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Dreaming of Pie?

Explore the hidden meanings behind prophetic dreams involving PIE. This video dispels the notion that “pie dreams” are always mere reflections of earthly desires. Instead, she focuses on unraveling the profound symbolism behind dreaming about pies: fruit pies, chicken pot pies, lemon meringue… and even a blackbird pie.

Preventing Dreams From Vanishing

Have you ever experienced that frustrating feeling of waking up, knowing you had a dream, yet it slips through your fingers like a fleeting bubble? You’re not alone. In this presentation, we begin a series on how to preserve prophetic dreams though a focus on those elusive “Tip of the Tongue” dreams.

Dreams of the Bible: One Thing To Glean

This video introduces an important concept for understanding the dream language used by God in the dreams of the Bible. Lynmarie navigates through 4 dreams in-a-row in the book of Genesis to establish an important point concerning accurate dream interpretation. Some of the tidbits shared are fascinating and may bring you new details.


This video invites viewers on a journey to unravel the profound connection between prophetic dreams and the supernatural. Lynmarie shares 3 dream testimonies which foretold future events… spotlighting the most fascinating and personal one. The video underscores the power and source of prophetic dreams.

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Volumes of Dreams

Interpretation feedback brings accountability to the interpretation ministry, and authenticates its legitimacy. Visit dreams submitted starting a decade ago from the US and across the globe. What makes this category distinctive is that the interpretations include feedback from the dreamers! At least 50 more will be posted over time, so keep an eye out regularly for more!

Dream Elements & Themes

No prophetic dream can be understood without making sense of the dream ELEMENTS, that is, all the things that comprise the dream. While our courses address interpretation principles, our dictionary provides symbolic guidance for dream elements. Explore articles centered around dream elements and themes, their challenges, and some fascinating testimonies.

Interpretation Tips & Testimonies

Our courses primarily focus on the dream interpretation PRINCIPLES we deem essential. We recommend taking them to grow in making sense of your dreams. This category brings up issues which may not be included or highlighted in our courses or answers common questions. Expect authentic dreams complete with interpretations and real-life outcomes.

Encouragement & Strategic Living

No one is exempt from feeling discouraged or overlooked by God. From time to time, we tend to sink into spiritual amnesia, forgetting our blessings, the Father’s previous faithfulness, and the promises in the Word. In these times, we need encouragement, a boost, or divine strategy to empower and to help us navigate through what life has presented us with.

Dream Stories & Other Inspirations

If you’re not sure dreams can be insightful and game-changing, read these amazing accounts of how prophetic dreams and occurrences have been game-changers. Whether assisting at the crossroads of life, in life’s hurricanes, or in the sunny seasons… prophetic dreams can make all the difference. This category brings amazing personal testimonies of the Spirit-led life.

Dream Pool Quick-Picks

This collection of posts provides interpretation models for those seeking to increase their skills in decoding dreams. These QUICK-PICKS include some of the dreams selected from the shorter simpler dreams submitted from dreamers around the world to the DREAM POOL each month. Currently, the DREAM POOL is closed while we re-evaluate the program.

Who’s That Talking to Me?

Identifying the source of our dreams is critical to determining their value. If the dream is prophetic, its message will be reliable. And if it’s not, it will either be nonsense or deception. Here we discuss whether prophetic dreams are still possible today, what qualifies persons to receive them, and why they bring supernatural insight, guidance, encouragement, and comfort.

Just Sayin'

The is the category where you’ll find posts addressing topics that don’t fit well into the other categories. Here you’ll find a variety‒ Lynmarie’s personal dreams with interpretive comments, Raymond Remarkables, announcements, guest posts, dreams relevant to our community, prophetic dreams concerning the times, the USA, and the world… and more.

High Impact Prophecy

Relevant, educational, and intriguing‒ this category investigates prophetic dreams that address current issues and events, explores the end-time visions and dreams of the Bible, and includes related commentary posts. These focuses are fascinating and credible. Please send us any dreams you receive that you believe should be interpreted and shared.


This category enables you to easily access and watch the videos posted on our YouTube Channel. Typically posted expediently.

Features & Focuses

These articles are written specifically for viewers of videos posted on our Youtube channel. @propheticdreamers

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From the Dream Pool

We can talk until we’re blue in the face, and still fail to get our concept across, because a picture is worth a thousand words. Here we showcase dreams submitted to the DREAM POOL‒ a program where we selected dreams to serve as examples to assist those seeking to make better sense of dreams.

Global Interpretation Ministry

Eavesdrop on our interpretation ministry to 39 dreamers from around the world. These dreams from our archives provide straight-forward dream interpretation models for those seeking interpretation instruction. Makes for fascinating and educational reading! Post length varies.

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Enjoy exclusive articles and media for members only from Lynmarie and Raymond.

Topics include Dream Interpretation Essentials, Interpretation Tips & Tricks, Dream Elements & Themes, Interviews with Dreamers… and more.

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