Weddings and Marriage in Dreams

Dreaming you are a bride or married to someone you are not actually married to? You’ve come to the right page. We talk here about weddings and marriage in dreams. Click on tab to view information.


It’s important to note which dream scene you are talking about.

WEDDING- You are preparing for or in the midst of a wedding ceremony

MARRIAGE- You are seeing an ongoing marriage relationship



An important note to singles. Your choices determine your destiny, and if you are single, the marriage choice is one of the most critical decisions of your life. Unfortunately, we move through the dating process without full objectivity and often with unresolved personal issues which we think will be resolved with marriage. “If only the guy on the white horse would ride in and swoop me up” we think, “then my story would reverse and I’d live a happily-ever-after life”.

When it comes to marriage, too many young women are the product of American media. Nothing wrong with the Cinderella stories, but perhaps our preschoolers need a larger perspective. Marriage, of course, is a fundamental and wondrous institution, but too often impatience leads us to the wrong spouse. We singles see couples in-love around every corner, and our anxiousness to enjoy such a relationship sometimes clouds our eyes.

If we do sense that this is not God’s best for us, why not, “Marry the man today, and change his ways tomorrow” as a song from Guys and Dolls suggests? And if we’ve already invested a lot into one relationship (even though we know it’s the wrong one), starting over seems like a great and dreadful risk.

If this is hitting a nerve for you, consider that your self-confidence may be lagging behind your actual matrimonial value! Are you compromising because deep down you question whether you’re good enough to lure the optimum marriage partner for you individually? Do you remain haunted by feeling of unworthiness? Why not accept yourself or address the things that hold you back!

I’m not saying singles should have a self-righteous attitude and live under the deception that we are perfect. What I am saying is that with God’s help, we shouldn’t have to compromise on our life-long partner. He or she should be the one designed for us, regardless of the circumstances. Could it be that we just don’t muster up enough faith to believe that the God who created the galaxy and has shown himself miraculously in your life already, could handle this too? Or would care to?

All that to say that if you dream you are in a wedding gown, the meaning, as with other dreams, may be metaphoric rather than literal!



If dream elements are symbolic, what would a wedding in a dream symbolize? Think past your emotions. Marriage is a merger, a partnership, a coming together of two. Although couples immediately come to mind, we’ve experienced without exception that weddings in dreams are commonly symbolic of two entities coming together, joining forces, or becoming more intimate. And engagements may refer to a waiting period.

Again, wedding dreams generally indicate a partnership, commitment at a new level, or increased intimacy with the bridegroom Jesus.

It could be a job, a business partnership, a business expansion, a new vendor, a ministry partnership . . . even going to college could be compared to partnering with a school. , or a new or increased intimacy with the creator.

partner-150x150Many have dreamed of loved ones getting married shortly before their death. In these dreams, the dreamer was not the focus of the dream. The focus is clearly a context clue. The loved one was to be reunited with a spouse or united “face to face with the Lord” through death.

When I first started getting prophetic training, I kept having dreams about being late for my wedding ceremony and pulling out my wrinkled bridal gown at the last minute. But I had been married for decades at that point! The dream was about my need for a higher level of spirituality. Keep in mind that this particular application is common; after all, the body of believers is said to be the bride of Christ.

The dreamer must look at the clues within the dream itself. Sometimes there are elements within a dream which simply indicate where, when, who, what, how, etc., and show the dreamer if this wedding dream is talking about a job, hobby, business, spiritual calling, or something else.

Ask yourself right up front, “What area of my life could this dream apply to?” If you are looking for work or considering expanding your business, you are most likely being encouraged to press on. If you’re applying for a scholarship, expect to get it. If your spiritual life needs some upgrading, watch for something or someone to show up in your life to serve as a catalyst.

Less likely is that it’s a prophesy of an upcoming literal wedding, but ALWAYS check the other possibilities first.



Now let’s talk about the meaning of marriage in dreams. Not the wedding day, but the ongoing marriage. These dreams generally come to those of us who are married, although we may also dream we are getting married, event to someone other than our actual spouse.

Really, the same principle applies to marriage in dreams as it does to weddings. The dream is referencing a partnership with something or someone. Again, this could be a business partner, vendor, landlord etc. You name it, because, you aren’t in a sense, married to them (at least for this or the next season of your life).



It might be helpful to go at this question from the opposite angle. What symbolism can you think of that would express an actual upcoming wedding?

One college woman dreamed she had 2-3 beautiful children with brown eyes (hers were blue), and was going before a judge. (In reality, she had no children and was taking her boyfriend home to meet her parents.) She became engaged to the young man within months and so far, has had 2 brown-eyed children.

Another single dreamer dreamed she gave birth, and then met the fellow she would marry shortly thereafter.

One mother I know was tipped off that her son would marry a particular woman when the young woman conveyed a dream that she had had about a rocky relationship between the two women.

Someone else dreamed of a flawless engagement ring coming to her.


Symbolism is the default spiritual dream language! We call that language parabolic after the parables in the Bible. Ask yourself about the possible symbolism first! Literal possibilities should be considered last since misapplying these dream themes could result in unnecessary heartbreak.

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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November 15, 2016

28 responses on "Weddings and Marriage in Dreams"

  1. Profile photo of Jayne

    On the morning of 1/1/2016, I awoke from a dream. I was getting ready for a wedding. It was soon to begin. I saw my wedding dress on the hanger. It was beautiful & the color was a rich brown. An acquaintance I had known some time ago was by my side helping me to get ready. She was a previous alcoholic whom God had delivered. I have also suffered some from this & God has delivered me as well. In my dream, I told her that I would not be drinking during this wedding (as I did during my natural one to my earthly husband). Any interpretations/discernment about this?

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      Per the color of the wedding dress, the dream prophesies that you are about to partner with something that is associated with humility and compassion. Brown is the pastoral color, by the way, so it sounds like you will be accepting a ministry opportunity. The acquaintance seems to provide a clue… that the dream is referring either to substance abuse deliverance or the meaning of her first name. Proper names can be quite revelatory.

  2. Profile photo of Jayne

    Thank you Lynmarie. I will watch and wait with anticipation on how & when this unfolds! God bless! ?

  3. Profile photo of Sheba

    Hi Lyn – In this dream I am getting married to a rather young guy and he looks Caucasian. I am already there at the church and thinking i will not need to do the bridal march. I am a bit unsure about this guy as i do not know him but wondering also a bit excited – what it will be like to be married to him. Then suddenly a guy appears with a gun in his hand and starts to shoot out bullets he is aiming at everyone else and I manage to get out somehow then I see myself in a bathroom hiding with this other guy.

  4. Profile photo of Sheba

    No I am not Caucasian
    The person in the bathroom is not the groom
    – Someone not known to me
    Also the groom at the start resembled a real estate agent we met earlier in the week in real life

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      I figured you weren’t. I will get back to you. Ending my day.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      So the dream is speaking of a situation where you are considering committing, partnering with someone or something, hiring someone… but without the usual formalities. God wants you to know that connected with this situation is something holding power over others. Your reaction is to wash yourself from this partnership. Whether that’s the correct response may depend on the feeling you got in the dream from the guy in the bathroom with you in the dream…

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      …If he’s unfamiliar, a stranger, or doesn’t feel right- then you are correct to abort this. If he seems familiar or feels positive- go ahead.

  5. Profile photo of Sheba

    Since I did not know him I felt a bit uneasy being with him but I thought he seemed harmless so might as well be there with him in the bathroom than be exposed to the gunman outside.

  6. Profile photo of harriet

    Dear Lyn, I am a black lady and married. but I have had dreams where I am flirting with Asian guys. I am sure God is saying something to me that I am yet to figure out. what does flirting in the dream represent? thanks for your time

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      I have had a number of these dreams. Let me explain how the symbolism works. The world is primarily populated by 3 races- white, black, Asian. God is faithful to be consistent in his parabolic language, so most dream elements are symbolic.

      When I dream of a group of Asians, God is speaking to me about another race (not white-me, not Asian). What’s left is generally black, (in my case, probably a church because I generally attend black churches.

      It would be the opposite for you. Asians= whites. Why men? It could have to do with authority. Perhaps this is about a coming job!

  7. Profile photo of harriet

    Thank you Lyn I am sure that is the case

  8. Profile photo of veronica

    Need help with interpreting dream please:

    In my dream it was black snakes in the yard I was scared to get out but I did and they went away and were harmless. I was walking up to new home. The house was beautiful. Built ins and so spacious. It was an older house. I walk into home, with a Caucasian man, we were arm and arm, we appear to be married. I was happier than I ever been.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      Welcome! Sounds like you are black since you mentioned a white man. Going on that, here’s my take: You have been hurt in the past, but not this time. God is bringing you into a new and exciting situation and large opportunity. Has to do with an institution or situation which isn’t new. Within it, things will be provided. The Caucasian could depict Jesus, or could be more literal. Are you seeing this manifesting yet? What is it? A relationship, ministry, or job?

  9. Profile photo of veronica

    Yes, I am black, divorced for 6years, a minister, 1st generation graduate, I got my Masters at age 40. I have made more money in the last year or two than I ever made in my life, so I thought I was ready to buy home, however nothing is going as plan. I thought this year was going to be the year, that a guy, a man of God, I’ve friends only, with this man of God, 5yrs, I thought, this year we moving out of friend zone, I had a dream, I was prophesied that we were, however; we have not spoken in 5 months, due to a minor disagreement.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      Good to know. And congrats! Well this dream may be the first sign of something changing. Thinking of it makes me smile. Something good is coming! Just keep walking in faith and joy in the meantime. God wanted to encourage you. And remember, good news doesn’t always come from where we expect it. God loves to surprise us!

  10. Profile photo of veronica

    Thank You, your response was very insightful.

  11. Profile photo of veronica

    Thanks so much Lynmaire. Blessings to you, you have a light shining in you coming from our Heavenly Father. Thank for being a willing vessel. Once again your response was conformation.

  12. Profile photo of L

    Dreamt that I saw my friends(male) car but the car was all worn out inside were 2 red hymn books and inside each hymn book were 2 missal books. As I tried to peak inside the car I saw my friend coming up with his 2 kids,he was wearing a peach t-shirt, I greeted his young child but she was too busy playing with something in her hands and my friend the spoke to me and said since we are friends we can do as I had suggested. He had with him his 2 children. I was so happy at his suggestion and ended up saying yes to him. Intially also in another dream I had been given the date and month which he is supposed to marry.

  13. Profile photo of Ryan

    Last night i dreamed that i was in this building, someone with a goatee was there, and was threatening me if i didnt leave, i got scared and i walked away somewheres else and i saw a girl come from around the corner, we both knew we were going to marry each other, and she came over and stood in front of me, if i recall i may have given her a ring, the scene changed and i was at some game with other people, it was like a different type of football, i was sitting with the people who was with one of the teams, and everyone rooted but people disappeared until it was me and 2 or 3 others left, then someone from our team scored and brought the ball over to where we were and had a smile then the dream ended.

  14. Profile photo of G

    I had a dream last night where my wife and I were sleeping in separate beds. I then work up in the middle of the night and I touched her butt, and she asked what I was doing to which I said, “I don’t know, I guess it was an accident”. She then got up and I went back to bed, and she came back and started pilling dresses on top of me. In the background I hear her calling a hospital and telling a doctor was on the other line.

  15. Profile photo of G

    I had a dream last night after another I had that I was carrying a toddler that looked like my wife, and that we were going from a restaurant/bar and back to a home that I shared with her. My wife and I are currently going though some though times.

  16. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi L – I’ll take a shot at interpreting your dream. The meaning of the name of your friend might be the clue to unlocking this dream. Can you tell me what that is?

  17. Profile photo of meme

    Thanks in advance for your help, Can you help w/interpreting a wedding dream where the groom showed me a set of adjustable wedding rings ( do you think they have any significance?) as we were about to enter the chapel?

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