation to some island and trying to help and take care of patients. Later it felt as if I was so busy, I just could not help everywhere anymore – ended up being more at the hospital, but still being aware of the old age home and its residents. I know I washed my hands in what seemed big basin, covered with glass (??) and then jumped off a wall between patients. Then I heard my husband shouting in his dream and I prayed for him and he calmed down. Does this even make sense?

    • I love “Does this even make sense?” A typical question from a Holy Spirit originated dream. Sounds like God may be speaking to you about the stresses of playing two roles- perhaps helping people in inner/emotional healing and spiritual maturity. Yet aren’t these twins? Your husband would be something you are partnered with, like a ministry, for example. Washing your hands could be like “washing your hands” of the responsibility or way of looking at this. Again, better understanding will come when you discern what area of your life God is speaking of. Let me know.

  78. PTL I got similar theme dream 5 times within few days, it’s about different Houses. I am in search of buying(1st look old which I bought but regret & want to sell (2)look empty,for years)but when I move I end up in lanes in search of EXIT but I don’t fined a way out IN EACH DREAMs! (1st was in mall,bungalow,hall,empty huge house,lane)currently our church is with no pastor and we r in 2 mind to leave.

    • You may be onto something when you connect these dreams with your dissatisfaction with the church. These depict your search to exit and also your search to find another situation– in this case, it may a House of the Lord you are looking for.

      The first dream may be depicting your current church. Emptiness may indicate lack of what should be there. Lanes may represent different pathways or excuses out. These dreams seem reflective in that they simply mirror what is going on. But God WILL direct your path more specifically.

  79. I keep having dreams that take place in the church where I grew up – would this be a combined symbolic meaning of church + childhood house = beliefs/group of people where you belong/feel safe??

    Last night’s dream was at the church of my childhood. A service of some type was about to start on the main floor. People were milling around, and I couldn’t seem to find anyone to talk with. Felt left out, spurned. Also didn’t connect with the point of the service (it wasn’t a worship service, but some special event of some kind whose details I didn’t remember upon waking up). Felt out of my element. Went downstairs to the basement, where there was only one person (may have been a couple more, but I don’t remember for sure), a girl from high school who I went over to and immediately was able to strike up conversation. She felt warm toward me, friendly, even though we were only acquaintances in school, and I’ve never seen her since. Her name is Krista.

    At the very end of that scene, a previously good friend with whom I’ve been at odds for the past two years made a dramatic entrance in some sort of brilliantly-colored, outlandish, satin-y costume. I got up and walked out.

    A light blue Mercury Tracer that we got rid of nearly 10 years ago was in the parking lot and I drove away in it, but the country back roads had been flooded in places. A large, protective dog warned me away from the deep flooding a few times. At some point my car turned into a horse that I was riding, and I was able to get to safety through the flooded roads.

    • This one is a little long. I believe your 1st paragraph assessment is right on! What it APPLIES to in your life might surprise you. For instance, a few months ago I began having similar dreams focusing on my childhood church. It actually sounded pretty exciting. Time went on, more dreams, etc.

      Eventually God made clear what the application of the dream was. It was about a belief system from my childhood that I should once again embrace. Amazingly, God had been encouraging me to get out the 50-year old juicer of my dad’s (that we used daily when I was a child), and use it to make fresh fruit and vegetable juice regularly. God said in one of the later dreams that this was like tiger bread and that there were rewards for the faithful in this endeavor. Isn’t that crazy and unexpected?! We’ve been juicing more days that not since November.

      I’m not saying that your dreams have an application anything like that, but they are most likely referring to a belief system which is correct (home).

      Krista probably symbolizes Christ. Look for possible applications and when you find it, the rest of the dream will probably make sense.

  80. I’ve been praying for change in our family and in myself.

    Hummingbird secrets comes from a dream that I had where I was sitting in a church waiting for service to begin. Kathryn Kuhlman comes out, points me out because I was wearing a hummingbird necklace.(I don’t actually own a hummingbird necklace) It was a sign to her. She puts her lips to mine as if shes going to kiss me, but starts prophesying instead. The only thing that I remember her saying was wisdom, knowledge, revelation.

    Thank you so much for your help. It’s encouraging.

  81. Me & husband were sitting on a wooden pew, front row, praying silently, alone. I sensed the Holy Spirit in 3 waves, the second wave manifested in body chills. With the third, I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of a man’s suit coat, just the shoulder and arm. I asked my husband if he seen it then something knocked us both out of the pew. Laying on the floor, my face buried in his chest, his arms around me, both praying. He asked me, “Honey, do you know this man?”, 2-3 times. I was scared, didn’t want to look. I turned to see a man standing transposed over the wooden pulpit, dressed in a solid white revolutionary war uniform. I tried to speak, nothing would come out. He started moving towards us. Hundreds of soldiers appeared above the pews, moving toward us. They all stopped in front of us. One stepped forward to speak. She looked just like a girl named Tiffany that I went to school with. Before she said anything, I woke up. My heart felt like it would beat out of my chest!

    • First, let me mention that your username is interesting. I would be interested to know its origin. The Lord has shown me that it has a significant prophetic meaning.

      Your dream is quite interesting. It seems that the Lord is giving you a view of what is going on in the Heavenlies concerning a battle that you are involved in. It seems that the Lord (who up to now has apparently been unseen) has heard your cries will surprise you by showing up on your behalf in a powerful way. Are you in the middle of a fight for independence and/or change?

  82. I dreamed i was at my new church in service the minister was getting ready to preach and different people were being selected to introduce her. I wanted to introduce her but I wasn’t picked. I wanted to take her bible to the pulpit but someone else did it before I could. I then stood up to pray but someone else got chosen to pray. I began to cry out of hurt and went to the back wondereding why the pastor allowed it and wouldn’t try to prevent me from leaving. The church mother told them to let me leave and go home. I was leaving to go back to my old church but when I got outside, my old pastor was walking into the church I was leaving from. The lady that walked me to my car said the pastor should have tried to comfort my cry. I then stated I’ve been saved for a year and she said not long enough for the people to receive you. Instead of getting in my car, I turned around to go back into the church to look for my first lady from my old church.

    • It seems to me that God is revealing to you that judgement is alive and well in the churches you have attended and are attending. You think you are getting away from legalism, but God is telling that you aren’t. It’s like the parable of the workers in the vineyard.

      Some church leaders think leadership is connected to paying your dues first. I speak from a good deal of experience on this. I remember one of my first lady’s threatening us in a sermon by saying that God had told her all the things we were saying about her. I have been kept in the back seat a ton because of this sort of thing.

      Maybe, after confirming in another way that this message is correct, look to a completely different type of church or denomination. God wants every member of his army to function. Hang in there.

  83. Last night I dreamed that my husband and I were walking around this large campus of buildings. Somewhere we had never been. We were going to a lecture or seminar that we just so happen to find out about and were lucky enough to be able to attend. We walked into the building and the only seats that were available were in the front on the second row. My husband and I sat in the last two seats on that side and my older son sat across the aisle in the only other seat left.

    The room changed. The seats all became single desk. My husband was now sitting a seat behind me. We were all filling out forms and two people in front of me didn’t have pens. I reached in my purse and gave them both white pens. I then wrote my phone number on the form…..

    any thoughts?

    • The important thing about this dream is that God is encouraging you to participate in an educational program of some kind. perhaps you have been thinking of something in particular. It could be in person or online. The rest of the dream seems to provide details which you will see manifested after you avail yourself of the opportunity. Those details will serve as a confirmation later that you are doing the right thing.

  84. Yes! I was thinking along the same thing. I have had road dreams before, usually before something good and life changing, but in those dreams their were no cars on the road and I was able to cross safely. Thank you for the confirmation!

  85. Last night I saw this in my dream.
    I looked over and saw my husband. We were standing on the edge of the road and there were cars on the road. There were two pedestrian crossing lights. One light had the white hand up for walking. The other light didn’t have anything. There wasn’t a lot of cars but there were quite a few. My husband tried to step out onto the road. I grabbed his hood from his shirt and gently pulled him back to the curb. I told him that even though one light said go the other didn’t.
    **I get stumped by the two lights and pulling him back. I’m not sure if it’s good or not.

    • God is speaking to you about something involving your husband or something else you are partnered with (for me, it might be this ministry, for instance).

      It would seem that the Lord is giving a heads-up concerning an opportunity that “appears” to be a “go”, but may not be. Seek and wait for confirmation before proceeding. Does this make sense in any area of your life?

  86. Hello again. I was reading about the Founders testimony and it really moved me. In particular about the houses God showed you and the details. I had this dream in November 2014 and it was bugged me ever since:
    As my husband was talking with the doctor about school, my mom and the kids and I walked into a house under construction. e. We put our groceries in the nice kitchen. There were four babies by the door, two boys, two girls, twins. I put them to sleep so that we could tour. I told the builder that my husband was going to get it for us. He was about to question whether we could afford it, but instead showed me the lock for the house above the refrigerator, with a switch on the floor that unlocked it.

    Next he took me on a tour while my mom went to the car. I saw at least four large and perfect bedrooms, an office with a door for my husband, and a second kitchen downstairs with at stove. One room that looked like a greenhouse with a wooden stove. I tried to take a picture with my phone. There was a family posing for a photo where the stove was. I couldn’t snap the photo but Arsenio Hall did but he refused to share it. Someone handed me a copy of the photo. I told Arsenio that I would use it before he could.

    • So glad to have you as part of our community! 100 words, please. Longer dreams are reserved for grads of the 15 Keys course.

      Let me just address a couple of key elements. You can explore our dictionary for the rest, and taking the course will help a lot.

      If the lock is “connected” to the refrigerator in the house… that symbolizes that God is giving you a tour of a situation which is quite a ways out in the future, and may not be a literal house.

      Stoves have to do with baking or heating something up… preparation by fire. But this stove won’t work because it would burn itself up! It may be a clue as to what “situation” is.

      Mr. Hall carries a number of symbolism possibilities, but I suspect it’s a person in your life who is comical.

      That should get you started. Clearly the Lord speaks to you in dreams! God Bless!

  87. In 2010 I met my now boyfriend we met through Facebook. After months of us just talking without meeting in person I had a dream about him. In this dream I was shown him in khaki shorts a white t shirt sneakers and a basketball cap. He was in a silver Taurus(car) and he pulled up to this building that looked as if it had just been built the doors were glass and contractors was inside working it seemed as if it was some new business he got out of his car and walked into the building and he had a strong confident walk. I was inside the building in another room putting stuff up and talking to contractors when he came into the room I was in and I tried to keep working ignoring him and he said Cecily I’m sorry and I didn’t look back at him and he grabbed my hand and turned my face towards him and said I’m sorry and I love you and I accepted his apology and we hugged we both had rings on our fingers so I’m guessing we were married in this dream.

    I had never met him before this dream and had no idea what kind of car he drove and something told me when I woke up to ask him if he drives a silver Taurus. I wasn’t going to ask him because I was scared that he would think I was crazy or some type of stalker but I just got up the nerve to ask anyway and at first he paused and then he said wow I do drive a silver Taurus and he sent me a picture of it. I told him about my dream and we have both always believed that it carries some type of significance. When we finally did meet in person the same walk he had in this dream is how he really walks. I’ve always wondered the meaning of this dream among other ones but this one has always stuck with me.

    • What an amazing story about the silver Taurus! God has surely gifted you in prophetic dreams! So glad you connected with us. Here are my thoughts on the dream. It seems like a good deal is literal in the sense that God is describing this guy in general, especially through his clothes.

      The fact that you were in the building indicates that this dream is about something that is being built, like a relationship between the 2 of you. The dream seems to prophesy that at some point in time he will hurt your feelings, but sincerely be sorry. I believe God is preparing you for this because He wants you to accept this fellow’s apology.

      The dream also indicates that he truly loves you. Rings on fingers symbolize “commitment” but it doesn’t absolutely have to mean marriage. Could be though. God will continue to guide. Sounds promising. Five years seems like a long time? What say you?

  88. Thank you for your reply! I had this dream a couple of nights ago. I will be taking your course and I am interested in joining your ministry team. God does speak to me regularly and I am truly great full for that! Thanks again!

  89. Last night I dreamed that I was in this beautiful hotel. This guy told me to follow him upstairs to his suite. It was a bit messy. Then I was looking for my own suite. I looked at a couple different ones until I found the one I liked. I know it was the one for me because it had children’s toys and a small indoor slide for my babies to play on. The walls were white and the atmosphere was serene.

    • In this dream, the Lord is talking to you about something beautiful and noble connected to an event. The hotel speaks of something temporary and which comes at a price. The children’s toys say that this is connected with a literal child or children, or children may be symbolic. This is a beautiful and noble cause. I don’t know when you had this dream, but God was putting His stamp of approval on your plans!

      I might add that this dream indicates to me that the Lord speaks to you in dreams regularly. I do recommend that you take our course and join our ministry team. Isn’t God awesome!

  90. I read the article about Frank’s experience it’s almost identical to what i’m experiencing. I was just checking back i haven’t heard anything back but i did read it and desire to know what it is.

  91. I read it, and it’s exactly what I experience

  92. Yes I want help, please!!!!! Been searching for 11 year’s.

  93. I had a dream I was at this church that I often visit in real life, in the dream I was laying on a couch resting because I was tired from driving back and forth to church, my mom was speaking with the pastor of the church about me telling him how I almost had a car accident coming to church. I then was sitting at a desk on the computer typing a message to the pastor, while typing I was looking at pictures of him and his wife. As I was typing his wife came and stood by me and I quickly exited the app and closed my laptop we began to have church and at the end of church his wife hugged me and prayed for me i was afraid to come off from behind the bench becsuse i had on some night pajama shorts so she stood there and as she was praying I was crying very hard and she said God said this is your last time coming back and this is the last time you will pour into Gods house, as I was leaving a lady asked me did I get what I came for, I then was leaving the church house I looked back and wanted to say I’ll be back to visit but I never said it, because I started thinking she was saying I was about to die. In real life I always think people are going to tell me I’m going to die, because I’ve struggled with severe demonic tournament for 11 year’s of thinking and dreaming I’ll die every single day to the point where it affects my natural and spiritual life and causes me not to focus or do well in anything.

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