Sometimes my dream life reminds me of getting tomorrow’s newspaper today. If you’ve ever watched the television series EARLY EDITION, you know what I mean. Being prophetic is sometimes a trip!

In the show, a kind-hearted bar and grill owner begins finding the Chicago paper on his doorstep each morning. He soon discovers that this newspaper that he never subscribed to is the one that will hit the stands the next day- unless someone intervenes.

During a typical day, he attempts- on his own and with no compensation- to save lives and reduce impending pain. After doing what he can to alter the future, he reviews the newspaper to see if the headlines have changed or the story has been replaced. It often works, and no one is the wiser except a couple of friends. Gary Hobson is the ultimate hero, a man going about doing good completely on the sly. No parades for him, no thank yous, no plaques.

Prophetic dreamers who are able to decode a significant portion of their dreams can identify with that television show, especially in respect to those times when the dreamer is given a warning dream, and quietly takes appropriate action.

Making sense of these dreams can be critical, because they can be addressing anything from family division to death. We experience them several times a year. They advise us to avoid going to a particular place or partnering with a specific person or organization. They direct us away from dangers large and small. A recent scenario comes to mind… the minor every-day Early Edition type.


One of our sons stopped by and asked me what a gorilla in a dream meant. “Oh,” I replied, “did you have a dream about a gorilla?” I dropped everything to listen since gorillas in dreams are definitely noteworthy. He shared that a gorilla in his dream had his eyes on one of his sisters and was heading toward her as if she was a target. He and she managed to get into the house and lock the door, but saw the gorilla ripping a brown bear apart in its teeth as he tossed it from side to side. Soon the gorilla was growling at the windows in the house, but the family inside was more annoyed than afraid.


I knew from experience that a bear can mean something potentially dangerous, something that may seem as docile as a teddy bear, but can suddenly and ferociously attack. My mother-in-law had dreamed years earlier of a black cub was showing its teeth beside her right leg. She had just been diagnosed with peripheral artery disease, especially in her right leg. This extreme narrowing of an artery can lead to death. I remember telling her that the dream revealed that the enemy was using this condition to incite fear and her best defense was to remain fearless. She did so and we are still enjoying her at 92.

The sister in his dream was our daughter who had just had twins. So I ponder these first two clues. I wondered if there might be more to the bear symbolism, so I did what I suggest you do in such a case: learn more about bears! What distinguishes them from other creatures? What character traits do they have besides what I already knew?

Research revealed that bears are comfortable living isolated, away from other bears. A relative came to my mind, one somewhat disconnected from the rest of the family. Another bear source mentioned that they are famous for extending their arms as if reaching for a hug, but if anyone actually approached, they would suddenly turn on them and tare them to shreds. Hmm. That describes the same person: syrupy sweet and then suddenly explosive. Family members keep their distance from this person. I may be on to something.

Then I used the hypothesis interpretation technique. I went straight for the application- working the interpretation process backwards by starting with who and what the dream might apply to. What if the grizzly bear was symbolizing this relative? What if the sister was literal and the family in the protected home was our family?

If so, my next challenge would be to determine what was meant by the brown bear that the grizzly was ripping apart?

I read on and soon noticed that on the positive side, bears are exceptionally protective mothers, having a strong instinct to keep their cubs under foot. And the positive connotation of brown is compassion… love, pastoral or motherly care. So the brown bear must symbolize our new mother of twins!


This dream is a warning dream that unless we intervene, a secluded person with a huggy personality will soon be tearing a new mother apart and disrupting the entire family.

The symbolism fits together so clearly, giving us confidence that this message was our early edition.


Here’s where this scenario is so similar EARLY EDITION. We heed the warning and take action! We perceive that this relative, feeling ignored, will lash out if pictures aren’t sent out right away. Easily fixed! We begin a series of emails and alter the future! Though previous eruptions aren’t uncommon, this episode ends with smiles, the rescued unaware of the rescue. Just one everyday example of quietly intervening for the good completely on the sly.

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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