Courses Included With Membership

Crash Interpretation Course

for Prophetic Dreamers

• Foundational Dream Interpretation Overview

• Tour of Ancient & Comtemporary Dream Perspectives

• The Power of Their Common Denominator

• Our Shortest Interpretation Course

Course Details

Available with the membership, this 90-minute course visits dream perspectives and interpretation approaches for a number of historical cultures, as well as contemporary cultures… shedding light on what they do and do not have in common and why awareness of those perspectives is relevant. The course additionally introduces a few essential interpretation principles. We suggest you start your Prophetic Dreamers journey with this user-friendly course. No quizzes.

Crash Interpretation Course


Dream Interpretation in a Day

for Prophetic Dreamers

• A Powerful 24-Step Interpretation Protocol

• Practical and Uncomplicated

• Course is Short Enough to be Completed in ONE DAY

• Perfect for New or Experienced Interpreters

Course-Series Details

Do you ultimately wish you had an angel on your shoulder to help you interpret each dream? Or that you could just submit your dreams online and obtain the interpretations for free? If so, this course-series is the closest thing to it… at least for starters. If this is you, you’re also looking for a course that’s been condensed and simplified so you can jet through it quickly… a course that makes sense and significantly helps you interpret your dreams.

This course jumps right into the interpretation procedure, allowing you to get immediate assistance in making sense of your dreams… saving most of the explanations for later when you have time. Whether you hold a religious conviction, a metaphysical philosophy, or have set aside such persuasions entirely— you’ll find the 24 interpretation steps in this course to be universally applicable and effective.

Ten video lessons, and 48 quiz questions to aid retention of the steps. Unlimited quiz retakes. No midterms or final exams. Students may apply the 24-steps to a dream of their own as they progress through the course or later. Each new course in the series will apply the protocol to a new model dream.

More About Course 1

• This course provides a quick-start overview of how to begin to make sense of your dreams by giving you 24 steps to lead you through the process of interpretation.

• After seeing how this model dream is interpreted, you apply the steps to your own dreams at home and find yourself making sense of your dreams like never before.

• The model dream for the first course is entitled Grand Jeté. A Grand Jeté, is the French title for the ballet move involving leaping into the air with the front and back legs spread the widest possible and almost parrallel to the floor.

More About the Series

• New courses are regularly added to reinforce understanding of the activities.

• Each new course utilizes the same 24 steps and activities to interpret another dream for you to study.

• Because each dream is its very own unique riddle, each new course will prove enlightening.

Dream interpretation In a Day


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Sounds of the Spirit

8-Course Series Included with Membership

Signs and wonders come from all directions… if we’re looking. But how can we discern if there is a spiritual origin or it’s just our imagination? Designed to help you increase your spiritual perceptiveness, this series focuses on 8 ways we hear from God supernaturally, and helps us discern which dreams are authentic. Prepare to share your own experiences.

Why Live the Spirit-Led Lifestyle?

12-Course Series Included with Membership

Should we revere the Voice of God as well as the Word of God? Do we chalk up signs and wonders to coincidences? Are we missing important insight because we’re skeptical? This course answers a common question we hear from Evangelicals. While not disputing the biblical mandate to follow its instruction, this course highlights 12 reasons to live the Spirit-Led life.

Bible Dreams & Dreamers

20-Course Series Included with Membership

The first and primary way to begin understanding prophetic dreams is through the dreams recorded in the Bible. Examining these and the dreamers who received them is illuminating. In this series, we compare the various aspects of the dreams, note how they were fulfilled, what the elements meant, who was chosen to receive them… and much more!

Top 16 Dream Themes

16-Course Series Included with Membership

Understanding the most common dream themes worldwide and throughout history takes us a long way in making sense of our dreams. Zeroing in on the elements most common to man and their variations provides a significant base from which interpretion can be built. Your dreams include most of these! Enjoy the fun with Pastor Raymond on this one!

Course Reviews From Our Original Course-Series

30 STUDENT OPINIONS: 15 Keys to Interpretation

Clear Biblical Foundation & Insightful

Course 1 is pretty interactive. It was designed to help you learn and retain the information presented. There are frequent quizzes, which may seem burdensome for those who prefer mostly long lectures, but the quizzes are greatly needed. I actually retained a lot of understanding as a result of the open-ended forum questions and in-depth quizzes. I loved the format and professional design of the course. I loved the instructions in the beginning that sets the foundation for what to expect throughout the course. Very detailed and necessary. I would recommend this course to others who desire to understand and distinguish prophetic dreams sent from God vs our self or the enemy.


Great Info

The info I received in Course 1 itself was life changing to my understanding about dreams. Although I am heavily gifted in the prophetic, dreams was an area that I readily admitted I did not have good revelation in. Because I so rarely dreamed I didn’t bother to learn about it but now as dreams are coming almost nightly, I know that it is something that God wants me to pay attention to. Thank God for this course!


A+ Course

I was absolutely amazed at the thoroughness of this course. It set such a sound foundation for understanding dreams, and I can’t wait to take the rest of the courses. The instructor was extremely helpful and her interpretation of the dream I submitted was so precise and gave me such encouragement. I would highly, highly recommend this course to anyone who has a desire to understand dreams.
-Kim R

Much loved & well needed!

This self paced course makes it easy to retain in ways you may feel is best for you. The course teaches necessary fundamentals for understanding Gods’ language of dreams. I greatly enjoyed and highly recommend.

Just what I needed!

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Course 1. Being somewhat “technically-challenged”, I liked the lay-out and easy-to-maneuver technical aspect. Course 1 sets a solid, biblical foundation for prophetic dream interpretation.


Far More Than I Anticipated

I can’t wait to see what the remainder of the course-series is like…so far it’s been “exceedingly and abundantly” more than I expected!!


A campus that you can trust

With so much information available on the web and other media on dream interpretation it can be confusing which direction to choose. However this course has been a campus that has really guided me in the right direction, which bring a reassurance that you are well on your way to interpreting dreams from heaven. I want to thank the authors for giving many the opportunity to hear from God through this wonderful vehicle of dream interpretation. I look forward to building upon the knowledge and insight of what I have learned in course 1, in the remaining courses.


Great opportunity!

This course gives you both a secular and spiritual history of dream interpretation. This has really helped me distinguish between mere human interpretations and God given interpretation. Highly recommend!


Loved it

I learned a lot and I loved the course so much. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to hear God through their dreams.



I have found this course very insightful. Some things I already knew and others just confirmed what I have learned through the years. I enjoyed the step by step instructions and the way it brought things on home for someone who may be in the beginning process of becoming a prophetic dreamer.


I Highly Recommend Course 4

My advice to anyone considering this course….Look forward to being immersed in wonderful gift of dreams. Not only will this course help you understand how God communicates to us through our dreams but it will also take you “neck deep” in the principles and practice of dream interpretation. This program is built on the solid Biblical approach to dream interpretation. Be prepared to take notes and apply what you learn. What a great resource. I deeply appreciate having the opportunity to take this course and highly recommend it to my brothers and sisters in Christ.


Thank You!

The course was well worth every penny! I learned many beneficial insights about my dreams. I now know how to assess where my dreams originate from with confidence.


Very insightful with solid biblical foundation

I found Course 1 of the course to be very insightful with solid biblical foundation which I believe is extremely important to learning topics of this nature. The setup of the course is particularly excellent also. Job well done in presenting the course! Very easy to navigate. Thanks! And I will be going on to Course 2. God’s richest blessings! Thank you for taking the time to put this together and to assist those of us who feel led to pursue learning in this exciting area.


Course 2 Was Packed with Information

I enjoyed the curriculum, not to long but packed with information. I’m looking forward to Course 3!!



Builds a strong foundation...

I was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of the content in Course 1. I appreciate that the instructor started with solid fundamental information. I feel like I have a foundation to build on which will be very helpful going forward. Based on my experience so far I will be telling others about this course. I look forward to Course 2.


Loved it!!!

I was deeply pleased to see the foundation of the interpretation was based on scripture. It resonated with personal beliefs about a dream with colours so bright were from God which gave me more impetus to learn more. I recommend this for anyone who dreams fairly regularly and hopes to decipher the origin of the dreams.

– J

Very Wonderful and Foundational! Highly Recommendion...

It was straight to the point and very informative. Also, Lynmarie explanations were simple for any Christian to understand; all Biblical and practical. Thank you so much, it was a good refreshment. Looking forward to the other courses.


Excited by This Course

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Course! I learned new substance in this curriculum and was excited to get to try to figure out a few dreams also. It is good to know about the origin of soul dream thought and teaching. Thanks so much am excited for Course 2!


Very Thorough

Course 2 had so much detail… and there is so much information in Course 3. These courses will help me tremendously! I am looking at my dreams in a whole new light!



Course 3: Thorough and Beneficial

I found the material in this course thorough, thought-provoking and beneficial. I would recommend it to anyone exploring how to hear from God through their dreams.


Course 4- Well Worth It!

A Great class! Great revelation. Really worth taking. Great theory and great practical application. Loved it!


Very Informative & Insightful

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I learned a lot about dream interpretation, and am looking forward to completing the other courses in the series.


Course 2 answers a lot of questions I had

Loved learning about the symbolic elements of dreams and my role as a dreamer. Rev Lynmarie is easy to understand and the good thing about technology is you can pause the lessons at anytime to write things down.

-Tanya NZ

Cleared Things up for Me

I knew all dreams weren’t from God. This class really cleared things up for me. The courses were easy to understand. Thank you so much.


Course 2- A Great Course

Lots of good information and examples for interpreting dreams. The quizzes were a fun addition. Enjoyed the course!




I have been receiving 4-5 dreams a night and was often confused on what was from God and what was not. This course clarified that for me and gave me a better understanding of how to approach interpreting in a basic sense. Well worth taking.


Very good! Very Informative!

I learned a lot from this course!


Course 2 is Very Organized and Informative

This is a very helpful aid to anyone who wants an organized way of learning to interpret dreams!


Very Helpful

Course 2 provided a lot of insight towards interpreting dreams.


Course 2- Insightful

Great course with in-depth information. Was a bit more challenging for me than the previous course so I had to pay a bit extra attention, but well worth it.



This Course-Series Available Again Soon in the Seminary