Explore the hidden meanings behind prophetic dreams involving PIE. This video dispels the notion that “pie dreams” are always mere reflections of earthly desires. Instead, she focuses on unraveling the profound symbolism behind dreaming about pies: fruit pies, chicken pot pies, lemon meringue… and even a blackbird pie.

PLAYLIST: Dream Elements & Themes

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  • Dream Interpretation Tips & Testimonies‒ Focuses on a dream interpretation tip. Expect authentic dreams, interpretations, and often real-life outcomes.
  • Dream Elements & Themes‒ Dream Elements or Theme Symbolism with example or authentic dreams, interpretations, and often real-life outcomes.
  • Dream Stories & Testimonies‒ Authentic & inspiring supernatural, prophetic, dream, vision, or signs & wonder testimonies.
  • High Impact Prophecy‒ Biblical & Credible Current prophetic dreams & visons impacting the world: Biblical EndTime prophecy, USA Elections, Election integrity, Politics, MAGA, Donald Trump.
  • Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance Counseling‒ Warnings & strategies to encourage & deliver spiritual freedom & victory. May include personal testimonies.