Now for an interesting story that addresses the meaning of pumpkin in dreams. And next time: Pie and Ice Cream.


The Meaning of Pumpkin In Dreams- One of the most distinctive aspects of this wonderful and delicious squash plant is that it is highly connected with a season.

Pumpkins in dreams are often as sociated with:

1) harvest time (generally Oct./Nov.)

2) the popularized Halloween day at the end of October

3) USA’s Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November

So pumpkin in a dream seems more often to be about a time of year than its sweetness. This is because its harvest time is different than with other natural sweet fruits such as apples, cherries, and berries.


Before pursuing ministry, my husband’s income related directly to the amount of business that came in. We lived this way the majority of our marriage, especially in our child-raising years… in bounty or lack. We had to manage our money accordingly, and to continually trust the Lord financially. Actually, it was excellent faith training.

At one point, during a several-month season of lack, our family received a few prophetic dreams. This time, there was apparently a spiritual reason for the lack. Dreams and prophetic words over us confirmed that we had a financial curse on us. And God showed us the root.

While negotiating the purchase of a mountain home, we agreed to pay half the cost of new well because the water supply per minute was insufficient. A new well was dug. We paid our share, closed on the property, and moved in.

Unknown to us, the seller had hired a company to “witch” the well. In other words, someone walked around the property with a divining rod— basically a forked stick— to determine the location where the water beneath the ground might be abundant.

divining rod 2 - 495

After Raymond randomly received a prophetic word based on a vision of a well, we researching the technique, and found that “well witching” has no scientific basis, yet has a long and accepted tradition by well drillers (don’t say America doesn’t have its superstitions).

The problem spiritually is that if you call on a supernatural force to guide you— and you don’t designate which force you are calling on— by default, you get the dark side. To clarify, Jesus only answers the phone if you dial his personal number!

Calling on darkness is occult involvement, and scripture is clear that you leave yourself open to a curse. If this sounds crazy or you don’t believe in curses in this day and age, you might want to do some reading in the Bible and research the keyword “curse” yourself.

But God, of course, loves to redeem what the devil steals— and even better— to one-up him.


mailbox pumpkinIn late summer of that year, I dreamed of pumpkins on the vine on our mountain property- though we had no garden. In the dream, I passed the pumpkins on the way to the mailbox where I found it overflowing with plump ears of corn.


God was saying: Sometime in the harvest season, God was going to bring the needed funds for our survival… perhaps around Halloween.

Don’t you LOVE it when the Lord gives you a time frame?! It’s rare, but so sweet! And this timing element was given for a reason.

Interesting, as we had experienced a personal financial lack, the whole mountain community had been experiencing a draught. Nobody had a good supply of water in their wells.

Long-story-short, our ceremony of breaking the curse over a well made the local paper… a full-page feature! As it turned out, God had timed this whole thing because He wanted us to reach out to the community in this creative way. That’s why this happened THE WEEK OF HALLOWEEN.

Halloween dream

And something else happened that week, I went (figuratively speaking) to the mailbox and found a big check there! An unexpected deal came through! The curse of lack was broken. A new season of provision ensued.

The scripture is clear that God is jealous. He wants ALL our allegiance, ALL our devotion, ALL our reliance.

If you have at some point involved yourself in something connected to the occult, you may have an unseen curse on you.

Do you notice any negative patterns in your life or family’s life? Pattern like loss of jobs, endeavors not working out, accidents, early deaths, etc.? Do you see a negative pattern of any kind that seems to keep reoccurring either for you or your family line? Something that just seems too coincidental to be natural?

These can be signs of a curse at work. In the simplest terms, breaking a curse involves 1) determining the root of the curse by known factors or prophetic revelation 2) breaking it by repentance and declaration in the name of Jesus.

We have experience with breaking curses and seeing the miraculous and instantaneous results, and we welcome questions about this in the comments here. If we can be of help, we’re honored.


Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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