Let’s explore the meaning of snakes in dreams through the interpretation of two submitted dreams, each including 3 snakes. It’s not too unusual to receive 2 dream submissions about snakes within a week, but this week both dreams included 3 snakes! Sounds like a sign.

Although they may be uncomfortable to experience in dreams, snakes are one of the most common dream elements and generally in the top 10 dream themes universally.


Universal & Biblical Dream Element

1) Snakes represent lies an deception.

The snake is the creature that’s virtually all tail, and nothing but tail.

Notice that a tail is a homophone for a tale, a story, fable, excuse, or fabrication.

From a Biblical perspective, Satan came to Eve in the form of a snake with lies.

2) Snakes represent those who lie as a way of life or demons working through such people. These folks may have an undiagnosed personality disorders (which may be the clinical expression for demons).


Venomous snakes are more destructive.

Longer snakes are more destructive or referencing a longer amount of time.

Fatter snakes represent a great depth of deception.

White snakes are false doctrines or false religion.

I dreamed in vivid color about an aquarium. There were 3 venomous snakes lined up in it. The first was a black adder; it had a pattern on it as those snakes do. The second was a cobra, and the third a rattle snake. For some reason I stuck my hand in the aquarium near the first one and was bit. I pulled it out and felt compelled to slip it in again, this time over the cobra. I was bit also.

When I had it checked, I was told the venom had apparently been removed from those snakes, so I had no problem. For some reason I considered sticking my hand in near the rattler, but refrained. Then I found out that the rattler’s poison was in tact. I had saved myself.


Adders carry a black pattern and are extremely widespread throughout most of Western Europe and Far East Asia. They are not regarded as especially dangerous; the snake is not aggressive and usually bites only when alarmed or disturbed. Bites can be very painful, but are seldom fatal. I’m sure you are aware how lethal cobras and rattlers can be.

This dream is reveals divine protection you have had in two relationships, and the wisdom you developed through those experiences.

Your involvement with two persons would have had destructive consequences if your Heavenly Father had not protected you. The first one could be described as a common liar, not especially dangerous nor aggressive and bites only when alarmed. After that, you allowed a second; this person was not as docile and significantly dangerous. Both were bad news.

Those experiences were allowed in order to teach you godly shrewdness. Apparently you learned, because the third opportunity was a test to see if you were becoming more discerning of evil. Thankfully, you passed the test and avoided the devastating outcome. If this hasn’t fully played out yet, think twice before partnering again.


I pondered on this for less than a day before seeing that you are exactly right, and there were 2 partnerships involved and 1 potential partnership. The snakes referred to 3 friends… at least I thought they were friends at first. The first one wasn’t so bad, but I would have been better off to have been more cautious.

The second partnership ended up in an explosion. And the third was an old friend I ran into that suggested I room with him. I did consider it, but before long, knew he was bad news. I agree that God is telling me I am learning discernment and that he won’t always protect me from my own foolishness.

Last night I had a strange dream. I don’t recall exactly the place I was, but it looked like a living room. It was me, my husband, a few other people that I don’t recall their faces and a friend. As I walked by some baskets that were on the floor I became aware that there was a snake in each one of them (there were 3 baskets). I thought it was weird, but wasn’t scared or alarmed, and I said, something like “there are snakes on these baskets”.

Then one of the guys (don’t know who) picked up the snake from the head and asked Josh (my husband) to help him hold the snake’s body and the guy pulled a sword and started cutting the snake (it wasn’t a fast cut, it seemed like it took some time to cut the head off). My husband was kind of shocked. When it was done he said something like: “I would’ve freak out if (or I am glad that) it didn’t open its wings”.

That’s when I realized the snake had a head of a dragon. Then later on, my friend Selena (non-believer), pulls the other basket and takes the other snake out, but she started to stare at it instead of killing it (she had a knife with her). While that was going on, I was filming it with my phone and we were all saying to her “kill it, you have to kill it”.

The snake (which was dark and unattractive while in the basket) became this red/pinkish and almost “cartoonish” dragon staring back at my friend…(it seemed like all of us were a bit fixated on the situation …as if we were inside “a movie” or something…the atmosphere of the room changed)… then the dragon’s tail covered her head and neck and my friend still didn’t do anything (she seemed almost lethargic) until she realized that it was starting to suffocate her.

Then she pulled the knife and started cutting the dragon’s tail, but it seemed too late, she was fainting and falling on the ground…then I looked at my husband and he was in shock…nobody was doing anything to help Selena (other than saying “you got! ta kill it”). I stopped recording it and even looking at her and the dragon (not sure if I couldn’t look or didn’t want to look) as the scene became gruesome…it seemed as if a piece of her body was cut off…blood was splashing…I said to my husband “you will get blood on you, get out”…then I woke up! (it still feels heavy on my heart)…


This dream appears to be about a group or community of some kind that you are or will be involved in. I would suggest that‒ unlike the first snake dream in this post‒ this dream is similar to the “Uprooted Trees” dream on the Featured Dream page in that the multiple snakes symbolize just one leader or entity being experienced from more than one perspective.

In the “Uprooted Trees” dream, two trees fall, one on the dreamer’s house, and one across the street. Though we didn’t know exactly what leader/person was going to fall, we knew it would Impact the dreamer and another group. The dream was fulfilled when the dreamer’s mother died.

Your dream seems to expose a huge lie the group is swallowing or a person who is not what he or she appears to be, or both. If this is an imposter, he or she would be one who redefines himself or the events around him to suit his or her needs. If it is a counterfeit, it is based on one large untruth.

This imposter or counterfeit will be visible from head to toe and confronted, and it will take some doing to dethrone him, her, or the entity. I believe your husband is literal in this case and will be taken by surprise by this encounter.

There is a strong possibility that this may have to do with a ministry as women in dreams often represent churches (the church is the bride of Christ). Interestingly, the woman‘s name is Selena. That she is an unbeliever may not apply here, but if it does, it only emphasizes the name symbolism (Selena means moon which refers to the second heaven‒ a metaphor in scripture for the hellish realm). If this is the case, this church or ministry is based on a great lie and doctrines of demons.

Following that line of thinking, the church will surely fail to respond to the unveiling of the imposter or the counterfeit theology until it is virtually too late. The majority of those in the congregation will be unable to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit possibly on account of witchcraft, idolatry, or exposure to the occult, for instance.

The dragon head shows that Satan is in charge of this leader or entity. The colors pink and red tell us that the response to threat will be childish behavior and warfare. That it has no wings indicates that it is not mobile, a possible clue that this is an entity rather than one person.

The third snake is never addressed and so there is some mystery there. Use your imagination. If it is depicting a leader, perhaps this person will not be changed by the confrontation and simply move on. Or perhaps you are the one to move on to the next similar encounter. The snake in the third basket could be an additional mission or challenge for you indicating repetition of the process.


I do attend some meetings of a small start-up church, but maybe this has to do with our upcoming mission work. My husband and I are currently training with YWAM and will be going to Brazil, my homeland, to do mission work. This sounds like what we may be facing there, churches of false religions.

Although experiencing snakes in a dream may be unpleasant, God knows it’s a sure-fire way to get out attention. And there are times we need our enemies revealed, whether they are lies we are tempted to tell, lies coming to us from our adversary, or lies passed off on us by others. I was reminded just today by a dreamer that we are told about these snakes so we can triumph over them. They are below our feet.

She wrote, “I realize more and more how dangerous people we love can be. Yeshua said anyone that does not work with Him works against Him. If Yeshua can be enemy to my enemies, he has called me as His follower to be enemy to His enemies too. He said He did not come to bring peace but a sword. Yeshua said a man’s enemies shall be those of His own household.”

Here’s hoping you don’t dream of snakes, but if you do, consider it heads-up protection from the Voice of Truth.

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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