Scriptural Dream Elements

Biblical dream interpretation may or may not include scriptural elements which derive meaning directly from scripture and may hold meanings anywhere from clear to complex. The elements and their meanings may be well-known or surprising. Keep in mind that some of these elements may have universal meanings as well which may or may not fit into the Biblical implications. If the context of the element within the dream doesn’t clarify whether an element carries its scriptural or universal meaning, confirming prophesies or the discernment may be needed. This scriptural element dictionary includes words from passages within the Bible and Torah.

Below are a few samples of scriptural elements which begin with the letter “B”.


Comments and Symbolism:
The back or behind represents:
-Out of sight, unseen
-Out of authority
-The past
-Not remembered

Get thee behind me, Satan. Mark 8:33

You have cast all my sins behind your back Isa 38:17

The Israelites “cast thy law behind their back and slew thy prophets.” Neh 9:26

Then they understood that he was not telling them to guard against the yeast used in bread, but against the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Matthew 16:12

Comments and Symbolism:
The first meaning of bread is wisdom, Godly wisdom, scripture, teachings, doctrines

She [wisdom] has prepared her food. . . She has also set her table. . . she calls . . . “Whoever is naive, let him turn in here!” To him who lacks understanding she says, “Come, eat of my food” Prov 9:2-5

And he said to me, “Son of man, eat what is before you, eat this scroll; then go and speak to the people of Israel.” 2 So I opened my mouth, and he gave me the scroll to eat.

Then he said to me, “Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you and fill your stomach with it.” So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth.
He then said to me: “Son of man, go now to the people of Israel and speak my words to them.
Ezek 3:1-3

Then they understood that he was not telling them to guard against the yeast used in bread, but against the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Matthew 16:12

Additional Passages:
John 6, Numbers 14:9, Isaiah 55:2


Second Meaning of Bread: Daily sustenance, essentials for survival.

Passages: Give us each day our daily bread. Luke 11:3

Comments and Symbolism:
The number of loaves in the basket indicates the number of days

he [the baker] said to Joseph, “I too had a dream: On my head were three baskets of bread.”
“This is what it means,” Joseph said. “The three baskets are three days.
Gen 40:16-20


Comments and Symbolism:
Barley symbolizes “blessed” or associated with blessing/abundance/prosperity

For the LORD your God is bringing you into a good land—a land with brooks, streams, and deep springs gushing out into the valleys and hills; a land with wheat and barley, vines and fig trees, pomegranates, olive oil and honey; a land where bread will not be scarce and you will lack nothing; a land where the rocks are iron and you can dig copper out of the hills. Deut 8:7-9

Comments and Symbolism:
The dream of the loaf of bread tumbling into the camp of Midian was equated to the sword of Gideon and a prophecy of the victory of the Israelites.

– The bread here represents the blessed representatives of the source of the Word of God, that is God’s People. In those days that was the Hebrew nation; today’ it’s Christians around the world.

When Gideon came, behold, a man was relating a dream to his friend. And he said, “Behold, I had a dream; a loaf of barley bread was tumbling into the camp of Midian, and it came to the tent and struck it so that it fell, and turned it upside down so that the tent lay flat.”
His friend replied, “This is nothing less than the sword of Gideon the son of Joash, a man of Israel; God has given Midian and all the camp into his hand.”
Judges 7:13-14


Comments and Symbolism:
Butter symbolizes smooth such as smooth talk, cunning, silver-tongued

The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords. Psalm 55:21

Comments and Symbolism:
The bride symbolizes the groom’s beloved: his world-wide church.

You as an part of God’s kingdom, you as the beloved bride of the heavenly groom.

Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready. Rev 19:7

I promised you to one husband, Christ. 2 Cor 11:2

Comments and Symbolism:
Bricks symbolize the temporal, limited, and futile attempts of man possibly with hard hearts.

Sun-dried bricks appear permanent, but may crumble with temperature variation or rain.

“Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly,” said the builders of the tower of Babel yearning for the power that belongs only to God. Gen 11: 3

The Egyptians who force “hard labor in brick and mortar” upon God’s chosen people eventually come to ruin at the bottom of the Red Sea. Exodus 1

Comments and Symbolism:
Mortar symbolizes Jesus. Notice that the meaning does not stem from the actual word, but from the concept.

“Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly,” said the builders of the tower of Babel yearning for the power that belongs only to God. Gen 11: 3

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. Col 1:17

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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April 11, 2019

44 responses on "Scriptural Dream Elements"

  1. I had a dream where I had no fear, other the my concern for a child that had been partially digested by a large snake. I was walking along a path and an alligator charged out of the water. I had no fear and kept walking. I went into a house with a room which I recognized as my mother’s dining room, but it had no furnishings in it except a dresser in one corner, with clothes inside. There was a VERY large cream colored snake – Python – along one wall eating a child, head first. Only the two legs were hanging out it’s mouth. I pulled the child out of the snake, held it, and realized there was still a bump in the snake. I thought maybe it was an alligator or the child’s teddy bear. I sat the child outside of the room, shut the door and went back inside. There was a rattlesnake that I picked up because I didn’t want the python to eat it. I put it in the dresser drawer after flinging out the clothes that were in the drawer. I remember – it had to be the 2nd drawer from the top. As I held the snake behind it’s head, I felt tingling in my hand. I put the snake inside the drawer, closed it so it would be safe, and saw a small crockadile next to the dresser. I asked where did all of these reptiles come from? I was still concerned with the bump inside the large snake and felt I needed to get whatever was in there out, but didn’t know how. In my minds eye I could see the child sitting outside the door, not moving, covered in slime. I went outside the room to check on him, yelled outside the building for my husband many times, who never arrived. I held the child who was grey, covered in slime, and not moving – almost like a doll state. I worried the slime might be digesting him. I kept holding and rocking the child, soothing it with humming and murmering. Then I woke up. What does all of this mean? I was concerned enough about the dream to research and locate this website, which is not my normal path or level of concern.

  2. [Kennedy, cont.] … So something about spiritual relationship with the Virgin Mary being marked or noted, either by God or an enemy, is a possibility. You say your belief system is being stretched – it also occurred to me that the graveyard and the death and burial of the old man (including fleshly, earthly, or man-made ways of thinking) may apply to you yourself as well as your ministry, and it sounds like you’re seeing that. In any case, it is apparent that the Lord is giving you a big thumbs up and saying He has great plans for you! 🙂

  3. Hi Kennedy – Ok, good, I’m glad my interpretation made sense. I haven’t come across anything about the Virgin Mary yet in my own dreams or what I’ve seen from other dreams, but there is a dictionary entry on Tattoos in the Anatomy section that says “this person is being labeled/marked by others or their spiritual enemy.” If you’re Catholic this might be pertinent in some way… The hand symbolizes relationship or possibly work, and Right has to do with the spiritual (again, see Anatomy for more on both those elements). [Cont. below]

  4. Hi Karen
    I meant that before your interpretation I was completely lost, the graveyard was an element I had never seen in my dreams, so when you broke down the elements it gave me a good understanding and it ties in well with what is happening in my spiritual life as well as in our ministry. Thank you very much. After those two dreams I had a dream of the virgin Mary with tattoos on her right hand, I am also wondering about the meaning of that. Have you come across it before?

  5. Hi again, Kennedy – What you said about being in ministry and a revival coming fits what I was seeing. Basically I was just breaking down the dream by the definition of its elements. The jist of the dream seems to show a ministry to believers that’s filled with hope, faith, and strength, and also involves putting to death and burying the old man. Even believers struggle with keeping the old man buried, as it’s always wanting to pop up its ugly head, and the ministry described in the dream certainly also applies to the unsaved. Hope this clarifies…

  6. Thank you Karen. I was a little bit lost on the interpretation. I am in ministry and recently received a prophecy about a revival coming to our region so this seems to be a confirmation of that prophecy. I have also found my previous lines of thought and belief being taken to other dimensions and unfamiliar places, and God revealing things in a new way.

  7. [Kennedy’s dreams, cont.] …Your big yellow house – work in God’s power of hope, faith,and strength putting to death the old man – is appropriately next to the graveyard where the old man would be buried through identification with Christ’s death and then raised to new life in the new nature of Christ. Man and woman means all mankind. Not sure about the U.S/U.K. part, maybe this has personal significance to you. Hope this helps…God bless.

  8. Hi Kennedy – Some ideas on your 2 dreams, which seem to show 1 situation… Chris means “Christ-bearer” or “he who holds Christ in his heart,” a church can be a mindset, group of people, or refer to God’s work (probably all of the above in this dream). So you’re put in charge of this situation of working with believers in Christ. You abide in hope, faith, strength to a powerful degree (big yellow house). Enos means “mortal man” or “sick” and “despaired of” (Jer. 17:9, “The heart is deceitful and beyond cure…”), middle name is “what you are fighting” – so, mortal man fighting the old bature… [Cont. below]

  9. It was actually a man and a woman who were being buried.

  10. Hi Lyn

    Just thought this might help with yesterday’s dream. Today I dreamt that I was at the cemetery with other people.A man called Enos was being buried. His middle name means ‘what you are fighting’. We were discussing how one of his kids was in The United States and the other one in the UK.

  11. Hi Rev Lyn
    I dreamt that I had taken over a Pastor called Chris’s church. As part of that takeover, we were now going live in a very big yellow house next to the cemetery. Any thoughts on that?

  12. (I’d sign up this week but I have some work deadlines to meet and would be tempted to look at it before I actually should. LOL)

  13. Thank you, Karen! Yes, that does help. I’m signing up for your course on Saturday!! Excited. 🙂

  14. Hi Kim – Water generally has to do with the Holy Spirit, a pool would be a smaller body of believers than a large body of water (Spirit-filled believers) would symbolize, so a community pool would be a local church type of group. Soynds like the Lord is letting you know that the pool in your dream is filled with the Spirit and is pure and holy, has true revelation (blue). Nature & Earth section has lots of posts on water. Hope this helps.

  15. This may be somewhere in the dictionary, but I couldn’t find it. What would a community pool represent? (Crystal clear blue water.)

  16. The church is just not doing very well. It has gone downhill over the last year and droves of people (good, Spirit-filled, insightful people) are leaving right now because of some negative attitudes and actions going on behind the scenes. Many have been wounded, and the majority of the people just seem worn-out and disappointed. There is still a good front on Sunday mornings and different rah-rah moments, but the finances have really dwindled as well. It feels like it’s “crashing” and it’s been a real struggle to discern whether to stay and pray or leave too. :/ If you have any advice as to how to pray, I’ll take it. 🙂

    Thank you for telling me about the class changes coming. I will wait until I see the new post and sign up then. Thanks again for your insight and responses. They are much appreciated.

  17. P.S. This dream was not random for me. I’ve had other dreams about my church and some things going on with it right now, and this dream fits in with the others. (I just didn’t understand it. haha) Just wanted to tell you that since you wondered aloud about whether it was an outside warning for your ministry. I’ll be excited to take your class! Thanks again.

    • I’m delighted at your excitement to find us! I would like feedback on how you think this dream effects your church. Also, FYI- I suggest you hold off on taking the course. It’s been overwhelming for some, so we are dividing it into 4 Modules. The first is ready to go, but we’re testing it. It’s $19.95 and should be offered within a week or so.

  18. Thank you. I am thrilled to have found you and am going to sign up for your class. It’s a God-send because I don’t like having dreams I know significant but not fully understanding them. I’ve been praying for the Lord to open up an avenue for me to learn more. Thank you for being faithful with what God has deposited in you and making that possible. –Kim

  19. The fence was prominent in my dream.

  20. Actually, just as I woke up, I asked the Lord what the dream was about and got the impression it was about our church (but didn’t know if that made sense.) I remember people and other horses crowded around the horses that had been injured and my shock when I realized they had been hurt from debris from the plane crash. I just kept thinking the plane crash, which I had seen in the distance, must have been crash closer than I thought for it to cause this much damage. I also remember distinctly that I was on the other side of the fence, just observing all of this. Oh, and I’m not a hundred percent positive in this, but I believe the first horse I saw on the ground was white and the second was brown.

    • What this applies to may depend on your specific prophetic gifting/calling and experience. The dream does seem extrinsic, that is, that this is not about you, but something across the fence… so it’s a neighbor (as God would define that). This means God is using you as a prophetic voice to help others. It shows a strong spiritual gifting.

      It could even be a warning for our ministry as we are making some site changes and might be at risk in doing so. )I say this because it’s not uncommon for people to have dreams about our ministry and then find the site and submit them.) Please pray against such a tragedy no matter who/what it applies to.

  21. What could horses being hit and severely hurt by debris from a plane crash mean? I was standing on the other side of a fence watching.

    • Welcome! Horses represent power, so horses are plural. This could possibly suggest people with power; if so, multiple people’s power is set to be damaged by the “crashing” of a corporation or ministry. (Hope it’s not this one). It may be a warning to pray, or simply divine insight. Because it’s an important dream, you are welcome to discuss it further with us. Any idea what this may apply to?

  22. I dreamt that the city was on fire and they were evacuating the city and people were running to get on the bus. The fire was coming fast and it was destroying everything in its path. I heard my Apostle who had made it on the bus yelling for us to jump into the water because we were not going too outrun the fire so we jump in the water and the fire passed over us and begin to reverse itself and headed back in our direction. When I awoke the Lord had put Ezekiel 15 was in my spirit

  23. The way you explained has made me understand my ministry even better, thank you.

  24. Yes i am in New Zealand. We planted a church 5 months ago in Christchurch, and we are believing God for great things. I also had another dream where i was about to preach, and i read the scripture from Exodus 3:10 where God commissioned Moses to go and bring his people out. My passion, and just as you have stated above is to see people’s lives being irrevocably changed. And when i left the church to go and start a new ministry i faced resistance.

    • Exciting to hear what you are doing and how the Lord has equipped you and is leading you! It sounds like the Lord IS calling you to great things in ministry, and is also giving you insight about the resistance you will get in order to prepare you to press on. Remember whenever we are called to ministry which is the threat to darkness, we can count on resistance. It’s a sign that you are powerful in the Lord.

  25. In my dream i was leaving the church i used to go to, and the Pastor did not want me to leave, which resulted in him resisting me. As we walked away from him, i was now with an unknown person and i heard Paul and Silas being mentioned. As we walked away I was holding a bag and inside the bag were red face towels rolled and tucked in nicely, We knew we were going to reach thousands of people.

    • You know what’s going on in your lives and how this dream fits, and if leaving is disconnection or a new ministry emphasis on a larger scale. I love the red face towels! I had an experience this week where God used red handkerchiefs, anointing them through dance, then using them elsewhere for prayer ministry, and receiving confirmation of the power of the blood of Christ in prayer. Why were yours towels rather than hankies? Your ministry wipes away things like sweat and tears and changes the expressions on the faces you minister to.

    • I see you are from Auckland. We hear from more dreamers in Auckland than any other area of New Zealand. So what are you up to? Tell us about your ministry!

  26. I can’t think of any difficult ministries or personal matters / ministries that I’m not at peace about, but it this friend has been a bad influence on me in that past, although me and my family moved pretty far away and we haven’t spoken much often recently

  27. I was walking beside a close friend of mine, except I had no feet and had difficulty walking. Everything from my ankle down was just a stub, similar to those that has had amputations. I wasn’t in any pain or anything, but I had difficulty walking and balancing on the “stubs” where my feet should have been

    • Wow. You must be in a difficult situation right now with regard to getting somewhere in a personal endeavor or ministry. I’d say whatever you are attempting to do, you are somehow not equipped for. Try re-evaluation of the direction you are headed OR inquiring of God what needs to be changed. He has purpose for you and no plans to leave you unfruitful.

  28. Well,there is majour issue in our life going on is to ‘shift’ing church.we are in process of moving to new church;old church issue was doctrinal problem.(they dont recognize Gift of th spirit & womans ministry) we are waiting for new;past1 month praying abt direction.
    The boy joshua is from our past churc.thanks Lyn.

    • It may be that God is directing you to find your place through perceiving what is truth and what is not in connection to your search for a church. God is telling you that He will help you in this. It makes me think of how God showed me through a dream that our next pastor was not a “pirate” as others had been. track those dreams! God Bless.

  29. Hi Lyn, I had a dream clip showing 1 young known boy named ‘Joshua’ giving me chaff tray(in east we use to remove hay from grain, olden time) so I see the grains though, look clean but as I chaff I can see lot of dirt coming out. Dream ends here.

    • I’d say this dream seems to be addressing a situation in your life from which you need rescuing. God is pointing you to a strategy. Sift through things, identify what needs removing, and remove it. The dream doesn’t indicated where to sift. Use discernment to see if it is within yourself (we open the door to rescue by repentance). Many times God’s rescue is blocked by what stands in the way conditionally. Any ideas? We’re here to answer questions and help.

  30. A couple of days in my dream I heard this scripture ” I shall contend with those who contend with you and I shall save your children” (Isaiah 49:25). What could be the significance of this scripture in my dream? Are scriptures in dreams literal?
    Thanks in anticipation

  31. May I please find out what does “clothesline” represent?

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