From the Desk of Pastor Raymond

There are many signs afoot of the coming ENDTIME ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT as prophesied in the Bible. In fact, the coming ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT is racing forward aggressively.

Globalization is a gentle term for it, but a more encompassing term is the NEW WORLD ORDER, which originated about a century ago, but is now like a massive unstoppable train.

Revelation 13:1-10 describes the coming ENDTIME ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT as a “beast rising up out of the sea.” The passage requires quite a bit of interpretation, so allow me to take that up in other posts.

I do, however, want to highlight a couple of verses. Within verse 2, we read, “The dragon gave him his power, his throne, and great authority.” This confirms that the authority allotted to the beast is provided by Satan. The coming ENDTIME ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT is sent from hell itself.

Many or most Christians today may think this information isn’t directly relevant to us since Christians will be raptured prior to the tribulation. That presents questions also to be addressed separately. But trust me, information about the ENDTIME ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT is not only good-to-know, but vital-to-know.

The second verse I want to bring attention to today is verse 4. “So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, ‘Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?’”

So, these two verses together tell us that the NEW WORLD ORDER is a satanic notion, and will have tyrannical and absolute control over much of mankind.

We should be asking ourselves “What is it in this world today that could be described that way?” I contend, many things… hence, my train of many cars metaphor.

Today, I just want to focus on ONE of the forerunners of the ENDTIME ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT… one of the things going on today that clearly leads to tyranny: MEDIA MONOPOLY. What I’m going to speak of here may not be illegal, but it has great potential for world tyranny.

In 1983, there were about FIFTY COMPANIES that had control of ninety percent of the media.

By 2018, according to a report by Jaron Brandon (the digital content manager for the browser OPERA) a total of FIVE (5) holding companies and media conglomerates controlled most of mainstream media!

If these media outlets were made of unbiased individuals and institutions, everything would be fine. If human opinion and agenda were set aside to report the facts without related commentary, we could trust the media. The public would at least have fair and balanced viewpoints.

If news journalists could be relied on to refrain from altering reports to fit their agendas, we’d feel comfortable accepting the news as fact. If those controlling news companies weren’t compromised by power and money, we could count what they say as credible.

If billionaire social media directors didn’t act on news reports without verification from alternative voices, and didn’t use their platforms as a means of activism, we could trust social media.

But a world without a sense of accountability is a world without ethical boundaries. Why not change the facts if there’s no God to watch? Why not go where the money is? Why not follow what associates do when you know it’s not based on truth? Since there’s no one to be accountable to, why not do what you want… especially when you think it’s for a good cause?

When I was growing up, the news was the news, and commentary was commentary. No one purported to broadcast news when they were really broadcasting opinion.

But a lot has changed since those days. The problem is, according to Investor’s Business Daily, the content of the majority of large newspapers, television and radio news broadcasts, and just about everything produced in Hollywood, is driven by the same ideology. Have you noticed that? Maybe it’s because that ideology is true. Maybe it’s because the ideology is salve to the soul. Or maybe it’s because just five companies own media/Hollywood.

That equates to five people. Think of it, five people overseeing what we see and hear in media. And to make matters worse, nowadays, much of the world gets their news from social media snippets and videos.

At the moment, just Facebook and Twitter combined reach one point eight billion people world-wide. And did you know that sixty-eight percent of Americans use Facebook?

The way the law is structured in the US now‒ if Big Tech doesn’t like what you’re saying, they have the legal right to disappear or defund your post. And you can’t fight back.

I could give example after example of this happening to people, of their opinion-posts being deleted or moved backstage by social media censors. Then these powerful companies just state that what was said was inappropriate, insensitive, or racist. They are censoring those who disagree with them… and those of us whose worldview is Biblical.

So few people having so much influence appears to me to be a forerunner of the coming ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT as prophesied in the Bible. According to proponents, this ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT is supposed to bring about utopia here on earth. And it’s not surprising that many are trying to save the world from itself! The world truly IS a mess.

But those that hold that viewpoint are ignorant of the teachings in the Bible. There will never be a man-made utopia on earth. Instead, all mankind will eventually learn that only the rule and reign of Jesus can bring utopia. And every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Romans 14:11.

When our voices are restricted… when the content of our conversation is given boundaries… when we’re allowed only to say what the loudest voices want us to say… we are no longer a free people, and the American Constitution is being violated.

When the one-world government comes upon us, innocent critical-thinking citizens will have no way to hear a variety of views in order to thoughtfully come to their own conclusions. Instead, they will merely be puppets of a fascist and dictatorial power that suppresses opposition.

In future posts, I will discuss in more detail the coming ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT as prophesied in the Biblical visions.

June 2023 Memo: Because technology and social media is changing at an exponential rate, this post from 2019 is already a bit dated, but the principal is the same. I hope you consider this brief post well worth the read.

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!

Pastor Raymond