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Weddings, Marriage & Romance‒ Category Description

Dreaming you are a bride walking down the aisle? Or married to someone you are not married to in real life? Or you’re being intimate with someone unexpected?

Like the other element categories, dream elements in this category are generally symbolic. And this is especially important to note if you’re hoping he or she will pop the question.

And it’s important to note which DREAM TYPE you are talking about. WEDDING DREAMS are dreams where you’re preparing for‒ or in the midst of‒ a wedding ceremony. MARRIAGE DREAMS are dreams where you’re experiencing an ongoing marriage relationship.

Weddings, Marriage & Romance

Weddings, Marriage & Romance

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Note to Singles
Dreams Prophesying a Proposal
Weddings in Dreams


Note to Singles
Dreams Prophesying a Proposal
Marriage in Dreams
Adultery or Cheating
Romantic Encounters Outside Marriage

Romance & Sex

Note to Singles
Dreams Prophesying a Proposal
Romance & Sex in Dreams
Current Spouse
Current Fiancé
Current Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Previous Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Previous Fiancé
Previous Spouse
Holding Hands
Romantic Encounter While Married
Adultery/ Cheating
Sexual Activity