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Dream Interpretation in a Day

for Prophetic Dreamers

• A Powerful 24-Step Interpretation Protocol

• Practical and Uncomplicated

• Course is Short Enough to be Completed in ONE DAY

• Perfect for New or Experienced Interpreters

Course-Series Details

Do you ultimately wish you had an angel on your shoulder to help you interpret each dream? Or that you could just submit your dreams online and obtain the interpretations for free? If so, this course-series is the closest thing to it… at least for starters. If this is you, you’re also looking for a course that’s been condensed and simplified so you can jet through it quickly… a course that makes sense and significantly helps you interpret your dreams.

This course jumps right into the interpretation procedure, allowing you to get immediate assistance in making sense of your dreams… saving most of the explanations for later when you have time. Whether you hold a religious conviction, a metaphysical philosophy, or have set aside such persuasions entirely— you’ll find the 24 interpretation steps in this course to be universally applicable and effective.

Ten video lessons, and 48 quiz questions to aid retention of the steps. Unlimited quiz retakes. No midterms or final exams. Students may apply the 24-steps to a dream of their own as they progress through the course or later. Each new course in the series will apply the 24-steps to a new model dream.

More About Course 1

• This course provides a quick-start overview of how to begin to make sense of your dreams by giving you 24 steps to lead you through the process of interpretation.

• After seeing how this model dream is interpreted, you apply the steps to your own dreams at home and find yourself making sense of your dreams like never before.

• The model dream for the first course is entitled Grand Jeté. A Grand Jeté, is the French title for the ballet move involving leaping into the air with the front and back legs spread the widest possible and almost parrallel to the floor.

More About the Series

• New courses are regularly added to reinforce understanding of the activities.

• Each new course utilizes the same 24 steps and activities to interpret another dream for you to study.

• Because each dream is its very own unique riddle, each new course will prove enlightening.

Dream interpretation In a Day



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