Ever had a dream about ice cream? Or pies? Since they’re desserts, you might think those dreams are “pizza dreams,” just junk dreams revealing your fleshly desires! But that may not be the case. Read on to see what these deserts may have in common with hot-tubs and flower pots.

Since we’re talking holiday foods, I’m going to share a few brief dream scenes focusing specifically on the meaning of pie and ice cream.

Ever had a dream about ice cream? Or pies? Since they’re desserts, you might think those dreams are “pizza dreams,” that is, that they’re not from God… just junk dreams or soul dreams revealing your fleshly desires! But that may not be the case.


Let me start with a dream example involving a church. My husband and I were ministering in a somewhat different church than those we’d been in before, but one the Lord had directed us to through dreams. We were given charge over those wanting to hear from God and understand the Holy Spirit.

This church could be described as very up-to-date (or trendy) and especially attracted younger generations.

What was especially distinctive was the strong emphasis on small groups. Almost every week, these groups were mentioned from the pulpit; and new attenders were encouraged to start their own. There were over 60 before we left the church.

The groups could be anything from a bicycling group, to a bowling group, to a young couple’s group, to a community garden group. These provided fellowship and connection, and leaders felt a sense of importance.


After we had ministered in the church over a year, I saw the sanctuary in a dream. Outside the left door were tables lined up and full of pies!

What did the pies symbolize? Were we to enjoy delightful desserts after the service that day?

Think about it. You have to fill a pie crust with a bunch of cherries to make a pie. Same with the apples you cut up, and any other fruit for a pie. There are multiple pieces of sweet fruit in the crust just like there are a number of people in a group.

These pies/groups were seen by the pastor as very sweet! And God sees His children as sweet too, even when we’re naughty!

God has used pies in several of my dreams, always depicting a “group of people seen as sweet”. These folks may be viewed as sweet by the Lord, by the dreamer or someone other than the dreamer… or both.

By the way, God showed me in another dream that he saw a few of the groups as hot-tubs, which really fits, since hot-tubs are a place a few people gather and soak in hot water (hot water being the Holy Spirit).

And in another dream, God used pots of flowers to symbolize these groups!

If you read the Dec. 2 post, the Sweet Potato and Spinach Dreams, you might remember that it was SPINACH PIE which coated the floors of the home. Pie, of course, because God sees the Holy Spirit as sweet as He indwells all those who are true children of God.


Now for ice cream in dreams. Let’s go back to that same church. With the support and encouragement of the pastor, our ministry eventually expanded into the development of a prophetic team ministry. The pastor cheered us on time and time again as we met and discussed the various versions of how we could bring this ministry to the body.

After a year of team training, we launched the ministry. At the time, the church was meeting on Sunday nights just once a month; and we were to provide prophetic ministry at each of these services.

After the anticipated first service, our ministry quickly set up in the front of the church, and those who were uninterested were dismissed.

As the band played, ushers stood at the front of each aisle and directed those to receive ministry to the next available team after collecting names and emails. FYI- we record each ministry, email them to the recipients, and ask for feedback.

Our team consisted of about a dozen or so ministers divided into 4 groups. When the ushers sent us a person, we welcomed them to take a seat, gave them an explanatory notice, prayed for the Lord to share what was on His heart for them, and expressed what we believed God would have us say in the way of encouragement, comfort, and exhortation.

It was a large church, so most or all of the recipients were strangers to us. That’s, of course, ideal.

What ensued shouldn’t be a surprise. God showed up in short order! Even our newest team member felt the presence of the Lord and contributed confidently.

From the platform, the pastor saw plenty of tissues being handed out, and when he made himself available to congregational members, he was smothered with positive comments.

After our ministry finished, I sat down and chatted with him. He was beaming and conveyed that people had responded with comments like, “Thank you so much for providing this ministry!” and “You have no idea what this has done for me!” and “I can’t believe how they read my mail!”


Shortly after that, I experienced another dream about the church. Leaving out details, it was a farm-yard setting and the pastor [literal] was complaining because I had gotten dirt into his vanilla ice cream.


When searching for the meaning of a dream element, try backing up from it and notice its traits or origin, and its historical implications.

If you’ve made home-made ice cream, you can solve this riddle immediately.

Ice Cream symbolizes something pure and sweet that has resulted from effort!

God was showing me that the pastor had changed his mind, that he now felt that they had worked hard to develop something pure and sweet which shouldn’t be messed up by our ministry. The dream and interpretation was accurate and insightful: Prepare to step down.

The church— although non-denominational— was carefully modeling another church. Unbeknownst to me, the assistant pastor apparently reined the pastor back in from his Sunday evening high, and advised a strategy to discourage us. After all, prophetic ministry wasn’t in the model; and perhaps there was too much Holy Spirit power on display from the pews.

I won’t go into the details; but not long after that, the Lord called Raymond and I to pastor an inner-city church and men’s shelter.

I hope that these dream stories will reinforce your sense that it might be God speaking to you in your dreams! Galatians 5 tells us to both live and walk by the Spirit. If you are willing, God will guide you. He knows everything. And He loves you like nobody else. He speaks in many ways including dreams. And remember, His default language is “parable.”

Merry Christmas to all of you. We’ll be online to respond to your comments this month, but look for the next post in January.

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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