Do you have a son or daughter who has drifted away… away from the faith, maybe away from you? I know how tough it can be as I’ve unfortunately been through it several times. The pain can be deep. The suspense can be unbearable. Will he or she return to you? Will your relationship be restored? Will his or her ears be opened to the Voice of Truth?

Once again, being able to make sense of dreams can make all the difference! As I weigh the depth of pain I am in right now— during another season of separation— I can honestly compare it to the toe I broke a few days ago.

Today, for instance, I am hobbling around unable to wear but one pair of shoes, and the strap on these flip-flops hurts. Walking with a cane is tedious and uncomfortable. Walking barefoot puts too much stress on one side of my foot. I’m worn out from recent commitments and keep waking myself in the night by positioning my toe the wrong way.

My relentlessly humorous husband, Raymond, tells me that when asked about it, I should say, “the toe’s broke, but I’m toe-riffic!”

And of course he’s right. I’d rather this week was without pain, but it will pass before long. I’ve broken toes before and I know. So why complain? Some seasons are rainy, some sunny. Keep the joy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this child with all my heart. I miss them. I love the spouse and tears come to my eyes when I envision those little ones I am unable to see grow. I would run to them all right now and hug them, but like the father in the parable of the prodigal son, I am not called to. My toe may be broken now, but it will heal.

And the more times I go through crisis’s like this, the stronger I get. My faith kicks in and with the help of the ever-faithful Voice of God, I am not shaken even in the midst of war.

In the sixth months since I last saw this child, God has told me to wait; He’s told me to pray; He’s told me to do spiritual battle; and now He’s told me to fast for an entire month.

But all along the way, my Heavenly Father has kept me informed—on a need-to-know basis. He’s told me who to pray for and how to pray for them. He’s told me what to proclaim. He’s shared what the obstacles are, and where the battles wage.

And most importantly, He’s shared with me that there WILL be family reconciliation, but that this is more about the restoration of this child’s faith in Christ. God told me in advance that there would be a separation and that this child would be better for it. And it’s a good thing God did, because our family has been torn apart, and the mess and ugliness of this whole situation is immense, and it seems irreparable.

This week I’ve received HOPE in two different ways.

1. HOPE came in 3 dreams where God told me what’s going on in the heart of my child.

They’re hurting right now— looking at the rest of us and longing to be a part, like a porcelain cowboy shattered on the inside but intact on the outside, unable to be moved by God without our fasting. Progress.

2. The other HOPE I received was from a testimony sent to me about a friend’s prodigal.

And I have permission to share it.

It starts with THE MOTHER’S DREAM in May of this year:I was in my old bedroom at my parents’ home, and couldn’t sleep because I was scared. I was wearing an old-fashioned white nightgown, and felt about 8-10 years old. I got out of bed and looked out the window.

Outside on the front lawn, my teenage son was partying with his friends. There was a big bag of garbage on the lawn that had been torn open, and beer bottles were strewn around.

My van was parked to the side, the seats in the back had been removed, and the side door was open. There was a light on the floor in the back that was warm and glowing. My son and his buddies were in the back of the van sitting around the light. It was like a campfire scene with everyone seated around it, except inside of the van. I was really scared, and kept wishing my mother would go out and “shoo” them away.


This dream describes the situation with your son clearly. What’s interesting is that it includes the WHOLE story from the past to the future.


The majority of the dream just reiterates through symbols what has been going on until now. Not much revelation or encouragement there, just God showing you that He is aware of what’s been going on and how you are feeling. If the dream stopped there, it wouldn’t have much redeeming quality.

After discovering that some junk in his life related to substance abuse needs removing, you lose your ability to control the situation because he is going his own way. You feel dumb to have missed it and responsible for allowing it. But God double confirms that you are to accept no shame.

THE FUTURE— Here’s the good part

This is a test for you. This experience reinforces something God wants you to understand at a deeper level— that we can’t always control things… that God allows challenges… but He can be trusted to right things in His time and way. Fear not.

Walk in peace because God is showing you the end of this story. We hear a lot about leaving the door open in our lives to Satan. Well, your son and his friends have left the door open to God!!! This situation will be resolved as he and his friends are intended to “see the light”. God will illuminate their paths. God will speak to them (it’s possible that he may be the only one of the group who responds to God’s voice).

Again, walk in peace. The point is made in the dream that you wish this resolution and restoration would come soon, but more time must pass.


I haven’t seen my oldest son since June. Prior to that, I hadn’t seen him sober and in his right mind since early April, when he was in rehab. The only time I saw him from April – June was the couple of times he stopped by my place trying to get something from me. Those few times he was so evil, mean and scary it was traumatic. One of the last times I saw him in May, my younger son had to call 911 because he was so belligerent and insane he was bordering on violence.

Anyway, fast forward to this last weekend. On Friday, he reached out to me, very humble and sad. (He’s been living with his dad, which is tough for him, but they are working through some things). The Lord had been working on my heart to give him grace and forgiveness. I didn’t know God was preparing me for this weekend.

Long story short, my estranged son and I spent some time on Saturday in peace. He also went to church with us, and we spent the better part of Sunday together. Things were peaceful if not sometimes awkward, and it was holy reconnection time.

Long story short, it was miraculous and weighty. But this is the part I wanted to share with you:

After you gave me this dream interpretation, I was led to pray for ALL of my son’s friends. The prayer group at seminary joined me. On Saturday, my son told me what happened to his friends over the summer. By example:

-Friend 1 is a kid with TONS of money and no supervision. Besides doing street drugs, he would go to Colfax every night, get a homeless person to buy booze for him, drink himself blind, and get home the next morning. He would sleep during the days, and start drinking again the next night. (He dropped out of school a while ago). His room was littered with 80-100 liquor bottles at all times. Over the summer, his addiction was broken. There are NO alcohol bottles in his room, and he’s back in school.

-Another young lady was addicted to a prescription medication called Ketamine. She was starting to prostitute herself to keep her habit going. Over the summer, she found her way to rehab, her addiction is broken, and she’s back in school, clean and sober.

-Another young man had been stealing cars, and was slotted to do serious time. For some unknown reason, the judge gave him favor and he was given another chance. This young man took the break seriously, is cleaning up his act, and is back in school.

My son said he saw all of his friends get delivered out of horrible situations over the summer. He said addictions were broken, hearts were healed, and miraculous changes came to all of them.

Then he said: “Thank you, mom. It was your prayers that delivered all of my friends.” Wow. Still absorbing, but . . . wow. Thanks for your support in this.

I hope this is encouraging to you who you are suffering through the trial of a prodigal child or any other trial. Step up your prayer. Proclaim the promises of God. Fast if you’re called to. And someone reading this needs to hear “it’s not too late”.

And remember, a word from the Lord can make ALL the difference! Listen to your dreams.

My husband just asked me if I was going to post this today or toe-morrow. Yikes. By the way, if you have any questions about any part of the interpretation of the dream in this post, ask via the comments.

Your prayers over our family are coveted— especially deliverance, humility, mercy, and courage. We’ll update you when there’s a shift. Meanwhile keep your toes out from under loose tailgate liners!

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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