Snake Trio Doubled

Let’s explore the meaning of snakes in dreams from a Biblical perspective and through the interpretation of two submitted dreams, each including 3 snakes. It’s not too unusual to receive 2 dream submissions about snakes within a week, but this week both dreams included 3 snakes! Sounds like a sign.

Although they may be uncomfortable to experience in dreams, snakes are one of the most common dream elements and generally in the top 10 dream themes universally.

While I’m on the topic, I’d better review our dictionary entry on snakes… Yep, needed revising… OK, here’s today’s updated version from the TOP 50 DICTIONARY:

Universal & Biblical Dream Element

1) Snakes represent lies an deception

The snake is the creature that’s virtually all tail, and nothing but tail

Notice that a tail is a homophone for a tale, a story, fable, excuse, or fabrication

From a Biblical perspective, Satan came to Eve in the form of a snake with lies

2) Snakes represent those who lie as a way of life or demons working through such people. These folks may have an undiagnosed personality disorders (which may be the clinical expression for demons)

Snakes are exceptionally repulsive to me. I can’t stand to look at them even in pictures and hate it when I see them in dreams. A couple of years ago, a large snake slithered across my chest beneath my shirt. It was one of the most traumatic dreams ever.

I was soon to face my devious older brother in court. I needed to be prepared to face an imposter, one who redefines himself or the events around him to suit his needs.


Venomous snakes are more destructive

Longer snakes are more destructive or referencing a longer amount of time

Fatter snakes represent a great depth of deception

White snakes are false doctrines or false religion

3 snakes aquariumI dreamed in vivid color about an aquarium. There were 3 venomous snakes lined up in it. The first was a black adder; it had a pattern on it as those snakes do. The second was a cobra, and the third a rattle snake. For some reason I stuck my hand in the aquarium near the firs one and was bit. I pulled it out and felt compelled to slip it in again, this time over the cobra. I was bit also.

When I had it checked, I was told the venom had apparently been removed from those snakes, so I had no problem. For some reason I considered sticking my hand in near the rattler, but refrained. Then I found out that the rattler’s poison was in tact. I had saved myself.


Adders carry a black pattern and are extremely widespread throughout most of Western Europe and Far East Asia. They are not regarded as especially dangerous; the snake is not aggressive and usually bites only when alarmed or disturbed. Bites can be very painful, but are seldom fatal. I’m sure you are aware how lethal cobras and rattlers can be.

This dream is reveals divine protection you have had in two relationships, and the wisdom you developed through those experiences.

3 snakes handYour involvement with two persons would have had destructive consequences if your Heavenly Father had not protected you. The first one could be described as a common liar, not especially dangerous nor aggressive and bites only when alarmed. After that, you allowed a second; this person was not as docile and significantly dangerous. Both were bad news.

Those experiences were allowed in order to teach you godly shrewdness. Apparently you learned, because the third opportunity was a test to see if you were becoming more discerning of evil. Thankfully, you passed the test and avoided the devastating outcome. If this hasn’t fully played out yet, think twice before partnering again.


I pondered on this for less than a day before seeing that you are exactly right, and there were 2 partnerships involved and 1 potential partnership. The snakes referred to 3 friends… at least I thought they were friends at first. The first one wasn’t so bad, but I would have been better off to have been more cautious.

The second partnership ended up in an explosion. And the third was an old friend I ran into that suggested I room with him. I did consider it, but before long, knew he was bad news. I agree that God is telling me I am learning discernment and that he won’t always protect me from my own foolishness.

3 snakes basketsLast night I had a strange dream. I don’t recall exactly the place I was, but it looked like a living room. It was me, my husband, a few other people that I don’t recall their faces and a friend. As I walked by some baskets that were on the floor I became aware that there was a snake in each one of them (there were 3 baskets). I thought it was weird, but wasn’t scared or alarmed, and I said, something like “there are snakes on these baskets”.

Then one of the guys (don’t know who) picked up the snake from the head and asked Josh (my husband) to help him hold the snake’s body and the guy pulled a sword and started cutting the snake (it wasn’t a fast cut, it seemed like it took some time to cut the head off). My husband was kind of shocked. When it was done he said something like: “I would’ve freak out if (or I am glad that) it didn’t open its wings”.

That’s when I realized the snake had a head of a dragon. Then later on, my friend Selena (non-believer), pulls the other basket and takes the other snake out, but she started to stare at it instead of killing it (she had a knife with her). While that was going on, I was filming it with my phone and we were all saying to her “kill it, you have to kill it”.

3 snakes dragonThe snake (which was dark and unattractive while in the basket) became this red/pinkish and almost “cartoonish” dragon staring back at my friend…(it seemed like all of us were a bit fixated on the situation …as if we were inside “a movie” or something…the atmosphere of the room changed)… then the dragon’s tail covered her head and neck and my friend still didn’t do anything (she seemed almost lethargic) until she realized that it was starting to suffocate her.

Then she pulled the knife and started cutting the dragon’s tail, but it seemed too late, she was fainting and falling on the ground…then I looked at my husband and he was in shock…nobody was doing anything to help Selena (other than saying “you got! ta kill it”). I stopped recording it and even looking at her and the dragon (not sure if I couldn’t look or didn’t want to look) as the scene became gruesome…it seemed as if a piece of her body was cut off…blood was splashing…I said to my husband “you will get blood on you, get out”…then I woke up! (it still feels heavy on my heart)…


This dream appears to be about a group or community of some kind that you are or will be involved in. I would suggest that‒ unlike the first snake dream in this post‒ this dream is similar to the “Uprooted Trees” dream on the Featured Dream page in that the multiple snakes symbolize just one leader or entity being experienced from more than one perspective.

In the “Uprooted Trees” dream, two trees fall, one on the dreamer’s house, and one across the street. Though we didn’t know exactly what leader/person was going to fall, we knew it would Impact the dreamer and another group. The dream was fulfilled when the dreamer’s mother died.

Your dream seems to expose a huge lie the group is swallowing or a person who is not what he or she appears to be, or both. If this is an imposter, he or she would be one who redefines himself or the events around him to suit his or her needs. If it is a counterfeit, it is based on one large untruth.

This imposter or counterfeit will be visible from head to toe and confronted, and it will take some doing to dethrone him, her, or the entity. I believe your husband is literal in this case and will be taken by surprise by this encounter.

3 snakes churchThere is a strong possibility that this may have to do with a ministry as women in dreams often represent churches (the church is the bride of Christ). Interestingly, the woman‘s name is Selena. That she is an unbeliever may not apply here, but if it does, it only emphasizes the name symbolism (Selena means moon which refers to the second heaven‒ a metaphor in scripture for the hellish realm). If this is the case, this church or ministry is based on a great lie and doctrines of demons.

Following that line of thinking, the church will surely fail to respond to the unveiling of the imposter or the counterfeit theology until it is virtually too late. The majority of those in the congregation will be unable to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit possibly on account of witchcraft, idolatry, or exposure to the occult, for instance.

The dragon head shows that Satan is in charge of this leader or entity. The colors pink and red tell us that the response to threat will be childish behavior and warfare. That it has no wings indicates that it is not mobile, a possible clue that this is an entity rather than one person.

The third snake is never addressed and so there is some mystery there. Use your imagination. If it is depicting a leader, perhaps this person will not be changed by the confrontation and simply move on. Or perhaps you are the one to move on to the next similar encounter. The snake in the third basket could be an additional mission or challenge for you indicating repetition of the process.


I do attend some meetings of a small start-up church, but maybe this has to do with our upcoming mission work. My husband and I are currently training with YWAM and will be going to Brazil, my homeland, to do mission work. This sounds like what we may be facing there, churches of false religions.
3 snakes YWAM banner

Although experiencing snakes in a dream may be unpleasant, God knows it’s a sure-fire way to get out attention. And there are times we need our enemies revealed, whether they are lies we are tempted to tell, lies coming to us from our adversary, or lies passed off on us by others. I was reminded just today by a dreamer that we are told about these snakes so we can triumph over them. They are below our feet.

She wrote, “I realize more and more how dangerous people we love can be. Yeshua said anyone that does not work with Him works against Him. If Yeshua can be enemy to my enemies, he has called me as His follower to be enemy to His enemies too. He said He did not come to bring peace but a sword. Yeshua said a man’s enemies shall be those of His own household.”

Other dreams of snakes on our site include “Snake Up My Sleeve” and “Snake Bite” on the Featured Dreams page.

Here’s hoping you don’t dream of snakes, but if you do, consider it heads-up protection from the Voice of Truth.

Remember: Each of us hears from God, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of God.

I’m not you, but that’s my view!

Every Blessing!

Pastor Lynmarie Squire Burg
Co-Pastor of Spirit of Hope Christian Church
Founder of

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344 responses on "Snake Trio Doubled"

  1. I dreamed of a snake trying to sneak up on me while I was sleeping..I woke up and seen it and it hid under a rug..the snake move very fast as if it didn’t want to been seen..I was on its tracks. Trying to see what it was. But I woke up.

    • This dream is about a sudden unexpected attack that will surely come upon you. The tracks indicate that this cannot be avoided, so keep a heads up for it. I expect that the snake is a person who is a fraud, living a lie, not who they appear to be. You may have some idea who this is.

      Sleeping in a dream means that you are unaware. This point is reinforced twice- by the fact that the snake was sneaking up on you and hidden under a rug.

      My suggestion is that you prepare yourself spiritually for this attack because the power against it is there. Align yourself with the one and true God and allow Him to show you what areas of your life need to be cleansed. For more info, check back in here. We will be praying for you.

  2. I dreamed I was in this green field and it looks like I was flying then I saw a snake below me but as the snake was on the ground slithering,all of sudden I was also down and it was not a huge snake but the colour was green and bit my finger and I called those around me for help to tie my arm with rope to avoid the poison from spreading and there was this white rope and I recall seeing a close friend who did not assist me but it was like people were ignoring me but eventually someone did tie me but the rope was loose and I kept showing them to make it tight. And after I was on my way to this house and I passed a church of this prophet that I know and I got to this house and we were few people including my brother inlaw.. But my brother inlaw kept pushing people to go before him to be prayed for but the prophet said to my inlaw ”what about you? come.. Thats the end.. Please help me to understand

    • Monica: You and your brother in-law should seek spiritual help from the prophet. “Green snake in a Green grass or wolf in sheep clothing”… some one or something is pretending to be what he or she is not and may cause harm to you. you where far from this danger before, but now you are close to it. or you may go to the prophet and tell him you dream.

    • Here’s our take: God is acknowledging that you have been offended by someone who is envious or greedy. He sympathizes with the emotional pain you have suffered, but is showing you that if the wound is not managed, it will be toxic to you. I expect you’ve been hearing that you need to make peace sooner rather than later, but that makes no sense (I know those feelings well!). The dream seems to say that only you can stop the spread of the poison of bitterness, and that doing so will be to your benefit.

  3. I had a dream I was on this back road well I saw a huge white python( that’s wya I called it anyway) an it was curled up once it saw me it became huge an taller then the pole lines an I ran to a house near there two guys there and one said he killed it, I went to see an saw a small white snake still .? Thn went to this room a guy was to my left dressing himself and I looked up and saw the ceiling had a black hole with a skull in the center. I was freaked out. I woke up. I think it means Jesus is trying to take me back to him an stop the spiritual attacks( long story). But not sure I was afraid of this huge white snake but now what if it represents God ( the only God there is) an maybe he was trying to rescue me not hurt me?? Help me understand please, am I right or wrong?

    • You are right to sense that the color white would be associated with God. It is the color of purity, righteousness, and holiness.

      White, when the color of a snake, however, indicates a false purity, righteousness, and holiness.. So sometimes the snakes is symbolizing a false religion… sometimes it symbolizes a person masquerading as a hero or good person.

      We sense that the snake grows in stature when it sees you because it has something on you. This could be anything including fear, which is faith in something other than God.

      So this appears to be a warning dream. It seems that the attack on you is intended to be deadly. This does not have to be. The Lord is stronger that the intentions of Satan. This can be stopped. Ask God to show you the strategy, and know that we’re here to help.

      Look at the parabolic symbolism. The first snake depicts an extremely large deception intended to squeeze someone- as in applying pressure with a deadly outcome. This deception wants to completely squeeze the life out of something, stopping it permanently. The deception/deceiver is disguised as pure or good or religious, but is a fraud, a counterfeit.

      Something removes this threat, but the root is still intact. It seems there is still an open and dangerous curse to be dealt with. Please get us feed back and/or questions. We will be praying for you. Please keep in touch.

  4. Last night I had a dream I saw a few smaller snakes in a contained pile of dirt. I do not like snakes and so I found a stick and started to kill them. I walked away from them and then returned to the sight and found more little snakes so I killed them. I walked away again and returned to find a slightly larger snake and I became aggravated and I killed that snake and walked away. I then found a small shed and a very large, human size lizard squeezed through the door.

    • Thanks for submitting the dream through our SUBMISSION FORM as well. Snakes are our most popular dream theme to date! Here is what Frank and I are getting on this tonight:

      God in his grace is giving you insight connected to small lies such as fibs, misrepresentations, exaggerations possibly connected within gossip. Thus far, you have been able to manage this attack on your own, but God is stepping in and your attacker or attackers will fall into their own trap, be exposed, and face large public embarrassment. The dream seems to be good news of coming justice!

      • Thank you for making it more clear. I am not sure if that is going on, but I have had feelings about a couple of people from my own church and family. I am learning to be very cautious in whom I share what is going on in mine and my family’s life. Especially trials and blessings. I am not a stranger to prayer and fasting so I will do so.

  5. I have been dreaming about snakes for several days. One is where I am bitten on the right arm b/t my wrist & elbow. I knew I had to squeeze the venom out which had formed a big hard knot under the skin. It looked like a knife cut and when I squeezed it hard it was not yucky but looked like a wad of pink bubble gum. Since that night I have dreamed of them just lurking around, one night I was just in some clear sandy water & they were all around, now they just appear in the strangest places. A couple of mornings ago I had to get up b/c I thought one was crawling around b/t the covers on my legs. Pls help!!! Thank you!!! GOD bless you both!!!

    • This is a warning dream. The “accuser of the brethren” and “father of lies” has gotten to a very close associate of yours (who assists you in some way) with false accusations against you. This person has been tricked into seeing you in a distorted and inaccurate way, and continues to dwell on this which will lead to a destructive outcome. God is giving you a heads-up about this because the lies are turning into rumors which will affect you negatively.

      This attack has demonic origin and therefore must be fought in the Spirit realm with spiritual weapons. Identify this person through your discernment or ask God to reveal who this is to you. Then ask the Lord for strategic plans to resolve this. You are only being notified of this because the victory is available to you, and God desires to help you. Feel free to contact us with further questions. We will be praying for you.

      Frank and Lyn

  6. I keep having dreams of snakes and one of them coming out of me. this has been very disturbing to me. any ideas?

    • Look at the situations in your life. What’s going on? Do you see any areas where there could be a potential for deception? Snakes are lies or PEOPLE who present themselves as something they are not. A snake leaving your body is a good prophetic dream! As to what it specifically means, you would have a better idea as the dreamer. But first off, could this be a person leaving your life? Perhaps someone that you had no idea was masquerading?

  7. Hi, recently, I’ve been asking God to talked to me through dreams and God has shown me this one guy who I don’t know at school but always comes and sits by me, always stares at me, pays close attention to me etc. I knew there was just something weird about him because I would always get discernment in my gut to stay away, and wanted to know why I felt that and started asking God to show me why I felt like that and to show me in dreams. (Mind you the guys is a newlywed man!) In my dream, he was stalking me, following everywhere I went. My dream felt so real! Around him in my dream, I noticed that there were many yellow snakes around him and one big yellow boa constrictor around his body. There were alligators and I saw a rattlesnake. Another dream I have had of him is were he was fighting with his wife and I could feel his anger. His name is Josh.

    • The majority of prophetic dreams are intrinsic, that is, about you, the dreamer, or directly about your life. There are a couple of possibilities in this dream. A guy like this might represent A) a spiritual attack on you B) another guy in your life (very common possibility), or C) literally himself.

      The elements in the dream indicate C is the correct perspective. The dream giving you insight that you asked for- that he has underlying anger rooted in lies and fear, and resulting in verbal abuse.

      Yellow here depicts fear; numerous small snakes are numerous small lies; the alligator is a metaphor for verbal attack; the rattler shows us that his strikes at others are poisonous; a boa tells us he is being pressured by the enemy.

      The dream may be God just providing you the insight you asked, may be for the purpose of prayer, or may be a call minister to him (only by the leading of the Spirit). The key to ministering would be discovering the origin of his pain (where he has been hurt).

  8. I dream that I swallowed a very green grass color snake that is medium in length and it didn’t harm me. however, i do feel like it was still moving inside me but i know it will not harm me. also, while it was moving inside my tummy, i also dream that i had swallowed another animal later, either a whole cow/bull. the snake and the cow/bull each have half of the territory of my mind and they were fighting who would win over my mind. the cow/bull won and i threw up the snake. however, when i threw up the snake it has a brown color and it was all cover in mud as well. then the snake left. what does it mean?

  9. Hi I’ve had a couple of dreams about snakes in the last 2 weeks. My dream last night though was about a snake in my house we caught it and my dad heated up the hair straightener and burnt it’s head off. Then we found another snake in my home and it slithered off. I was then on the back of a dirt bike riding in the bush I couldn’t see who I was sitting on the bike with but then I got bitten 3 times on my leg it swelled up, my friend then called an ambulance I felt like i was maybe going to die if the ambulance didn’t hurry up…
    Weird dream I know could you please tell me what this means its freaking me out and I’m so jumpy today…


    • The snakes in your dream most likely represent a person or persons who are not who or what they appear to be and who enter your life with intent to harm you.

      This is a warning dream. A clever plot against your mobility has gone out, but God is giving you the opportunity to avoid this. He’s saying that in order to enjoy his protection, you must not leave yourself vulnerable. Your Heavenly Father will jump in and straighten things out for you initially, but wants you to learn to protect yourself by staying within the boundaries He’s set up for you.

      May God continue to shine a light on your path!

  10. hi a few years ago i had a disturbing dream about a white and red snake fighting one another, and in this dream i could hear there rattles so vividly, i eventually corned them and blocked them off so i could run down stairs to get my two year old daughter. this dream was so real like and vivid, i can still see them entwined and fighting even the rattle sounds were so real. please help me atleast get an insight of what this coild mean, thank you

    • The snakes most likely represent lies which are in conflict with each other. Destruction vs false or fake religion.

      Sounds like a hit has been put out on you to get to you through one of these forces. You managed to sweep this under the rug so to speak as you protected something which you birthed (began), but I expect they will resurface. You will have to come to grips with these issues and find the truth.

  11. last night i had a dream that myself and a friend were cleaning and i was afraid that we were going to find a snake. my friend fell asleep and sure enough the snake appeared. it was a very small snake but i was scared of it. it was also yellow with a black tip on its tail. it also had weird prickles on it which i pricked my hand on and then it bit me on the foot. i tried screaming out to my friend but she wouldnt wake up, its like there was no sound coming out of my mouth no matter how much i tried to scream.

    not sure what this means xx

    • I could be way off, but here’s what I’m getting, so I’ll go ahead and step out there for your sake. Let me know if this makes no sense, but even if it doesn’t now, it could in a short while.

      Fear not. Your enemy, the devil, is trying to incite fear in you. Don’t fall for it, for God says “With long life, I will satisfy you. You shall live and not die”.

      In this dream, God is telling you that He will heal you. This health issue is intended by God to be a test, one which you can pass and receive promotion. This is a test of your faith in God’s goodness, His faithfulness, and His omnipotence.

      Satan wants you to believe that disease is more powerful than God, that God can’t handle this one. He wants to steal your joy. But peace and joy are your weapons against him and the key to your healing. You can do this!

  12. I had a dream last night about a snake.. (I havn’t dreamed like this in a long time). The snake was very short..not long like most snakes alomost like a lizard with no legs. It was brigtly colored..yellow and white, but would some times change colors (light blue and white). I loved this little guy and it was apparent it loved me. In the dreamed it seemed I might have had lost it, then it found me. I was very happy to have found this small beautiful snake. Well I started to carry it around with me and play with it. Then one day I thought I killed the snake, because I accidently picked up a fake lizard toy. I thought it was really my snake, I looked closely at it and realized it wasn’t my snake. So I quickly went to go look for it. I found it in one of my pockets, I thought it dead and began to panic. It was transparent now alomst see through. I knew it was dead, but then it came back to life. A little larger this time now. Still white and yellow and light blue. Then I awoke.

    Thank you.


    • The dream seems to be saying that you have become attached to a false hope or misconception of some sort. To put in another way, something that you have embraced appears to be harmless, but the longer you hang onto it, the more dangerous it will become.

      This is a warning dream. God is trying to give you a heads-up. Find out what this is. Ask the Lord for insight, and let it go.

  13. Please help. dreamnt about a snake that had been killed outside our house coming back to life as i went to throw it away, tried to kill it again but i failed. then a centipede white on top black on the bottom passed, my concetration went to it but i did not feel like killing it. it had two tails with many legs and evev my mother saw it. i think i remember telling her it was strange and that i would not kill it

    • A lie or liar which you thought was no longer a problem will be resurfacing. You thought this was handled or completely gone, but the Lord is warning you to be aware of this so that you can protect yourself.

      Your spiritual adversary has a plan to harm you through taking this public. There are two aspects to this, two lies, two rumors, two accusations. Whatever this is, it’s perceived as good, but is evil.

      The belt of truth and breastplate of righteousness will be your defense.

      Ephesians 6:13-15 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.

  14. Nolufefe Felicia SamalengeJanuary 15, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    I had a dream. I don’t know snakes names. But I believe this was a python. The snake rapped it’s self on me. I could not move or do anything. I was so powerless. I didn’t want to fight I just wanted to see what it was going to do to me after it has wrapped me. My common sense tells me that when it does so it’s gonna swallow me. But in my dream I was so careless I didn’t care. I was even laughing. And I woke up. This shocked me because I’m so afraid of snakes in reality and when I see one I don’t rest until I kill it myself.

    • This sounds like a good dream. The Lord is saying that though evil plots and plans harm for you, you are strong and wise and will not fall into its traps.

      This dream is specifically telling you to expect to feel pressure within an area of your life. This is a trap intended to cause you to spiritually doubt and slip into fear and actions motivated by fear.

      God is allowing this as a test. But you will not fall under the pressure. You will laugh in the devil’s face! May it be so.

  15. I cannot begin to think what or who this could be but am definatly praying over it. What does the centipede represent.

  16. Hello,
    For the past few weeks now, I have vision of a snake (black with shiny areas on the skin) in my apart. I see it when I’m praying in my room or in the living room. Now I found myself looking around the sofa, and the floor all the times. I live by myself, no roommate. When I see the snake, it just stares at me, it does not attack me. I get afraid but I continue to pray and do what I need to do around my apart. I prayed that the Lord remove any demonic spirits that the previous owners may have brought in. Thank you for your help!

    • You are surely perceiving something negative which needs to be removed! I believe whatever this symbolizes, it is watching you for an opening to have the legal right to attack.

      Your best defense is to remain totally pure. Put on the breastplate of righteousness. Don’t do anything that evil can use against you.

      Keep up the prayers and ask for insight into this. We will be praying as well. Keep in touch.

  17. Every time I close my eyes I see snakes. in my dreams there are hundreds of them. before I fall asleep I see their eyes watching me. I don’t feel like myself. I am angry and depressed all of the time. I cant seem to pray.please help

    • That’s awful!! I suggest searching to see if there is any legal ground for this. The spiritual world functions by legalities. Ask God for insight as to where and why there is an opening.

      Should you have a dream you think addresses this, submit it through our “Submit My Dream” page. We’ll be praying for you!

  18. Hi, i dreamt of a small snake in a food dish, a day later i got very ill vomitting and having cramps for a few days. I assumed i was warned of a possible food poisoning. My mom dreamt of a huge snake covering the guesthouse which she looks after and this snake had a huge head which swayed left and right on the corner of the roof. The house was covered in many overgrown plants as well. Any ideas?

    • What an excellent and clear warning dream! The guesthouse snake seems to unveil an open scheme against something connected to or beside your mother. This could be a situation or a person. The planned attack is large; it currently has authority over this situation or person. The plants are a clue as to how victory may be won, that this probably got its authority through neglect of something such as repentance.

      Let us know if this makes sense, please.

      • Thanks for your response, my mom had problems with a maid that was causing problems. I have annointed the guesthouse 3 times already in the last 18 months. This maid did mention witch craft to my mom, so we felt it was necessary to “clean” the guesthouse. My mom has been battling with he health a lot since she started at this guesthouse as well. Will discuss your reply with my mom, thanks for your feedback.

  19. In reality, i was sleeping, in my dream, I was dreaming. I felt like I was being bit by something, a poison going through my body. I went to a bathroom. There was a white sink , white toilet and a mirror. Looking in the mirror I saw a snake hanging from my jugular vein. I pulled on it and as it came out tentacles were attached to it. I got it out, flushed it in the toilet . I looked into the mirror, but it disintegrated and I could not see myself. Several days later another snake dream. I was in a room with others and a big white snake and smaller white snakes were after me. The big white one entered my right thigh and again I pulled it out. I have been dealing with health issues if that helps. Thank you.

    • I believe you are right to connect the dreams with health issues as the snakes are attacking your body. God only tells you this for a redeeming purpose, so victory is surely possible.

      The bathroom scene shows the opportunity you have to remove things that don’t belong. This may refer to the spiritual grounds the enemy has on you. The mirror disintegrating seems to show a need for you to look at yourself in order to remove this curse. Ask God for revelation and strategy in this area.

  20. Hi. I had a vivid dream about two snakes a few months ago which i ignored so I cant really remember the details but I recall there were two snakes sitting motionlesa besode each other one light yellow that had an air of royality, sitting upright. It was fat and dotted with what seemed like jewels. Its face was peaceful and a bit canine like. the one beside it was a deep red and its head was not raised. I remembered this dream because last night I dreamt of two snakes in the woods. The first rattlesnake was close to a mellow yellow venomous one with a few black markings and it had swallowed wads of money. I kept throwing thongs at it and it ate the things I threw then it got provoked and began to chase me and tried to bite me managed to catch it as it tried to strike from and upright and hold it as snake ranglers do to milk thier venom. Drops of its venom dripped down my hand then when I tried to hold its head over a low brick garden wall to kill it with a rock it swivelled around and I woke up just before it bit me

    • Our take? The dreams show a battle that you will face or are facing, but indicate a victory by the power of Jesus.

      Snake #1 represents a person or force trying to pass itself off as having authority, but this is false authority. It has been well-fed up to this point and probably does not disguise itself as Christian. It is actively plotting and hoping to strike, but this is a false hope.

      Snake # 2 symbolizes war, power, and destruction planned but it’s not able to facilitate the plan.

      Snake # 3 is also deadly, but notice is provided you by way of a warning.

      Snake # 4’s purpose is to steal favor or finances, but again, will be unable to pull this off.

      The Holy Spirit will have to tell you if these are descriptions of one scenario/person/scheme or if they represent a progression. Remember, a victory can’t be won if it’s not fought. Engage in this battle and get that triumph prophesied in the dream.

      Do you see any area of your life or person that this could apply to?

  21. I had a dream of a snake lurking my left side of tummy where my ovaries are located.I have been married for 5 years but childless,in the past i have had dreams of snakes on my marital bed in the living room and sometimes at my mother’s home.The other day had a dream that a dog bit my hand and when i woke up my hand was painful not until i prayed.Please help me understand these dreams.Thank you.

    • These snake dreams reveal that you are childless because your spiritual adversary has in place a curse preventing conception. While many dismiss the idea of a curse as an outdated myth, the Bible speaks hundreds of times of blessings and curses.

      The snake at your mother’s home may be a clue that this is generational. If so, you can stand in the gap by repenting on behalf of all ancestors, and then proclaim the curse broken. I have done this very thing and seen the demonic manifest by way of a strong odor of death followed by a vision of flies fleeing. We saw the victory a few months later.

  22. Every weekend I visit my father and spend over but last weekend my night experience was different. I had a dream which seemed as though I was in a room setting where there were 3 snakes – 2 (One big and the other small, both green in color) and the other (small in size) was blue/navy blue and also present in the room was an unknown person. In the dream, I was leaning looking under the bed where the two green snakes were approaching towards me and I attempted to seek help or alert the unknown person. I then noticed that the blue snake was crawling up the wall and I shifted my attention to remove it. When I got close, the snake sprang off the wall to attack me but missed – then I woke up.

    • Gos is warning you that someone or something means to do you harm. This can be a scheme or a person or persons. What is going on can be identified by the elements in your dream.

      The green color indicates this has to do with greed, that is, someone wanting something you have, someone wanting to diminish you in order to increase themselves. Deep blue symbolizes either deep sadness or depression OR an intense connection with witchcraft or the demonic.

      The unknown person supports the possibility that this is a demonic scheme.

      The dream gave you a heads up. Now, when you see this manifest in your life, you will be prepared and respond accordingly to thwart this attack. Praise God for giving you the insight!

  23. Interesting website!Last night there was a grey quite thick snake and it had blue “section” in its head. I saw a donkey and that snake jumped on its neck and I saw snakes theeth. In that same before this happening was a very small owl and suddenly it was covered by bird. Ia m not sure if it ate that owl. I really hope you had some time to interpret these. Shalom and Bless YOU!

    • Snakes are good at slithering into our lives cleverly and undetected for what they really are. Look at the other symbols in the dream because is giving you details parabolically. Grey is connected with gloom. A blue section in its head may indicate an authority who intends to bring sadness to you.

      The other creatures in this dream tell you more about the story. Who do you know that is stubborn or wise? Include yourself when you ask that question. An unidentified bird in this dream may be negative.

      Look at what’s going on in your life to see if you can identify where this dream applies and be one up on it.

  24. I dreamed I was standing on a very high cliff watching my brother and some of his kids riding in kayaks on the ocean. My brother was off a bit by himself and a giant snake tried to get him, but he was able to avoid it. He moved further to my left and a huge white snake with giant gray spots was moving in his direction. I started to yell to warn him but he got off his kayak and dove under the water. I continued yelling trying to warn him. The snake dove under the water and I heard him yelling as the snake bit his face and apparently ate him. Then I woke up.

    • This may be a warning dream, but may simply be bringing you prophetic insight.

      The key to understanding the meaning of this dream is perceiving who or what the brother symbolizes. Suffice it to say that he may not be literal, but rather something BESIDE you or moving parallel to you that has “birthed” things.

      The ocean in this setting my represent a vast mass of humanity. The kayak, an individual activity as related to humanity. Clearly the snakes tell us that something will sneak up on this and on the second try, overtake this.

      Is there something in your life that comes to mind that this may apply to?

  25. I was dreaming I was walking through a jungle full of snakes and different kinds if snakes unfolds from something as I walk the jungle it’s just snakes all over the place and it was a lot of them. I’m not sure what’s going on I barely dream of snakes but I did last night. The snakes are not attacking me but they’re just around me freely moving.

  26. Waoh…I had a dream where I saw my head covered in little snakes. Suddenly a man started removing the snakes from my head one by one. I have been reflecting on what it means and praying.

    • Your head in the dream may either be representing an authority figure in your life such as a boss, or your head my represent your thinking. Look at what’s going on in your life and determine what area of your life this may apply to. Once you get that, the rest will make sense.

  27. I just had a dream about an hour ago of being bitten by a snake.

    Here’s the dream:
    It is day time. I was talking with my parents (who are Buddhists though I’ve been a Christian for a few years now) sitting on the edge of my bed and my dad brings a basket that is clearly a snake basket used by snake charmers. He is standing close to me and I’m looking up to him while my mom is sitting down next to me on bed. It is open and there is a snake in it – a pink, green (bright colour) thick snake that doesn’t move or make any sound. Now I (in reality) hate snakes – I can’t stand them because I’m afraid of them and at the same time disgusted by them. so in the dream when my dad brings that snake near – even though it was pink and green (which is not the slimy black snake colours), I still shriek in fear. My mom and dad starts laughing saying “its ok… its just a toy… its a rubber snake… its not real… don’t be afraid”. But I keep backing up on the bed. So my dad grabs the snake and laughing, dangles it in front of me to prove that it isn’t real. BUT suddenly in a flash it becomes real (like it gets life) and it bites me on my neck, coming from my left side. I scream and wake up screaming.
    Please help me interpret this dream. When I woke and was praying and thinking about the dream – I felt like the interpretation is that my dad and mom might do something that they think is for my good but which will actually hurt me… but I don’t know for sure… so please can you give me any interpretation suggestions?

    • This dream is a warning dream and gives you insight into the real dangers associated with false religious beliefs and practices. Though your parents are convinced that Buddhism is at best, the true religion, and at worst, harmless; they are misguided.

      God’s perspective on this is made clear in this dream, that He, the one and only God, is offended by the worship of false gods. Just as Christian faith and the spoken words associated with it have REAL SUPERNATURAL POWER, so does misguided faith and the spoken words associated with it… only the power associated with false religion comes from the kingdom of darkness.

      The colors of the snake represent a strong false faith and the harvest associated with it which is negative. It looks like your father may unwittingly curse you, and there WILL be a dark power facilitating that curse.

      Pray and speak against it. Make sure there is nothing in you (impurity) which can give this curse legal grounds to succeed. We will be praying for you. Keep in touch by way of contact.

      • Thank you so much. I’ll be definitely praying! I was also asking God to give me guidance and when I turned the bible, my attention came to this verse: Zechariah 8:9-18

        Thank you for your prayers too! Will definitely keep in touch!

  28. So, I was going somewhere with my boyfriend. When I got to the car I was cold, so I went back inside the house to get a jacket. In front of my door was this thick of bushes I had to go through to get inside. I’m heading upstairs to my room when I realize if I put on this jacket I will have to change my red boots because it doesn’t match. So I’m taking off the boots and this white baby snake bites me. I realize it must have gotten on me while going through the bushes outside. I then pass out for what felt like 5 mins but in my dreams reality I didn’t wake up till 7:30 the next morning. The snakes teeth had broken off into my hand and I could still feel the effects of the snakes venom. I was told by the doctor that as long as the teeth where still in my hand that I would still be messed up by the venom. I pull the teeth out and don’t remember anything else from the dream.
    Can you please tell me what you think this means?
    Thanks, Mel

    • Welcome, Prophetic Dreamer! This dream is definitely a dream from God to bring you insight, and it sounds important. The dream has about 17 elements, so it might take us a bit to untangle it. We’ll enter it into our QUEUE with those submitted by the DREAM SUBMISSION FORM and get to it as soon as we can. Just register and log in and go to the SUBMISSION STATUS PAGE to check our progress on — USERNAME Mel.

    • Here’s our take: God is providing you insight into what is coming. There is someone in your life you were supposed to remove, but havn’t. At this point not doing so will bring a consequence. This person appears “good” but visiousness will become apparent if it hasn’t already. Your job is to get past this. Don’t let this stick with you. Unfortunately, bitterness poisons you rather than the one who hurt you.

  29. Hello I just had a dream that I was running away from someone that was going to hurt me. Then I run n hid in a tack with water in it. Once I was in I saw a long snake n then open the door to run out then a big snake come out of my body and I removed a small one from my neck as it had bitten me. But I didn’t feel like I was bitten but as I was running I noticed it was there and I removed it.

    Am really scared because last yeh I had a dream being bitten by a black snake n something bad happened to me health wise and now am scared that once again evil has come or something bad is waiting to happen to me.

    When I woke up I saw a big snake leaving my bed however I could tell I was still in a dream n I woke up sweating.

    What do u think the big snake coming out from my body fast represent n being bitten on the neck however I didn’t feel the bite in my dream.

  30. Sorry I ment tank. The water was clear n it was a square like a fish tank. I didn’t remember it being sharp because I was able to push though it to get out.

    • We believe God is giving you insight in this dream about a plot against you originating from the kingdom of darkness. It looks like the plan is either to utilize your fear of death (or a weakness concerning inflexibility/ perceptiveness). God will protect you when you are “in the Spirit”. Abide in Him; commune with Him; embed His promises in your spirit. Throw off all fear and stubbornness and seek spiritual perceptiveness.

  31. Hi Lyn I had another dream last nite of snakes. I was at my dads house and he brought a tank for my sisters tht had two snakes in it. One was bright yellow with I think white in it and the other one was I think brown. I remember more about the yellow because my sister took it out and put it around her neck to show me. I told her to get away from me and asked my dad to get rid of the snakes and the tank because I do not like them. My dad refused because he said him and my two sisters like them so I ended up moving out of the house and living somewhere else.

    Then in my dream it moved to Christmas Day where I received lots of money from my dad and £20 each from my sisters in a Christmas card. However I was not really happy about the money in my dream. I was more less confused that they even sent me cards with money in it.

    I hVe prayed over these dreams but I can feel it in my heart tht God is using these dreams to warn me about something but am just not sure what.

    I would like to dig deeper to get an insight because most people are saying that my dream represents death and I wonder is it my death that God is warning about. But like once again I am praying against all evil and for God’s protection.

    • This dream seems to be providing more detail into this hellish plot against you. We feel that dream is telling you to beware of a false promise, something that appears to bring hope. It looks like an enticement is coming your way to pull you in to something that will not work out. This involves compromise and temporary favor/blessing; but know that if you receive it, the end of that journey will be grim. Happily, God reveals that you will not fall for this.

  32. I dreamed that I was walking and saw 2 snakes. One was like a dark red color big with his head raised up ready to attack me to stop me from walking thru a door or pathway. The other one was small and black and while the big one wrapped around my body the small one entered my body. I pulled the small one out of me along with some gooky stuff all over it and red and threw it far away. I pulled the big one off and threw it away and began to walk through the door or pathway and then I woke up. Can you tell me what does this mean?

    • Clearly you are about to move into a new and bright season. The kingdom of darkness is unhappy about this and has set up a scheme to prevent you from moving forward. The deep red indicates intense battle that will attempt to stop you by making you feel constrained or pressured. It looks like the devil will attempt to incite fear (probably concerning your health), but you are able to see that this is rather insignificant.

      Having seen the truth, you, wisely and boldly cast off this darkness and proceed into the exciting future God has planned for you.

  33. I dream a snake around my waist half asleep holding on to it’s tail but not harming me? It felt secure and friendly. Can you please tell me what this meant?

    • God may be telling you that there is an issue about “time” that He’d like you to address. This is effecting your life significantly enough for your Heavenly Father to bring to your attention.

      It could be anything from a need to be more punctual to a need to be more sensitive concerning how long it takes you to explain things to others, but the dream may imply that it has to do with letting time slip by without realizing the priceless value and opportunity of each hour we are given.

  34. Hi,

    I’ve been dreaming about snakes for two days. I don’t usually dream, so it’s kinda disturbed me somehow. Last night, I dreamt of a pink snake lying there in my bedroom floor. I had a feeling that it was hiding under my bed. I saw the snake was on attacking mode (I think it was an attacking mode). This makes me feel anxious and cautious. It’s like I have to be alert all the time! I don’t like the sensation the dream left after I awake.

    The day before, I have a dream about snakes too, but it was an unclear dream. All I can remember is I saw a snake on my dream and when I awoke, this dream left an uneasy feeling for me.

    Do you know what my dream was about?

    • Hi, Teo. We see a lot of dreams with snakes in bedrooms. That signifies that this about about an issue with is personal… reaching your emotions, for instance. A plan of attack has been put in place in the spiritual realm to disturb you. Expect this to come through the childishness of someone.

      Don’t let it get to you. Maintain your peace. Don’t take this seriously. This person is the one who is immature. Don’t stoop to his or her level.

  35. I just dreamed that I was walking on campus and it was dark There was a guy who was walking in another direction but he started going where I was going after I walked past him. But he seemed unsure and he kept turning around. He was about to go up some steps and I was behind him but he turned around. Right before I walked up the steps I saw 3 different guys handling snakes. One of the snakes kind of stuck its neck out at me. But I turned away and quickly walked up the steps because I hate snakes.

    • This dream is a warning dream. God is letting you know that as you move further into an educational stream of some kind, you will be hearing more and more untruths. Don’t know if you are studying history, literature, religion, philosophy or what, but those teaching or providing the training have a worldly perspective that is not God’s perspective, and therefore, not accurate.

      Don’t believe everything you hear. Put on your discernment hat; eat the steak (if there is any), and toss out the bones. Changing educational direction completely is another possibility.

  36. This is my second time dreaming of a snake and the first dream turned out to be telling me my partner wasn’t being faithful to me and it was happening right in my face. I recently dreamed that me and my family were about to take a walk leaving our home the scenery began to change to grass and water on the ground with alot of snakes! Some dead and some alive. My fiance said to me watch out there’s a snake there! I had’nt even notice it seems like it snuck up. It began to hiss and I grabbed my daughter out of her stroller and it quickly slid to her stroller trying to attack her. We turned around to head home and my fiance almost stepped on a snake I said to him look out it’s a snake..not sure if that one was dead or alive. WHile warning him and rushing back home I turned around and out of a tall bush a snake leaped out and bit me in my neck! I did not die, fall out or anything and I woke up. I know this has meaning to it a lot of my dreams turn out to be true! I need some understanding on this. Also my fiance doesn’t deal with a side of his family and I was told by a preacher that his aunt is into stuff. WE have nothing to do with her but every now and then she tries to come in my home and I wont allow it.
    He also prophetcized that she spoke evil things against our family!

    • The preacher you speak of is surely onto something. It looks like negative words creating curses have gone out against you. Their purposes include destroying you and getting to your daughter OR “something you have birthed” such as your faith, your personal ministry, or something else.

      The power of these words range from no power at all to actually reaching you. Your words as powered by the Holy Spirit trump these curses. Ask for guidance as to how to break these and take care of business. May God Bless you in this.

  37. I dreamt i was at my home village.All a sudden i saw a trace where a snake passed inside our yard.Still astonished,i went outside the yard and there was a stream of near the entrance so when i approached,the snake began to spit on me from the stream,i was wondering what is spitting water at me but my granny told me that i wud be the snake.So i ran away to the house.My granny told me to say fire of the holy Ghost so that the venom could be destroyed but i saw the green snake follow into the yard and chased me among all people.I was holding a log but wudnt use it because i thought if i hit the snake it will not die but instead it will be angry and fight me.I just closed my eyes in fear but when i opened my eyes within some seconds it was there dead near my feet and i began to rejoice

    • Welcome Botswana dreamer! This prophetic dream reveals that you have an evil enemy who despises you and would like to do you harm. The color of the snake indicates that this may have to do with something financial. And through the ending, God is saying, “Fear not, I will handle this!” Beware, but call on the Lord to fight this for you when the time comes.

  38. Hi. thank for the good work you are doing. I had a strange dream last night. i did dream being in a room. then someone shouted ‘there are five snakes in the ceilling.’ then one of snakes, through the power conduits (which were connected to the main power switch) came to attack me. i had nothing with me to hit the snake. as i struggled to avoid to the snake bite, the people who were in the room came to my rescue and cut the snakes head and showed me. I never really got to see those people i was with. all i know is that i had company. please help.

    • This dream reveals that there is a demonic force that holds total AUTHORITY over you in a specific area of your life. Because of that authority, this dark force also has POWER over you in this same area and has access to you in terms of organizing an attack. There is no grace. You appear to have no power over this because again, this demonic force has complete power over you in this area of your life.
      However, there is a God who will rescue you if you call on Him. Ask God to intervene on your behalf for He alone can and will. Pray and expect Him to show Himself. And don’t forget to praise Him when He does.
      Meanwhile, seek what area of your life this may be in, and ask the one and true God why this attack is allowed. Through this you may learn more of God and draw closer to Him. May the Lord do His work on your behalf.

  39. Thanks a lot. However a few years back i had a dream where i was hitting what appeared to be an infant. I tried to stop myself from doing so but i could not and at that point i woke up. the next morning i discovered that my cousin had chocked her infant the previous evening. Is there any chance that this dream has any connection to demonic power? and is it O.K to dream about bad things that have already taken place?

    • We cannot answer a clear yes or not to your question. However, we’ll be glad to give our opinion on the scenario you describe here. In that dream, we would suggest that “YOU” in that dream was the demon attached to and harassing your soul. We would suspect from the other dream that a deliverance may be in order. Do not be alarmed. True children of the one and only God have authority over demons with the correct strategies.

      My husband was in your situation for 15 months carrying around a demon or demons. After one manifested by speaking out of his mouth in a different voice, this was confirmed and we were able shortly to expel it or them. Let us know if we can be of further help.

    • I had a dream of Snake. I was opening the main gate of my house. I found a black snake lying beside. When i saw it, i thought it was dead. Its head was like coffee seed shape. I thought it has two head. Its body was thin and length was bit long. As i was seeing it, it started to move. I ran a took a stick to kill it. It was trying to climb the gate. I was hitting the snake with the stick. Then it fell from the gate and tried to follow me. Still i hit it on its head. And it ran and went inside the hole and hide itself.
      The stick was very light that i could not kill the snake and it escaped from me

      • It’s had to tell what this snake is symbolizing specifically, but expect a confrontation with a deceiver. The description of the snake may lead you to who this is. We have seen dreams of snakes turn into other things which clarified who the Lord was warning us about. The head connected with a coffee bean may warn you that this person loves coffee. Just be careful who you trust; it would be awesome if more people were worthy of our trust.

  40. Hello, thank you for all of the information on your site. I am hoping you can help clarify this dream for me as I am impressed upon that it is significant.

    In my dream, I saw my 5-year-old daughter near an orange-ish medium sized rattlesnake on the ground. It bit her, and I saw two fangmarks, one on either side of her spine on her lower back like between where her hips are. There was no blood and she had no symptoms of being bitten, except I could see that the fangs went deep. I then attempted to kill the snake. I did so by pinning it in the middle. I was afraid and grossed out. It didn’t strike me, but it didn’t die either. Then, I saw that it’s belly was bloated. I took a cardboard box and I squished the snake with it. It died that time, and though I couldn’t see the snake under the box, I knew it was dead because the fluid from it splattered on the ground (concrete now, it was on grass in the beginning but now I was in like a warehouse). The dream ended after this. Please help with discernment if you’re able. Thank you! Blessings! 🙂

    • That must have been horrid to experience, even in a dream! Generally, a snake biting a daughter symbolizes an attack on something YOU have birthed. It could be an idea, project, job, housing situation, whatever. Less likely is that the thing under attack is literally your daughter.

      The size of the snake of course indicates the size of the force coming against you. That it is orange shows that whatever this is can be described as persistent and thus, dangerous (fire is orange, for instance). The rattler is one of the poisonous snakes. It can be deadly. What distinguishes it from other snakes is that it warns the person it could potentially harm so that person can escape, so look for a sign as to what part of your life this may be trying to harm. The warehouse has to do with provisions, so this dream might be about a problem at work. The back of a person represents the side we can’t see, so this attack is unexpected. Not sure why it is the lower back, but I feel the Holy Spirit will reveal that at the right time.

      In the dream, you first pinned the snake down or to the wall. This represents immobilizing it, which seems to infer that it’s a person. You will think this should take care of the problem, but it doesn’t. The dream is informing you and encouraging you to do what it takes to kill this thing. Boxes often symbolize something hidden. The dream is giving you a strategy. Expose this person. Please get back to us with feedback. Our hearts and prayers are with you and we’d like to know what’s going on and how it turns out!

  41. I dreamed or maybe it was a vision….I could see through an attic of a house that didn’t belong to me. I saw huge snakes moving swiftly in the attic headed for war. They were all gathering to fight each other. The snakes were the size of those snakes in the Amazon you see on the Discovery channel. They were long and big and able to move swiftly. In the natural, snakes that large aren’t able to move fast because of the size of their bodies. I could tell one of the snakes was a coral snake. They were all headed to fight each other; they were no sides or teams. I am a prophetic dreamer and our Lord communicates to me through dreams. This dream, I am clueless! I will continue to pray about it!

    • Sorry for the delay. This night vision is surely God revealing to you beyond what you directly control (notice that the house didn’t belong to you). He is telling you about a situation which could be described as “every man for himself”. What is happening is demonic. The details reveal this is a fast-moving situation and each entity has significant power.

      Generally these types of thing are somehow personally connected to the dreamer rather that some sort of global insight. Ask yourself what you are involved in which this may be describing… a job, a ministry, etc. Let me know your thoughts on this.

  42. I used to live with my boyfriend and my mom. Few month ago we broke up and he left the house. Yesterday he asked me for a place to stay for little bit, untill he finds a new one, because he had to move out from old one. I let him stay with us. He is muslim. We were sleeping on the same bed. On the first night I had a dream. Me and my ex boyfriend walked into the bedroom and saw a giant snake (i believe a python) in my bed, we got scared and i rememeber running to my mom’s room, to warn her of a snake, and the snake followed me to her room. as i went to mom’s bedroom, she was sitting with some litttle girl, talking. i told her there is a snake in the house, and as i jumped on her bed, the snake went under her bed, and we all ran from the room and i locked the door behind me. that was the end.
    Would could it mean?

    • A python is a constricting snake. It will kill you by squeezing you to death. This type of snake points to LEGALISM, that is, the attempt to reach God and obtain eternal life and salvation through following a system of rules. This approach to God is futile. As hard as we humans may try, we can never succeed at this. James 2:10 makes the point well: For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. And Romans 3:20 says Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.

      Religious law will squeeze one to death but Christ provided a way. Ephesians 2:8-9 explains: For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God; Not of works, lest any man should boast.

      This dream from God is warning you that there is something restrictive and deadly associated with this ex-boyfriend (Islam).

      I believe the dream also prophesies protection and deliverance for you and him! The dream prophesies the Holy Spirit of the one true God speaking truth to you (the Holy Spirit represented by “your mother” in the dream and you by the “little girl”).

      Listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling you. Search it out further. Share this liberating news with the ex-boyfriend! The dream says you and he leave this snake behind, hiding, but with no prey to constrict and kill. Please let us hear from you as we will be praying for you.

      Please let me hear from you.

  43. Hi Lyn,

    This the dream I had last night. I usually have very vivid, even lucid, dreams that are filled with symbolism. This one is particularly interesting. I’m still trying to recall the entire dream, this is what I got so far:

    I’m in a place that seems to be a very large, modern hospital. This place is also my university (which is an art and design university). I’m presenting one of my pieces to a professor/doctor (someone I don’t recognize from the waking world), who dismisses it and says to me he doesn’t like asymmetrical compositions. The piece is indigo blue, it seems to be a small 3D piece of some sort. My grandmother (who lives in another country) is there sitting next to me, I don’t think she says very much to me, but I can feel the love coming from her.

    I’m upset because of the feedback I received about my work. Next thing I know I’m with my favourite professor, friend and mentor, I can feel her energy, it’s calming and inspiring. Suddenly she’s collapsed, I pick her up, hold her in my arms, it feels like she’s completely weightless, she has turned into a large snake, I can’t recall the colour, but it was a pastel tone. She was limp and I was running around the school/hospital asking the doctors and nurses to do something about it, no one would. They would ignore me or tell me there was nothing they could do.

    I am crying and no one shows me the least bit of sympathy. I scream at a nurse that I will take her to another hospital in the city, I scream out: “I’ll take her to Mount Sinai” (hospital in downtown toronto). I go into an auditorium, find some students and ask if any of them have a vehicle. Someone offers to drive me.

    The moment I take her outside, she slides out of my arms, gets on the ground and becomes her again. She’s alive, she’s breathing. I am elated.

    I’m now walking down the street with other students, a couple of students ahead of me, find a snake in a bush and begin playing with it, coiling it around their necks (it’s a large light blue/violet python). I get very anxious, I ran into a random medical office and another student follows me in to ask me what the problem is. I say I can’t stand snakes, they freak me out (which isn’t true, in the waking world I love snakes). Then she says “But you’ve been holding one all day”, to which I reply, quite emotionally “It’s because it was HER, I would do anything for HER”

    Thank you, sorry about the length!

    • This dream brings insight to a season of discouragement you are going through or will go through where you question something and are overcome with doubt. What has felt like support and encouragement now feels like condemnation. But what you are feeling is based on lies; it is not coming from the voice of truth.

      The Lord is telling you through this parabolic dream to take a breath of fresh air so to speak… to step outside the atmosphere within your normal setting, and get a true perspective. You are actually on track, going in the right direction; and your spiritual enemy, the father of lies, is threatened by it. Throw these negative voices off and return to the direction you were going.

  44. Hello, I had a dream last night that is really bothering me.

    Apperantly I puchased some animals – however left them at the store to stay for a bit. I went in and reliazed there was also a snake,I was confused and automatically thought I didnt purchase a snake.Did I pay for this? I dont want it, They have to take it back. I looked in the container and started worrying. What if it comes out and bites someone?
    Its not a safe container it can just pop the lid open. I approached one of the workers and said I had a few questions. He replied with “are you the lady who purchased some animals but are staying here?” I said yes. Once i responded Ilooked over to see the snake had slitthered into one of the other containers (with the animals i had purchased) and was swallowing one ofthem. (It was a sickening view). Im notsure what kind of animal it was But apperantly it was standing up and the snake was mid way almost about to reach the feet. I started shaking seeing it how stretched out it was made my heart pound. I yelled and said look at it! next thing i Know im grabbing the snake. ITs flipping all around , Im already nausceous and disgusted and do not want to hold onto it.I feel a little sting. I ask the worker to take it and he said I cant,Its clamped on to your thumb. (I do not feel any pain – mainly just disturbed)he said I need to go to the next room to get some ointment. He leaves and i still have the snake its flipping all over- I pull it really hard so it leaves my thumb. Then bites me on the other thumb.. Once again no pain -just freaked out.
    Its fightitng and flipping all around and im trying to clamp its mouth shut. It seems really angry. IT open its mouth and the teeth resembled a sharksmouth. Tons of teeth -stacked one on top of the other. And they were all blue. I finally have a hold of it. IT was not a long snake, Pretty small. But fat since it hadjust eaten my animal.
    The worker finally comes back and says just put it on the counter.I yelled.
    It just bit me! and you want me to just set it down? his reply was it knows me. ITll stay put. And that where it ended.

    I woke up and was shaking a lot. I was worried a snake was in my room or in my bed.

    • Let’s talk. The easiest way to get insight on this is through discerning and exploring the possible application. What are you involved in? Job, activities, etc.?

      • I work at a banquet hall.
        I am the catering manager.
        Aside from work my little free time I spend with my son and his father.
        Here are a few random details that might be associated….
        Few months ago I hired my replacement at work.
        Also the owner is currently contemplating selling the business. He has gone behind the back of person who I hired, and has been looking at people to replace her.
        A year ago … I was in an accident. I was found not guilty. Yesterday I received a call from my agent that I was being sued by the other person.
        I’ve also recently been having lots of trust issues with my boyfriend.
        Once my son was born we broke up for two years and have been back together for a few months. I’ve been feeling lots of anxiety lately and tend to think negative thought and associate it with him.
        This is all random things I’m dealing with right now.
        Not sure if the dream pertains to any of this.

  45. Btw,
    Thank you very much for your time.

    • Let me contemplate on this when I get a chance.

    • OK. How are things in Chicago? I student taught there and grew up in IL.

      This is a warning dream about something you BOUGHT INTO in your life (not realizing what came with it). Let me put it another way: you believed something and in doing so got the whole package, part of which was not beneficial to you and which is now manifesting.

      That said, this sounds more like like the boyfriend than anything else you have mentioned because the snake KNOWS YOU. Alternatively, it could have to do with work, but probably not the accident. The rest of the dream reveals details of how this could play out. God is showing you this so you can be forewarned and careful. Please get back to us as this plays out. Meanwhile we are keeping you in prayer.

      • Freezing.
        Not as drastic as last years weather but defintely up there.
        So in a sense it could be saying reuniting with my boyfriend could not have been the best decision ?
        Or possibly the lady who I hired at work ? since it was my idea – my decision. I chose her and brought her into the business hoping it will give me the opportunity of not being there all of the time ?.

        • Yes, that’s what I would expect. Look at the details of how this snake resurfaces and see if it is a match yet to either situation. If not it will be shortly. Ask God, of course, for further revelation as well. God Bless!

  46. I had a dream at the beginning of this new year (around January 5 or 6). I was with my mom. She pulled out a small serving plate of what I thought would be food but instead on the plate was 5 small baby snakes. They were each about the size of my hand (5 – 6 inches) and skinny. I can’t remember the colour, but I seem to recall them being dark/greyish (nothing that really stood out). In my dream, I was terrified, because snakes are actually the things I fear the most, even small non intimidating ones like these made me nauseated. My mom comes close to me, and extends the serving plate to me,and tells me to eat them; Then one of us (not sure if it was mom or me) cuts the snakes up in little pieces. I could still see their heads and bodies squirming and moving. I began to eat them, and chew and swallow. As I was doing that, I remember the deep terror and fear I felt, and I woke up screaming. If you could provide some Biblical, Holy Spirit insight into this dream I would appreciate. it.

    • I know what you mean. I HATE snakes… and here I am visualizing all these dreams of snakes…

      The keys here are understanding the meaning of snakes and discerning who your mom represents.

      I’m sure you already get the idea that snakes symbolize lies and deception and are often associated with persons who are mascaraing as something they are not and out to do harm. Someone feeding you snakes is feeding you lies. The dream depicts you swallowing these deceptions initially but feeling sickened by the whole thing, as if you already know in your heart that what is coming at you is off.

      The question is: who does mom represent in the dream. I can say confidently that she symbolizes someone or something other than herself! Dreams are like parables and God insists on using symbolism. It’s His way… all throughout the Bible. Mom sometimes represents the Holy Spirit, but we can cross that off the list because of the context of the dream. I’ve seen a mother in a dream symbolize a woman who diligently takes care of someone like a mother would; in reality, it was a cunning girlfriend working hard to seduce a young man.

      In this case, try exploring the possibility that this is a “mother-figure”, someone in some sort of authority over you such as a boss or mentor. She could alternatively symbolize a CONCEPT like a business opportunity. Hope that helps. Get back to us with feedback!

  47. At the moment I am 18 weeks pregnant, in my dream I wasn’t pregnant, I was out bush looking at a wood house to buy for my family. I went inside and talked to the owner who I didn’t know then left. I was unsure about buying the house. I felt uneasy I drove back to the house in a jeep it was a bumpy ride. When I arrived I got out of the jeep and walked towards the house. The owner was outside and said be careful it gets so hot around here I looked around and there were hundreds of black snacks on the ground. I wasn’t sure if the snakes were dead or alive I think most of them were dead I stood there and felt a little scared and thought to myself as long as I don’t move I won’t step on one and get bitten even though most of them were dead. Then I saw the owner pull a living black snack out from under some dead snakes it hissed and I woke up.

    • This prophetic dream is addressing a new situation you are thinking of stepping into. The dream reveals the turmoil you are going through during this time of confusion, having difficulty concerning a decision. Notice that someone is attempting to sell something to you.

      Hopefully, you are confident of what this applies to (but the difficulty is when you have more than one thing going on which could be described this way).

      God is telling you concerning this situation that the answer is NO. There are many, many lies associated with this and at least one will pose a problem for you.

      Love to hear from you. Is this helpful? Do you know what situation the dream speaks of?

    • Sorry we missed this. By now your situation may have changed and I trust you have a baby! Just know that a house you are considering buying is symbolic of your “buying”, that is accepting or believing something. The black snakes indicate a lot of previous deception associated with whatever this is or was. Let us know if we can help you further.

  48. Hi,

    I’m 27 years old and just gotten married ( 2 weeks, been living with my husband for almost 3 years, been trying to have a baby for over a year now ). Last night I had a dream about 3 snakes ( a white yellow python, a black brown boa and a black and purple rattle snake). The rattle snake was first in my mothers house and was trying to get inside through the window. I closed it before it could come in. The other snakes were in a different house, that I don’t know. But was staying there. And then the rattle snake came through the roof and went on the other bed next to us as if it were sleeping. I felt very scared, but my husband told me not to be scared and did nothing to the snakes.

    Than I dreamt that I was at my wedding, but it was a whole other setting than my wedding initially was.
    When I went to my hotel the snakes were also there.

    This is the second time in 3 months that I have dreamt of snakes. My husband is always in the dreams and is always reassuring me that they are harmless.

    • As a child of God, you can overcome any attack. White indicates false righteousness mixed with yellow which is fear or cowardice. Black and brown symbolize darkness and compromise or false human compassion. These snakes squeeze, so what’s going on is meant to squeeze the life and faith out of you.

      Rattlers are vicious through the mouth as some humans are. They also make themselves obvious by their sound. Do you know someone like that? Purple? Again, false authority.

      Of course there is a possibility your fertility is under attack by the father of evil. But, the God of Heaven’s power is on a whole different level. The fact that the snake is in the next bed means he is there waiting for something before attacking, so there’s something you are doing or believing which is holding off this attack.

      This brings up a question… does your husband believe evil can’t actually touch our lives? If so, he may be literal in this dream. And it could be about your fertility, who knows? That the rattler was in your mother’s house is a clue. Mother could be literal or symbolize someone “mothering” you or another type of authority over you. I pray you identify and overcome whatever this is!

  49. Please help interpret this dream. I had a terrifying dream last night, to be honest I can’t remember vividly all that happened in the dream but I remember seeing tiny snakes at the bottom of the stair case, about 2 or 3 of them (can’t remember). I was really scared and took a proper look at them, they look like fish snake. I ran upstairs to meet my senior sister and I felt heaviness on my head so I told my sister that it seems I have snakes on my head, she quickly put her hands into my hair and pull out a snake. I was scared to my marrow. At that point I felt there is one more and that she needs to help remove but she does not seem to agree with me as she was busy dealing with the one she pulled out. I left her and went to check a new born baby we have in the house (I can’t remember if the baby was hers or mine) just to be sure the snakes have not bitten the baby girl. I found the baby sleeping peacefully in a small cot that looked like Moses basket. suddenly I woke up and felt as if those tiny snakes were under my feet and in my hair. I woke up and applied anointing oil on my head and prayed.

    • The baby in this dream surely symbolizes something new that has been birthed out of a situation in your life. Whatever this new thing is, it’s protected; so no worries on that front. The snake in your head tells you that there is a lie meant to deceive you. If you recognize it, there won’t be another. I hope things have gone well for you since the dream. Let us know if we can be of further help.

  50. I had a very disturbing dream last night, I dreamed a few friends who I couldn’t identify drove to the beach. We stepped out of the car and ran towards the water excitedly ( I love to swim), as I got closer I noticed no one was in the water though. I didn’t care I thought more fun for me and I went to jump in from the rock alcove but stopped because in the water below was a huge snake. That’s when I noticed a girl ( not from the friend group) who was afraid to jump in from the height was scaling down the rocks on a rope and she didn’t even notice the huge snake. Without think I climbed down the rock face and pointed out the snake to her and I swung the rope back and forth til she could jump off onto the sand. I was then left on the rope and for some reason i couldn’t climb back up the way I came and I could swing it close enough to the sand to safely jump off. While I am working on getting out safe, the huge snake becomes a guy and walks out of the water grabbing the rope as I swing towards the beach. In doing so he scratches my stomach, and even though I’m safe on the beach now I am filled with fear that the snake or a snake is inside my stomach. I rush to my parents house for comfort but once I get there I realize the snake in my stomach could harm them so I beg my mom to lock me in her bedroom closet and not let me out. She reluctantly hands me a bunch of pillows to lay on and locks the door, and I’m scared out of my mind not knowing what will happen next. Then I woke up and prayed… I know reading it it sounds silly, but unhinged me and I had difficulties falling back to sleep.

    • Though the elements in this dream leave room for a couple of different scenarios, this appears to be the most likely: The dream seems to be a heads-up about a delightful spiritual experience being interrupted by a person who is mascaraing as genuine and involving your rescue of someone or something. Though this is difficult for you to work through, God will show His faithfulness.

      From this dream, I could see, for instance, a worshiper who is caught in an unpleasant situation after a pastor brings in a worship leader or team member who is not what he appears to be. Prayer called for to enlighten the pastor.

      Don’t worry that you may have caught an intestinal disease. You will just have trouble “stomaching” someone. Maintain your joy and watch what the Lord does with this.

  51. I had four different dreams in one night: one of them is about snake. :

    I was walking for some time , and I saw a group of people ( women, men, children) running like they are in danger. I asked one of the lady why are you guys running and they told me there is snake. but I was like I want to see It. I went and saw a small green snake with his mouth opened wide and I remembered my husband saying if your are sacred or something is bothering to just say ” I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. soon as I said I saw the snake getting burned and turning into ashes. ?

    and my other dream is :
    I was on top of a guy ( who is fully black and had long wings.) He was taking me inside the tunnel which is so scary as it was too dark and rusty. I kept on asking him ” I WANNA SEE THE LIGHT , I WANNA SEE THE LIGHT” and he respond it saying ” I AM TAKING YOU THE LIGHT” soon as I came to end of the tunnel , there was some bright light flashed.

    third one:
    I was walking by my self, holding a small hand bag.
    all of a sudden I saw three- four dogs surrounding me and starring at me. I got really scared thinking they are going bite me. because normally I am sacred of the dogs.

    • The most likely scenario is that these dreams are related to the same thing in your life.

      The snake refers to a DECEPTION or DECEIVER which could effect others and is mostly likely drawing others to him with promises of prosperity. As the dream indicates, this is easy to avoid (as it is compared to simply speaking to a demon).

      The 3rd dream exposes a plot of the enemy to hurt you, probably through unbelievers. Since this is under consideration, be sure you are pure and beyond temptation!

      The 2nd dream: because the guy was black, I need to know your color. Let me know on that.

  52. In and of itself, I would like to comment on the “Aquarium Dream.” The dreamer is standing outside an aquarium. An aquarium is a container. The three snakes are contained within that aquarium. From a place of protection, the dreamer reaches in and touches the black adder and is bitten. He or she doesn’t know why he or she did so the first time. The dreamer then “felt compelled” to reach in a second time. The second time, the dreamer was bitten by the cobra. “When I had it checked….” The dreamer is not only distinguishing between the different snakes, but he or she is testing. If we agree that the snakes represent demonic spirits, I think we may also want to consider the idea that the Holy Spirit is showing the dreamer that he/she has been gifted with discerning of spirits (1 Corinthians 12:10) and with the proper use of this gift, the dreamer will be protected. “For some reason, I considered sticking my hand in near the rattler….” The dreamer then tells us that he/she decided against such and later learned that its poison was still intact. To me, this dream seems to reach beyond the personal and into the dreamer’s role within the Church.

    • We could really use your input in this community! Your comments are so appreciated! This is one of those dreams that we were able to see over time exactly what God was doing because we had feedback and outcomes.

      The person was actually lacking discernment and the Lord was using this dream as part of the training. Specifically, this person had a problem with getting tripped up by people who came into his life with ill intentions. He had the tendency to be a little naive because of his own pure heart. But God would be sending him the RIGHT people to hook up with and God needed him to get better at discernment.

      In this dream, the Lord was showing him that although He had protected him in the past against people with impure motives, the dreamer was going to have to slow down and perceive or he would be hurt by such people. Interestingly, God sent two more individuals into his life that were up to no good, before the dreamer got better at this. (And it wasn’t a question of their professed faith; all the snakes were “Christians”.)

      This issue turned out to be important when God sent the right people into his life and he could see and praise God for it. The three of them are already making a significant impact for Christ across the world!

  53. Dreamed of 2 old ladies in mansion in front of door. Old lady on right was opening the huge double doors when 2 small grey snakes came out of her mouth and then they were wrapped around her right wrist. I walked past them and remained calm telling myself do not scream out loud. I was in a fancy compound and had just been bought for 1000 as a sex slave. Sex acts were being performed all around although I never saw an actual act. Everyone was so polite and nice.

  54. I love Jesus so much! We had 2 of our 3 boys at home. I did watch the movie “Taken” the day before so I assume the sex slave thing was part of that. I was also severly abused as a child by many different people so I also assume the movie triggered past terror. I have dreamed about snakes before. I used to be deathly afraid of them in real life but now am not.I always pay attention to snakes in my dreama. I have also had prophetic dreams to the point where 2 of them actually were happening while I was dreaming them. REALLY freaky. I also have been out of control, more so recently due to stress/hormones, and have been screaming sometimes vile things at my son and husband-my stresses right now. So I thought the snakes coming out of the old lady’s mouth was me spewing ugliness in real life. I have no clue what they meant coiled on the old lady’s right wrist. This is the first time I have dreamed of 2 snakes though. Usually it is 1 or 3 (I have manifestations of these numbers every so often in actual life). Thank you so much for your time. God Bless you and protect you in Jesus name, amen.

  55. Please can you help me interpret my dream may God bless u
    l had a dream last night that a friend was showing her online profile so l saw a snake thinking it was not real it looked like her laptop had a side camera so l realized the black snake l saw was real and it was lying on my sisters bed where she was sleeping unaware so we screamed in the dream and my sis woke up/the snake crawled from the bed into the floor and ended up coiling around my shirt/it started chasing me and my sis so we ran away from the room and closed the door l woke up from the dream because my brother knocked on my door that is what interrupted the dream.

  56. I am especially interested in the 3 basket, one of them containing a snake that turned into a cartoonish dragon that is red/pink in color. I dreamed of a dragon once, several years ago…it was fuchsia colored. It ran around really fast and when it stopped it had a cartoonish face. It was running around outside a church I attended and my cousin and I attempted to catch it. However, we weren’t fast enough. Other members of the congregation were there, my aunt for one and she could not see it, nor my mother even though it was running around, literally in front of them. It made its way into the parsonage and eventually into the church, it was about the height of a full grown domestic cat but was long, maybe about 4 feet long. When it made its way into the church i went after it. A couple of members of the congregation were sitting inside and i chased after it and asked if they seen it? they did not know what i was talking about. Then I saw it climb the wall and it turned into a lasso (rope). The couple saw the rope and remember they had forgotten to feed their horses, So they said they had to go because their horses had not eaten yet. As they left the sanctuary, the rope came off the wall and slither out like a snake after them. That was the end of my dream.

    • Many times demonic activity cannot be discerned by “church folks” (remember who crucified Christ) as the majority have no spiritual perception to sense (see) demonic activity. This dream seems to indicate snakes all over in the church even the parsonage. Pride, judgments, character assassination, Jezebel spirits often accompany false doctrine, leadership infidelity, deception or even flat-out apostasy. This dream indicates some serious issues with the church leadership and the folks in the church…I hope this isn’t your present church! Good news is this…God’s spirit shows you what’s going on. One final point, lots of folks carry some demonic oppression. Remember to separate the demons from the person, (folks don’t know they have them!) They need some deliverance! God bless you and keep sharpening those spiritual gifts!

  57. Pythons. Ginormous speaking pythons. I’m just curious as to the depth of what that element truly means in general.

  58. Dream about 2 snakes – me and my friend sleeping in a room – 2 single beds both snakes is on her bed. Somebody came and remove the 1 snake but the remaining snake – a multi coloured snake (blue, red, green, yellow, – the colour patern made me think of a rainbow) which is very long, after some time moving around on her bed the snake lift its head and reached over and bite me on my hip, where after the snake layed back on her bed . After I was bitten I called her for assistance and realise then she is unconcious (and not sleeping as I thought). I catch the snake in a bottle and went to hospital, took her also along. I would love to know what this means? Thank you.

    • First, it may make a difference who the friend is; the name of the person should be looked up to see if it means anything. A snake is a symbol of a deceiver. It may be colorful because this person’s personality may be “colorful”. God may be providing a warning concerning Satan’s secret plan to attack you in the area of righteousness. The best remedy is to stay up-to-date in acknowledging your faults before the Lord and asking for forgiveness and help in staying pure. The dream seems to indicate that you do exactly this. Let us know the name of the friend. It may clarify. God bless!

  59. I had a dream where my mum and I were walking down a road between shops in an area where I used to stay. At the one shops’ front door there was a huge fat anaconda lying there and my mum and I were laughing on how big it was. But this snake was looking at 3 other snakes in front of it, the one (anaconda) was dead and flat you could see someone drove over it, then there was another one (black mamba) lying over it busy dying. While the 4th snake (anaconda) much smaller was waiting for the black mamba to die to eat it. While this was happening my mum and I were trying to get to the corner shop which was a bottle store (?) while I was walking the black Mamba was biting me to try and stay alive. The very next night I dreamt that there were 3 animals one with the face of an owl and a body of a lion called a red lion was trying to get into the house to kill me and my manager while others were looking on. The cat/lion thing could not get in because of the window but then my little black cat jumped out of the window to fight or play with this creature. The other two animals were pitch black as if shadows that was with this “red lion creature”

    • Well, I’d say there is some warfare going on there- nasty and cut throat. No honor among deceivers. It is affecting you. You need something to be filled. Sounds like you need a filling of the Holy Spirit. Repentance is the most powerful weapon against dark forces.

  60. Hi I had a dream where I was asked to take a basket on my head with a big snake in it to my cousin. As l was walking to her I can see her standing in where it looks bushy with trees,leaves on the ground and other people. I can’t see them but can hear them talking as I reach her standing with the snake head in her hand saying “so u think I don’t know what’s in tree”. Then I was in my room with people talking, went to a suitcase to take something. Open, it was two small brown black eyes snakes looking at me. Got scared and heard the name of my good friend boyfriend. Couldn’t see his face but his hands grabbing them going out the door. So I start following him & went out of a house was a lady that looked mad talking shouting at me I looked at the back of me she was walking to me I was so scared as we reach the gate, the man close it with lady in it at that moment I feel safe again the man my friend boyfriend walking far down the road me not seeing his face but his back and strong hands he was strong as l could feel. I just stand there watching him and I wake up. What the meaning please as am going through a lot in my life.

  61. Last night i had a dream in which I saw two snakes. They both had very similar skin patterns on them and had black,grey and dark blue stripes. One of them was very very long and moving swiftly in front of my eyes. The other one looked like it’s baby and my son was holding it like a hoola hoop in his hand. I screamed and asked him to drop it and he let it go. That snake disappeared and I got the feeling that we got rid of it. but the other long snake went and hid under somewhere and my husband and I are discussing as to keep an eye on it so we can get rid of it. This was happening in a house I have never been in but appeared to be ours as we were thinking it’s hiding somewhere in our house. Please help !!

  62. Oh Happy Birthday Lynmarie! May God bless you and guide you in the year ahead.
    Number 6:24 – 26
    “The Lord bless you and keep you;
    25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,
    And be gracious to you;
    26 The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
    And give you peace.”’

    • Snake dreams are warning dreams telling us that there is a deception or deceiver in an area of our lives.

      The long vs. short may be depicting the length of time this has been in the picture.

      If your son is to be taken literally, it would mean that he keeps holding onto a misconception which was birthed from the deception of others. He, of course, adjusts his beliefs. If not, he symbolizes something you have birthed. Look at your life situations to see what matches.

      Since the long snake may symbolize doubt in God’s faithfulness to you, work on that in your lives. That journey always seems to be 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

  63. Yes so true Lynmarie. With so many changes to our lives and we being stretched in the area of finances I think God is asking us to trust in His faithfulness in spite of what is going on around us. What a confirmation once again thanks so much . My prayers and my thoughts are with you so GOD can use you tremendously in this area of interpretation. Thanks a million.
    Also my son( second son) is having to make decisions in his life about entering university and he is confused but I know God is bringing light into his situation as he drops the snake and stops believing the lies. Thanks so much Lynmarie you are wonderful

  64. I had a dream. 3 Snakes.
    I walked into a bedroom – a bed was placed horizontally against the wall to the left. At the end of the bed, I saw a plastic, see-through container which contained 3 small light-colored snakes. Next thing I saw, was 2 of them turned into HUGE pythons and one remained small and in the container.

    One of the pythons was curled up on a heap and to my right.

    For some reason, I was with my mom (not sure who’s house) but my mom was looking after a little black dog (think it was a black maltese?) that came running into the room and jumped on the bed. The third python very slowly went over, took the dog and ate it – mom was horrified – what was she to tell her friend who entrusted her with the dog??

    I woke up. This dream really upset me tremendously.

  65. Hi Lynmarie

    Since you asked the question, I have really tried to comb through my history. I cannot recall one incident of either. I gave my life to the Lord when I was 11/12 years old. I did backslide in my 20’s, but I have completely repented and asked for forgiveness – but there was no occult or witchcraft involved in the backsliding either.
    I am a child of the most high God. I love the Lord with all my heart and soul and I have normal struggles, as other believers also have.
    We have been married almost 9 years (2 June 2007) and serve the Lord together. Medically speaking, we cannot have children, so we registered for adoption January 2015. We are still waiting for a baby and I must admit, it is exhausting to keep trusting for so long. But Jesus is still on the throne and the Lord is still coming to fetch us when He comes, so I am ok.

    Otherwise, I really cannot think of any occult or witchcraft at all.

    • I take it that the bedroom you saw in the dream (whether familiar or not) didn’t seem to be yours. If this is true, this dream would seem to be revealing to you information concerning ANOTHER PERSON. The dream would not be about you. Important distinction.

      So it would seem that the Lord is giving you inside information about someone and it’s about their thought-life or an intimate and personal matter. This should be of help to you, something that is helpful to know. The mother would most likely represent the Holy Spirit who is quite grieved to see this. Pythons squeeze or pressure people to death and eat their prey whole. The black dog would be something or someone the Lord cares for. See if you can connect this with real life. It is a warning dream and a call to prayer.

  66. The bedroom, as you stated, is indeed not mine – it was a unfamiliar room to me. Thank you so much for your time and effort in helping me – I really appreciate it xx

  67. Hello,
    I had a dream last night that I was riding a bike through the park, at night, I guess to get a snack. I saw a young boy walking, it was pretty late so i slowed down my speed of riding so i could keep an eye on him to make sure he got home safe since it seemed that we were heading in the same direction. Then he stopped and i asked him why and he pointed and said “snake”. I didnt see the snake until it jumped up randomly. it was coiled. Then we looked in a different direction to get by the snake but then it jumped in that direction too. it was scarey. I woke up after that. I do not remeber the last time i had a dream with a snake.

    • This dream has to do with a personal activity you are engaged in involving a temporary escape, diversion, or hobby… something you enjoy. Beware of a deception there which is discovered through something or someone else. It might not be easy to get away from. Let us know how it goes.

  68. I had two different snakes dreams in a period of two weeks.(1)i was walking down the road with a couple of friends and i in particular was been chased by series of snakes.My friends helped in preventing the snakes from biting me,after we said our good byes and i tried running from the snakes the kept chasing me till they bit me.(2) i was having sex in the dream in an unknown wierd place with a stranger and a green and white snake stayed by the corner watching after a while it attacked but was killed by the stranger i was having sex with.please what do these dream mean.

    • The dream seems to indicate that deception or lies are chasing you. They have access to you because of a “connection/contact” with something or someone. This has to do with something that looks good but isn’t and involves greed. Discern and flee from whatever this is. Repent if called for and you should be good.

  69. I had a snake dream, firstly there was a tiny snake on the floor beside my bed. I killed it with my slippers then went back to sleep, i woke up again in the dream and saw that the there were now many snakes on the floor near the edge of my bed which a little bit bigger, about ten of them, they were white, black and grey in colour. I curled up in my bed, and was thinking how i could get to my bedroom door which was open. I was shaken by this dream. Please help.

    • There are a couple of clues here. The snake and snakes, of course, indicate deception has entered into your life. That this is in your bedroom tells us that God is speaking to you intimately about a personal issue. So this most likely means that your thinking is off in a certain matter, and God is warning you.

      He’s also letting you know that this has crept up on you in a way that you have been unaware of. And you have apparently “left the door open” by some action or words. God wants you to ponder on this and perceive for yourself what this applies to and what you can do about it. Let me know if you need further help. Love to hear your feedback.

  70. I had a dream about a community coming together to roundup snakes on a property that I was staying at. All neighbors helped to do this 2 times per year. Most of the snakes were very long and big around. They were also multi colored and kind of shiny, similar to a rainbow trout. There was one that was very black and in water puddle. It was smaller and faster than the others. I don’t know if that one was caught like the others.

    • The most important factor in this dream is that a community is coming together against the snakes. Look to your family, your job, your church. Is there something going on in any of those places that would warrant warfare? Two times per year may simply be confirming that this needs to be taken care of.

  71. Had a dream where I was bitten by a black cobra in my lower right leg. Went to my Dad for help while he was working on his computer. Asked him for help and he ignored me. I felt my leg begin to go numb from where the bite was. Then I woke up. And ideas about the meaning?

    • There is a demonic attack planned against you because Satan has gotten permission from God (as in the book of Job). This may simply be a test, something to learn from; or it may be due to a curse brought on for a reason. Specifically- this attack has to do with an activity.

      In part of one of my dreams this week, for instance, there was a hole in my leg. I could see in and there was nothing there. In real life, I am disconnected from a son and his family, so one of my activities in life (leg) is missing.

      Seek the Lord for answers on this. Ask if spiritual warfare or repentance is in order. Does this seem to fit?

  72. Yes and no. I have recently been freed from a repetitive sin and in the process made a breakthrough in my relationship with God. I am also experiencing breakthroughs in many other areas of my life, and I believe they are a direct result from my spiritual progress. As far as sinful activities that has also come to mind and I can’t think of any activity I haven’t either already dealt with or am currently addressing. Me and my mom prayed against any demonic plan or attack against me after I told her about it the following evening.

  73. Also I thought I should mention, football (soccer) is something I am very passionate about and I have received two prophecies about it.

    • Got it. This attack does involve and activity because that’s what the leg represents. It could be ANY kind of activity. It could be because the devil hates the progress you are making! As long as you are right with the Lord (1 John 1:9), you are in a good place for Him to protect you. God DID want you to be warned, so if/when it manifests, you can be right on top of it. Best wishes to you!

  74. Much appreciated, and God Bless

  75. Not sure if this is relevant or just something my brain made up , but I now recall being led by a girl, who told me to “let her go first, because she’s immune” (to the snakes posion?) and I remember Knowing she was somehow blood related to the snake. Then I followed, and saw something move very quickly In the edge of my vision. That’s when I was bitten.

  76. Makes sense, and I sure will. Much appreciated and God Bless.

  77. I have had two dreams more like flashes right as I close my eyes to sleep. Each time it has been while I was right after deciding not to talk to an individual, the same individual. The first dream a brown snake was coiled around my wrist and it looks at me as though to strike but never does. This was right after I was looking at my hand to charge my phone before bed. The second it was on my chest and does the same thing. Also was right after I look down at my chest before bed.

  78. That is really insightful and makes a lot of sense. I will admit I was skeptical to submit a comment coming from a less charismatic background but I could shake having this dream twice. You are gifted. I will pray.

    Thank you and God bless.

  79. I had a dream last night where i was at my village home with a people around.In the evening as i was walking through the compound which has grass i saw a snake that was grey but very shinny, it chased me around a i tried to run away from it but it insisted on chasing me. I ran out of the compound to bare ground and it didnot follow but when i came back i found when a young girl had crushed its head and there was blood. I was relieved when i saw it dead and the baby was still standing near it. what could be the meaning of it.

    • Expect to see this play out as a personal weakness is removed.. The girl symbolizes something or someone which is not too old, like a fairly new idea. You will be freed from this by getting to the heart of an issue and resolving it. Only slightly messy.

      Confront this issue and receive freedom in Christ.

  80. Hello 🙂 wanted to seek insight from other spirit filled believers . Quick
    I went outside my home and across the porch on the sidewalk I noted a snake on a table outside blocking me from where I would leave the house .. it raised its head like a staff and stared at me& I stared back , I didnt have feeling that it wanted to attack me , as it did not move just held its position . not afraid just aware , It was grey with green on its head . Possible python , didn’t feel it was poisonous it just wanted to make itself known . Thank you in advance .

    • Thanks for reaching out. This dream resembles some of the visions I have experienced as well as dreams. In one vision, a squirrel scampered toward me in a tunnel and then just looked at me. In a dream, a yellow bird flew to outside my window and looked in.

      God was letting me know that a demon with sinister intentions was watching me to see how he might proceed in an attack. The message: stay pure, strong, and alert. The demon manifested through a person and a war followed.

    • God may be saying in the dream that you, likewise will be watched in the future in order to obtain a strategy against you and block you from moving forward in some way. Be particularly careful of traps associated with envy or greed.

  81. Three successive dreams: 1, Small black snake was on floor, I hid in ceiling, snake saw me, flew up to bite me. 2, I sprinted along path with green snakes disturbed as I ran, but didn’t see them as I was focused ahead, a snake recoiled to strike me. 3, I stood behind my husband, he faced a refrigerator, big green pythons came out of freezer, husband pushed them back in, seemed like he was used to it. Freezer opened again, huge green python came out, I reached around husband to push it in, snake recoiled to strike me.

    • The devil has had a plan for a while, but has been held in check until the timing or circumstances were right. The enemy may want to pressure you into a compromise from what you know is right. Expect persistence. Be watchful about a trap associated with jealousy or greed.

  82. Thank you for this. These dreams do seem to be warning about an underlying situation that’s about to surface. I hadn’t thought of persistence or pressure to compromise and will be thinking about that.

  83. @lynmarie thank you for that insight , and Yes I remember thinking to myself in the dream that it was waiting and watching ( however) it had not yet gained a right . Amen felt that it was a call to remain pure and keep it out .felt like we were having a stare down . So that resounds 🙂 thank you very much & The Lord bless you even more . It was followed by a wonderful dream full of promise so I take it as a be alert 🙂 thanks again

  84. This past Sunday I was playing in a match and ended up twisting my leg in an odd accident. Not sure if somethings torn, but there is pain, some numbness, and difficulty moving my leg in the exact area where the snake bit me in the dream. I will know more after I get an MRI. Could this have been the attack?

    • The injury certainly was surely an attack since you dreamed of it as well! On another level, your accident could be prophetic. Expect the devil to try to attack you in an activity or work. Remain pure and ask the Lord to help you to see if Satan has any grounds for this. If that is not the case, then know that the Lord is with you and will guide you as he continues to mold you into His image.

  85. Just had a dream where I was walking outside my home at night and encountered a snake that crossed my path. Then a short time later a large black venomous snake tried to attack me. I was able to pin it down with something and then suffocate it with my bare hands. I have been going thru a lot this week as I try to instill permanent change in my life with God’s help. I know snakes can represent different things in life like deception etc. Would like your take. Thank you!

    • God seems to be telling you that you are going to get a handle on something that has been holding you back from fulfilling your greatest potential. In this dream, I’d say the snakes symbolize demonic schemes to get you off track, to distract you and delay you.

  86. Had a dream about a snake that my son and niece are calling friendly, I see her holding it in a towel and patting it and then I see it crawl on to my son’s back. I am not liking the sight but he’s saying to me look this is like the ones in Australian zoo that you can take photos with. Never had photos or anything taken but this has appeared in my dream.
    In real life my son seems to be confused about issues surrounding his life and what direction to take is also boggling his mind.

  87. Her name is Shiprah and yes he does spend time with her they are good friends

    • Based on the rest of the dream, I’d say that his cousin is literal. She is promoting something that she thinks is good, but carrying it out will bring a curse. He is either blind to the harm that will come of it, or it literally has to do with his back (as in a ungodly tattoo).

      So this dream is a warning about something they are planning. Talk to him and see if you can discern the identity of this. It may look tame, but to God, it’s important and has consequences.

  88. I dreamt about a snake hanging on a wall, coiled, with its belly facing me and it’s top against the wall. I went to reach for it to rub oil on it, but it tried to tail whip me, and it slithered onto a nearby coat rack full of clothes, and down onto the bed where my boyfriend was laying. He was not alarmed, but watched as I frantically tried to remove it from the bed as it kept dodging me. Then suddenly it leapt from the bed and out of the door.

    • There is someone very close to you trying to deceive you into taking an action or continuing to take an action which is not beneficial to you. He continues to seduce or badger you to change your thinking in a personal area of your life or involving intimacy.

      You have the power to refuse this. Compromising your principles will reverse the good plans God has for you. Resist the devil and he will flee. And this will be a very good thing. Make sense?

  89. In my dream me, my mom, her distant cousin and her son (6-10yrs) were in my mom’s house. My mom is renovating so I was asking her to clean my room because it was time to go to bed but she refused. So I left them in the main house and went to my room which is an outside room. As I opened the door I saw a short, black with yellow and white dots cobra. Then I closed the door to call my mom but the snake tried escape through the wall running towards our neighbours house but before we caught it and my mom started beating until the snake turned into our neighbours dog. Very intense dream.

    • Welcome! Always glad to hear from another South Africa. Our son was there a couple of months ago.

      Without knowing what’s going on in your life, I’d say that you may be growing just a little weary of a circumstance that God is continuing to allow. In connection with that, He’s revealing that the delay is for a reason, that he’s protecting you from a deceiver. The deceiver is near, has to do with lack of courage, and is not a believer. Does this seem to fit with anything going on in your life?

  90. Thank you. I hope he enjoyed SA. A lot of things come to mind but let me be brief. I live alone in another city. Ive been helping people who turn out to be ungrateful and betray me, similar thing happens back home even the ones I consider friends & family. Recently started a business but not getting off the ground & non of my closest “friends” seem to be supportive. I wanna further my studies but there’s just delays *sigh* I’ve beeeen waiting for my breakthrough in all aspects of my life!

    • OK. So weary of waiting fits as the dream conveyed… “helping people who turn out to be ungrateful and betray”. Boy, can I relate to that. Still the seeds you have planted will manifest a harvest because God is in charge. I pray the Lord will reveal the keys to your turnaround. Let us hear from you when you have another dream which may carry a clue to what’s hindering your breakthrough.

  91. Amen! Thank you so much. You will definitely hear from me again. It’s almost midnight here so time for me to pray and go to bed. Have a blessed day further!

  92. Hi Lyn, could this be the clue? In my dream a friend by the name Shibe asked me to share a 2 bedroom apartment with her, rent would be 3900 and we would move in 3/12 (December 3rd). And in this dream I tell her I will take the master bedroom because I’m older than her, she agrees. Then I tell her the main rule would be “making sure we sort out problems as they arise.”

  93. She’s a friend of mine, not very close though. There’s nothing much to say about her except for her not showing interest when I told her I’m opening a lingerie boutique. But recently asked if I eventually found retail space as she’s also looking at opening a clothing store. And in the dream I only saw the bathrooms of the said apartment!

  94. Hi!
    From what I remember, I began to trust this anonymous person in my dream (I think) who i then saw myself with in a bedroom. I drew snakes wrapped around a body on paper which was all in fun and games but then these snakes turned into real life long snakes which he kept insisting should enter me. I was fearful- not the running away kind but just begging this person to not let them enter me. They were close to me but by the time anything could happen I woke up.

    • So snakes wrapping around a person means something is squeezing you, pressuring you. Entering you would most likely have to do with entering your you mind, that is changing your mind. Just don’t fall for this tactic of the devil.

  95. First day i dreamt of a big python lying under a bed idle, it was big enough to fill under the bus. i was walking past it, trying not to wake it. a day after i dreamt i was home and there was sound of an angry snake in the pantry, i was in another room and tried closing the doors but they would open . i called my sister went to the pantry and it started making an angry sound not hissing but a “kraaah” sound. it hopped out of the pantry and went straight to me to attack i started praying in tongues, and woke up feeling as if the snake had slid in my right side.

    • God is showing you that though you are unaware of it, there is a large demonic plot in place with plans to begin its attack soon. It looks like it will manifest when it feels most threatened, and the attack is for the purpose of weakening your strength and faith. Know that this is from the devil, and you don’t have to compromise or fear. There IS a path to victory!

  96. Had a dream where me and my brother were walking through a field covered in snow and ice, and buried in the snow were thousands of snakes, so many that they covered the ground like a carpet. They couldn’t move and seemed almost asleep, but if stepped on they would bite. I was stumbling and not looking where I was stepping, and somehow managed to avoid stepping on any, but every time my brother tried to take a step he would step on one and get bitten, but only but the small green harmless ones, instead of the big ones with circular patterns.

    • Your brother may represent something or someone walking beside you. God is saying that there is broad misunderstanding and mis-guidedness beneath the surface of a matter. This is not evident as yet because there has been a period of waiting before this is set to manifest. You are to be aware of this, but you are advised to avoid stirring up “trouble”, though you are protected from real harm. Is there a situation you see in your life that this might apply to?

  97. I’ve been having dreams with snakes. They are brown to black snakes and tend to be killed in my dreams. The other night I had a dream where I was walking through grass and a brown and black snake came towards me. I remember being afraid and then a large, yellowish/orange snake came and swallowed the brown snake and it kind of smiled at me before going away.

    • These are warning dreams. A brown/black snake would most likely symbolize false compassion rooted in evil. IN other words, someone masquerading as loving and sympathetic to accomplish a sinister plot.

      Because this plan fails (or for some other reason), it is overtaken by another force which can be described as spreading fear with persistence. It will return. God says do not be fooled by these liars. Be safe in the Lord.

  98. I was running down a road a big long white snake slithering very fast stopped and slithered its face near mine. It looked me over then left me alone and went the opposite way I was going. Then I came upon another snake going the same direction as me. It was a royal blue and silver striped snake. I was not afraid of it. It was also big and long but I was floating above it looking down at it. I floated past it and started running again. I came upon another long white snake that had a very large head it slithered around me studying me it left me alone and went the opposite direction of me.

    • This dream shows that Satan would like to attack you by sending people who appear to be righteous and good, but in reality their motives are then opposite. A 2nd approach may have to do with false redemption and communion or joy. You are able to discern this, and also, Satan has no legal ground to move forward with an attack, though he is trying to catch you in impurity so He has the right to. A warning dream to keep your eyes open.

  99. Yes it does, as me and my brother have had an estranged relationship for the past several years. I still don’t fully understand the dream though, as if there is more to it

    • The dream (6 comments above) is surely about your relationship with your brother. The snakes represent lies in your minds concerning each other. The sleeping/immobility signifies the state of your relationship now. God is telling you that your brother is thinking of you and you are safe to contact him because the cycle (reoccurring pattern) is ending. Reach out and let us know how it goes.

    • I understand doing this may be difficult and scary… I am estranged from 2 of my children right now and waiting on the leadership of the Lord.

  100. I will, and much appreciated

  101. I will, and thank you very much

  102. Hi dreamt I walked into my bedroom and saw a big snake with its tongue out and which was moving in and out. Then the snake started consuming a white cow. When I looked at the snake’s body it was huge! Long and very thick. Then I turned and saw another thick bodied snake this one was white and creme with a scaly body. However it wasn’t moving it and didn’t do anything was just static. The last time I dreamt about a snake was around 18 months ago. It was moving very rapidly in my back garden and I chopped it in half.

  103. Hi, i saw a snake lying in my bed next to me. The snake and i, we talked. The snake was thin. It wanted to devour me. It set its eyes on me. I couldnt escape. However, somehow i decided to play trick on the snake, i talked to him, asked him question in order to make him look smart. Then somehow i manage to hold his body, and throw him away. Yaiks. From its colour, it was a rock python i think. What do you think this dream about?

    • Love this. God is telling you that you can outwit this deceiver in your life. It is a person. It is weak and has little or no grounds to harm you. Do as you did in the dream; make this person feel smart while you are outsmarting him or her. Does this make sense at this time?

  104. Hi, am a Nigerian, i had a dream where i was in the office and i saw a snake, my colleague and i hit it but it ran, and later i saw the snake on the shelf trying to attack me but i ran out screaming Charles (the name of my colleague) to where my boss was in a meeting with some people, i hid behind him and told him there was snake in the shelf, he stood up together with the others to where the snake was on the shelf but the snake had died on our getting there and my boss pointed to it and said its already dead, the snake was swollen and head was chopped off. what could that mean?

    • This may be about a situation at work because the dream took place in an office. There is a deception which, if activated, will have the effect of bringing some type of bondage. Your prayers for freedom are powerful and effective in stopping this plan from being carried out. The plan might possibly have come from someone who leaves this office. Please give feedback. Does this fit?

  105. Hi, i had another dream of snakes. why lying on the bed, my husband saw a black snake trying to come into the room from under the door, he took a cutlass and was cutting it to pieces, i jumped down from the bed afraid, then sudden i saw many dark coloured slim snakes on our bed, i called out to my husband who removed them from the bed and cutting them into pieces, when i tried to get my step daughter from the bed, lo and behold i saw a very small slim dark/black coloured snake on the bed before i awoke. what could that mean?

  106. there were 3 black snakes that kept appearing threatening to me. took place at my first House. it was night I was with my dad and i told him i love god and want to spread his word and my dad said god knows. My dad told me that God would let the snakes go one last time i would catch them and he would shine bright within me. God sent us to almost like the edge of the earth under the starriest sky I got feeling of fear but also of peace. I picked them up and I threw them as far as I could through this door and I said thou shall not deceive me!

    • You have a call on your life to teach others how to deal with dark forces. To be effective, you have to have experience. God will direct you along the way. You will see victory and testify of it as well as teach others of spiritual warfare. Hallelujah! Talk to me!

  107. A large number of snakes, not sure how many was in my house, relaxed, some on the settees, on the cupboards, etc. A large greyish snake, found by my sister just outside my door, was brought in on a stick & displayed in my lounge. We looked at the snake discussing its size and non-aggressive state, who, with erect head, sat looking at us. I, awoke with me, standing at the light switch, asking if it will run to the light if I switched on the light. I remained aware of a bit of confusion and an element of fear.

  108. I Was in a messy backyard full snakes. A viper sprang out and bit me. A voice said “that’s the deadliest snake in the world and you will die soon” .. I tried to kill snake with a shovel did little damage. I hose off the shovel as I worried someone would touch it. I told everyone I was bitten. nobody cared. I hit the snake again so no one else would be bitten. This time the shovel went straight thru the snake and killed it. I was dying and had to get to hospital but it was too late. I was white and knew my blood was drained away. I was weak and given up living I didn’t care

  109. Most of my dreams are pretty long, and I dream every night. I have begun to notice some common themes in the dream, I’m running late, old people, airports, having blurred vision, a hotel, an auditorium & a clinic or a emergency room. I have had at least 3 dreams with each of those being in them. I have been trying to interpret them,I get overwhelmed,they are long and I have many. I’m positive God is speaking thru dreams , I want to learn as much as I can learn. But I feel like I’m behind.

    • I suggest you access our dictionary. The top 50 elements dictionary has more information on each element. Briefly- late can be a call to action or an assurance that God will handle the timing depending on the rest of the dream. Old people may be speaking of some things that have been around a long time, even, the old sin nature for instance. Airports speaks of departing or arriving to a new place or hoping to. Blurred vision and the auditorium both speak of God showing you new things so stay open to that.

    • A hotel speaks of a temporary place that most likely COSTS in some way (including time). A clinic is speaking of some sort of healing- anything from physical to grief to emotional healing from being hurt emotionally.
      I wish you well in this journey. Understanding dreams is life-changing!

  110. THANK YOU so much! I am so excited to learn more about prophetic dreaming, I don’t really know anyone who operates in this ministry and my church is not at all prophetic. I’m praying the Lord will put me in a place where I can grow and learn more about prophetic dreams.

  111. Also, could the dream be about someone’s else? A friend of mine who is like a brother to me and I have often talked about God has always dismissed him as a being who doesn’t truly care about humanity. Recently his mother passed, and in the past when death was brought up he would say things like “people die every day” as if it’s not a big deal. Could the dream maybe be signaling that he is ready to hear the gospel?

    • Dream repeated. Next time use reply button. Me and my brother were walking through a field covered in snow and ice, and buried in the snow were thousands of snakes, so many that they covered the ground like a carpet. They couldn’t move and seemed almost asleep, but if stepped on they would bite. I was stumbling and not looking where I was stepping, and somehow managed to avoid stepping on any, but every time my brother tried to take a step he would step on one and get bitten, but only but the small green harmless ones, instead of the big ones with circular patterns.

    • A brother in a dream can absolutely symbolize a close friend or brother in Christ, so it can surely be about him! Let’s suppose it is about him. This dream is telling you how to pray. He has been in a cycle of receiving lies, but these are not doing harm; that is, they are not taking hold. Keep praying because the Lord will lead you in your ministry to him. He is not too far gone.

  112. Thank you so much!! I am not sure what you mean by spiritual ware fare but it sounds kind of scary. I am nervous to see what types of things I will experience teaching others about dark forces

  113. Thank you so much!! I am not sure what you mean by spiritual ware fare but it sounds kind of scary. I am nervous to see what types of things I will experience teaching others about dark force

  114. It doesnt make sense at this moment. But hey, at least, it’s a good news 🙂

  115. A snake on a square white box like a pedestal. I walked around the box looking at the snake and it was staring back at me, his eyes following mine. At one point someone was standing closer to snake causing our gaze to break. I knew the snake wanted to bite me and apparently it already did. I was scared but for some reason felt I needed to let it bite me again. I turned my head away and closed my eyes tight and stuck my right hand out so palm is facing floor to let it bite me on the outer strikes, I felt the pain of the bite.

    • Here’s what I see. It seems that God is telling you that you don’t have to compromise of the way you are treated. This person is abusing you in some form thinking he/she is better than you. God sent this dream to give you a parabolic picture from His perspective. He is clearly saying that it doesn’t have to be this way, and shouldn’t. Take action as the Spirit leads.

  116. I had a dream of snakes again one was coming in my daddy house I was running but I wasn’t chasing me then J open the side door it was one under the car port so I ran across the street to my sister house and she said it is a snake in here it under the couch ,but I never seen it. I left her house running to my auntie house and she say I have two snakes in here one pink and one white. So I ran from her house and woke up but if I recall the one that was under the car port was like black maybe even a little brown and green,but they never chased me the just popped up places.

    • This sounds like God is telling you that you have been given spiritual discernment so that you can see what is hidden having to do with people. Keep your spiritual ears open as the Lord wants to use you to clean up things. To get more out of the dream specifically, visit the COLORS page. Since snakes are negative, it will either be the negative meaning or a false positive, such as a false authority (purple).

  117. Part of the dream I was walking through a garden and when I looked down I noticed that the entire ground was full of snakes. They were all darker colors except a few bright yellow ones with dark spots. They were all coiled and tangled up in one another. As soon as I noticed, I started to panic and tried to get out on to like a patio. But then I felt a snake under the back of my shift. I knew the snake wasn’t going to bite me but I was still panicking trying to get this black snake out from underneath the back of my shirt and then I woke up.

    • In this dream, God is speaking to you about something that is growing and getting larger, but it’s dispensing many lies and playing on people’s fears. Attacked is planned for you in your blind spot as you will be caught unawares. Don’t buy into these lies and don’t be afraid. God will protect you but this may come very close and be uncomfortable. Tell us if you know what this may be about yet!

  118. My long term ex and I being chased by a 4 headed cobra. We were on a separate bamboo raft (the size fits only 1 person) our distance aren’t that far when I saw a 4 headed cobras tried to chase and attack him and using his paddle he got rid of it and that’s when I started being chased. I also got rid of it when I reached the shore. Both of us were ok.. and then there was a dead body of a girl face covered with blood with no internal organs found not far from the place where we saw the cobras.

    • Unless the Ex is literal in the dream, I’d say an allurement which has pulled you in previously is resurfacing. Satan wants to trick you with something which is close-by and worldly or connected to the world. Your weapon is removing yourself from people, places, and things which attract the flesh. it looks like God is telling you that unless you change direction, Satan’s plan will work, his plan to END something which shouldn’t be ended. What do you sense this is about in your life?

  119. I dreamed of a humongous snake. I saw it using my peripheral view it didn’t move just stay there watching me. I was distracted and looked away for one second and it grew smaller and smaller and before I could get something to kill it with it slipped in a hole and got away.

    • Looks like God is pointing out to you a great deception or deceiver. Those who fall for it, will be negatively impacted in a great way. You, apparently know better, but it will be after others. Perhaps God is giving you an assignment to help others understand this lie. What do you think this is about?

  120. I really don’t know I have been staying strong in my walk with God and I just don’t know what this could mean. The more I stay strong more the enemy try to oppress me and attempt to destroy me but it only makes me stronger

  121. I had a dream that my girlfriend and I were walking. I kept having severe pain in my ribs, particularly when she touched me. Suddenly we are in a fast food restaurant, and she walks into the kitchen and looks around, and says, my pain in my ribs is coming from what I’ve been eating. When I look down at my plate I have a half-eaten burger. When I pick it up, i realize there is a snake in the burger. As soon as I see it I become afraid and i grab the snake, i try to hold it off but its too strong and it lashes out and bites my throat.

    • WE feel that this prophesies a betrayal intended to strike you in a vital place. Your protection is a risk. And this may come from something you are partnered with. It seems to come when you are living life doing the regular things, possibly processing something, so it may have to do with work.

  122. Well I had a dream recently where me and my family were in our house. I didn’t know at first that it was really our house until I noticed that it looked exactly the same. We were trying to go to the car but there were snakes. So at the door through the eye piece, I could see a few grey snakes in the peripheral but one cobra was starring right at me, it was a bit distanced, so small then I started looking back away from the door which was were my family was, then back at the door piece with the grey cobra staring at me now a lot closer. (The other snakes went out of the picture so it was just the cobra) I would do that a few times until they suddenly disappeared. So we ran outside to we’re the car was, and the cobra was chasing me and finely but my foot or heel. Please help, cause I told my mom and she said snakes could mean betrayal.

  123. Well I had a dream recently where me and my family were in our house. I didn’t know at first that it was really our house until I noticed that it looked exactly the same. We were trying to go to the car but there were snakes. So at the door through the eye piece, I could see a few grey snakes in the peripheral but one cobra was starring right at me, it was a bit distanced, so small then I started looking back away from the door which was were my family was, then back at the door piece with the grey cobra staring at me now a lot closer. (The other snakes went out of the picture so it was just the cobra) I would do that a few times until they suddenly disappeared. So we ran outside to we’re the car was, and the cobra was chasing me and finely bit my foot or heel. Please help, cause I told my mom and she said snakes could mean betrayal.

  124. I started dreaming of snakes about 2 years ago. They’re usually the same in which someone I know has a pet snake. I’m frightened of the snake but no one else seems to be. The snakes are never aggressive, they don’t attack. They’re just there, someone is usually playing with it and I feel very uncomfortable, but try to put on a brave face. Before my husband left me last year the snakes were a light blue color. I had another similar dream earlier this summer where I believe the snake was brown. Last night there was a pink snake with red spots. There was a little girl trying to get me to hold the snake and she was telling me the snakes name was ruby. I was scared of the snake and refused to hold it.

  125. The first dream the snake belonged to my brother Jacob. The other dreams the snakes belonged to people that I do not know. I didn’t know the little girls name from last nights dream, just the snakes name, Ruby.

    • Perhaps God is showing you that you have the gift of discernment and that you should utilize it at a higher level. Jacob means supplanter. That’s highlighting a connection between a “thief” and a “deceiver”. Ruby may carry a similar message, speaking of deceit and battle.

  126. (This is long but I feel like I should share the entire dream to get feedback) I recently dreamed that there were 4 children (not my own) who were sitting on a table in the front yard of their house so that when their father looked out of the open window at a particular time he would be able to see them. The father was mean and abusive toward the children and came out of the house wielding a belt so I helped the children escape by leading them through the woods. This is where the dream takes on a whimsical fantasy like aspect because as we were running and came to a certain area in the woods I spoke something (cannot remember what I said) but the air blurred and we stepped into a “different land” (I don’t know how else to describe it). There were different animals like a cheetah that we walked right by. I ushered the children down a trail and then we were in a house and standing in a hallway at the open door of a bedroom. On the floor in the opening of the doorway was a predominantly yellow snake with some white spots and it’s tail (maybe 4 or 5 inches) at the end was broken off so that one side of the snake was to the left of the door and the rest was to the right of the door. The snake was alive and I was not fearful of it as I knew that the snake was meant to protect the room. Again I spoke something into the room and it became a beautiful brightly colored bedroom where before it just appeared to be a normal average bedroom. I said to a woman at the end of the hallway that “he was abusive towards the children, not me” and I woke up.

  127. Hi. I had a dream that I was walking up stairs and a two headed rattle snake or asp attacked me. My husband reached out and grabbed it to protect me and cut the 2 heads off one by one. I walked over to looked at it and saw there were actually four heads that were cut off. I also remember a small garter snake was on the stairs too and I asked my husband to go get that one as well. Very odd dream. Especially since my husband is afraid of snakes.

    • You were advancing to a higher level. The attack against you was twice as big at you were expecting or coming from all directions. There may be one more little thing that has to be taken care of at the end of this. But Jesus will take care of all of it for you!!

  128. Hi LynMarie! Shar Lynn here! I dreamed that I was in a bedroom (behaved like it was my own bedroom) & something was drawing bees to my room. They didn’t really fly, just crawled the floors & bottom of the wall. I watched as they increased, maybe 15-25 total. Tried spraying them, they left slowly, came back shortly after. They didn’t sting me, but I hid under covers when I sprayed them. There was a really big one, half size of a mouse and moved like a caterpillar. The feeling was overwhelming and it felt impossible to get rid of them. I hid under my covers a lot.

    • I have seen the bee hive in the bedroom before and learned from that one when life played out! This attack is multifacited or continual, and incites a certain level of fear. Fotunately, it is greatly limited. But you have one vulnerability. The plot can be described as just getting started. So nip it at the bud. Explore what is spiritually leaving you open to this attack.

  129. I dreamt that I was at the door of the bedroom and I saw a snake at the wall of the bedroom, stretching itself towards my son to bite him, and I was calling on my husband Who was also in the bedroom to kill the snake, but he was not paying attention. And the snake ran under the bed. Then I came into the room and was praying for my son, I placed my hands on the boy’s Head and was praying, then the snake came out from under the bed and bite my right hand, I started shouting and calling on my husband to kill the snake, he Came with force and was trying to strangle the snake, but it escaped.

    • Sorry for delay. Something you started with regard to a relationship will not go well. You may have done something to tick soneone off, to stir something up. You call on Jesus to help, and there are reasons He is only able to sweep this away for the time being. Don’t fret. Ask God for what you need to know to resolve this once and for all.

  130. I dreamt some dreadlocked men were selling dry long very very long owl intestines. People were buying them from a small shop. The dry ones got finished and people started buying the fresh ones but they looked like long snakes, probably pythons. I didn’t buy anything. I was just looking confused.

  131. Hi Grace – I’m a fellow dreamer, have some thoughts re your dream of Oct 4 that I hope might help to point you in the right direction. Dreadlocks symbolize rebellion, owls symbolize wisdom, intestines are where you digest and process what you take in. Snakes symbolize lies or deception, python can have to do with legalism or some form of squeezing the life out, long in the context of snakes can mean over a long period of time…

  132. (For Grace, cont.): So my take on your dream is something like this… Some people who are not serving the one true God are dishing out to people a phony way of processing “wisdom” that is based on lies that rob people of real life and put them in bondage (gee, I wonder who that sounds like?). This is probably a philosophy that has been around a long time. It also sounds like these people are trying to make a profit out of this. God is earning you againat becoming involved in this. Does this fit?

  133. Hi Karen

    Thank you so much for clarifying all this. I was so confused. Thank you. For now I am not entirely sure where it fits in my life. But now I will be sure to keep an eye out. God is awesome and is always watching out for us.

  134. Hello,

    Pls, I will like you to help me clarify this dream (though I might have an inkling of what it is), I had a dream I saw myself in a broken down thatched house with a lot of small snakes, however I saw myself and my dad (who had passed away) trampling on them and ran to safety. While at safety I saw a childhood friend (whom I’ve not seen in years) swallowed by a much bigger snake but the snake’s mouth was pulled open before it could swallow her. And that was when I woke up but prayed and read some psalms afterwards and felt some peace.

  135. I dreamed of 7 snakes in my nap time about 3pm. 1red,1green they’re both small. 1medium white, and 4 big dark brown. The 2browns though our main door closed, forced themselves to get in from top. The white hanging already in the door of master’s bedroom, the other 2browns in hanging in the exhaust fan in the kitchen stove, and the red and green was outside. The 2hanging in the main door was mother and child. They can speak to each other. Though my husband cut the head of one of the snake that hanging in the main door, it seems like the head is still moving. My husband pulled the white snake, but We had a difficult time to get rid of others. I felt God is giving me a warning sign.

  136. I had a dream that a lady throws a red and yellow snake towards us and my 10 year old catches it unaware it will bite. My 1 year old daughter stands next to her sister and both kids are not worried. I started telling my big kid to leave the snake as it would harm her, but she won’t. So, I moved my younger daughter to a safe place and cries to my elder daughter to leave the snake for mums sake and she left. The lady who throws the snake seems to be related to us but could not identify . She comes to me later and says that the snake is not poisonous until it bites harder. She not only says that verbally, but also made the snake bite her lightly and nothing happened to her.

  137. When I was under 10 years old, I had a dream of a snake that was between my mothers legs. She was standing in my room crying her eyes out whilst this snake was there and I wanted to reach for it and take it away but she put her hand out to stop me from touching it and continued to cry on. Any idea what this could mean please?

  138. Last night I had my second dream similar. The first dream was two nights ago and I the main thing I remember was being chased by a snake and getting bite continuously and people were wondering how I haven’t died from all the venom. This last dream I had there was a huge ceremony going on and I was carrying something of great importance for the final part of the ceremony, whIle passing a tree I saw a snake sitting there on a limb eye level with a very evil look. That’s when he began coming after me attempting to kill me, but not with its bite but trying to wrap me up in its coils. I got the thing I was carrying to the end and that is all I remember. Any ideas?

  139. I dreamed I was on a porch and there was a cobra I was frightened of. I finally sprayed it in the face with something and it crawled into a basket and its head fell off. I felt really bad to kill a living thing, but was very relieved also that it was over. My husband pointed out to me that “That little guy over there looks pretty cool.” I looked over to my left off the porch in the yard a totally different snake crawled out of the bushes and up onto the porch, but it was really more like a kitty or something than a snake, very fluffy and friendly, and I was happy about that and began to pet it. Help?

  140. I dreamt about three snakes. My family and I were walking on dirt road and as we passed one house, I noticed a green boa snake on the grass. I got scared and began running away. As I went the other way, I saw a green rattlesnake coming towards me and I somehow picked up and threw it across the dirt road, where a pitbull appeared and killed that snake. I turned around again and my family and I saw a large boa constrictor that just hissed at us. All snakes were green but not sure what my dream means.

  141. I dreamt of a person disguised as someone who had lot of snakes in his/her head( like in the movie) covered. I just sensed that he/she had snakes in the head trying to manipulate me into something. And I woke up and started seeing snake wherever I turned to for nearly 2 mins .

  142. I need an interpretation to a dream I had last night about me being in this garden /forest or park and I was surrounded by large trees all of a sudden I see these HUGE serpents coiling and wrapping around these trees from the base to the top and out came these huge serpent heads from the trees bush staring directly into my eyes. I would try to look away and run but it was hypnotizing and intimidating at the same …When I did try to stare back at times to show I wasn’t afraid (which I was) but I always looked away. Everytime I would try to leave everywhere I turned a snakes head was coming out of the tree bush hovering over me as if it was literally above me looking down. There was two headed serpents , bronze serpents and green serpents. And there were snakes wrapped around each other..And they were everywhere in the trees. I was terrified I believe there was a man or woman out side of the garden/park when I eventually did get away.

  143. Hi Ariyana – re your dream on Feb 10: snakes symbolize lies or deception, bronze is strength, green is greed, envy or pride. The forest/garden/park sounds like possibly a religious environment full of people who are fully developed in this religion (tall trees). The doctrine of this environment is infested with powerful deception involving greed and/or pride, and the doctrine is very aggressive and intimidating and is being pushed on you. You will get out by the grace of Christ, however, and the man/woman outside the forest probably are Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Take heart, youll be all right!

  144. Good day. I know im a dream prophet because my pastor told me so but he has past away and i need help with a dream i just had. I dreamed i was on vacation with my mom my husband my daughter and son and my father in law in a hotel on the beach and we were staying on the 4th floor and that night there was a massive tsunami and the water rises and came into the hotel on my floor and after a wile the water disappeared and in the living room a saw 4 snakes one was red i cant remember the other ones colours 3 was skinny and there was one fat one the 4 snakes then jumped up and tried to bite us we kicked them off the balcony and then i was outside and i can see giant snakes they looked like anaconda snakes around the buildings and in people’s apartments and in their beds one giant snake was eating the other and then i was awake. What can this mean

  145. hi, i dont dream a dream at a night , i dream many ! and remember all when i wake up . Last nights dream was strange and beautiful ! It was me in my colleges basketballs court where a party was organised . To our surprise god had come in the party , and it was a divine environment . next thing i remember is i was in a jury panel to decide on who is going to be the next queen , and god looks at me and says hope you chose wisely .
    next thing i remember is all the girls in the party were in circle and god placed dark green scarfs on heads of few girls and skipped many girls and came to me , placed it on my head and told me to cover up nicely ! he was behind me and i was on swing suddenly , he kept swinging till i felt good and relieved and confident about myself , till every swing brought a new emotion and excitement !
    he kept on speaking inspirational stuff and advices from behind . until one swing , when i felt my cloths were going to fly off !i immediately stopped the swing and turned around at him , he was also on a swing and we were swinging looking at each other. I felt like i was falling in love !
    After that he vanishes and its a struggle looking for him in the party , cudnt find him , but i felt his presence around , as if he had blessed me !
    same time i dreamt about a snake crawling on my grandfathers body( i was just watching) dint do anything , it bit him , but nothing happened to grandfather as we thought he would die !

  146. Hello Lyn,
    I truly hope this get to you or anyone that can help and or confirm this prophetic dream. My husband and I are in ministry, he’s an assistant pastor and I am a prayer warrior/ Prophetess(office). So, early this morning I had the same dream (3x) that I cut open a woman left inner thigh and a Python came out. It was fat and off white. When I cut it open I opened the cut and it popped out with a little help from other hands.

  147. Hello, last night i dreamed of hunting snakes with beautiful mixed blue black color. I was with two of my friends. Started with my friends killed the first one and i was shocked bcoz of the snake. Bit then it just clicked to me that we were hunting them. We need to kill just 3 but killed more. Medium and short sized. They didnt try to bite. They jumped away from us and we were just liesurely cutting their heads off or in half and bagging them. It was like a game. They came from everywhere. Help me please.

  148. I had two dreams about a black snake. The dreams happened on two separate nights. In the first dream, I held the snake in my hand behind its head. It was trying to turn its head to bite my hand but couldn’t get me. The second night I had a similar dream, but in this dream my mother was in it watching me. The snake was larger than in the first dream. I held the snake behind its head, and it could not get around to bite me. I then started pushing the snake’s head into a long glass tube( head first) so it couldn’t bit anyone in the tube. This is the first time I have ever had a dream about snakes. what does it mean?

    • I wanted to add that I had these dreams in march, and shortly after my female boss started in on me about performance improvements that is being implemented at my job. They have recently hired two additional women, and one is her assistant. Her assistant is a new performance improvement manager. They are pressuring other staff member as well. I feel that I am in a spiritual warfare on my job. I have been praying day and night for God’s protection.

  149. My sister had a few days before my mentally ill uncle passed away unexpectedly. She dreamed she was in my grandmothers home (where he lives and is taken care of) and she was by the back door and sat on a stool and underneath was a big snake with blood on mouth and my mentally ill uncle (David) was there near here with a blank expression on his face as she tried to hunt this snake down and cut its head off. I took several attempts before she managed cutting its’ head but she finally succeeded. My grandmother was not noticeable in the dream and she takes care of my uncle regularly in that home. My sister has been quite shook up since then. What could this dream have meant?

  150. DENISE, RAMNEEK, LATESHIA, MIKAEL, JOHN and JOY – we will soon be addressing your dreams. Hang in there and EVERY BLESSING TO YOU!

  151. I dreamt I was at a house of someone I knew, who I feel does not like me very much. While being there I was cooking in the kitchen and I cracked an egg so I threw it out. When the egg hit the ground it burst out into a snake and about three more snakes appeared and they were racing for the house. My parents were in the living room so I ran to them and they started to pray and I followed suit. While praying I was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues. After this happened some small poisonous black roaches tried to attack me.

  152. I dreamed that I threw out a snail in its shell from my house. It then landed at a distance and came out of the shell. It was distinct. Later many more indistinct slugs came out of the shell, looking messy. When I took a closer look there was a fat snake logged in a connecting pipe to my house. I told the landlord’s son who happened to be my pastor’s son that I was worried it would have access to my house and that I wanted it removed. He said they would but that it’s been there even when the previous tenant occupied the house, that I shouldn’t worry.

  153. So in my dream there was a snake wrapped up around my right wrist which I was aware of and was ok with for some reason as I am not even a snake fan. So suddenly the snake unwrapped itself and stayed close to me as i was laying down on the field somewhere which had trees. Suddenly it went into a defensive posture like when a snake wants to attack an impending enemy and I look up and behold a huge snake was about to attack me but the other snake defended me and twice stopped an attack from the big snake which was very much bigger than the snake wrapped around my wrist.

  154. i dreamt of a black cobra snake that was chasing me and my sister. when it tried to spit or bite i started praying and crying and then the venom was just coming out of its mouth, it was not able to spit and as the venom was coming out it was getting weaker as well.

    • Hi Jennifer! It looks like God is showing you that prayer will stop lies, gossip and slander against you and your sister. The truth will be revealed, and lies get weaker. The enemy may have tried to intimidate you at first, but keep praying God is with you and fighting for you. Makes sense?

  155. Last night i had a dream that my mom one of our good friends and I were sitting outside talking. I spotted a Scrub python. we knew they were not poisonous so we just stayed where we was and continued talking. The friend gets up and goes pick up the good snake and my mom ends up holding it after she puts it down a Blue-bellied black snake slithers across us so we all watched both snakes. both snakes are passing each other & the Blue-bellied black snake attacking and biting killing the Scrub Python. ???

  156. Was running with a backpack was to slow so I emptied it and felt lighter. I saw a spotted belt in a bag of clothes and swallowed it. Next I vomited it up but it was a snake. I wasn’t hurt I was confused and ashamed. Started flying holding onto something and holding a black garbage bag of clothes in the other. A snake was trying to climb up the bag and I was trying to get the snake off the bag.

  157. Hi Melissa – You are going through a period of struggle/attack from the enemy by the looks of it. You are carrying an unnecessary burden and it has something to do with lies that you have been believing and that is making you feel rejected. You have been trying soar high over your circumstance but you need to consider your actions carefully so it does not end up in a bad way. That is the message for you I think in this dream. Let me know if this make sense please.

  158. I dreamt two girls lesbians where having sex with phythons. I was watching and I was the one experiencing the pleasure. Then one of the snakes a yellow phython bite me, then I woke up. The bite felt so real. I had this dream a day my ex boyfriend asked me if we could be in an open relationship. I said yes. When I said yes I did not feel at peace, I just saw a vision of two phythons intertwined, and later on I had the dreams. But I am not sure why I agreed when I am a Christian and don’t believe in such things

    • Hi Shelley – First of all, I want to applaud you for having the courage to post a dream that has to do with uncomfortable personal issues. We all have those issues, we all have dreams about them, but we tend to keep those dreams to ourselves! The People category in the dictionary addresses the dream element of homosexuality and says that it can refer to a spirit of independence within a relationship, that the usual “rules” don’t apply. This fits what your ex is trying to do. Snakes symbolize deception. (Cont…)

    • Pythons in particular can refer to squeezing the life out of the victim (victims in this case), which is exactly what will happen to you, your ex, and the relationship if this situation continues. God is showing you in this dream what the consequences will be. It sounds like this guy is an EX for good reason! Trust God and His ways, and He will give you the real thing, not a counterfeit relationship. You deserve more, you’re a princess of The Most High God!!

  159. I have had a disturbing constellation of dreams over the past 2-2.5 months. First, I dreamed I was wrangling two snakes. One was a rattlesnake and the other a cobra. I had one in each hand and they were both trying to lunge at me/my face. Then, at the beginning of August, I saw a rattlesnake in a vision. It lunged towards me and was so close I could see it’s fangs/tongue. Then, three days ago, I had a vision: I could see a person laying on a bed, near a window. The room was well-lit. In a flash, the person transformed into a snake and came up off the bed (think of a tornado rising) and it grew bigger until its head filled the entire screen of my mind.

    I don’t know how to interpret this and I am concerned because there are two poisonous snakes involved.

    • Additionally, I would suggest that God is trying to warn you about a person that is close to you, someone you do not as yet suspect of being deceitful. This person is right in front of you and the warning signs are there. Believe God rather than what you see with your eyes, and beware in order to avoid pain. Let us know how this turns out.

  160. => Missy (on August 18th). Hi Missy! It seems to me that the dreams and visions point to false tales, lies and attacks from the enemy that he’s bring against you. I advice to pray with the truth and The Word of God that sets us free. Does this make sense to you? God bless you!

  161. Rev Thank you. Was there a first part to your comment?? What I read started with “additionally”….

  162. Rev. It does, especially what you said about believing God and not what I see. I believe I know who the person is (cobra), but I am struggling to believe what God is saying–only because, it is hard. Thank you!

  163. However, the timing and repetition suggest God is trying to warn me, so I am taking heed.

  164. Howdy – I do dream but once in a while it is very vivid with color very specific. That happened last night. I was sitting on a couch-do not recall where-there was someone to the right of me-do not recall who. I was holding in the cups of my hands hundreds of small slithery alive red striped with black snakes and I was eating them. I lifted my hands over to offer them to the other person and it didn’t seem to bother me until I tried to wake myself knowing that this was not right. I morally just grossed out. They were not attacking me – I held them as they were calmly in both hands and was just looking down at my hands – and I set them down at my lap and I forced myself awake. The colors were very vivid. I have no idea what this means-your help in understand would be great. Thank you!

    • Hi Rebecca. Snakes – false tales/lies. Eating – taking in knowledge. Bible says “eat” the Word. I think the dream is referring to a false information that you’ve received and it can spread. Red could refer to anger or destruction, and black could refer to evil, death or something mysterious. So I think it’s a dream that could be warning of the kinda information you’ve received… I think you may have to do some recheck. Does this make sense to you?

  165. at my house w others.
    opened door saw a cobra in garden. papaya on the ground.started telling people but no one listening.
    smaller black snake in house. cobra sunk fangs into the papaya flung it across garden. closed all Windows and doors.
    snake catcher brought a constrictor showing the people in a sitting room how harmless this thing is. snake was bigger than people could see.
    snake’s tail was fat. pattern was changing like hologram.
    looked right someone ringing piece of clothing that was drenched in venom


  166. I had a dream of a short yellow slim snake. It showed me its fangs but didn’t bite me. It looked like it was there to protect me because someone else was there and was telling me to watch out in a panicky way like i was going to be bit but I picked it up and it didn’t bite me. Im not sure what that means?

    • Yellow slim snake = cowardly fear based motives, not very long time not so strong
      The enemy is trying to cause fear based motives in you that will not last for very long and will not have a great impact on your life. The other thing I noticed is that the enemy is trying to disguise itself in some way.

  167. I had a dream about a yellow snake that wasn’t trying to bite me but was trying to be my pet

  168. my brother had a dream of a yellow snake just sitting normally on the spare bed in his room. this snake in his dream was shedding skin.. what could it mean? Thanks in advance..

  169. I had a dream last night where my friend Marc and I was getting ready to watch a movie. he noticed something moving on the other side of the room. It was moving like a snake, it was all black and looked kinda shadowy.I started to panic and told him to go and kill it….but he also panicked as well and was frozen in fear. The snake then started to come to the side of the room we were…we jumped over to my bed in fear then it started to crawl up the ceiling… this point I was so scared and screaming in the dream the I woke up and it felt as if the snake fell from the ceiling onto my bed but obviously there was nothing there. Any idea?
    Ps: I do have a cold so that could explain the lasting effects of the image. Thanks for reading

    • Hi Cindy
      This is a dream from the enemy to bring fear into your life and the message for you in this is to not pay attention to the enemy’s tricks but keep on trusting God , the heavenly forces are on your side waging a war in the unseen realm. Bless you and let me know if this makes sense

  170. Hello! In my dream I was in a stadium looking for a place to sit, I believe it was a basketball stadium. It wasn’t very crowded I found a section of the stadium where I wanted to sit which was at the very to. Instead if walking up the stairs I began climbing my way up by the seats?? Once I reached the very top th re were two little snakes, one green and one yellow. They were very little, the yellow one being the littlest. They did not seem to want to attack me however the green one sort of seemed like it wanted to it was moving in place very slowly. Once I saw the snakes I became afraid,there was a little boy up there by the snakes. I took him and ran from the snakes down a Different set of stairs from where I cameand then I woke.

  171. Basketball = warfare back and forth, green = envy and yellow = fear based

    So you are in engaged in a spiritual warfare type situation where you are wanting to help others and the enemy is wanting to cause fear in you and there is someone who is jealous of you is wanting to interfere with what you are involved in. God had a special plan for your life and he wants to take you higher but you have to see clearly and choose the correct path. Does this make sense please ? Blessings !

  172. I dreamt of being in different rooms- first in bedroom I encountered a long thin green snake. I immediately warned people not to stay on there particularly in case the snake will be in the bed.?Following on a saw another 2 snakes… The short one another green one and a thicker longer brown or green one? I was surprised and took a huge step away from them as I didn’t want to come across them again. Sensed jealousy , pride and envy from people for the past few days

  173. I see a creek and take my youngest with me to play in the water. I immediately sense that something is not right there. I get on a big rock in the middle of the creek with my youngest daughter who is 4 yro I look down and see that there is creatures in the water they look like white snacks but with no actually heads. Body like a snake but with two ends. Yet they can attack and bite. I yell for my husband to come and help us so he gets a spear and starts to kill the snake like creatures. They try to hide under the rock but he keeps killing them. we finally get into the water and swim to the other side of the creek where there are two ladders we can climb up. I climb up one with my daughter and to my right my husband climbs up one.

  174. There is 3 I see and by ends I mean tails no heads.

  175. I had this dream a little while back and it has been really bothering me.

    I dreamt that i had a black head on my stomach, or at least I thought it was a black head so I started picking at it and squeezing it. The more I squeezed the longer and bigger the thing that was coming out was getting. I pulled and pulled and to my surprise the end of the thing had a face. It was a dead snake that I pulled out. The dead snake face was hideous. I don’t know why but I know there is a meaning to my dream.

  176. I dreamed of three peacocks – two black and white peacocks and one colored standing on our driveway outside the front portico but close to the living room wall . They had very proud looks on their faces, almost smiling with pride. There were two white snakes. They were adult snakes but not very long lying near the feet of the peacocks.The snakes I think were pretending dead.

  177. Hi Nalvikum
    This dream is to do with a situation that is affecting your family life and your ministry. There seems to be a conflict going on between some people that are showoffs and people that are pretending to be pure and holy. You are able to understand the moves of two of the showoffs but the third one is very showy and appears to be very appealing. Bring this situation to God and let Him deal with whats going on so the way for your ministry will be cleared. Blessings !!!

  178. I dreamt of a guy coming towards me. As he did a darkness came over me and I felt a cobra targeting my face. I wasn’t scared and it didn’t bite or anything bad happened. As the darkness disappeared I could feel the snake no longer and a beautiful golden solid ring appeared. I heard myself sharing with family that I got engaged to be married.

    • Hi Angela
      someone who appears to be bad is not what he really is. The enemy is trying to confuse you BUT how good God is that He actually makes clear in dreams the things that are hidden in some way. So if you are not married there could be some good news for you but if you are married then it may be a partnership( that you aren’t very sure about whether it is good or not ) that you are being encouraged to enter into. Does this make sense Angela ? Blessings !!!!!

      • Thank you Sheba. That’s so encouraging as I stepped into this dream a few days ago and questioned all the former dreams about this due to the confusion. Thank you. I will prayerfully keep watch on how this unfolds. Blessings !!!

  179. I was in the front seat of a stopped car with my son and husband. Across the road, we saw a long, creamy-white snake. I said, “It’s ok, it can’t get in the car.” But there was a gap in the door next to my son and the snake started to come in. It was now short, thick and grey/white with pale red eyes. We raced out the other side of the car, but with the sudden movement, the snake attacked, coming around the car, jumping up, catching hold of my clothes, but not reaching my skin. It was venomous, with a blood red mouth. It had grown longer, but was still thick and grey/white.
    Later, our dog had blood on his side, walking like it was hurt. We thought it hadn’t been near the snake, but decided to take it to the vet.

  180. Hello. I was wondering if you can help me maybe understand my dream. I don’t remember every little detail but my hsuannd was there and my mom and some other family members and a lot of snakes and also a huge alligator. Can you help? Thank you

  181. Hi,

    i dreamed of a red snake last night. I feel anxious and terrified. unfortunately my grandmother woke me up and I cannot continue my dream.. dream about snake(s) always bother me. and i cannot stop wondering what red snake means?

    • This represents war. There is a plot against you intended to manifest through a deceiver. Someone in your life is NOT who he or she appears to be. You can battle through prayer and spiritual warfare, closing any doors in your life that may have given Satan permission. Of course, sometimes, God allows things for His reasons. Also, battle in the earthly realm by awareness of those around you and their possible motives.

  182. I had a dream that me and my 2 boys were in a house that my aunt (who is now deceased) use to live in when I was a little girl. This house was fun, beautiful, safe. In my dream the house is now old, raggedy, with holes. Well because of the holes a big snake came into the house and start chasing us we would run. It would try to bite us but never could. Then that snake would go back in the hole and another big snake came it was almost like they would take turns chasing and trying to bite us they were trying to bite our legs. And I don’t know how I was able to always guard myself and my kids because the house wasn’t that big. I always found away to not get us bitten. In real life, I wonder why my husband wasn’t in my dream

  183. I had a dream where I was supposed to travel to USA by plane for 27 hours with a cage full of turtles. Then I lay down on the ground with people and a BLACK SNAKE was crawling past me. I did not know if it would attack me but I could not free my arms they were stuck. Problably because people was laying on them. The snake was not long but rather thicker, maybe like a eel but not that long.

  184. I dreamt I had this friend who showed me a procedure using a slim green snake biting me and the treatment. Anywho after that I seemed to have held on to the said snake to try the procedure myself and i went to lie down near my sleeping boyfriend and the snake slipped under the cover.I am freaking out babe wake up the snake’s under the cover it will bite you and I ended up getting bitten instead the same area i was supposed to try the procedure.That was on the inner side of my right knee.So I’m freaking out and some how I ended up in my mom’s room still on the bed and this friend of mine name aiden appears and I’m telling him what to get to treat the bite but strangely enough I didnt tell him to get anti venom

  185. I dreamt Im at a friend’s house (she lives near a forest area).I ask her about snakes. I am told about a thin snake (months ago my exboyfriend sent me a pic of a thin snake in his mother’s front yard- we were on the phone). In my dream my friend asked if I saw a thin one outside – spotted one but it disappeared. Then, I am talking to a woman who is sitting on the floor inside a house- as I approach her, I am looking down at her from an elevated location and can see a rainbow colored massive thing on the floor. I am taken aback as it dawned on me it was a snake. She realized it too- when it lifted its small head. It lay flat. It was very fat down the middle. We didnt do a thing – after the initial fear, it didn’t frighten us. I woke

  186. Dream that green snakes were surrounding me in every direction. I couldn’t get out so I jumped over them. There were snakes throughout the home in my dream at the end of the dream the snakes were attacking my daughter and my son ages 2 and 3 my son went down stairs and got bit by a snake ( didn’t see what kind or color) he came back up stairs telling me that he got bitten and then he started to throw up from the mouth and he looked as though he was going to die. I asked someone in the dream to take my son to the hospital please and they said no you should have stayed at home. It was a lady that said this and she was wearing all black. Then I woke up.

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