Resolving Login Issues

 On occasion, members reach out who are experiencing login issues.

Below are instructions to clear this.

Almost always, these issues arise due to cookies and cache needing to be clearing on their browser.

Rather than reaching out to us, please follow these steps which generally clears the issue:

1) Check if you can successfully login within an incognito (private) browser window. The option is available by clicking the 3 dots or lines in the upper right corner of your browser. Pictured below is Google Chrome as an example.

This will not carry over your history, so you should be able to log in.

Should you complete all this and still have an issue, please contact us at [email protected]

Your Dreams May Not be the Pizza

You regularly remember your dreams. Many are memorable. Some are outstanding or disturbing. Something inside you says those crazy dreams may be carrying messages to you… and the messages may include important insight and prophetic guidance.