From Central Florida “A Spoon Full of Sugar”

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THE DREAM- A few nights ago, I had dream that my friend Zahn was in a hospital. He is not looking forward to being there as he had previously had a bad experience there.

After he is placed on a gurney, he is given a sedative. The doctor then walks out briefly and comes back to give an injection of codein.

Even though Zahn is unable to move and feels no pain he is able to hear the doctor’s voice and feel a tube being passed through his nose into his stomach. Through the tube an antibiotic is given.

I feel that the Lord is showing me how the Holy Spirit is working in my friend but am not sure how.


How noble of you to thing first of others before yourself. You have a good heart that God is pleased with.

What is particularly relevant with this dream is that the most common mistake dreamers─ who believe their dreams may carry strategic information─ make is taking the people in dreams literally. God’s priority in your life is YOU, and this dream is intended to provide insight and minister comfort to you.

Let’s go over the dream element symbolism and work our way to an interpretation.


• As with the majority of people in dreams, Zahn surely symbolizes something… the subject God is speaking to you about.

What this element says is that the Lord is speaking to you about the need at this time to improve your ability to understand something.

I suspect this has to do with clarity in understanding the voice of God… perhaps even dream interpretation; but it could have to do with the processing of another type of information (less likely).

• How do I know all that? Let me point out that dreams use the same communication mode that Jesus used when teaching. Dream are parables. They use symbolism.

I get that this dream is about “the processing of information” from the meaning of your friend’s. The name “Zahn” means “tooth”.

Teeth in dreams are one of the most common dream elements. Think about it. Teeth are the instrument used to begin the processing of food.

Since food is what we take in and subsequently digest, teeth have to do with how we break down information… and THEREFORE WHAT WE BELIEVE! DREAM ELEMENTS- hospital, previous bad experience

Hospitals clearly depict the fixing of things; and perhaps, healing from wounds and unresolved issues. So, this dream has to do with something in your life in need of repair or emotional/spiritual healing.

• The previous bad experience at the hospital dream element is quite literal. That’s not hard to figure out. You have had an unpleasant experience in the past─ having to do with this─ that has turned you off or resulted in dislike or distrust.

DREAM ELEMENTS- sedative, codeine

• Receiving a sedative concerning this issue of “processing information correctly” tells us the revisiting this issue won’t be as bad as your think. You will be ministered to so that you will not feel the pain as anticipated. God will see to it that nervousness about this will be moderated, tranquilized or calmed.”

• The injection of codeine confirms this same point! Codeine is used by doctors to treat mild to moderate degrees of pain. God is telling you to go ahead and revisit this sore topic, and you will be glad you did!

DREAM ELEMENTS- hearing the doctor’s voice

Doctors in dreams generally represent God, as He is the GREAT PHYSICIAN. This dream is no exception.

Hearing the doctor’s voice during this medical procedure tells us that He will be bringing you comfort during this restoration process. You will hear His voice!

The Holy Spirit will be speaking to you- whether in a dream, a living word of scripture, or that still small voice. So be sure to listen up!

DREAM ELEMENTS- tube being passed through the patient’s nose into his stomach

• The tube connects the nose with the stomach. It brings them together, so to speak.

• The nose in this dream has to do with discernment. It’s the way we “smell” or “sense” things.

• The stomach is the main place food is broken down before entering the intestines which absorb the nutrients into the rest of our bodies. God is talking about your ability to succeed in breaking down and interpreting information.

• God will be connecting your discernment to your processing of information.

DREAM ELEMENTS- antibiotic

Antibiotics have to do with fighting bacterial infections. Once again, God is addressing something that needs “healing” in your life.

But by adding this element, He is going a step further by revealing that this issue has spread like bacteria. It is greatly influenced your perception and subjectivity as you block something out.


This dream is significant. God wants to heal every area of your life. And this issue─ whatever it is─ is important to your future, your perceptive and your peace.

Let me summarize my take:

God is calling you to revisit an area of your life that has to do with the accurate processing of information.

You have been hurt in the past by a misinterpretation of some information… this could have been facilitated by you or someone else. The injury has festered so that toxins have spread, and the time is now to allow the Lord to restore your spirit.

The wounds are deep, but God promises to take you through this healing process gently, so that you will not experience more pain.

The Lord says, “No longer throw the baby out with the bathwater”. Growing in the art of digesting information correctly will not only serve you well, but can be life changing if the insight is from God!


My daughter told me last night that when she calls her sister seeking wisdom, she never hears what she WANTS TO HEAR, but instead, hears what she’s SUPPOSED TO HEAR.

Similarly, the Lord reaches out to tweak us from time to time. Because of His great love for us, He points out what needs changing or removes what doesn’t belong.

Jesus is a friend like no other! He will tell us the truth when no one else will. I praise God when He does that with me. How else would I be able to see my blind-spots?

Remember: Each of us hears from God, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of God.

I’m not you, but that’s my view!

Every Blessing!
Rev. Dr. Lynmarie Burg
Founder of and
Co-Pastor of Spirit of Hope Christian Church, Lakewood, CO

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