From Auckland New Zealand “Calling to High Position”


In this post, we look at a prophetic dream recently submitted by a native New Zealand woman


In this dream I saw Queen Elizabeth was behind me and asking me to make way for her I said sure! I was wondering why I didn’t say YOUR Majesty.

She walked up to the bathroom and someone gave her a bathrobe light green in color she took it and offered it to me.

I looked at it and said no thanks because it looked smaller in size and Queen Elizabeth looked older and a bit skinny too. I thought it would fit her well and not me.

Then I went through humongous doors to the right where there was another bathroom for common people and I waited for my turn then went inside a huge bathroom which didn’t look very tidy and I felt like tidying it up. I don’t remember having a shower there.

There were huge doors everywhere and it did look like a Palace… Could you help interpret this dream please?


Here’s my take:

This dream is about a ministry opportunity coming your way.

Someone mature in ministry that you may already be familiar with or know will be quickly moving up to first position… noticed and ascending to a top ranking or moved to the top of his or her field.

After a short waiting period, the re-positioning yet to come for this person will include new opportunities– large and many. And it looks like the transition may be somewhat overwhelming, because help is needed in this sudden new situation.

You have your own aspirations, of course, and are looking for a long-term God-ordained ministry role, rather than to assist in a temporary transitional period having to do with the increase as God develops this more fully.

Your desire is for a larger and longer opportunity to use your gifts serving the Lord. You are right to feel that way because you are both equipped and chosen for this calling.

The assignment the Lord is sending can be identified by the details depicted in the “bathroom for common people.” This public bathroom pictures an aspect of a ministry having to do with managing the “leaking of information” rather than the cleansing of people.

It will be a communal place where people share… a place lavish with beautiful tidings, testimonies and reports. A place equipped for many people, and many will access this place.

Without your help, these beautiful messages would simply be pointless clutter. It will be your privilege to organize these, consider them, and respond by the leading of the Spirit of God so they can function as they were intended.

God knows He can trust you with this. Grieve no more. Let go of rejection. He has something much greater for you to do! I hope this incites a smile!


Let me list the dream elements, so you can use this post as an exercise to fill in the symbolism.

• #1─ Queen Elizabeth= ?

• #2─ behind me and asking me to make way= ?

• #3─ I didn’t say YOUR Majesty= ?

• #4─ walked up to the bathroom= ?

• #5─ someone gave her a bathrobe= ?

• #6─ light green = ?

• #7─ no thanks= ?

• #8─ it looked smaller in size= ?

• #9─ looked older= ?

• #10─ a bit skinny= ?

• #11─ humongous doors= ?

• #12─ right= ?

• #13─ bathroom for common people= ?

• #14─ I waited for my turn= ?

• #15─ communal bathroom was huge= ?

• #16─ didn’t look very tidy= ?

• #17─ I don’t remember having a shower there= ?

• #18─ There were huge doors everywhere= ?

• #19─ it did look like a Palace= ?

Monthly Dream Pool Runner-Up #4

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READERS: What do you think each element symbolizes? Comment by numbers. Questions welcome!

Remember: Each of us hears from God, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of God.

I’m not you, but that’s my view!

Every Blessing!

Pastor Lynmarie Squire Burg
Co-Pastor of Spirit of Hope Christian Church
Founder of

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November 15, 2020

7 responses on "From Auckland New Zealand "Calling to High Position""

  1. Thanks so much Rev Lyn for your interpretation of my dream. It’s wonderful to know about the bathroom part as myself sorting things out in a beautiful place. I was just wondering about what part symbolized the leaking of information?
    I’ve had another dream closer in time to this dream in which I saw two humongous plane landing. A few years ago I had seem two huge big planes; one was stationary while the other was taking off and while it was taking off it was making a U turn (very unusual) so I could see its windows for a long time before it took off. So I think this dream is a confirmation about my ministry and I strongly believe victory is mine against all odds. Thanks again for your prayers too for me. Bless you richly !!

  2. LEAKING INFORMATION: Until today, our dictionary focused primarily on bathrooms being connected to “personal cleansing.” Alternatively, a bathroom may speak of the “dissemination of information.” That’s because humans have only two places from which we can “leak.” We can either urinate or breastfeed. Breast-feeding is restricted to one recipient, while urinating can touch many. Though this may sound far-fetched, remember that God doesn’t see things from the same eyes we do. Things that are disgusting to us are just nature to him!

  3. Years ago, one of our daughter’s dreams depicted me “peeing” all over everyone… but peeing CARROT JUICE (helps with eye sight). See how that makes sense? Urinating milk, then is leaking foundational knowledge or wisdom (yes, someone dreamed that!)

  4. Yes, Shubha. Victory is yours against all odds! I believe the previous aircraft dreams, like the Queen Elizabeth dream, are prophesying about the same thing, and providing detail. The plan “making the u-turn as it took off” surely speaks of this ministry “going back to the past,” perhaps a restart, starting again… like a second chance. You will play an important role in this large ministry. This sounds truly amazing! Watching to see what God does and how He does it!

  5. Dear Rev Lyn,
    Thanks so much for the interpretation specially regarding U turn, a great consolation that God is a God of second chances and I believe it and receive it in Jesus name. Blessings !!

  6. Also thanks for clarifying – the leaking information part. Every blessing to you !!!

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