The short answer as to whether all all prophetic dreams accurately predict the future is NO. It’s NO… not because their accuracy is questionable, but because prophetic dreams have a variety of purposes.

The word prophetic in Greek literally means forthtelling, not foretelling. That means prophecy is not limited to speaking about the future, just limited to speaking truth.

I have identified 12 purposes for prophetic dreams, that is, 12 different reasons they are sent to people. Let’s zero in on one of the today, because in doing so, we’ll shed some light on the question posed as the post title.


One type of dream which may not accurately predict the future is an insightful dream. In one sense, most prophetic dreams are insightful. But I’m speaking here of dreams that don’t specifically fall into any of the other eleven types.

So, insightful dreams, which don’t serve a clear secondary purpose, assist dreamers in more accurately seeing a present or past situation for what it truly is.

Their purpose is to bring new insight or confirmation about a specific matter.

Now, in seeing these situations from a different angle‒ by use of a clarifying metaphor or by supernaturally providing details about a situation in the dreamer’s life‒ the dreamer is directed to make a change in real life.

So, these dreams don’t predict. Instead, they are intended to stimulate a change by the dreamer.

And if the dreamer responds appropriately to the new information or perspective in the dream, the dreamer will make the change.

And the final result of that change will change the future. However, the dream itself may not include a prediction of the future at all, but simply shed light on the present or past.



Allow me to present a caveat to remember with regard to prophetic dreams predicting the future.

Sometimes, the future seems to be given in a dream. And maybe, it’s tragic.

I know people who (while in battle) suddenly have nightmarish dreams repeatedly after all the earlier prophetic dreams spoke of a what seemed to be a coming and final victory.

Did things change? Has the predicted victory been swallowed by the jaws of defeat?

In these cases, much of the time, the message to the nightmarish dream seemly prophesying defeat… have bombarded the person in order to ignite the person.

They are being told “This now is in your hands. If you are passive and afraid to fight… this will be your outcome… and it won’t be good. So be brave. It’s your turn to fight.


And there are, of course, cases where prophetic dreams accurately predict exactly what’s going to happen. And that’s that.

The most important thing to remember with these is that they will generally be symbolic, not literal… and especially if it’s the prediction of a death.

These dreams are often presented in a gentle way, but it depends on the specific prophetic dream-gift of the person as well as how tough or sensitive they are… and, of course, how experienced at interpretation.

How can we KNOW when we’ve dreamed this kind. Well, there are several ways, which require some explaining…. so I hate to leave you hanging on this, but I guess that leads to my next post.


So, do all prophetic dreams predict the future?

No. They can’t, because they’re not all addressing the future.

Many are speaking into a current or even a past situation. And many are calling for action to change the future, whether internally or externally.

Do remember here, that I’m speaking here of dreams that don’t specifically fall into any of the other eleven types… types such as warning dreams, spiritual warfare dreams, dreams providing strategy, comfort dreams, or dreams inspiring innovations.

I probably should have ended this series with the INSIGHTFUL DREAM TYPE… because in one sense, most prophetic dreams ARE insightful! Oh well. It will all fit together and make sense with the final post the series.

Come to think of it, I may eventually post a Types of Dreams Series on social media, but you’re the first to get it here in these Exclusive Monthly Content posts.

Please bless others by sharing your INSIGHTFUL dreams by way of COMMENT!

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!

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