Why not start a blog series on dream elements?

We get some interesting dream elements coming to us, and some are particularly fascinating. Today, I will focus on one which recently caught me by surprise. I am confident as well, that this will minister to someone.

The Lord speaks in so many ways, and those looking for His voice find it in everything from conversations with friends to radio sermons to blossoming flowers.

Although we may have several unresolved issues in our lives; when it comes to what’s going on in our hearts, the Lord often focuses on one matter at a time. Do we need a pinch more faith? Are we truly at peace not knowing the answer to what we think is our most vital question for God? Do we need more courage or boldness for what He is asking us to do?

I have a friend who is unemployed and is waiting to see if the position she just interviewed for will soon be hers. If not, and nothing works out soon, she’ll will be OK for a while since she qualifies for unemployment. But God is using this season to stretch this mature woman of God even further. Able to discern the still small voice of the Lord, and recalling what He’s told her before, she is hearing more and more deeply His perspective on this matter.

For one thing: she senses God has told her that jobs are no longer jobs for her, but assignments having specific purposes. And if this season is a stay-at-home season; there’s a reason. She is at peace, and enjoying just watching what God’s going to do. God is speaking to her in His still small voice.

The Lord’s whispering voice speaks to us through concepts and words. Sometimes we just know what He’s telling us. With dreams, on the other hand, He uses a lot of visual images which carry symbolism. I love that about God. When we are confident about the meanings of these elements, we are confident about the message within the prophetic dream.

These night-time images speak into our situations and help us know Him better as well. They show us His grace, His loving-kindness, His perspective— and at times, His sense of humor. An element in a recent dream which came to me carried an element I had never seen before and brought me a smile.

The woman in this dream had birthed a child which she made room for in the loft area just outside her bedroom. There were a couple of interesting elements regarding the newborn. First, it spoke a few words much sooner that babies do. That, of course, tells us that the child may represent something having to do with language, speech, writing or teaching. And speaking earlier than is natural show a fast start of whatever she has birthed.

Second, the dreamer realized that the infant had a mouthful of baby teeth already, and that one of them had fallen out. She reached into his mouth and retrieved the tooth so that he didn’t swallow it or choke on it.

I’ve seen or heard of a lot of teeth falling out in dreams over the years; as well as loose teeth, small teeth, tall teeth, bleeding teeth, yellow teeth, trips to the dentist, and so on.

Normally, losing a tooth is negative; possibly indicating the loss of the ability to digest matters properly before making decisions. So, the loss of wisdom or insight is generally central to the message of dreams of teeth falling out. At times, losing a tooth may depict the loss of significant person in some way.

But an infant losing a tooth? What does that mean? Is it still a warning dream?

A newborn having a full set of teeth and then losing one makes me think of the movie “What About Bob?” In this comedy, Bill Murray (Bob) becomes the whacky patient of Dr. Leo Marvin, played by Richard Dreyfuss. Fresh off publishing his first book, the psychiatrist recommends to Bob his revolutionary new technique.

The idea is that when feeling stuck, overwhelmed or afraid; we move forward by merely asking ourselves to take one baby step. Once we are comfortable with that, we can push ourselves just slightly to take the next baby step, and so on. Bob repeats the phrase constantly as he causes all kinds of trouble for Leo and his family.

The loss of the baby tooth in a dream would be like taking a baby step forward, right? As with a child, there will be more of these chances to move forward to come.

God is expressing through the loss of the tooth in this dream that He is proud of the step the dreamer has taken in connection to what she has birthed. He is saying, “Congratulations! You have taken a baby step forward! There are more opportunities for advancement in this area; look for them and keep it up.”

The dreamer most likely had recently made a small decision or taken a small action, but the decision or action concerned something that has been difficult in some way for her.

If you have been struggling with taking a small step in a direction you know God wants you headed, take the symbolism of this dream element to heart. Go for it! Don’t allow fear to paralyze you. Approach that person you’ve been thinking of. Ask for that promotion. Volunteer when you don’t feel qualified. Move in ministry even though provisions are shouting “no!”

Take that step, even when it looks daunting. It’s just one step, one change of mind, one decision, one action. Whatever it is, if you sense the urging is from God, you know He will faithfully bless you!

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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