Let’s talk about divine encounters

Sometimes the dream is only part of the story. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time and listening to the Spirit leads to a divine encounter that makes all the difference.

This was the case with Sabrina. One evening in early fall, she headed for church as usual hoping to get a close-to-the-front seat in order to get a good view of the guest speaker who was coming all the way from New York. A well-known pastor and singer for decades, he had recently been in the spotlight more than ever.

Desperately needing divine direction, she prayed as she drove, “God, please. I need a word from you tonight. I’m looking to you for guidance, so I need to hear from you. Please let me know what’s happening to me and what I should do. I don’t want to make another mistake . . . and I need to be sure that it’s you talking to me. Confirm some clear way that it’s you. Have it come from a stranger, someone who doesn’t know my story and couldn’t possibly be giving me their opinion disguised as a word of prophesy. I don’t know how I can make it another day. Please speak into my situation tonight.”

She arrived and managed to find a parking place near the back door with time to spare. As Sabrina approached the back door, she noticed a gentleman with a walker shuffling along the sidewalk. Choir members dressed in solid black rushed past him, and she nearly did too‒ until that little voice within whispered, “Don’t pass him up like the others. Show him some respect. Walk with him and hold the door.”

Heeding the voice, the middle-aged African-American woman teased the Caucasian, “Race you to the door!”
By the time he grinned and responded, his wife, who had been parking the car, caught up, and the three walked the last few steps to the door as the sun set in the west.

Inside, Sabrina immediately spotted her son, and while moving toward him, spoke aloud the desire she had just voiced in the car. The two huddled in the corner for a minute as the wife of the disabled man lingered. At the first opportunity the wife approached and asked, “Did I just hear you say that you need a word from the Lord tonight?”

“Yes, I surely do!” replied Sabrina.

“Do you dream?” asked the blond woman.

“Oh, yes,” was the immediate response, “I dream all the time . . . and vividly.”

“Maybe the Lord has already given you a word,” she suggested. “Do any of your recent dreams stand out?”

Without hesitation, Sabrina inquired, “Do you know what snakes in dreams mean?”

“Sure, but in what context? Tell me the dream.”

Now a quick decision needed to be made. Sabrina considered for only a moment whether she should stick to her original plan to save herself an up-front seat, or hang back and see if there were answers. She hastily began describing her the dream in detail to this complete stranger:

Well, the snake was under a washing machine. But here’s what strange. The room also had a freezer in it and I was chipping away at a huge chunk of ice which was frozen solid to the ceiling of it when the ice suddenly gave way. It instantly turned to liquid and gushed out everywhere creating a pool of water on the floor.

Suddenly a man who said he was my husband was beside me and declared he would help me clean it up. “I’m not married,” I thought in the dream, “haven’t been for years”. As I bent down to get started, I saw the tail of a dead snake under the washing machine… no the tail was shaped more like an alligator actually.

The blond choir member, whose husband had shuffled into the choir room by now, grinned. “There is something you have trying to accomplish for some time now, right?”

“Oh, yes,” Sabrina confirmed, “for a few years!”

“Well, it’s about to be taken care of, and once the process starts, it will happen quickly… makes me think of bankruptcy,” the choir member specified. “The husband is your creator; He is your beloved and He is helping you in this.”

Before Sabrina could respond, the woman continued, “You have qualified for this blessing through an effective purification process. You are truly forgiven; clean and in position for receiving help from heaven.”

“And by the way, the gossip about you will stop now.”

Sabrina was more than amazed. Her prayer had been answered in the way she had asked- by a total stranger, “I wish I could jump to the ceiling and just float around up there! It all makes sense! You are right about the bankruptcy; I have been searching for an attorney, but struggling with guilt about it.”

“And there has been a lot of gossip about me. I’ve been sick about it… I have gone through a divorce and a foreclosure and no one understands.”

The interpreter assured her that her Heavenly father does and for that reason the gossip would cease, and then continued, “Bankruptcy is Bionically based, you know. How much are you being quoted by the attorney’s?”

“Nearly $3000. I can’t afford it!”

Not only did the strange bold woman interpret dreams, but she knew a bankruptcy attorney who could do it for one-third the price! Today Sabrina in nearing the conclusion of the legal process and experiencing freedom and joy at just a little higher level- even though her seat in the church service was compromised.

This true story is an account of a divine appointment experienced by its author. Aren’t supernatural encounters a wonder to behold?

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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