This week, we’re posting another dream for you to test your interpretation skills on. This dreamers has already provided feedback. The dream was prophetic and has been fulfilled. Test your interpretation skills by reading the dream and proposing an interpretation before clicking on OUR INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS on the dream.

THE DREAM- OUT-FOXING A WOLF This dream was almost like a vision in that it was really short and simple. In the dream, I saw out of a window a wolf kill some kind of prey. While it was hovering over it, the wolf didn’t notice as a fox came along and carried the carcass away. is this prophetic? If so, what is its message? What do you think this dream is saying?

OUR INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS You are receiving insight into a situation which directly or indirectly affects you. Your understanding of this is somehow beneficial. Being shown something through a window carries that meaning. A wolf in this dream setting is a negative creature both universally and Biblically. It is associated with hostility and aggression, something out of control.

Wolves in dreams or visions also bring in the concept of thievery; and are a demonic symbol of Satan’s mission to “kill, steal, and destroy”. And like all predators, a wolf kills with his sharp teeth. These teeth are like knives which cut, and in dreams depict verbal cutting. The fox in the dream is also a negative symbol depicting a second demonic plot against the prey. This plot is the opposite of “out of control”. It is very controlled as it is cunning and crafty.

The plan is well thought out. The insight you are being given is that through uncontrollable hostility, something will be lost, “killed”. The perpetrator may be unaware that a demonic force is behind his actions, that he is being used by the fox whose intention is to remove the thing that is lost, the prey. Most likely a female, this cunning creature’s mission is to separate the wolf from what ever it is that he has killed. Let us know if any of this makes sense or if something related to this comes to pass.

How about you? Did you come close in your interpretive comments to ours? We were spot on since the feedback reveals what actually took place.

FEEDBACK/PROPHETIC OUTCOME I get it. Unfortunately the dream is giving me understanding of the spiritual details of something that has already taken place rather than warning me of something that might. I tend to think well of people and be suspect of demonic plots and evil within people. I think that’s why God gave me this little vision, so I can support the prey in this scenario, and pray that the “wolf” will be delivered from the grips of the “fox”.

Some people close to me were attacked by a loved one so violently that you could say that the relationship was “killed”, at least for now. They felt so betrayed and unsafe that they actually moved out of the home they were sharing with this family member. The dream also tells me it was the recent girlfriend’s mission to remove them from the home and divide the family, keeping a positive spiritual influence away from the loved one who lost control.

Since your interpretation, I have shared this with others who are joining me in prayer for the deliverance and eye-opening of the “wolf”. Your prayers are appreciated as well, and we will keep you informed of further developments. Hopefully, this example will help you more fully understand your dreams focusing on creatures.

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!