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Right Time Right Place

Let’s talk about divine encounters Sometimes the dream is only part of the story. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time and listening to the Spirit leads to a divine encounter that makes all the difference. This was the case with Sabrina. One evening in early fall, she headed for church as usual hoping to get a close-to-the-front seat in order to get a good view of the guest speaker who was coming all the way from New York. A well-known pastor and singer for decades, he had recently been in the spotlight more than ever. Desperately …

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The Early Edition

Sometimes my dream life reminds me of getting tomorrow’s newspaper today. If you’ve ever watched the television series EARLY EDITION, you know what I mean. Being prophetic is sometimes a trip! In the show, a kind-hearted bar and grill owner begins finding the Chicago paper on his doorstep each morning. He soon discovers that this newspaper that he never subscribed to is the one that will hit the stands the next day- unless someone intervenes. During a typical day, he attempts- on his own and with no compensation- to save lives and reduce impending pain. After doing what he can …

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Yes, Biology Again!

PART 2 OF THIS 2-PART TRUE STORY SERIES on how dreams about biology class were fulfilled.

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Back in High School Dreams

Two nights ago I dreamed I was in school again. A common dream theme. I’m learning that a significant part of life is about learning, but it’s not always easy. Even after reaching the landmark age of 60, I find myself noticing that I still can’t get past needing education. In fact, I learn new things frequently. I’m not talking about technology, but understanding life, God, people and priorities. There are life lessons I should have learned before or “learned” but didn’t apply. At times I’ve needed a reminder of what I already knew. And occasionally, I wasn’t ready for …

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Not Biology Again!

PART 1 OF THIS 2-PART TRUE STORY SERIES on how dreams about biology class were fulfilled.

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A Prophetic Testimony

Over the last 15 years, we have logged, examined, decoded, categorized, and reviewed around 5000 dreams. Almost without exception, we either personally experienced the aftermath, watched family members live through the outcomes, or collected feedback from dreams received by friends and strangers alike. Enjoy a list of a few abbreviated prophetic dream testimonies. Below are few examples demonstrating the supernatural prophetic potential of understanding your dreams: MARRIAGE, CHILDREN, DEATH • One day last January, when I was babysitting my 4-year-old granddaughter, she asked what I was doing. When I told her that I was writing down last night’s dream, she …

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