From Owasso, Oklahoma “Mass Fire”


In this post, we look at a prophetic dream submitted by Rebecca from Oklahoma, which looks to be a parabolic depiction of what’s coming in America.

My apologies for the delay in this… these last weeks are annual sabbatical weeks.


This dream has been condensed slightly.

I had just gotten to Hawaii with 3 other family members. As we faced a beautiful sunset above the ocean, we saw that the ocean was on fire!

My husband and I decided to go ahead and jump into the water. My son, Nathan, and his fiancé, Alejandra, stayed on the wall. My son was in amazement of the fire on the water, none of us were scared.

There were a lot of people already in the water swimming. It was so refreshing and amazing. I saw the fire roll right over us, but we both swam under it and came up for air in the only safe place. But it was again coming!

I wasn’t afraid, but it touched my face and I batted at it, but it didn’t hurt. I just laughed as we got out of the water.

My son and his fiancé were now on the other side across the water. When I motioned for him to come with us, he waved at me to go on, which disappointed me.

The land I saw was burned, black and charred. I wondered how would we walk on the hot ground with bare feet. As we stepped onto a rock, I woke up.


Here’s my take:

This dream reveals a coming season which we expect to affect a mass of people.

The season comes in waves, and takes place just as a new day of hope for a brighter future appears to be around the corner– while at the same time, something is ending.

Some people will happily embrace the “fire,” will not be burned by it, but rather invigorated. Many, however, will have to endure it with displeasure and suffering.

In the end, the LAND will be burned, black and charred in preparation for the next season which will definitely be felt. This element eludes to this event having to do with a LAND.

This is sent by God as a GIFT (Nathan) because He is the DEFENDER OF MAN (Alejandra). Her name reveals that man NEEDS DEFENDING at this time… so God steps in, in his way, to save a mass of humanity from its foolishness.

With the United States elections coming up shortly, this prophetic dream may well be speaking about America, or even beyond.


As to exactly what the fire represents, we look to the Bible for clues. Fire is an interesting and multifaceted dream element.


It can, of course, refine metals as in manufacturing (something new). And fire in this dream could be representing that concept somehow… most likely collectively rather than individually.


But fire is commonly an INSTRUMENT OF WARFARE. Throughout the Bible, many battles end with victors burning down the cities of losers… sometimes at God’s command (Joshua 6:24, 8:8, 11:11; Judges 1:8; 1 Kings 9:16; and Matt 22:7).

This is why WAR AND ITS FURY are sometimes likened to FIRE (Num 21:28, Isaiah 10:16, Zech 12:6).

Certainly, there is a civil war of sorts occurring in the US these days, and it may get worse with a Trump victory (or should I go ahead and prophetically say: with THE Trump victory?).


BTW, that God would command Israel to completely exterminate the Canaanite inhabitants of the land including men, women and children brings up a moral question. It seems primitive and barbaric.

Norman Geisler, in his book “A Popular Survey of the Old Testament” explains, “The Canaanites were by no means innocent… They were a vile people who practiced the basest forms of immorality. God described their sin vividly in these words, ‘I punished its iniquity and the land vomited out its inhabitants.” Read chapter 11 for further explanations.

Fire can be an INSTRUMENT OF EXECUTION FOR CRIMINALS (Gen 38:24; Lev 20:14, 21:9).

Fire is frequently DESTRUCTIVE, as when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed through the FIERY JUDGEMENT OF GOD (Gen 19:24).

Fire in this dream could also be associated with elimination of some kind.


In Numbers 31: 22-23, fire is used not only for ceremonial purification, but also as an instrument of sacrifices. Burnt offerings are typically BURNED (Lev 2:2).

And the practice of burning offerings is not confined to Israel. The Old testament refers to the sacrificial burning of human children by pagans and apostate Jews (Lev 18:21; Deut 18:10; 2 Kings 16:3, 17:17, 21:6, 23:10; Jer 7:31, 32:35).


In Genesis 15:17, the PRESENCE OF GOD appears as a smoking fire pot and a flaming torch. And in Exodus 3:2, God makes himself known to Moses “in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush” RSV.

Later, God descends upon Mount Sinai “in fire” (Exodus 19:18).

Notice that when Ezekiel attempts to describe the indescribable on the throne of heaven, he says, “And upward from what had the appearance of his loins I saw as it were gleaming bronze, like the appearance of fire enclosed round about; and downward from what had the appearance of his loins I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and there was brightness round about him.” (Ezek 1:27 RSV).

And you’ll remember that during Israel’s exodus from Egypt, God lead them by a pillar of fire, an outward sign of his GUIDING PRESENCE (Ex 12:21; Num 14:14).


Assuming this dream speaks of God’s intervention into the current American divide and November crossroads, we’d love to hear your comments as to how this is or will be experienced. How do you think this prophecy plays out?

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Every Blessing!

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November 15, 2020

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