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If I've Registed for the Site, Aren't I Already a Member?


Full site access now involves a minimal subscription… less than one Starbucks coffee per month!


  • As before, Registrants can engage in the community by posting comments in the public blog.
  • With site relaunch, Registrants additionally have access to the Membership Preview which consists of several Membership Showcases (see “What’s Included in the Membership Preview?” FAQ).


  • Membership Purchase ($7.95 per month) brings access to the entire new 1700-entry dictionary,
    exclusive membership courses, additional posts, monthly exclusives and more.
  • Courses available in The Dreamers Institute are priced the same no matter your status, but separate site registration is required.

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What's Included in the Prophetic Dreamers Membership?


1. Our Entire Categorical Dictionary‒ 21 Dream Element Categories, 122 subcategory-sections, 1700+ entries, 1100+ proper names… continually expanding.

2. An Array of Dreams Interpreted‒ Categories: Dreams from the Dream Pool and Global Dream Ministry.

3. Current & Upcoming Course-Series

  • Crash Course in Dream Interpretation‒ Tour of Ancient & Contemporary Dream Perspectives, Foundational Dream Interpretation Overview, The Power of Their Common Denominator.
  • Dream Interpretation in a Day‒ a Powerful 24-Step Protocol for Dreamers of All Kinds

4. Upcoming Course-Series

  • Sounds of the Spirit‒ 8 ways we hear from God and discerning the authentic.
  • Why Live the Spirit-Led Lifestyle?‒12 Biblial reasons to listen for and follow the Voice of Truth.
  • Top 16 Dream Themes‒ The most common dream elements, their variations, and their symbolism.
  • Bible Dreams & Dreamers‒ The study of 20 Dreams of the Bible and the dreamers who received them.

5. Dream Element Request Access‒ Request new elements be added to the dictionary. And on those same Dictionary Category Posts: discuss dreams with fellow members.

Select a Membership Plan

What's Included in the Membership Preview?
Registered Users have access to the MEMBERSHIP PREVIEW, a sneak-peek of our membership consisting of the:

  • Dream Dictionary Showcase‒ Dictionary Table of Contents & Structure, 5 Dictionary Sections, 50 Dream Elements, 9 Dictionary Keys
  • Your Dreams Interpreted Showcase‒ 4 Posts from 2 Member Categories
  • Dream courses do NOT have a showcase as they are already described in the site content
What Site Content is Open to the Public?

Site visiters as well as registrants and members have access to our public BLOG posted by category.

Categories are:

  • Dream Elements & Themes • Dream Stories & Other Inspirations • Interpretation Tips & Testimonies •  Encouragement & Strategic Living • Who’s That Talking to Me? • Volumes of Dreams • Dream Pool Quick Picks • Just Sayin’ • High Impact Prophecy • Features & Focuses • Media

These may be accessed from Blog Categories & Content.

All posts listed chronologically are available in the Blog Post Archive.

How Do I Change My Subscription Length?
Yes, you can convert your membership from monthly to annual. From the menu, navigate to MY ACCOUNTS, or to MEMBER HUB – MY ACCOUNT. Click SUBSCRIPTIONS and change your subscription settings there.
How & When Can I Cancel My Membership?
Since your dream journey is important to us, we offer a membership option that easily fits into the budgets of dreamers.

We hope you will continue your membership indefinitely, however, to support our ministry so we can keep the lights on, and impact the world.

You can cancel your subscription after 3 months. We do not, however prorate or provide refunds for membership or courses.

Should you want to cancel or reinstate your membership, simply turn off or on automatic renewals from your Settings > View Subscription page.

Why Do You Say Your Dictionary is Powerful?

We have been encouraged so often over the years by dreamers delighted about the accuracy of the interpretations we’ve posted on the dreams they submitted.

Accurate interpretation stems from accurately decoding the elements in the dreams (coupled with applying the interpretation principles). That’s why we continue to receive positive feedback about our dream dictionary. Many still share with us that they can’t find a dictionary as insightful and helpful elsewhere.

Though we no longer offer interpretation services, we remain committed to providing you the resources needed to make sense of your dreams. And accurate dream element meanings are half of the battle.

One thing that makes our dictionary outstanding is that most of the element meanings have been confirmed by actual dreams and how they played out in real life.

Also, dictionary entries are based more on tangible facts than on unproven or invalidated theories.  Vetted through 20 years of research into thousands and thousands of dreams and interpretation feedback‒ each entry have been developed through an individualized combination of facts of nature and science, historical symbolism consistency, cultural and geographical distinctives, current and historical events and advancements, etymology, idioms, colloquialisms, word-play, literary devises, symbolism in scripture and universal symbolism acceptance. The ever-expanding dictionary offers concise entries to foster your element decoding skills in various dream contexts.

The ever-expanding dictionary offers concise entries to foster your element decoding skills in various dream contexts. Includes 21 categories, 122 subcategory-sections, 1700+ entries, 1100+ classic proper names.


Why Do Students Rave About the Courses?

The sentiment of the majority of reviews and feedback from our students is reflected by their positive comments and the 5-star overall rating.

Students most often applaud…

  • the detail and clarity of the courses
  • the emphasis on practical over philosophical content
  • the power of breaking down and working through dreams
  • the ease of comprehension
  • the structure which aids retention
  • that the courses are life-changing

My power-point teaching style, and the content I choose to include in my courses comes out of my inability to find the kind of detailed interpretation training I was looking for when I first realized my dreams were prophetic and began pursuing how to make sense of them.

And after dedicating my life to the study of dreams for a couple of decades, I made sure that has changed!

Prophetic Dreamers Courses vs The Dreamers Institute Courses

Our courses are located at or The Dreamers Institute, depending on the course components and features.

Each venue brings a distinctively different set of courses, and it may be important to you to understand the differences… especially since Prophetic Dreamers courses are much simpler consisting solely of videos.

The explanation is best expressed in this CHART.

Is Your Approach Linked to a Religious or Spiritual Philosophy?

Prophetic dreams‒ whether received nightly or rarely‒ are more common than most people suspect. In fact, we think they come to all of humanity as a precious but mysterious spiritual gift.

And when dreamers fully understand the difference between ancient interpretation approaches‒ and recent approaches developed just over a century ago‒ they tend to agree that some important aspects of historical and sacred approaches may bring the most accurate interpretations… and for good reason.

I myself am a Christian‒ but regardless of where you’re coming from faith-wise‒ I’m confident that my interpretation methods work, and that my approach will meet you where you are.

No matter your spiritual philosophy or religious affiliation… you’ve come to the right place. I urge you to investigate and utilize our resources.

Who Might Be Less Interested in the Site?

Mainly, Two Types of Dreamers Might Be Less Interested in Our Site Content

1) Those who are less open to the complexity of dream interpretation, and image that most dreams can be interpreted instantly by way of spiritual epiphanies or downloads.

2) Those who are unable to tolerate that some of the testimonies or content provided from a Christian perspective.

Can I Make Tax-Deductible Donations?

Yes. To make a donation, click DONATION. It will enable you to donate through our Paypal account.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. When you make donations, you get email receipts which you can use for tax purposes.

We are very grateful for donations of any amount, especially since our membership and courses are minimal priced. Our costs to offer these are not, however.

With over 20 years of research‒ and an abundance of personal blood, sweat, and tears for myself and my husband‒ the sacrifice has been extensive in money as well as time and energy, but a labor of love!

Your Dreams May Not be the Pizza

You regularly remember your dreams. Many are memorable. Some are outstanding or disturbing. Something inside you says those crazy dreams may be carrying messages to you… and the messages may include important insight and prophetic guidance.