Dream Stories & Other Inspirations

What if my crazy dreams are bringing supernatural revelation that could be a game-changer?

What if they come from heaven’s perfect perspective and provide strategy for a challenging situation?

This category brings amazing personal testimonies of how prophetic dreams have brought vital insight, and blessed real-life situational outcomes. Enjoy these inspirational dream stories!



Nashville Tornado

As he described the sounds and sights that he and his family experienced– and specifically the “baseball-sized hail”

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Bar Fire!

THE DREAM: I saw our daughter in her boyfriend’s condo. In the dream, there was a towel sitting on one of the bar-stools in front of the bar in his living room. It self-ignited, burst in to flames and disappeared (poof- very dramatic)...

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Flawlessly Flawed

How many times do we walk away from our blessing because it doesn’t look like the perfect thing we had envisioned?

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Invitations from the Gates- a post on visions

Some time after my father passed, my mother mentioned to me that she had experienced something that was so real that she was almost convinced that it wasn’t a dream. I knew that she was describing an open vision (while awake) or a night vision (while asleep). Let's talk about visions.

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Lace and Snowballs

Part 3 of a 4-Part series on Dreams Related to Death by Rev. Lynmarie A couple of posts ago, I promised to …

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6 Dreams Prophesying HIS Helen’s Home-Going

Part 2 of a 4-Part series on Dreams Related to Death by Rev. Lynmarie Right up front, let me clarify why the …

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Pumpkin Dream Breaks a Curse

Now for an interesting story that addresses the meaning of pumpkin in dreams. And next time: Pie and Ice Cream. PUMPKIN The …

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Sweet Potato & Spinach Dreams

So in the last post we talked some turkey, and if you read it, you might have been surprised to find a …

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Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving this week in the US, so let’s just talk some turkey here! If you’re already thinking we’re crazy talking about …

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