Birth-Mom & Catcher’s Mitt Dreams

I am hoping the group I spoke with in a meeting room at the hospital yesterday on Tues June 14th will find this note because I would like to share a couple of details regarding the interpretation of the two dreams you shared with me.

BACKGROUND- Seven weeks after breaking my dominant wrist in two places, my cast and I headed to the orthopedic department without an appointment yesterday at 7:30 am because of the continuing and worsening pain.

Given the option to see a doctor and get new x-rays at 2 pm, I decided to hang out there. Eventually I needed to make a business call without sliding doors opening, dings, people chatting in the background; so I asked an employee where to find a quiet place.

Planting myself on a bench outside the glass doors of a family meeting room, I eventually approached a woman leaving the meeting to ask how long they might be. She said they were meeting with a lawyer regarding an adoption which had gone awry and it wouldn’t be long.

As their meeting concluded I asked if they had a minute…

DREAM #1- You dreamed your husband looked upon with great admiration and awe the birth-mother, Natalie, of the child you had made arrangements to adopt.

As I said, the parabolic symbolism of people in dreams can be tricky as there are many options. Two of these options came to mind as I shared with you, but I went with the second one (that the birth-mother may symbolize WHAT WAS GOING TO FACILITATE THE ADOPTION.

The first option which came to me seemed too much of a coincidence to be considered, and not as likely because of the personal application of this dream.

But what was I thinking? We have a God who has no limits! Here’s what I’m trying to say: the NAME of the birth-mother is Natalie. I disregarded that because the meaning is just too perfect!!! Natalie means “Gift of God”!

So, taking that meaning, God was saying in the dream that your husband will be looking upon a “gift of God” with great awe. The gift of God is the child! Of course!

I have interpreted thousands of dreams, and this is so in-line with the way God speaks in dreams. This is the true meaning. It foretells the successful adoption because this gift of God is surely a gift to YOU. That’s why you dreamed it! Hallelujah! Pay attention, because God may encourage you in the pursuit of this through another dream which you can relay by way of a comment on this page.

DREAM #2- Your father dreamed he wanted to get a specific baseball mitt. He is right handed. In real life, when he walked into DG Hospital, he saw the exact mitt in a display.

One point I did not speak to in reference to the amazing baseball mitt dream. Why did the father IN REAL LIFE see that exact mitt at Denver General?

Because that was where answer to his struggle (the interpretation of the dream) would literally be found! I pray he “catches” it and holds on to it!

Please let me know by way of comment when you see this. It will be a blessing to continue to pray for you all and see the testimonies come forth!

To anybody else reading, your chance to sharpen your skills. What YOU think the message is in DREAM #2!

June 15, 2016

4 responses on "Birth-Mom & Catcher's Mitt Dreams"

  1. Sorry. I posted this on the wrong section.

  2. I dreamed that I saw this tiny baby snake as I was about to examine it further there were a lot of other snakes camaflouged around the same area. Each one a little larger than the other. As I prepared to leave the area I saw a large snake about 3 or 4 feet long. I tried to run away but it was faster than me. It bit me inside my left hand right under the thumb. It began to swell as I was trying to remember what it looked like so I could tell the workers at the hospital. Then I woke up.
    I pray that you can shed some light on this dream.
    Thank you
    Tammie Olford

  3. Continued dream . I heard men running to and fro and saw the locals armed with machete’s running about . Then my friend opened the decking hatch and jumped down with a leather bag filled with papers as well as my I’d , SS card,passport. And in his frenzy photos fell from his bag . Someone had been talking pictures of his cruel deeds and as I asked what is going on in horror and disbelief, and begged for my id , the snear on his face as he tossed my things to me and ran on his way told me he was pinning everything on me. While he got away.

  4. Last night I had another troubling dream . I’m hoping for insight on these dreams. The previous dreams I shared were of snakes . This last dream I was with a group of people on a trip I believe in Honduras. I knew only one guy a lifetime friend , the group including my friend went off to do secret activities. While I thought it odd I went about enjoying getting aquanted with local people. Laughing and sharing a joyous time.i was walking on a dock exploring and saw a local murdered and thrown in a pit under the decking. I was in shock when my lifelong friend turned around with a bloody wooden stick in his hand. He immediately threw me into the pit as well .

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