I just posted a YouTube video entitled “My REMOTE Billionaire Dream” (link below). In the video, I highlighted a vital test to apply to your dreams to help identify the prophetic ones. The test is what I call the REMOTENESS TEST. What I said that I meant by this term is that ALL or part of the dream is CLEARLY OUTSIDE the dreamer’s everyday world- DISCONNECTED from reality.

As examples of remoteness in dreams, I suggested riding a motorcycle behind the moon, piloting a Boing 747, and finding yourself in Russia. I said that REMOTENESS is where you haven’t traveled to Russia, aren’t planning to, and didn’t watch a movie this week that featured that country.

And near the end of the video, I mentioned that there is a CAVEAT on this one, but that I’d save that for another day. I just realized that the MEMBER-ONLY posts are a great place to discuss CAVEATS to dream interpretation principles. Caveats as apply to dream interpretation principles are EXCEPTIONS.

And because you are especially committed to making sense of your dreams‒ and likely have more experience that the public watching YouTube videos‒ you can more easily graspi these “exceptions” to the dream interpretation guidelines I present either on YouTube or in courses… without throwing out the guideline entirely.

Again, the REMOTENESS test helps dreamers check and see if their dream content dreams suggests the dream is prophetic. The principle is that if a dream contains “remote” elements, it may be prophetic.

So here’s the caveat: if you are an experienced dreamer‒having noticed your dreams for a significant period of time, and having interpreted a number of them‒ you may be sent a dream which is an EXCEPTION to the rule… a dream that entirely breaks that rule!

Speaking of Russia… what if you DID have a dream taking place in Russia after watching a movie with Russia in it the evening before the dream?

God sometimes says this: “Hey, you know that ___________ that found its way into your world today? I’m going to give you some insight using that element.” Continuing the Russian theme, the dream might prophesy that the oppression you have been suffering under is coming to an end… because in the dream, you escape the tyranny of Communism. Make sense?

As another example, a woman dreams of children eating food throughout her house, leaving crumbs in various places which have to be cleaned up. In real life, she called on a client that day and saw that very thing! The “leaving crumbs behind” dream element is NOT REMOTE from her life that day… she saw it in real life.
YET, the dream is prophetic! It’s prophetic because it was a great metaphor to use in addressing a personal situation of hers.

Since she is an experienced dreamer, she was sent a dream that’s an EXCEPTION to the REMOTENESS TEST. God was saying: “Hey, you know that household that found its way into your world today? I’m going to give you some insight using what you saw to express what I want to tell you.” The dream was using that scenario to provide an important perspective. The dream told the dreamer that she was unnecessarily leaving “crumbs” behind that need cleaning up… that no cleaning would be needed if she stopped leaving “evidence” of her issue all over the place!

And I’d be remiss not to mention that we often fail to improve our behaviors without being set free and assisted by the Holy Spirit. With that, know that I’ll be providing caveats from time to time in the exclusive content dedicated to members.

Here’s the link to “My REMOTE Billionaire Dream” video.

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!