In the last post, I discussed some possibilities as to why we sometimes find ourselves surprised by the way life goes, having been completely off in expectations due to inaccurate prophetic perceptions.

I occasionally hear folks say, “We can’t know the future.” I bite my tongue but beg to differ.

I will concede that much of the time, even with prophetic insight, we don’t know HOW something will play out, but we CAN know generally THAT A PARTICULAR EVENT WILL OCCUR.

Through dreams, God may give us the general idea, but we don’t know exactly what course life will take to fulfill that prophesy. A dream one of my sons once had comes to mind:

The dream prophesied that a trip would look as if it was not going to happen, then resurrect. Sure enough, the invitation to be a featured artist at an international music festival was cancelled after he had gone to all the trouble to get his passport and Brazilian visa. Weeks later, just as the dream had prophesied through metaphors, the festival was rescheduled and the invitation resent.

The interesting part of the dream was that while he was on that trip, our family’s beloved deceased cat appeared before him. Chiffon was as lovely, fluffy, and white as ever; but she died before his eyes. He was saddened in the dream.

The interpretation? Whatever or whoever Chiffon symbolized was going to come to an end in some way. It would be sad.

OK. So we have a REVELATION (the dream), and an INTERPRETATION of that aspect of the dream. Next step in dream interpretation is the APPLICATION. What or who does the cat represent? It wasn’t hard to see that it might be someone that is a beloved to the family, perhaps someone we see as beautiful and lovely, maybe graceful.

This is where we find ourselves making mistakes. Without further divine revelation, we can only project what makes worldly sense to us.

The death of a person in dreams usually represents something ending, rather than a person literally dying. It may represent that a person is already dead, that is, spiritually dead… and needs to come to the cross.

But this was a cat. “It must be my husband’s mother,” I considered. “Her time on this earth must be up”. She was in her 90’s at the time, but in good health. I began to consider how I would handle that should it come to pass.

The REVELATION was of course correct. God had sent the dream. He’s never wrong. The INTERPRETATION was right: Whatever or whoever Chiffon symbolized was going to die. It would be sad.

November came and our son left for Brazil. The dream was then fulfilled in an unanticipated way.

I had expected the dream to apply to my mother-in-law. I WAS WAY OFF! Our beloved “Lammy” is fine to this day and won’t be going home to the Lord any time soon (God told me in a dream that she has thistles in her garden and is stuck here on this planet for a while.)

While our son was overseas, the wife of our other son, our beloved daughter-in-law, left him.

I had always felt as if she were an actual daughter of mine, but sadly, this lovely delightful ballerina decided to hit the road. Our son was miserable, but it of course didn’t surprise God.

So WE KNEW THE FUTURE, we KNEW something was going to END, just didn’t know what. We KNEW something specific about the future, just not the details.

To all those scoffers out there who say, “We can’t know the future,” again, I BEG TO DIFFER! God sometimes allows us to know the future- often describing it very specifically- but at the same time leaving room for His way of fulfilling it. This brings us encouragement and comfort when they are needed.

One more thing. I’ve learned that even when something dies in a dream, God has the capacity to resurrect it.

That beautiful and graceful cat who turned out to be the ballerina… she’ll be sitting with me at an Opera House tomorrow night. She is delightfully back in the family and expecting a second child with my son, and no matter what the future brings, I will always love her. She has a special place in my heart…no matter what!

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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