Volumes of Dreams


Calgary, Canada, 2013

The Dream

“Door Way Too Big”

I was in a dark hallway with doors all labeled Calgary all down the hallway. I started walking down the hallway turning to the left and the right trying to open doors labeled Calgary, but each door was locked. I got very frustrated. I finally came to what appeared to be a dead end. I remember saying, “great… I am at a dead end with no where to go”.

From behind me a voice said… “Turn on the light switch. “I said “I don’t see a light switch… all I see is closed locked doors and it’s very dark”.

Again the voice came from behind “Turn on the light. My word is a light to your path and a lamp to your feet.” Instantly I saw myself open up the Bible to Psalm 119. The reflection of the open Bible, illuminated a big door labelled San Francisco.

I then heard myself say, “Great… I’m at the end of a dark hallway with a big door that I can’t even open. It’s way too big”. The voice came from behind me saying… “I know you can’t but I will open this door for you. Follow me.”

I saw a figure in white take a golden key from his hand, unlock the door and start walking through the door. I followed into what looked like the San Francisco Bay Area at the end of summer. Everything was beautiful.

I then remember seeing a US customs and immigration officer sitting at a desk before I could enter the beautiful land. I remember again thinking with dread that I had to deal with US Customs and Immigration because they had been notorious for being quite difficult.

Again the figure in white said. “I will go before you.” The customs and immigration officer looked at me and asked for my passport and requested to know my purpose to enter the USA. The figure in white said to the officer “He is about my fathers business.” The immigration officer pressed me for if that was the case.

I replied “Yes, I am about his father’s business”. He grabbed my passport and other documents that were in my hand stamped the passport with authority and said….”Go about this man’s father’s business and welcome to the USA.”

Then the voice of the man in white said, “Go forth into the land you have been promised and stop looking back. There is nothing back there for you.” I kept on feeling that it was too good to be true and any minute I was going to be found out to be an impostor.

The voice came again. “There is nothing back there any more. This is your new place. Enter into the land of promise and know that I am with you.” I remember looking at the beautiful Northern California landscape realizing nothing was back behind the door I had come through.

The Interpretation

If the other dreams we received were this clear, we’d be ministering in another way!

The dark hallway speaks of the season you are in, a transition marked by a lack of insight. Until now, you couldn’t see what was ahead. The doors symbolize the jobs you have applied for, potential opportunities in your geographical location locked/closed to you.

San Francisco/Northern California in your dream seems literal, but it may symbolize something such as a concept, a dream, a goal. God doesn’t want you to miss this. The voice in the dream says, “I will open this door for you. Follow me,” and “I will go before you.” God will surely do as He promised. So when the opportunity arises, know it is from the Lord. Don’t worry about finding it yourself; He will lead you to it.

God has plans to position you to broaden and deepen His Kingdom. He has ministry plans for you, and possibly soon. How exciting! Let us know how this plays out!

Dreamer Feedback or Outcome

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and pray over both my dreams. I believe you are right about both dreams that God does not want me to miss the opportunities and to give me relaxed confidence.

I believe that God is highly invested in my future and does not want me to miss the opportunities that will present. Please pray with me as there has been a San Francisco business opportunity presented with an old friend. I will keep this board in the loop of what happens.

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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