Transportation in Dreams

Dreaming you are driving a tractor? Or given a lift by a taxi! Piloting an aircraft? Transportation in dreams tell you a lot about the message of the dream.

Transportation generally has to do with life activity, what you are doing, how you spend your time. It can be your ministry, career, hobby, etc. The larger the vehicle, the greater the impact.


Individual life walk
Individual ministry
May require perseverance and commitment
Don’t despise small beginnings, It’s good you’ve mounted up
Individual ministry but moving faster and more able to maneuver easily
Open access to heaven, ask what you want
Some access to heaven
Watch your back
Concerning restoration, Restoration ministry
Concerning something old. If restored, restoration
(Might be a ministry to seniors)
Temporary situation
Doing something without heart or calling
You will have to pay a price to do this
God is taking you to your destiny

Abundance and/or Luxury is also implied

Destination is the cemetery. Dead end. Going nowhere
Authority of the earthly world or of the spirit world
You are moving very quickly in an activity
OR you have a desire to get in the game or move quickly
Human effort
Concerning entertainment
Transporting or delivering something
Authority in delivering something
FedEx may symbolize UPS
Same but larger impact
Ministry of helps– gathers the wounded or broken down
Rescue, putting out a fire
Concerning a large movement of God, something of great impact, or something massive: death, birth, marriage, divorce, foreclosure, stock market crash

On fixed tracks= established

Number of cars can be symbolic or just a detail

Church or non-individual ministry (more word/less spirit)

Less pleasant than a train

Youth ministry or involvement with youth
Double minded, need for choice is one possibility
Unseen ministry
Slower bumpy activity possibly generational (from past)
Major spiritual encounter
This activity is dependent upon spiritual power
Thrills, ups and downs. Short-lived (goes nowhere)
There is  or appears to be very slow movement in this activity


Able to fly to spiritual or worldly heights
Individual or small ministry, but high in the Spirit
More seats, more power, more speed
Large corporation, organization, school, or entity involved
Dependent on the Spirit
Moving freely in the Spirit, very maneuverable, short distances, Escape or Rescue
Foreign or enemy spirit
Moving forward, on-going
Time of preparation
Going somewhere, new destination
Near taking off or close to destination as in this will happen soon


Large spiritual impact
Dependent on the Spirit
Motorcycle on water, more power and maneuverability
Assisting a larger ministry or ministry
Riding on a movement of God
(gambling, entertainment. greed)
Transporting something, larger impact
Prepared or being prepared for spiritual war
Undercover war vessel
Deep in the Spirit

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April 11, 2019

131 responses on "Transportation in Dreams"

  1. I dreamed I was driving my car around a really wide curve. There was a drop off on the right side of the road. As I was rounding the curve to the left, I knew I should steer a little more to the left as I felt I was just on the right edge, but I thought I would be straightening out soon so it would be okay. But then the car started falling off the edge of the cliff. As soon as I started falling, I knew I was going to die, but I was almost happy because I knew I would be in heaven soon. I just raised both my arms and said “I’m coming to you, Lord! Please be with my husband and help him.” Any ideas, please?

    • The dream seems to say that a sitaution has surprised you and you are entering into a totally new season.Take care to find peace.

      • That interpretation is much better than what I was anticipating. Thank you. I was at complete peace in the dream, but I’ve been thinking all day that it was telling me that I will die soon. I’m curious why you said to take care to find peace? Do you think it will be a bad season? Also, do you have any insight on the dream I posted just before that one? I had that dream a few nights before the falling one. Thank you so much for your time and wisdom.

        • The dream with the wide curve shows you starting to fall off a cliff. This indicates that things will look like you are loosing some kind of support… and what often supports us are other people. This is why I mentioned keeping your peace. Then you speak of your husband, which could be literal or symbolic of something else you are partnered with. Is he alive and well?

          • In the dream, the car did fall off the cliff and as I was falling, I knew that I wouldn’t survive the fall from that high of a drop. My first thought after being with Jesus was leaving my husband alone. Yes, he is alive and well. This dream scares me, though. I would much rather something happened to me than to him. We have been married just over 40 years. I know there are many things that can happen, though, that could cause a loss of support and I am praying for strength in advance. Thank you.

          • Yes, loss of support can be many things. I perceive the wide curve to mean this will take an extended amount of time. May God bless both of you in your journey.

  2. I dreamed I was driving my car and my husband was in the front with me. We were stopped at a traffic light and I leaned my head out the window and made a loud neighing sound. I heard a policeman’s voice from a speaker telling me that’s not what that was for, but I could hear laughter in his voice, so I knew I wasn’t in trouble. Then a brown horse came up to my window and put his head and neck against mine. Then the light turned green and I was turning left. I was concerned that the horse would get injured or run over, but he kept his neck snuggled against mine as I was driving.

  3. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply and for your reply. I will give what you said a lot of thought.

  4. I dreamt that I was driving my car on a mountain road with sharp drops and lots of curves. I noticed my steering wheel’s bolts were bad so I took two of the bolts off so I could fix or replace my steering wheel. I realized how stupid this was as I was driving and my steering wheel would fall off completely if I did this. I continued to drive with two bolts and a loose steering wheel. I got to a metro station and took the rest of the bolts off and took my steering wheel with me in the metro I got off the metro and realized I left my steering wheel on the metro and was in a panic. I woke up and that was the end of the dream.

    • Your car represents a life activity. The steering wheel represents the guidance system. The dream indicates that the guidance system you are using in a particular area of your life is loose. Making a solid connection with God, staying in His Word and listening to His Voice will prevent a crash. This priority will solidly attach the steering wheel back to your car. Look for more dreams/guidance from God. Be encouraged and look to Him. Avoid listening to other voices. He’s there for you and wants to re-connect your “steering wheel”.

    • Dear Chrystal!
      First of all, I do think that Rev. Frank is on the “right track” with what he writes.
      As always, try everything, and only keep the things that is from God. (1 Tess 5:20).
      That said, i do think that´s there is more that God wants to speak about in Your dream.

      Transportation often speaks about a calling.
      I.E. the car is about either a personal ministry, or a personal job of Yours.
      The mountain cold be about a encounter with God. –>

      • –> I do belive that the mountain road is about getting into Gods calling over Your life.
        The steering wheel and the loose bolts represents things that needs to be adjusted in Your life.
        The sharp drops and sharp curved is about fear in Your life.
        The subway is about the fact that You turned away from something God called You to do.
        And tried to hide from Gods calling.
        The lost steering wheel could be about that God allowed You to get into a situation You cant controll by Yourself.

        I do belive that God tries to tell You that he wants to give You a major encounter with Him.
        And that He, in His great mercy, wants to guide You, to get back into His calling for Your life.

  5. Any ideas what this means? I am in the middle of having to make a decision and keep getting reminded of this dream: I was in my car behind a large, huge truck. The truck stopped near people dressed as pit crew staff and then the truck turned over to one side. People started working on it. I was unharmed in the car and I was examined whether I was ok. I was then allowed to go and I drove off.

  6. My husband had a dream that he was trying to get to Europe and he missed the flight and got stuck in Tucson AZ and so he took a flight to Michigan and then got a flight to Europe. Each of these places do have significants to us. He has been praying through what it means.

  7. Greetings. I have an idea about this dream…but dreamed I had a new car parked in a driveway, someone said “No one else has a car like this-it’s one of a kind.” Next dream I said, “I am going to get my PhD, my daughter Tia said, “How come?” I said, “God want’s to honor me.”
    In real life I’ve been prophesied to a few times about getting my Doctorate and I was told it’s because God wants to honor me.


  8. The interpretation above is for LIz

  9. It appears to me that you are actively searching and seeking to get to a new place in your spiritual walk. Ask God to speak to you as to how you can prepare yourself for that to happen. May God Bless you and enlighten you as you seek after Him!!

  10. Yesterday was the last day of a 7 day corporate church fast. Last night I dreamt me and a couple of friends were in an airport. Not really sure where we were going but we never left the airport. We hurried first getting last minute items then from gate to gate. I felt there were people waiting on the plane for us but I never saw them. Then I woke up. Any idea what this means?

  11. Dear Lynn, last night I had a dream that I was riding a bicycle…and I was riding it with my Spiritual Father and a Junior Pastor of my church but they were passengers on my back. We were in forests, it was more like in the early hours of the morning, in the dawn. As I was riding, the road was steepy and I could carry both of them. My Spritual Father and the Junior Pastor decided to walk along with me and I rided alone but still it was too heavy then I pushed the bicycle. Then there were people alongside of the road, lots of trees(small trees) around us…some of the people were sleeping besides those trees and other looked busy with something. Then my Spiritual Father said that I should pick my bicycle and carry it as we were walking and I did. Lynn, what could this possibly mean?

  12. Dear Lynn, I had a dream that my brother and I were on a train. The train went through a tunel that was very dangerous with high electrical voltage and with very small chances of passengers surviving when passing through. We survived and found ourselves on the other side. In the course of the journey we found ourselves being left with that train and we started urguing and walking to try and catch it. we never caught the train

  13. Hey lyn,i saw me and family where traveling from Europe to Dubai(that’s were we stay,home) we get in the attendant says it’s gonna be 70hr flight,then I’m somewhere in the middle of Arctic Ocean, then I’m looking at this huge,airline lying there,it was so big,so big,can mount up to the size of a mountain , it was broken , I saw two dream with a broken airline.? What does it mean ?

  14. Thanks for your interpretation, I’m not sure but its an interesting perspective that I have not considered before.

  15. cont. I went into the gas station at the stop and spoke with a man who said he was waiting for “him” to come and let everyone know what needs to be done. While standing there I noticed that people where coming in and out to pay for gas and get provisions. I believe that this is tied to someone in my past, possibly my parents (mom, but more specifically my father) who were both involved in the nation of Islam before and after my birth, up until I was 6 and my parents split. Thoughts?

    • I hope you are doing well. I am so sorry this slipped by us. Here’s our thoughts: In an area of your life involving the delivery of something, the enemy has detained you temporarily. We suspect you are onto something in perceiving your history is connected to what’s going on in your life now. You are unable to move forward or get what it takes to move forward.

    • That means there is a curse in place. To break it, perceive it’s origin (or any origin possibilities) and renounce, repent (even on behalf of others). Reply with any questions you have. may God bless you!

  16. Hi Lynmarie! Just Wow! Here’s why I say that. 2 nights ago I dreamed that I was at a gate (a border) and handed the officer my license, insurance and registration. He said everything was in order, but his partner called from the back of my truck and said I had to receive a citation. Everything is okay, but we have to give you this citation. I got out the truck to see what she saw and someone had covered my registration stickers with duct tape.

  17. Oh wow! Thank you! That seems to make sense. Especially when putting it together for the rest of the dream.

  18. I dreamed I had arrived at an airport. The plane I was on was the size of a Boeing 747 and had cars attached to the plane. After arriving I waited for additional people in my family to arrive. As I waited a scanned to runway, and saw a Fed Ex plane that had been burned. Half of the plane was missing…… I’m stuck on the fed ex plane. Not sure what to make of it.

    • The FedEx plane may symbolize something which was planned to be sent (such as a demonic attack), but was thwarted. It could be bad such as demonic, or good, like the intention of God. Connect this to the application of the rest of the dream. So you have a sense of what this is about. What do you think?

  19. Hi Lynmarie, is it possible that it’s something and not someone? Possibly distractions? Also, does it seem like this dream is a warning? Or is it something that is telling me that it’s too late, there is a price to be paid no matter what, even if I jump ship? I’ve sort of backslidden because of distractions, even though it’s time for me to prepare for my calling and walk into it. But i’m essentially spinning my wheels, by not being disciplined enough. Watching TV, instead of having personal time etc…

    • You are right on! It totally can be about some thing rather than someone! It is NOT telling you it is too late, but directing you to change course as delay is costly in some way or to someone (perhaps those you are called to minister to). I think God is also saying that the more time you loose, the higher the cost– so time matters. He has work for you to do and would like you to adjust your priorities accordingly. He will bless. You’re not alone. He has said this to several in the last month!

  20. I dreamed of riding in the back of a taxi, looking for something/someone. The feeling was nostalgic, as if I were home in St.Louis, MO. We drove a long time, seemed aimlessly. He finally said something probing me about my destination. I looked at the cost and it was quickly rising from $200, to $400, to $800. I panicked, & said is this really the price. He said, yes. I said I can’t afford it and he asked how much I could afford. He said he could help shave off some of the price. We came to a stop, but it wasn’t my destination. I woke up soon after.

    • Last time someone conveyed a similar dream, God was telling the young man that his girlfriend was taking him on a detour! Looks like someone is wasting your time, and there is a price of some kind to be paid. This person or this activity feels right to you (like home), but God is letting you know that the ride is not taking you where you think or where you belong. Time to jump ship! What say you?

  21. Thank you so much, it has also given me understanding of my other dreams, your ministry is one of a kind, I really appreciate it.

  22. Thanks, it’s spot on! We planted a ministry 5 months ago and it’s not growing as fast as we expected. I’ve been finding myself feeling a little bit discouraged, so thank you for that interpretation, very fitting and helpful. God bless you

  23. 12 Feb 2016
    Dreamt I was going to airport. 2 hours before flight departure I was still packing my luggage. I took cab at 11pm but my flight was 11:20pm. It takes 1 hour to go to airport. I was very late. I was disappointed knowing this. But when I reach the airport I realise flight was delayed by about 2 hours so I didn’t miss the flight. I was still on time! I know God delayed the flight for me to get on it. I was thankful.

    15 Apr 2016
    Dreamt I took a US private plane and it landed. Immediately I went to the toilet. (It was a smooth flight.)

    • I see you are from Singapore. Welcome. Going to another city or across the world by plane can symbolize various things, even internet searches as we travel various places exploring and learning. Dreams like this coming from God may be speaking of your spiritual journey– most important! Going to the toilet after landing can mean that the website led you to remove things within you that God doesn’t want there, for instance.

    • Delay but still making the flight may indicate that going there is better sooner than later, but now worries, because you have made it now, and it’s never too late to grow deeper in your relationship with Him.

  24. I have had a series of dreams related to airplane:
    28 May 2015
    Dreamt I am at airport queuing to go inside to catch a plane to travel overseas (not sure where). TEC Head seem to be in the same plane as me.

    27 Sept 2015
    Dreamt I was at airport inside after immigration, going to take plane to America.

    13 Jan 2016
    Dreamt I was north of London & took a flight to London. But it was budget flight so I flew to China, transit in China & flew back to London. (Dream is summary)

    • Apply these dreams to what I mentioned in the comments to your other dreams. London can have to do with the English language, for instance. China can have to do with fragile matters, issues to be handled carefully. TEC- is that technology. If so, internet activity would be the focus of these dreams. What say you?

  25. Thank you so much for this site.

    I had a dream in which an older lady gave me a wall mount bracket for my TV. A friend called Gladys told me that the bracket was too small for my TV. The older lady then gave me a tunic with a thick tummy trimmer belt. I was so happy, I told her I would wear it with a dress that was a bit small at the waist. Soon afterwards I was on a bus, 4 months pregnant, people were disapproving of my pregnancy because I’ve already delivered 3 times by cesarean section, but Gladys told me not to worry about people’s opinions.

    • It looks like God is telling you here that in a situation in your life, slowing down is required. Adjust your expectations so that you allow time to truly process by recieving information incrementally. God will supply the support you need, but it will be over time. It’s as if you have tried by your own stregth to launch something, but God says, “Don’t worry or be in a hurry. This will take longer than you expected because it is deeper and more complex. But I will launch this in the right time”.

  26. I was at a train station and noticed a couple of janitors cleaning. A woman and I were admiring a beautiful red and black spider that I knew was a black widow. The woman picked it up and gave it to a man. (she didn’t know that he was evil) The man threw it into the air with the intention that it would land on me. I heard the Lord say “I will pick you up and pull you into the heavens.”
    The next thing I know I am looking at a large clock and it was about to be 9:30. (I don’t remember exactly what time it was, just that it was about to turn 9:30)

    • The black widow could have to do with a literal widow, but more likely… Spiders generally symbolize the occult which can be anything from witchcraft to psychic visitations… even horoscopes. Contact with the occult, however innocent, gives grounds to Satan to mess with us. This dream seems to say that God will protect you, and that you will be given responsibility soon which will generate a testimony.

  27. Hi Lynmarie

    On the ferrari dream, yes am currently looking for a job as I have been out of employment. None of it has come to play yet but I agree with you that it could be a good thing. Thanks for your usual response and i’ll sure keep you posted on this thread as soon as it starts playing out.

  28. Hi Lynmarie. Dreamed 3 nights in a row that I started off as a backseat rider. Unknown driver. 1st before dream ends I’m told by driver to remember the streets are named after states. 2nd in car alone that is going in reverse then shift to riding a bicycle and lost becuz streets look the same. 3rd, unknown driver and I’m in the backseat again, turning left down a grass and rock path; then a passenger in same car going in same direction after run in w/white truck full of angry foreign men who go before us to a field

    • Sorry for delay. Overall, it looks like God is confirming there is confusion concerning where you should be with regard to an activity such as work or ministry. The dream suggests that this confusion was sent from the dark side by means of an attack. God wants to shine a light on your path, but there is interference. Do you have any idea what is blocking this? It may be that the enemy has some legal grounds for whipping you around. I pray this season ends by way of victory. Please tell me what’s new since you had this dream!

  29. I was a passenger in a mini type bus, sitting right at the back in the right corner of the vehicle.. A male driver was reversing the bus at a very high speed in a very very long drive way.. it just kept going faster and faster reversing never to stop. Your input will be highly appreciated, thanks Susan

    • This dream is about a small group you are participating in but have no control over. You are headed to a new situation, but the leader is using the opposite method to get you there. You are being given insight so that you can either pray or speak to the leader, whatever you perceive you should do. What group activity are you involved in that can be described that way?

  30. Hi Lynmarie,
    As part of the dream I had, I was in a yellow Ferrari with a man who was going to be my boss, he was nice to me and he was taking me to my would be work place. He was a free spirited man who seemed trigger happy and he let me even change the gears for him. The car was speeding but I didn’t feel it. We got to the office and he introduced me to his colleagues. Am black and the man was white. Is there any significance in that?
    What could be the interpretation of this dream?

    • It would help if we had background… like if you’re seeking a job. The Ferrari symbolizes the work of a blacksmith, that is, one who creates exceptionally strong objects. Coupled with the car’s color, this could prophesy a ministry or company uplifting people and making them strong through use of the mind (in a good way). That the man was white could be literal, OR it could mean that he’s a good guy; you can trust him. Has any of this played out yet?

  31. Hi my friend had a dream that she was with me and two girls flying over to the island of Samoa. It was clear. We were on the plane flying over the beautiful blue/green ocean and the sea had whirlpools and she saw 4 horse running on the water and she said it was exciting. I am flying to the island of Samoa with my two daughters for a woman’s conference next week.

  32. Hi Lyn. Had lots of dreams this morning, but this is one that I remember. Dreamed my entire car was wrapped in that bubble protective clear wrap. A strong wind came, the car shook, but it was in this Bubble wrap. After the wind, I got in the car and proceeded to drive off. Sounds self explanatory… Ur thoughts. Thanks

  33. Frankie Coleman. It’s kinda something I was thinking of before bed so it may not have meaning to the dream it could be from my subconscious mind

  34. I was at my father’s house getting ready to go to bed my son and I decided to stay the night with him. I left to go to my house. I didn’t want my dad to know I was leaving so I climbed out the window to get in my car. As I put it in reverse he opened the door to his house and saw me leaving. When I turned at the stop and pressed the break the breaks went out. I later had the breaks in my hand once I was able to get out the car. My cousin helped me to stop the car. He picked the car up and turned it over to fix it and put the breaks back on.

  35. The Lord says He has ordained the time for you to board this train which is a very good thing and possibly a desire of your heart. Wait in faith. It will happen.

  36. There was a luxury train. Was supposed to be on it. Looking for my passport in this office, could not find. Train started to leave. Asked the owner in his red antique sport scar to please help me to the train. He laughed and filled the car up with friends and left. Eventually some of the workers had compassion on my and they took me to the train. Not sure if I was working on the train or being a passenger.

    **Weird Dream***

  37. Thanks for the address. Hope your wrist is healing nicely. I read the wonderful testimonies from your About Us page. Very nice! Well Lyn, I was careful in the dream to not let the dog out of the car. Yes this church fits the description of God’s church to a tee.

    • That dream element fits. And thanks for sharing, my dear friend. Since I don’t know you “in the flesh”, I can’t provide counsel in what you are seeking. But the Lord can. Frank and I will seek the Lord on your behalf when we get a chance.

  38. Hey Lyn I don’t know if it matters but in this dream while sitting in the car with Gail I had a dog that I was attending to.

    • May refer to the timing, like you are counseling or mentoring someone. Or the symbol may refer to a pet you have, like your seminars. Discern if this was good or bad or even if the dog symbolizes the church itself

    • FYI. At home this morning nursing the wrist. Sat down and prayed strategically with my husband almost an hour. He’s a gem. Receiving insight through dreams as usual. Amazing the insight He gives. Believing for changes. 2000 Wadsworth Blvd. #102, Lakewood, CO 80214

  39. Lyn, I don’t have words to say how much I appreciate your gift. FYI, when I log in I no longer get an error message. The church is called Apostles in the City. They are all about community. They go out to the streets and pray for people, they go to the methadone clinics. Church is small and they are Anglican. thought they were Catholic 1st. They flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The pastor said I was an answer to prayer, but I am not convinced about putting down roots. I think that’s because of my past experiences with churches. # 11 and 12 make sense.

  40. Wow! Hi Lyn. Another dream about Gail. Dreamed Gail picked me up, she was the driver. She said she had a surprise for me, she was waiving an envelope. It was a check. While in her car I commented on her weight, she mentioned that she wore a size 11, and I said I wear a 12. Gail was wearing a gold pantsuit. I think this dream has to do with the church I attend. I love these Gail dreams!!!

    • FYI- I fixed that typo you mentioned; thanks. You may be right in thinking this has to do with a church as women often do. Could the church be identified or described as having to do with “my father rejoices”? What is it’s name or what makes it distinctive? If so, all your Gail dreams have to do with that church.

    • So you have favor in the church which I’d say is in an 11th hour somehow. You are thinking you can step into leadership there. Looks like you can because you have favor, but should you? God describes the church as “pure, righteous, and glorious in action”. That might be a clue.

  41. Thanks Lyn!! I will watch and see.

  42. Hope you are feeling better Lyn. Thanks for getting back with me. Last night I decided to read about Abraham and Sarah, and the promises of God for them. When I read your response about my other dream and you responded with Abraham I just smiled. I believe the birthing speaks to the seminars. I will wait to see what else the Lord wants to reveal. I think the scarf represents a covering. That’s probably why the pastor responded the way she did.

    • Isn’t that cool! I see your point on the scarf, a small amount of covering though. Also, Gail meaning my father rejoices placed it on your lap. It is a gift from heaven, an accessory, something added to enhance what you already have. Just watch. This good thing will manifest.

      Every Blessing!

  43. Lyn, when I finished telling the dream at the seminar, my old pastor asked what church I attended, and I told her. She looked at me and said it sounds like you belong here, but I wouldn’t receive what she said…….

    • I see no connection in the dream to where you should go to church.

      The number 100 symbolizes the birth of something that has been promised– Genesis 21:5 Abraham was a hundred years old when his son Isaac was born to him.

      With that in mind, what do you think the scarf means?

  44. Omg! Guess what? About a month or so ago I had a dream with Gail in it.

    In reality I was attending a Dream seminar at my old church. On the last day of seminar i told a dream I had. Dreamed i was at a conference where my old pastor was speaking. I was sitting in the middle, Gail was to my left and Sonia was to my right.

    The usher passed out purple and gold tithe envelopes. When I got mine, Gail told me to write down two things, so I wrote my daughter’s name and then the number 100. Then Gail placed a scarf on my lap. Ur thoughts!!

  45. Awww…I am so sorry that happened to your wrist; and here you are answering dream request.

    Thanks for responding so soon. I was so focused on the missing tires (Holy Spirit) that I became discouraged, thinking that I did something to grieve the Holy Spirit. I did look up the name Gail before I sent you the dream and saw the meaning; that’s encouraging to know that Father rejoices. I will seek the Lord for an understanding of what’s missing. I can’t wait to see what it is!
    Hugs & Kisses..

  46. I wanted to let you know that Britney left the lifestyle after 13 yrs and now has a boyfriend!!!! When she danced yesterday the intercessors said she received a measure of deliverance. Those there asked for an encore, so she danced again. Before the second mime dance she suddenly had to vomit…also, in the dream I didn’t recognize the car. Thanks

    • Thank you for sharing Brittany’s breakthrough! Awesome. She surely experienced a deliverance as prophesied! I had a similar experience at a women’s conference at Regent University in VA Beach. Like nothing I had even seen before. Different thsn being sick. Something could no longer stand being in me- a violent exit.

      So praise God. The Spirit was at work!

  47. Hi Lyn. The seminar was yesterday. It went well. It was a small intimate gathering, friendships were formed. My daughter Britney did a mime dance.

    Dreamed this a.m. I sent Britney before me to the car, shortly thereafter I went to the car to find Britney sitting in the car, but I noticed that tires were gone. I became upset and pointed out to Britney that the tires were missing. We both went back to the house and my realtor Gail called, and I told her I needed to move from the awful neighborhood because for the 2nd time, my tires had been stolen.

    I have dreams before about tires flat or missing. I think this dream has something to do with the seminar yesterday.

    • I was sure to pray for your seminar yesterday. Wish I could have been there! Glad to hear a good report. FYI- I’m typing left-handed. Broke my right wrist in church this morning. So much for a grand entrance! At a 7 now.

      This dream seems to be a continuation of the outfit dream. God is telling you that you are missing something with regard to something you have birthed. Through no fault of your own, you are not perceiving something. Perhaps He wants you to hear another way or time, maybe learn something from the experience.

      Gail means my father rejoices, so this is pleasing to the Lord as He guides you to a new “place” (attitude, understanding, or something more literal).

  48. Greetings! I had a dream I was in the house I grew up in, along with some friends. We were ambushed by armed soldiers (we seemed to know they were coming and we’re talking about how to fight when the soldiers arrived). I ran out of the house, found an army tank, and went back to shoot the house. When the small guns didn’t work, I reached for the large torpedoes. I remember being confident my friends were out of the house before I fired. The tank element was the only thing I couldn’t figure out, but certainly felt strong and empowered when I woke up! Thanks!!

  49. Saw the engine room of battleship. Had a hole in the body. Engine room flooding. Person working on engine not worried about water, more worried about the engine not stopping. Got a sense that he did not worry about sin, but about the church going forward?

    • Wow. This could be about you or about someone else such as a pastor. If nothing fits into your life situations, then God may be sharing about someone you are called to pray for. As you say, it may be concerning your church. Continue to pray. God will continue to share.

  50. Shalom Lynmarie, hope all is well. Last night I dreamed I and a group of ladies from Church were preparing to go somewhere out of town and there was a white bus that looked like it belonged to me (in real life, I don’t own any bus), we were supposed to use our own cars and I suggested that we use my bus of 22 seats. When they’ve all agreed, I quickly ran to the bus to check if it was clean and I found it very dirty inside.. I started to clean it – spotlessly so. All the ladies were wearing black and white tops- while rushing I saw my Pastor seated in the bus and he said the time is 2:22, we will be leaving at 3 but I was not yet ready and I went to look for my clothes, I found my white top but I was still looking for my black pants. “All the scene was happening where I grew up from- I could see my late aunt walking-by while I was rushing to get ready”.

  51. I really really need help understanding this dream God gave to me . I’ve tried and failed on my own please help me.

    I was outside standing in front of a car . And I over heard this guy name Brian going over something.
    And I’m like face to face looking at him through your rolled down window. And I’m telling Brian that’s not how you say it and that you are saying it wrong . I looked inside of his car that happens to have stuff and paper everywhere. I spot a piece of paper that just sitting out. The piece of paper was sufficient because my eyes went to it. It could have been an important event written on it. So after looking at the piece of paper.
    I took it upon myself to enter and sit down
    in his passenger seat . I recall telling him this is how you say it. Only to fall silent while saying it . I recall still hearing him saying the phrase or line . I believe I said something along the lines of. I guess ill go now. when I really didn’t want to leave. And I was really sad that I had to. I wanted him to ask me to say. So I stepped out of the car and the next thing I know. I saw him talking to some girl asking her if she wants to come.
    So I asked God to reveal the meaning of that dream to me and he showed me Brian as a crossing guard. Only He didn’t dress like one. A random girl was about to cross the street . While traffic was still going. But he stopped her in time and she waited until you give her the go ahead .

    • Hi. The name Brian refers to someone who is high-up… so most likely someone with authority over you like a boss, landlord or pastor.

      That can often be God which matches the crossing guard. But if he’s God, why the mess in his car? Perhaps because someone else has put it there.

      You are trying to correct him, but can’t. Best thing to do is look at your life situations and you inner thoughts, and notice if any of this could apply. Then the entire meaning might come to you.

  52. Heh heh. Yes. I did make some wrong decisions that have been repented of and made right, re the train. The other dream was back before my friend G reentered my life in January and I had actually started a relationship with another guy that felt all wrong and was quickly ended. These situations remind me of that scripture in Isaiah where the Lord says “and you shall hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ when you turn to the right hand or to the left.” Literally! Thank God that His mercies are new every morning! Sigh…

  53. This is a very short dream I had a couple of weeks ago, that I’ve been mulling over and can’t quite figure out, hoping you can help. I saw a long, streamlined, silvery metal train car going very fast from right to left, with large letters in red on the side saying “Passengers.” I know that a train represents a mighty move of God, but what could passengers in this context mean, and is there any significance to the direction the train is going? I saw one dream site that gave significance to going left to right and right to left. I had a dream a while ago where I was blasting out of an upstairs window flying and immediately taking a sharp turn to the left, doing this over and over. Thank you, Lynmarie!

    • Glad to see you’ve signed up for the course BTW. Going right to left is most likely going the “wrong” way since the term “right” has a double meaning. We have seen this clearly before in dreams. Coupled with the word “passengers”, I might suggest that God is showing you that even while many are going the wrong way, God wants you to go the right way. The dreams indicate a decision needs to be reviewed carefully before proceeding.

      The train reveals that this is a rather “heavy” thing- foreclosure, bankruptcy, moving, marriage… something of large significance.

  54. Thanks alot for the explanation……I’ll give feedback when it comes it pass.

  55. I had boarded a plane, it was a very big plane like a Boeing and it was full with passengers so I had to sit at the back of the plane and in front I could see the business class which didn’t look fancy at all. I was on my way to America and I arrived in America and was welcomed. I went to some sort of school like a university or college, its seemed that’s the purposes I was there for. There were several scenes in this dream while I was still in America like some people I found there taking me to see a movie and having popcorn, I also stayed in this strangers house though I felt at home and I also found some kids playing outside that home I was staying and I identified the American accent in those kids as they were playing….the dream was quiet fragmented so I couldn’t put it together in order and some scenes I can’t clearly recall.

    This is the first time am having a dream about a big plane and I’ve just been wondering what the lord could be saying to me through this dream. Its one of those dreams I feel is significant to my life.

    Kindly assist with an interpretation as the Holy spirit leads you. May the lord be magnified in all that He is doing.

  56. Last night I dreamed that I was at the airport. I was actually just walking along and then I realized that I was at the airport. Then I realized that I had a flight to catch and that I was right on time for my flight. I could see the huge airplane out the window waiting for me. All of a sudden I forgot a piece of my luggage so I wanted to go back and get it. It was in the airport, but it was a little ways away from where i was. Me and this other person, whom was helping me with all of my baggage, went to get the bag I had left behind. Once we got to a certain point, they asked me if I was sure I needed the bag. I said yes, the bag had some important stuff in it that I could not replace or just didn’t want to replace. i assured them I had enough time to grab it, that it was in the airport, not at home, but they stood there and didn’t want to go back any further to look for the bag, then I woke up.

    I feel like this dream was work related. Any thoughts?


  57. My dream took place at my old high school. I was helping this lady hand out cards and first she told this man congratulation on getting a parking space and she gave him a red envelope with a card in it. Then I saw one with my name on it and she said congratulations on the parking space. Then I heard people saying she doesn’t even have a car. Apparently I had been on the waiting list for a parking space. I was happy and to myself I was saying how I was going to park up top.

  58. What are your thoughts concerning ambulances or calling 911? Some months ago I dreamt of an ambulance sitting in my driveway, the name of my city and the words ISD were on the license plate – I am a teacher. Just recently I dreamt of a spy that would pop up at random places in my dream, he was camouflaged and seemed intent on doing harm. Finally at the dream ending, someone saw him, knocked him out and called 911.

    • 911 is a call for effective help… so calling on the Lord would qualify. If this is sitting in your driveway, it may be a call to prayer… a reminder that prayer will change something. The spy is your spiritual enemy watching you to see if you trip up. This is a call to purity and righteousness. Be careful to avoid saying or doing anything that the devil could use against you.

  59. Cool!!! I have a job interview tomorrow. It’s amazing. Last week I dreamed I was filling out an application for a social worker position. The Interviewer told me to write a narrative. The very next day I got a call from Baltimore City health department asking me to come in For an interview, which is tomorrow. Honestly, all I want to do is travel and share my testimony, and start the agency God gave me the vision for. Your website is awesome, but I will get to it. I promise!!!!

  60. Greetings Lyn. Hope all is well. Been dreaming a lot about vehicles lately. I also started attending classes just yesterday on the subject of dreams at my old church. I have been seeking the Lord about ministry and work and here is what I got by way of dreams. Dreamed a few weeks ago that I purchased a new car, the car was called Aspire. Last night after class I dreamed that my Fiat (I do own a Fiat) displayed the warning, Altenator… Warning. My car became inoperable and I was upset because in the dream I kept saying I have to buy a new car, and that’s not something I wanted to do. I have an idea, but would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks

    • That explains why you’re taken a pause in the 15 Keys course! I’m looking forward to you re-joining us, BTW.

      Your dream is a classic! God is such a kick. What you are truly aspiring to in ministry is coming your way! The old ministry will die because there is no longer a passion for it, and without a passion, the vision is doused as well.

  61. Death or warning from God?

    Dream Nature and Transportation
    I saw this blue-green gulf of water it fills the whole horison above our heads.
    I am accompanied with an old friend
    I see people continue with everyday life without noticing this massive gulf of water coming, it seemed they are blind for what is really happening.

    I knew that when the water hits us, it will surely be the end of us all. Their is no chance that I or anybody else would survive it.
    Then we are in a luxurious bus, and the first gulf touch us slightly on the rear end of the bus. The driver drove at his fastest speed Only to get blocked at a mountain against a large rock.
    Then I see cable cars filled with people laughing extravagantly, speeding up to the highest mountain.
    And I thought by myself, If our Heavenly Father is going to close the earth under His wrath, seemingly looking like water, even all the mountain tops will be covered.

    I then stand in a kitchen with a few people. The coming gulf is still hanging in the air.
    I ask the people while looking through the window: “Look, can’t you see it?” In stead of a horison you can only see this deep green mass of hanging water, when I moved closer towards the window and look upwards, only then you could see the top of the gulf.

    I am still with my friend.
    I called him to stand beside me, so we can emotionally support each other when the gulf hits us.
    Then I am at my grandchild’s home with an unknown lady. I tried to wrote my cell phone number on a silver plate, bit failed 3 times with wrong numbers, but the 4th time I succeeded and gave her the correct number on a silver plate
    I am then outside on the grass with my friend. We are then suddenly alongside a beautiful locomotive, the oldish kind. I am surprised to see it. It is shiny black, very, very high, and quite massive, full of real golden linings. Thick ropes at the sides all beautiful in shiny gold. The locomotive is strong and sturdy on its tracks. It is much higher and larger than any locomotive I’ve ever seen before. Much better than a bus, I thought.
    The locomotive Driver called me towards him and said to me to come and sit alongside him in the front. I climbed in from the passenger side stepping on clear silver steps. I suddenly felt very safe in that train. I felt a soft warmth, it was cosy. I felt absolutely at home in that seat. It fitted me like a glove, as if it was specially made for me. I felt humble and privileged .

  62. Three autos in a garage or repair shop. Focus is on 3rd, which is a sports car. Mechanic behind me is telling me I am supposed to get in and drive it – to trust him even though it’s probably not totally fixed yet. I’m not really resistant, but more like “are you sure?” (He’s in charge, not scary).

    • In this one, God is telling you to trust Him, that you’re supposed to go ahead with a particular activity even if it doesn’t appear to be repaired or ready yet. You perhaps know what this activity is. If not, discern it or ask for more guidance. Can’t say why there are 3 cars. Most likely there are a couple of others associated with it.

  63. I had a dream I was getting on a bus as it was storming and raining outside. I went to church to lay down. They were doing a play at the church, and I went to the back and laid down. My pastor told everyone I was resting in the Lord. I wasn’t asleep and I kept hearing them calling for me to come up to the front but I didn’t want to go. My mom came to tell me they wanted me up front, so I got up.

    • This looks like a dream where God is urging you to get involved in ministry. Some things are going on either in your life or at church that you need to participate in. Your mom (holy spirit) is urging you to get involved. You are being beckoned to move ahead even though it might feel easier to just backoff. Sometimes we don’t want to be up front where everyone can see us and judge us. Walking in ministry is work and sometimes uncomfortable. But the rewards are worth it which you will soon discover when you decide to get going! Should be fun to walk into the plan God has for you…keep us in the loop!

  64. Lynmarie, thank you for your replies. The Lord has been taking me on a personal healing journey. I understand this must first happen in my own life before I am able to minister to others, but it may be just around the corner… Your interpretation confirmed a word that was spoken to me years ago that I almost forgot about, but it seems that the Lord is starting to bring things together. Thank you for your ministry all you do for the Lord and His people!

  65. Dream 2: About three weeks ago, I had a dream where my husband bought us a ticket to fly to Australia & New Zealand. I saw us in the plane flying there. I then saw beautiful scenes of nature. It was breathtaking. After this, my husband said it was time to take another trip. This time it was a trip to outer space on a small spacecraft. A scene of brilliant multicolored stars flashed before my eyes giving me a taste of what I would see on the trip. I was a bit apprehensive as I had never been to the outer limits before. The captain was gracious and said he offered two trips that I may choose from. They both cost $7,XXX. One was just a bit more expensive because it went further out. I told him that I would like to fly the trip that didn’t go as far out first. I was still very excited. Any interpretations from the H.S.? Thank you.

    • I would start by interpreting your husband in this as something you are partnered with, but eliminate that if it doesn’t fit with life or the rest of the dream.

      Flying over places like that may symbolize God allowing you to see quite a bit of something beautiful. You are taking a tour for some reason.

      looks like God is telling you that after that season which you have learned from, He has another season in mind. Outer space can be good or bad, but the context here seems good. Stars can symbolize people. Seven is the number of perfection. From here, I would factor in my current situation and discern what the application of the dream is.

  66. Dream 1: A few months ago, I heard the name “Oral Roberts.” I asked the Holy Spirit what He was saying. I did a little research on the healing movements in the late 40’s & 50’s. I then had a dream that I was driving a 1950’s Buick. It was blue with white. I drove it right into the water and headed deeper and deeper. The dream ended. I knew that diving into the water was a good thing. I have ideas on this. Any additional input? Thank you.

    • So this dream seems to be speaking of your involvement in a healing/deliverance ministry. The classic car was probably “restored”. The healing it’s speaking of is most likely “inner” healing of the soul and spirit, because this is needed for successful deliverance.

      So you are diving in deeper and deeper; that can symbolize “digging deeper” or researching into the Word of God and Spirit of God.

      Blue and White? Communion/intimacy with God and purity in motive. Glad to meet you! Let us hear how this goes.

  67. I was in a public place with my 6-year old son. An elevator door opened and a man inside was about to get off but before that could happen, my son ran into the elevator and the door closed behind him as soon as he has entered. I panicked! As the elevator has glass walls, my gaze followed the elevator as it travelled upwards. The man did not manage to get out and he was inside the elevator with my son. The elevator suddenly stop 2 floors up and I could see my son walked out as the door opened. He came down and came towards me, and all was well! I woke up feeling worried.

    • Your son symbolizes something you have “birthed”… an idea perhaps. Whatever he symbolizes goes upward… that’s good. Without knowing more, we do know that the man could symbolize a literal person, an idea or concept, etc. What you have begun will connect with you. It does sound like a prophetic dream, that is, one from God.

      With that said, do you have any ideas as to what your son might be depicting in the dream, and what God may be speaking to you about?

  68. Thank you for responding. Your response was very encouraging and brings confirmation to what I believed the dream to mean. I stand in the need of a new car and a new job. I’m waiting on God to bless me with these two things and I will continue to praise him while I wait.
    I have one more quick question. Would waiting on a public bus represent a new job or waiting for things to take off? In the dream I was waiting on Bus 15. I saw Bus 14 coming, but it wasn’t the right bus. Then a man came out of nowhere and said not 15, but Bus 16. He said that at least twice. There is no such thing as 15. And then I heard woman say I got a feeling it’s on the way.

    • Glad to be of service! Waiting for a bus has to do with God telling you to keep the faith, hang on, and hold out. The public bus most likely says that whatever this is about is common to man, not unusual.

      Interestingly, if the number is symbolic rather than literal (like an address or something), 16 may speak of love, and God’s love for you to start with. It’s like God’s saying, “Wait for the one who loves you to show up. Me. I will show up!” There are 16 Jehovah titles (like Jehovah Elohim, Adonai Jehovah, Jehovah Jireh…) In I Corinthians 13:4-8, there are 16 things said about love.

  69. This is a recurring dream where I’m driving up the street and as I pulled in the driveway I realize that my old car (my old car is still in the driveway although it doesn’t work in real life) is replaced with a different car. The car is always a black Nissan Altima.

    • Hello again, WiseRN! It’s good to hear from again! Hope all has been going well. This dream prophesies good things coming… or at least one good thing! A non-functional car in your driveway replaced by a new car is God’s way of saying there will be a new vehicle coming. That most likely means a new job or ministry… something that will occupy your time. He is preparing this and will bring it your way.

      That it’s a black Nissan Altima could mean one of several things. Do you like black Nissan Altimas? It could be a personal dream element. If the Lord is using the name to mean something. Nissan is derived from the Japanese word for “Japan”. Altima originally was a name which is connected to “happiness” and “the spirit of the wind” (which is the Holy Spirit).

      It’s going to be exciting to see what new thing comes your way. Praise God for it in advance. Be encouraged. Let us hear more from you.

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