I go crazy with dreams like my daughter goes crazy with quilting. Dreams seem to impact every area of my life, and my family’s life for that matter. When my kids are seeking direction, I always say, “Pay attention to your dreams!”

But what if we don’t receive insight on a topic of concern through a dream? Aside from God-given dreams, how can we succeed in hearing God regularly? Especially when we’re at an intersection in life facing a critical choice? You know as well as I do that we’re talking about GOD and that with Him, there are no limits… none at all. We’re the ones imaging limits.

Can God speak through a creature or a 2-year-old? Can He speak through a cartoon or an R-rated movie? A text or email? Does He ever enter bars or dance clubs?
balaams donkey
Numbers 22:19-38 describes a time when God spoke through a donkey. Remember that? The donkey was able to see the angel of the Lord before the prophet Balaam did; and was beaten for his responses. The passage relays that after three beatings, the Lord opened the donkey’s mouth. Can you imagine the look on the prophet’s face? Mr. Ed, right there on the road to a Moabite town!

I haven’t personally heard a donkey or horse speak, but just this week I witnessed the voice of the Lord speak through a creature just as incapable of speaking specific divine direction as Balaam’s ass.


A window of opportunity had opened for one of our family members to purchase a home. A realtor was secured and a great deal of time spent on real estate websites. Properties were visited, ineffective websites discontinued, and neighborhoods eliminated.

Eventually I was told that they had finished exploring and would focus only on new listings.Char Foot - Copy I’ve worked in real estate; that’s a distinct position to be in. Later that same day, the mom reprimanded their 2-year-old daughter (still in diapers and learning to talk) for continuing her misconception that mom’s cell phone was a toy. She had taken to picking up the phone, punching buttons, and taking pictures whenever mom set it down.

When the little one handed it back, an application that hadn’t been used for weeks was open on the phone… and the house on the screen intriguing. What are the chances that this mere babe could overcome 20 feature challenges? Square footage, proximity to family, safe neighborhood, number of rooms, style of house, large fenced yard, 2-car garage, finished basement etc. etc. – all within a minimal price ceiling?
Next day- the house turned out to be everything they had hoped for and more, but realistically, so was the price. They set an appointment for the next morning anyway to draw up an offer. By the time the realtor showed up, the price was no longer an issue. The seller had just dropped the price by $10,000! Yes, they’re happily packing.


Ever gotten an email or text strategic for you, but meant for someone else? It just happened to another family member this week. Just when he needed a specific encouraging word, an uplifting email meant for another person was accidentally sent to him from an individual on the east coast… a complete stranger.

mediaI once called a wrong number in the wee hours of the morning (when my child hadn’t returned home yet); and without providing the responder detail, I was told to keep praying, that in time my prayers would be answered. I did and they were.

Ever turned on radio or TV preaching during one day and gotten the exact same message three times?

R-rated movies- that was a new one for me last December. You might ask why we’d be watching one anyway. In our case, it was by accident. After a nice weekend lunch, the person needing ministry wanted to go to a movie and found one on the phone. It sounded acceptable so we headed to the theater unaware of the show’s rating.

Fortunately, after we got past the shocking first scene (nudity), the message of the entire movie accomplished what was needed for the person we were with in a way no other means could. “Now I understand what’s going on with my husband.” I heard, “I used to think God was really square, but He’s way cooler than I thought!”


nightclub shoes - bannerAs for bars, I know God speaks there because people like you and me go in those places and engage with people as led by the Spirit. It’s amazing how people open up in bars- especially when we bring up dream interpretation.

And night clubs? My own DJ’ing son plays anointed music and slips in divine messages or flat-out praise.

Magnolia blossom
My mom had a friend who always admired the magnolia tree next to her house. Eventually, the woman died and my mom grieved at the loss. But it was no coincidence that the first blossom on the tree appeared the day after the woman died!

rainbow SQDuring what my husband calls his NEBUCHADNEZZAR EXPERIENCE, I ran an errand up in the Rocky Mountains, and as I drove, composed a little song comparing a rainbow to the shoulder of God that we could lean on. Later that day, as I took my depressed husband to church, an incomparably magnificent rainbow appeared as if it were within the block. God was promising, “Rest your head on my shoulder; your husband will one day be delivered!

In our unpcoming course-series entitled SOUNDS OF THE SPIRIT, we find it helpful to categorize the way God speaks today. We love encouraging believers to sensitize their eyes and ears to the Spirit. One of these days, we’ll get that online. Meanwhile, pay attention not only to dreams, but to everything… because there might be a message in it for you from a loving Heavenly Father.

curious_george_cow_maze 250x170I turned on a Curious George episode for my grandson over the weekend which now seems relevant. The monkey and his guardian entered a contest to find their way out of a maze in a farmer’s cornfield. The contestants used various means to succeed. George utilized his map until a cow showed up and ate it.

After all their diligence to get through most of it, they found themselves completely lost and without direction! (Ever been there?) As the cow took off running, George sensed that they should chase after it. Within seconds they were crossing the finish line with everyone else just behind them! Of course the cow knew the way to the barn at supper time!

I find that just when I’ve lost my map, the heavens seem to be brass, and dreams aren’t leading the way… at 11:59 somehow a cow shows up and leads the way. Something completely unexpected or there-all-along brings the needed revelation or leads me to the finish line in the 11th hour. I’m counting on it this month in one area of my life. curious_george_wins - 404x150

How about you? Are you at peace when your map has been eaten? When you stop dreaming?
As Jim Lovell said (depicted by Tom Hanks in the movie Apollo 13) “You never know what events are going to transpire to get you home.”

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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