In order to help you gain insight into your own dreams, we provide real-life interpretation examples from recent submissions. Here’s one from this month.


I dreamed I was on a bus with my ex-wife and a woman I also know in real life. I went to my ex-wife then stopped and turned around and hugged the other woman.

Next dream I’m on another bus with the other woman and three unknown people. My ex-wife is not on the bus.

The scene changes and me and this woman are standing in front of a crowd and I am praying for her sick grandmother who is 106 years old. I believe we kiss or something but the scene changes again.

This time I’m at my grandmothers house; who is deceased in real life and I ask her can I go with this woman to see her sick grandmother, and my grandmother gives me her approval wrote on a white sheet of paper. For some reason when she puts the paper on a table she puts it in a wet spot.

I go outside to tell the woman I can go. When I go outside the woman is in the drivers seat of a car, but smiles and jumps in the passenger seat when I get to the car.

The scene changes again and this time we’re on a bicycle. I’m peddling and the woman is with me. We have some small talk about plans for that night and we laugh then I wake up.


1. What was the most outstanding feature of your grandmother? What is the main thing people remember about her?

2. What is the first name of the other woman you mentioned?


1. She was the center of the family, the one house where the entire family would get together.

2. Yolanda


Your dream seems to be about a victory available to you. It’s yours for the taking.

We suspect that a temptation that has successfully seduced you in the past and worked against you has

returned. The battle may be one that prior generations in your family have fought. This is an attack from your spiritual enemy and is related in some way to corruption, vice, or falling short.

Look at it also as a large responsibility allowed as a test and intended to show off your victory. Liken it to a boxing match; God has given you the ability to make that knock out punch.

The Lord in His love for you has set up a victory for you, but you have to believe this is possible and has been provided. You have to walk this out personally as God cheers you on. The spiritual authority God has given you over the demonic realm is a beautiful thing but until now, undetected by you. Now you know.


I was looking for confirmation to make a decision and prayed over the situation. The interpretation felt right. Thank you… I just wanted thank the ministry again. I’ve been looking for confirmation to make a decision for a while.


Why not ask the Lord to help you remember to pray for this precious dreamer. We expect to hear a good report as he makes this decision and experiences the faithfulness of the Lord.

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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