Pumpkin Dream Breaks a Curse

Now for an interesting story that addresses the meaning of pumpkin in dreams. And next time: Pie and Ice Cream.


The Meaning of Pumpkin In Dreams- One of the most distinctive aspects of this wonderful and delicious squash plant is that it is highly connected with a season.

Pumpkin dreamPumpkin in dreams is often associated with:

1) harvest time (generally Oct./Nov.)

2) the popularized Halloween day at the end of October

3) USA’s Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November

So pumpkin in a dream seems more often to be about a time of year than its sweetness. This is because its harvest time is different than with other natural sweet fruits such as apples, cherries, and berries.


Before pursuing ministry, my husband’s income related directly to the amount of business that came in. We lived this way the majority of our marriage, especially in our child-raising years… in bounty or lack. We had to manage our money accordingly, and to continually trust the Lord financially. Actually, it was excellent faith training.

At one point, during a several-month season of lack, our family received a few prophetic dreams. This time, there was apparently a spiritual reason for the lack. Dreams and prophetic words over us confirmed that we had a financial curse on us. And God showed us the root.

While negotiating the purchase of a mountain home, we agreed to pay half the cost of new well because the water supply per minute was insufficient. A new well was dug. We paid our share, closed on the property, and moved in.

Unknown to us, the seller had hired a company to “witch” the well. In other words, someone walked around the property with a divining rod— basically a forked stick— to determine the location where the water beneath the ground might be abundant.

divining rod 2 - 495

After Frank randomly received a prophetic word based on a vision of a well, we researching the technique, and found that “well witching” has no scientific basis, yet has a long and accepted tradition by well drillers (don’t say America doesn’t have its superstitions).

The problem spiritually is that if you call on a supernatural force to guide you— and you don’t designate which force you are calling on— by default, you get the dark side. To clarify, Jesus only answers the phone if you dial his personal number!

Calling on darkness is occult involvement, and scripture is clear that you leave yourself open to a curse. If this sounds crazy or you don’t believe in curses in this day and age, you might want to do some reading in the Bible and research the keyword “curse” yourself.

But God, of course, loves to redeem what the devil steals— and even better— to one-up him.


mailbox pumpkinIn late summer of that year, I dreamed of pumpkins on the vine on our mountain property- though we had no garden. In the dream, I passed the pumpkins on the way to the mailbox where I found it overflowing with plump ears of corn.


God was saying: Sometime in the harvest season, God was going to bring the needed funds for our survival… perhaps around Halloween.

Don’t you LOVE it when the Lord gives you a time frame?! It’s rare, but so sweet! And this timing element was given for a reason.

Interesting, as we had experienced a personal financial lack, the whole mountain community had been experiencing a draught. Nobody had a good supply of water in their wells.

Long-story-short, our ceremony of breaking the curse over a well made the local paper… a full-page feature! As it turned out, God had timed this whole thing because He wanted us to reach out to the community in this creative way. That’s why this happened THE WEEK OF HALLOWEEN.

Halloween dream

And something else happened that week, I went (figuratively speaking) to the mailbox and found a big check there! An unexpected deal came through! The curse of lack was broken. A new season of provision ensued.

The scripture is clear that God is jealous. He wants ALL our allegiance, ALL our devotion, ALL our reliance.

If you have at some point involved yourself in something connected to the occult, you may have an unseen curse on you.

Do you notice any negative patterns in your life or family’s life? Pattern like loss of jobs, endeavors not working out, accidents, early deaths, etc.? Do you see a negative pattern of any kind that seems to keep reoccurring either for you or your family line? Something that just seems too coincidental to be natural?

These can be signs of a curse at work. In the simplest terms, breaking a curse involves 1) determining the root of the curse by known factors or prophetic revelation 2) breaking it by repentance and declaration in the name of Jesus.

We have experience with breaking curses and seeing the miraculous and instantaneous results, and we welcome questions about this in the comments here. If we can be of help, we’re honored.

Next time- Pie & Ice Cream in Prophetic Dreams

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March 26, 2016

22 responses on "Pumpkin Dream Breaks a Curse"

  1. Hey There, i just had a dream i was in NY and given a piece of apple pie by a nice old couple, then my son, husband and I sat in front of there restaurant bay window and she gave me another slice out of generosity, another slice of apple pie to my son and then a piece of pumpkin pie to my husband. thing is i knew he wouldnt really want the pumpkin pie and would have preffered that apple pie instead but we all ate our pies and then left.. Do you have an idea what this could mean?

  2. Today I dreamed of riding one of those old 2-horse carriages with my mom and just up ahead there was a an enormous pumpkin in the road, I rubbed my mother’s hand and jumped off the carriage right before the pumpkin it seemed so real.I also remember my mom was young in this dream in her early 20’s maybe and she was wearing like royal clothes from the 1800’s.

  3. Thanks be to God for the gift he’s given you! The Holy Spirit has given me a burden for the lost lately, I’m not sure what the other ministry is, the baby boy was whining, he didn’t want to get in the stroller with his brother I’m praying that the Lord reveal to me what is the other ministry. I had another dream about pumpkins. I was standing outside the door of the job I was fired from and a man rolled in a pallet full of pumpkins. I said, “Wow these are the best”! I went inside the door of the building with a shelf. –Thanks, God bless you

    • I’m so glad (but not surprised) to hear of your “burden”. God is calling you to evangelism and confirming He will bless your efforts.

      The dream reveals that the other ministry may involve some sort of small group or community which will take some persistence to get going.

      The second dream reveals that your focus will change and you will bring many souls into the Kingdom of Light! Hallelujah! You are the second person in our community who has relayed that call this week! Every Blessing as you proceed!

  4. Placed a baby boy in a stroller. I said, “Sit here in the stroller with your brother” We were in an apartment(unknown). I noticed pumpkins on each step, some with painted jack-o-lantern face. I told my only son T, “Look at all of these pumpkins everywhere, what a waste. I think I’m going to get one and make a pumpkin pie!” I asked T where was the baby boy that was in the stroller. T said, “He was right here!” We went upstairs to look for the toddler. T said, “I found him, he fell in my backpack”

    • You have birthed something, most likely a ministry. The Lord seems to be reminding you that “the harvest is great but the workers are few”- Matthew 9:35-38. And he’s calling you to add some type of evangelism to that ministry, and saying this will fall into place. Does this speak to you?

  5. Thanks alot for the interpretation. I’ll pray that the Lord helps me to “empty” my hands so l may receive the favor. It’s so encouraging. As for the latter part of the dream it’s disturbing as I don’t like to hurt people but I do think it’s going to be unintentional as in the dream I wasn’t aware until I looked behind. I’ll pray more that no relationship will be permanently scared. Thanks for your obedience to the Lord that even a person like me from this far (Africa) is benefiting from this ministry. Praise and honor to his holy name.

  6. I took a nap this afternoon and fail into a deep sleep and started dreaming. I saw two people with buckets of a harvest of food stuff and noticeably pumpkins from the field. I don’t know who the other person was but the other one I knew, my husband’s cousin called Hannah as I had gone to her house and she was about to prepare the pumpkin, she had put some spices on it as well as some oil so she was going to grill them. I then tested the pumpkin and as I cut it, I noticed that it was a very nice pumpkin and very appetizing. I ate it and enjoyed it so much, so I asked if I could have the seeds so that I can also go and plant my own, she removed the seeds from the to give me but she asked how I was going to carry them since I had something in my hands. I can’t remember what I was holding in my hands but I told her to put the seeds in a plastic because that way it was going to be easy for me to carry.

    Scene changes, I was driving and I passed through a pool of rainy water and I splashed that water on some passerby unintentionally. I noticed that they had been drenched with that water such that they were dripping wet. So I stopped the car and one of them was so upset that she wanted to hit me but I kept on apologizing and someone intervened and told her that ” this person has apologized to you what more do you want her to say”. EOD

    I don’t know whether these dreams are related since I had them at the same time. My dreams usually have several unrelated scenes, what could be the significance?

    • The dreams are most likely about the same topic, but I don’t know how they are connected.

      The first one basically seems to prophesy a coming FAVOR to you, but you may need to empty your hands (so to speak) to receive it. And it may come through the internet or email.

      The second one prophesies that you are unable to please someone after splashing something negative on them. Don’t be hard on yourself.

  7. Yes, please help. Your insight is greatly needed.

  8. I’m currently going through a particularly long, negative season in my life and your pumpkin post piqued my interest. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.
    Just dreamed that my dad drove me to a new house, where a huge party (total strangers) was going on when I arrived. These strangers were in the house and all over the property. An old woman named Mother Lee asked to speak to me. Her face was covered with warts and her speech was garbled, unintelligible. A second woman, Brenda Sherpell spoke to me and said that God wanted to give me a husband, but I had too many walls up. I eventually got rid of the guests outside, but some were stubborn and didn’t want to go. I then take my car to the repair shop, but when I get home that night, I can’t find the house.

    • I’ts so amazing that this post intrigued you and that you commented on this one with this dream.

      The dream clearly reveals that like us, you’ve been under a curse. And what’s exciting is that this will be broken, and clear skies are on the way! Looks like you’ll need to wield your flaming sword by employing a variety of spiritual battle techniques, but you will get complete victory, and with that, you’ll see your life change. Take note that the husband may or may not be literal; it could of course symbolize something new you will partner with. Let us know if we can help. Frank is very experienced with this. PRAISE GOD!

  9. Not a dream question, but I believe that the well on the farm we bought from my husband’s family (it’s been in the family four generations) may have been dug by the same “dowsing” method. I’m curious what you did in your ceremony to break the curse over the well? Thank you!

    • It was simple. Repentance is the key. Even though I was an innocent/unknowing party, I repented for helping fund the activity.

      Also, since I was now in “authority” as the current owner of the land, I repented on behalf of those who had previous owned or lived on the land. Then I claimed 1 John 1:9 over the land and asked that both “the sin and the consequences of the sin” be put at the foot of the cross where they would be fully dealt with.

      Finally, I reaffirmed my allegiance to God alone and asked that the land now be blessed. Voi·là! The blessings on my finances (the are of the sin) appeared shortly thereafter.

  10. Thank you for interpreting my dream God really blessed you with a awesome gift

  11. My mom has a abdominal tear, that’s it.

    • You might want to pay close attention to her situation just in case this dream references her. I could definitely be wrong about the application of this dream, but let me share what seems obvious to me… no holds barred.

      Thrift-stores are about setting something that someone else has once owned, so this dream relates to that somehow. Could even be about an inheritance.

      There are a couple of other elements of the dream that may tie into that— the sugar skeleton [someone sweet who is or will pass on to heaven] and the red vile [having to handle something emotionally heavy]. Purple seems to be a positive here, symbolizing a pure correct faith.

      That is the first matter the dream addresses. The second is a call to action for you. I would like your feedback, however, before I proceed. May God bless you.

  12. O i finally drink the red drink in the vial sorry i forgot to write that in

    • Though at a glance, this dream may look like “pizza dream”, it actually looks pretty weighty and I can see why you were disturbed by it enough to submit it here. God loves you and seems to be alerting you about a couple of things. We will take them one at a time, but both issues seem to be very important.

      First, so you mind telling me if someone near to you such as one of your parent is ill?

  13. Had a dream i was in alternative thift store and looking a clothes on the rack i was shopping with either an old friend of mine or my cousin (cant remember) then the person im shopping with drinks this red drink and im chewing on minty toothpicks ( kind of eating them) and avoiding drinking the red drink i notice its in a vial then im back at the clothes rack looking at the clothes and a man comes over to help us but he gets too close and i say my ex wont like this scene i walk away and see a female sugar skeleton dressed in purple glittery dress or hat and hear a poem ( i dont remember what was said) something about not doing something and then hear the name pauline and another ( dont remember sorry) and wake up please help me understand this dream im so confused thank you

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