Encouragement & Strategic Living

No one is exempt from feeling discouraged or even overlooked by our Heavenly Father from time to time.

As humans, we tend to forget about all the times the Lord HAS come through for us, as well as the scriptural accounts of his faithfulness.

Sometimes need a boost, a spiritual strategy, or empowerment to help us navigate through what life has presented us with. These posts are here to provide those.





Don’t Just Stew

Dreams that take place at a turning point in a person’s life— especially recurring dreams— most likely have long-term implications. That is, they may be more about decades than days or weeks. Did you have impressive dreams as a child or teen? ... God sends us letters through dreams. When we make sense of them, we are prepared for whatever season we are in, even the stewing seasons.

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Your Thoughts-Your Ways

From Frank's Desk... My father-in-law, Lyn’s dad, had a theme song. Everyone knew it, and they honored him with it

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Living a Double Life

02.24.16 by Jordan S. You always hear people tell you to just trust God. They say, you just have to have faith. …

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Seen War Room?

If you haven’t seen the movie —or maybe you haven’t heard of it— I wanted to bring War Room to your attention. The Kendrick Brothers have taken movie production to a whole new level on this one! Every aspect has been stepped up… the script, the actors and actresses, the videography, sound mixing, music, etc. Clearly, War Room has set a new standard for “Christian” Movies. The characters, both realistic and endearing, have no problem bringing tears to your eyes, yet interject delightful unexpected humor...

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While You Wait

In the last post, Lyn discussed BITTER/SWEET PROMISES, those sweet promises we receive (through Prophetic Dreams, Prophetic Words, or the Scripture) that …

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Bitter/Sweet Promises

Sunday, 4/13/2014 God continues to teach me about “Bitter/Sweet Promises”. By that term, I mean “exceptionally clear and repeated revelation coming through …

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Right Time Right Place

Let’s talk about divine encounters Sometimes the dream is only part of the story. Sometimes being in the right place at the …

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