Pregnancy, Childbirth & Babies in Dreams

Will I actually birth a new child?

This category is similar to the WEDDING AND MARRIAGE category. The main key is to not take the dream literally! It most likely does not mean you are actually going to become pregnant and birth a child. If you are hoping for a break-through in that area, and you are a prophetic dreamer, you will probably receive a dream about something else which will symbolize the child. Most of us will not receive an angelic visitation like Mary. But then, we won’t be birthing Jesus.

Pregnancy, childbirth & babies in dreams tell us that dreamer has or will birth something new.

Dreams depicting the dreamer as pregnant are symbolic. The dreamer is about to birth something new. It could be an invention, an album, a book, a website, a ministry, a hobby, a boyfriend, even a career.

And, if you’re a guy dreaming this, you know it won’t be literal!

If you’ve dreamed this theme more than once, you might have experienced being in different points of the gestation.

A dream where you know you will have the child that very day indicates that something new is imminent, and the other elements are especially important. Maybe you are trying to get to the right place to deliver the child. Maybe you haven’t told anyone yet. Maybe you receive a phone call while in the delivery room. Pay attention to those clues.

Dreams where you are about 8 months pregnant don’t literally mean you have a month to go. They indicate it will still be a while, but not terribly long . . . so most likely months rather than years.

Then there are dreams where the pregnancy is just getting started. These are to encourage you to be patient and not expect things to change tomorrow. This process is going to take a while. Relax.

I have dreamed I was very pregnant and pulled out the child in advance to discover that it was a postage stamp! Then there was the watermelon I gave birth to in a gymnasium!

A classic is that the child is immediately larger and more mature than is possible in real life. One can hold it up or converse with it. I dreamed once that I was teaching the babe to sing before it could talk. Another dream showed a newborn actually playing with toys rather than just taking them to his mouth. Sometimes the infant grows into a toddler right before your eyes.

These are all individually symbolic. They speak of the type of thing we are birthing, its origin, its ability to mature quickly, etc.

I once dreamed that I was pregnant and went to a midwife near downtown. I made arrangements to birth the child there. As it turned out, the midwife was a perfect representation of the pastor of the next church I attended where I was allowed to teach dream interpretation. Rather than feeling threatened by those in his congregation with gifts and callings, he encouraged them and made a place for them!

Recently I was told by a pastor in Florida that she dreamed she assisted in the birth of a beautiful baby. She fervently cheered on the lovely woman who moved out to her carport to deliver. (Then the child was born more mature than normal). In reality, she and her husband had started a bilingual church in their home and were being directed to take it out to their large brick-paved carport and expect a sudden expansion after the conference they were putting on the following week!

You’ll need to explore the PEOPLE category, but briefly there a couple of things to remember. If you are a pastor or involved in the leadership of a church, an unknown woman may symbolize the church is said to be the bride of Christ in the New Testament.

A recent example addressing an observer symbolism was when an assistant at a hair salon found out that I knew something about dreams and told me of a dream earlier that week involving just that thing. The woman birthed two newborns and handed the larger one to him and told him to pull open the membrane. I immediately knew that I was the woman (having just launched two websites) and that I was to tell him of PROPHETICDREAMERS.COM for him to “open” and browse!

By now you may be getting the idea. You or someone else has birthed something that you now have responsibility in. Pay attention to the details, for they’ll clue you in on what that situation looks like, how to manage that responsibility, or whether you are supposed to even be involved at all. The same principle can apply to a dream where the dreamer is a nursery worker.

My first dream involving grandchildren totally threw me! Since it was extremely impressive, and the symbolism didn’t come to me right away, I jumped to the conclusion that it was literal. My daughter was pregnant and I prepared her and her husband for what I thought was coming: a significant premature birth! This caused all kinds of chaos since she planned to deliver totally naturally in a birth center!

The dream was fulfilled later and I learned another lesson the hard way. Grand-babies probably indicate that something you have birthed will have a child. An example? You start a business and the business births a website, etc.

These dream themes are also classic and I’ve experienced them numerous times and in various versions. Successfully nursing a baby is a good dream; it’s meant to encourage you in your mentoring and nurturing of another person. Your motive is pure because it’s love, and what you are providing is valuable. You are helping to build up the person in a positive way as you feed them with the knowledge, wisdom, or understanding.

A dream may show you trying unsuccessfully to nurse an infant. The child may not latch on or like the taste of it. Depending on other factors in the dream, this would indicate either that the person needs prayer or he/she is wasting your time. Other factors will point to which one.

Perhaps you’ve dreamed that you had a let-down and there was no baby there at all! The milk went all over the floor and you had to clean it up. Watch out, there will be a temptation to give out information which is private and not for other’s ears. If you do slip up and spill the beans before you realize it (gossip), plan on back-tracking to clean up the mess you’ve made.

Can your dream-life be influenced by the change of hormones during pregnancy? 

Our thoughts are that such a massive change of hormones can definitely affect a woman’s dream-life, just as testosterone can affect a man’s. While a hormonal build-up or shift within a man may result in sex dreams, what kinds of changes can be expected for a pregnant woman? 

We would suggest that the content of the dreams might shift, that is, the focus or subject of the dreams. Looking to the medical field to see what specific chemical changes are triggered by pregnancy hormones might be a clue. There may be a correlation to the content of dreams.

To explore that question further, you might want to read this post on

Beyond that, our opinion would be that the clues as to the origin of a dream would still be consistent. What distinguishes prophetic dreams from others is that they tend to be vivid, impressive, and possibly even intense and disturbing— as well as memorable.

Dreams in general tend to be like bubbles. They pop pretty quickly, so if you fail to take note of them on paper, you may lose your chance to recall them at all. The prophetic ones, if recorded, can be recalled later that day, week, month, or even years.

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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April 11, 2019

88 responses on "Pregnancy, Childbirth & Babies in Dreams"

  1. Hi there. I had a dream just last night of a friend of mine who i used to go to church with. She was pregnant in the dream wearing a white dress that was see through, which exposed her breasts. Her husband was there too just sitting quietly in the corner.

  2. I had maybe three babies. When I remembered one of the neglected babies, it was malnourished. I fed it breast milk. I remembered that I’d had another baby and a bottle of milk that I’d forgotten about. I wondered if I could save that one too but I remembered that I’d already lost that baby. I wondered how I’d move forward now that I’d remembered that I’d lost a baby. I thought, “I must focus on the baby I have. There’s nothing I can do about the baby I’ve lost. I’ll have to move forward just as I must’ve before.”

    • Most likely, the 3 is literal, and God is speaking about 3 things you have birthed, instructing you to let go of the one that the Lord has allowed to die. The Lord is confirming that He wants you to embrace whole-heartedly the the thing you have birthed that He is bringing to the forefront, rather than mourning over what appears to be lost. Know that He guarantees to bless this. Awesome direction!

  3. Dreamed that I was in labor. I remembered the nurse telling me I had to get undress and then the doctor came in. He was pressing on my stomach and he was saying the baby was ready to come. I told him that I wanted to wait til my husband came. I told him that I had called him and it would be 5 to 10 minutes. I remember looking at a clock while telling the doctor about the time. And then I remember feeling intense pain. Then the dream ended.

    • Hello again! God is of course telling you that you are going to “birth” something, that is, something new is coming for you. You may sense what this is and not feel ready, not feel that the Lord is in the midst of this, but He is. This is a good thing, but there may be pain in order to bring it forth. Accept the comfort. Keep the faith!

  4. I am in an apartment living room with my friend Zahn. I am sitting on a white couch holding a baby boy wrapped in white swaddling. Zahn stands beside me dressed in a black leather jacket and pants. Reading out of a baby names book, he picks out “Gabriel” and “Josiah” for the baby’s first and middle names. We then go to his mother’s house to show her the baby and she remarks about how he looks just like Zahn.

    My friend is currently atheist and for 6+ months I have been ministering and praying to reach him for Christ. What is the significance of this dream regarding my ministry efforts?

    • Wow! God is clear on this! I love it. Your efforts will be fruitful! Your friend will “rediscover” the Word of God, become devoted to God… doing what is right in the eyes of the LORD, not turning to the left or right!! Carry on in ministry being careful to following the leading of the Spirit. I do not suggest sharing this with Zahn at this time. The dream is encouragement for you in this ministry. Remember not to push, but leave the timing to God as God has already promised the victory!

      • Hi Rev Lynnmarie

        Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to reaffirm what I felt the Lord was telling me about this dream. I actually received insight from the Holy Spirit during prayer that confirmed the baby represented my friend as a newborn Christian. This gives me great encouragement to continue praying and interceding for his soul. God bless.

  5. I told her i havent found the perfect name for her yet. But right then and there i thought of the most beautiful name and one that i never heard of before in waking life. Brielle Denise. I looked down and the baby smiled so big and bright and i knew it was meant to be her name. I woke up and i felt so ackward because the baby wasnt there almost very sad that she wasnt with me. But i believe she is my baby to be..

  6. Hello! I had a dream a couple days ago where i had a baby girl. She was gorgeous. I remember exactly what she looks like from the hair to the birth marks. Anyway i was on a bus or a train but i was sitting in the back with the baby she had to be about a week old by the. But a lady came and sat down next to me and she asked me whats your babys name. I told her i havent given her one yet. The lady asked me why..

  7. Hello I had a dream that I was going to have a baby boy. What does this mean to have a son? Thanks.

  8. I dreamt a woman was holding a baby and the baby was crying and throwing tantrums. I wanted to take the baby. I just had the feeling that if I took the baby and went outside the house where there was fresh air, the baby would stop crying and calm down. The woman handed me thethe crying baby and I woke up.

    Would love to know what that means.

  9. I had also dream twice someone gave me keys without any information about the keys. I have just received and wake up from the dream

  10. One day I also dream climbing a high mount mountain with my foot and my leg and Managed to get at the top and found two kids there I told the kids that I came to serve you then I wake up.

    One day I also I had dream walking on the river top of the water with a guy and Managed to go on the other side where there’s no water (on the land) we found someone waiting for us and gave me something to drop somewhere and showed me the way to pass where there’s no water and I drop that thing and wake up. I didn’t know what was that but I remember I managed to drop it where I supposed to drop and I was not alone I was with a guy.

  11. Hello! I have being dream several times for many years now, carrying a child with me, When I started dreaming this, the child was young now but now I dream she can walk, Some times I dream holding her hand walking together, I also dream driving my car with her on my left side. I also remember one day I dream carried young twins on my things teaching them how talk but I dint realize the sex of them

    I also one day had a dream that I was pregnant and I delivered a baby on that night but I didn’t realize the sex of the child. This dream came again after a month but the second time I was pregnant in the labour ward it was about 9 month but I wake up before delivered the baby.

  12. Hello, I am just curious to know why do I keep having dreams here and there about being pregnant. My daughter too has dreamed that I was pregnant. Last night I end up having a dream that I was having labor pains and I was full term pregnant. I know from my understanding when dreaming of being pregnant, that it could mean that God is preparing for your blessing or something new is coming. For the past year I have been praying that God heal my tubes and restore them because I had my tubes tied almost 10 years ago, so it could this be that God is saying that he’s answering my prayer? Just wanted to be clear on these dreams

  13. Last night I dreamt I’d given birth to a baby. I was in house with other women, each having their opinions on how I ought to care for the newborn. I was very uncomfortable with the situation.

    Today I got a text message from a male friend saying he dreamt last night that I was pregnant but that I was trying to cover it with a large black shirt.

    I understand the ‘birthing something new’ principle, however, am unsure of the other details. Any revelation?

    Thank you

  14. Now I dreamt from a birds eye view i saw a judge who had selected 7 couple to become pregnant and carry his gift these people were average couples but the 7th one was Avery attractive couple who could not get pregnant so they asked the judge to have a surrogate mother and the judge agreed. The dream ends with the judge saying in two months they would know if they are carrying the gift or not

  15. Thanks it makes sense because I have wanted to write a book about how God has blessed my life; blessings, the visions and dreams I get from God and I totally forgot about it due to work. Also my family suffered a lot of damage from hurricane Maria and recently all my effort has been towards providing basic necessities for my family. However, it has been difficult because I am a single mom and money is tight. I struggle to provide for my children and I am trying to help in Puerto Rico. I forgot to mention that at the party there was tons of fried foods I could not eat and the waiter brought me a plate of fruit and I was so excited . I believe it references the” fruit of the womb” or “bearing much fruit”.

  16. I was at a work party. I was pregnant and single. co workers were playing cupid. I left the party and went home to find a malnourished snotty child running around the house. The child said mommy and I asked my mom who is this child? It was my child and mom took care of him because I was too busy with work. She told me to set my priorities straight and leave my job to take care of my children. I refused becoause I could barely afford anything with a job and two kids, now i had three and a forth one coming. I told my mom I would get them help but I needed to stay at my job. I was happy I was pregnant until I thought of myself as a single mom with 4 children.

    • Hi Mari
      You have a new idea in gestation stage and you seem to have forgotten about what you have birthed already. The Holy spirit is urging you to take on more responsibility and take good care of it (what you’ve birthed already). Please do leave your comment, I would love to hear from you as to how this relates to your real life.

  17. Sorry had some typos in the second was suspose to say in real life I’m afraid of cats. But in the dream the cat came up to me.

  18. In really life I’m afraid of cats and won’t get close to them. But Ima the dream theater cat came up to me and layed it’s head on my lap. I was stroking it like it was a human baby. And I had love for it. As me and my friend took care of the baby the cat remained in the room but like it camoplauged. Then when it appeared again it was and adult cat. Can someone interpret this for me?

    • Hi Denise! I think this dream shows that you’ve already birthed a dream, calling, ministry or responsibility that God gave you. However, you gave it to another person to nurture it. Cats refer to self-willed; independent spirit; unclean spirit; stealthy, sneaky, or deceptive. So God is telling you to take back responsibility to nurture what you have, it not this “black cat” that seems that’s not there will become mature in your life. Looks like a warning dream to me. Makes sense? God bless you!

      • Thanks John. It’s kinda makes sense. There are some things happening I haven’t been wanting to deal with ( take responsibility) . I was just confused as to why my nephew girlfriend whose pregnant was the one to whom it appeared I had given birth to her child. I shared my dream with her and she was concerned. Thanks for clearing up the meaning of the black cat. A warning from God. I’ve definitely got to pray for wisdom and discernment!! God bless you !!

  19. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant and gave natural birth to a baby girl. I was shocked because I had no idea I was even pregnant. My nephew girlfriend is pregnant in real life, so in another part of the dream it was as if I gave birth to her baby girl that she was carrying. I get up to do a night feeding and she Samaria told me that she would feed the baby since I had just given birth and could rest. I noticed a black baby cat in the room. Continue d..

  20. hi oforkanji,

    yes that makes perfect sense thank you!

  21. I recently dreamed I had a baby girl, she was a newborn and I noticed she was missing a finger and a toe. Even though she was a newborn I also noticed she had a full mouth of teeth, so she actually looked like a 2 year old. In the dream I kept saying newborns aren’t supposed to have teeth yet. I couldn’t understand why my baby looked older than a newborn. the baby was content and happy and was just sitting with its father playing. But in the dream I couldn’t wrap my head around how it was different and not looking like a newborn.
    Please help!

    • Hi Jay! This looks like a good dream. It seems to me that God will or has birth a ministry or responsibility in your life that will have full maturity, even if it seems that somethings are missing. So, it may be something God will do that will surprise you. Makes sense? God bless you!

  22. Hi lynmarie please help me to interpret those dream please please.i posted one on bathroom section as well. Please help

  23. Hi lynmarie
    I had a dream whereby I was bathing a premature baby very tiny and I put the baby in water before I knew it’s the baby sank and I took the baby out before I knew it’s it’s stop breathing and it’s look like a baby animal I was so hurt.
    In waking life my period came I don’t know if it’s anxiety or something to do my conceiving

  24. Doll and triplets
    I was in a room there were triplets and I told my real life son to help me to feed them he took them to the kitchen I remember telling him shouting from upstairs what to do …the next thing  it’s look like he was crossing the street with them and one  of the baby fell down and broke the arm I went over to carry the babies off him , pick the one off the floor realise the one that fell on the floor turn to doll but I fix the arm back and the cross the street.
    And went to the new house we were moving into.

  25. Hi

    I had a dream my husband and I was packing clean baby girl clothes in plastic bags and I also packed baby boys matching shoe in bag and I said to my husband you can wear yours and match the baby the next dayI dreamt I was given baby boys different boys winter baby grow by a woman it’s look like I was not expecting the clothes and did not order it but she said to me I should not worry about paying all at once I will pay her small by small.

  26. was walking with my hubby we saw a lady with triplets then I hug d triplets and told my husband i want this they were 2 girls n a boy in the middle. All of a sudden I had to help her to change the boy and keep cleaning the babies
    The dream jumped I was going to collect certificate in university
    Then the dream jumped I
    find my self bathing in the bathroom n a neighbour took the sponge and  wash me
    Then I had another dream whereby I was pushing a pushchair a boy /girl twin I started playing with the children , Theboy started clapping hishands. Then heseems to talk at the last stage of the dream but his laughter filled my heart.

  27. Hi lynmarie
    In this dream I gave birth to twins and the birth was natural and was so easy .my son in real life helped with the nurse to deliver them and it’s looked like the last twin face was swollen but the nurse reassured me it was the pressure of the birth but the babies are fine.

  28. Hi Jordan – If you could re-post your dream in the Pregnancy, Childbirth & Babies category, someone can respond to your dream there. This thread is about the presidential race, so it would be good to keep all the posts on specific subject matters together to avoid confusion. Thanks! 🙂

  29. Oct 12 I dreamed that I returned to my doctor and asked “When will I find out the gender of my child?” (In real life I am about to do that). The nurse responded, “We already know… it’s a boy!” I cried with joy.

    • Thanks, Karen. You’ve got our back! Awesome. Jordan, it’s possible that what you’ll be “birthing” will be a direct result of your prayers, because what we “birth” is on account of our actions which include prayer. If you are a prayer warrior, and fervantly prayed about America and this election (repeatedly), this could actually be a revelation about that. Is that true?

      Otherwise, there could be another situation this could be addressing because it’s HIGHLY DOUBTFUL this is about the gender of your baby. What say you? Any other dreams that could speak to the election?

  30. Hello,
    My husband and I were in a hotel room. We were on the bed with a pregnant yellow haired woman. No one helped her deliver the baby. As the baby was coming, she pulled it out of herself. She handed the baby girl to its father. He was a big tall man. He was very happy. Seemed like the woman was just carrying this baby. She was not the mother. She told the father, “Don’t let her use you.” She was talking about the mother. The Father carried the baby into the bathroom. I kept wishing this woman would hurry up and leave so I could be free to walk around the room to find my shoes. EOD

  31. I dreamt I gave birth to triplets and they were boys

    • Wow. It looks like something you have begun or “birthed” by your actions, prayers, or the desires of you heart will bring forth triple! That is, there will be a COMPLETE answer/outcome. Boys could speak of something that could be described as masculine. Think of what’s unresolved in your life, and connect it with the boiy symbol. Any thoughts, then, of what this could apply to?

  32. Thank you very much. I wish I could grab hold of it but it will only be available if I make a life changing decision. So I guess I have to wait on God to lead me. X

  33. Thank you Sweetheart:) This makes lots of sense. Do you think its concerning the area of family as I took the baby into the family room and his family came? X

  34. I am in a bathroom, flushing the toilet and a little baby boy is laying on the nappy changing unit, abandoned. I sensed neglect and he was starving. When I picked him up he appeared older. He was beautiful. I was happy to accept him into my family.
    I kept on thinking to contact the authorities as I didn’t want to steal him. We got home and I see him as a little boy sitting with me on a sofa in the living room. He is finally eating and growing up. Members of his community came and instantly give me their approval and trust, also the authorities are happy

  35. Thank you for responding. I have been praying and asking God for direction and guidance concerning my career. So, hopefully this is confirmation that God is going to lead me to an opportunity.

  36. I could hear someone telling me that I had to dig up a 2 month old baby. They told me the baby was able to sit up. It was a cord laying on the ground that I had to follow in order to find the baby. Once, I reached the end of the cord, I pulled it up and a big gray brick came up with the baby laying in it. I started touching the babies cheeks and talking baby-talk to it. Then I picked the baby up and he started talking to me and he had a full set of teeth.

    • So God apparently has set up an assignment for you. He will lead you to it, and it may be attached to something you are already aware of (such as a ministry opportunity within a church). It most likely built on a firm foundation through great preparation. (This may or may not have to do with music.) What do you think?

  37. I have even been fasting regularly… sigh… If it weren’t for the many dreams the Lord has shown me about His plan for G, I would give up. G just has a VERY strong spirit of independence and all his life has bucked what anyone else told him, so definitely a stronghold there. The Lord keeps showing me that praise and claiming victory are going to be key here, so I’ll keep trying to focus on that. Thanks, Lynmarie. I hope your wrist is getting better and giving you less pain. I’ve been praying about that. 🙂

  38. I agree with you as to the meaning of the dream, and it certainly fits the situation. G is one tough nut to crack! He is so incredibly resistant to the Holy Spirit! I’m encouraged that he’s dreaming, though. I’ve been praying about that. I figure if Christ can reveal Himself to masses of Muslims in the Middle East through dreams like He is, He certainly ought to be able to get through to one hard-headed American. G told me today about another recent dream he had that was also revelatory about where he’s at, again about his resistance. Thanks for all your help in this ongoing battle!

    • You have a good point there about the dreams of Muslims! And I agree wholeheartedly that if you can get someone to believe that God speaks through prophetic dreams, and if they have a way of seeing the interpretation- then God can go ahead and share what He knows is strategic. What can be more powerful?

      Just try adding fasting to your prayers and efforts. It has worked for me for sure!

  39. Hi Lynmarie – What would dolls in the womb mean? Something being birthed that’s fake or counterfeit? My friend G dreamed a couple of nights ago that I had a bunch of dolls in my womb, all different shapes and sizes, but all of their faces looked like him. He does appear to be a dreamer, although I know he has been shown Satan’s skewed version of things in the past. Appreciate your thoughts.

    • I’ve had these type of dreams, and I’d say this dream has come from the dark side because Satan is threatened by you and your influence on G. Looks like the devil is trying to convince him that what you’ve been telling him is counterfeit and untrue, and that he should resist believing anything you say.

    • However, you are full of truth. And Satan is a liar. Satan is real and operating in people’s lives all over the world today to kill, steal, and destroy. I know. A demon once spoke from my husband’s mouth.

      This dream confirms that you are relaying truth. G should receive it and move into the Kingdom of Light.

  40. Something new in our lives that will grow into something really good. So, that being said, this new baby was a baby girl, we have always wanted a baby girl ( we have all boys). The baby girl is something we all want and are waiting on God to give us. The fact that there was no “labor” involved in delivering her, she just came with one touch to my belly. The fact that she wasn’t there before and she just “came”, kind of makes me think this blessing will be unexpected, for my husband and I, but without any effort on our part. Her name was “Samantha Lemonade” and The Freckles just means that the blessing will be unique.

  41. Two nights ago I dreamed that I had a new baby girl. She was wrapped in a pink blanket and had a lot of freckles on her beautiful face. Her name was Samantha Lemonade. I didn’t actually experience labor with her, someone just touched my belly and then she appeared. I was thinking about how I would introduce her to the world since It was’t evident that I had carried her for the last nine months, but she was mine. I was concerned that folks would wonder, but I myself knew she was mine. Any thoughts?…

    • This appears to be a sweet dream. I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but I’d say God has apparently heard your prayers and is pleased as you figure out how to retain a good attitude and make pink lemonade out of lemons! Of course, your insight as the dreamer may lend a different twist if any of these elements have a personal meaning for you.

  42. The Hemorrhaging dreams tend to feel scary, weird and creepy the pregnancy ones do not. My husband and I have been trying for children and have been married a little over 3 years now don’t know if that means anything. We have moved states and churches and have new friends in the midst of all these dreams. And the mentor in the dream is someone we no longer see and live states away but have contemplated moving again back near them. That’s the only thing that comes to my mind as for having hope for something.

  43. Thanks a lot Lynmarie for your response and am so sorry about your daughter, its a very unpleasant situation to face but all in all the lord always sees us through and that’s our comfort.
    These dreams I have are not “dark” per se, they’re very normal dreams and there’s nothing eerie about them so I don’t know whether that is of importance. I’ll definitely keep in touch like I mentioned I usually dream a lot and you’ll be seeing my posts every now and then and I can confidentially say that I will soon be updating you on my pregnancy too as I believe that the lord has brought me into a new season.
    The lord continue to bless you in all you do.

    • The dreams not being dark and at the same time being memorable, are good signs that these have come from God. With that said, and taking note of the level of faith I am seeing in you… seeing the pregnant women around you could be a sign of things to come for you! I see dreams of family members entering scenes of dreams from time to time, and that symbolizes blessings coming in. This could be similar now that I think about it. This looks like your warfare is going to be effective. We will join you in believing for this new season!

  44. I have these recurring dreams of pregnant women. Usually it’s people that I know and despite the dreams not centred on the pregnancy I see these women pregnant and I notice it. IRL I have been trying to conceive for the past 4 years so could these dreams be an expression of my desire to conceive? I’ve had to go through deliverance as my issue was a spiritual one since I’ve had a child before. I got to know about this through one of the dreams I had when I asked the lord what was really wrong since medically both my husband and I don’t have any medical conditions that prevent us from conceiving, we are both very normal and fertile. In that dream I saw a small snake which become big like a python and then it turned into a pregnant women, in that dream I rebuked that woman’s pregnancy and then woke up and as I did I woke up engaging in warfare. So my question is what could these dreams suggest. Thanks a lot in advance for your Godly guidance and counsel.

    • My heart goes out to you. One of our daughters has recently had two miscarriages.

      In a prophetic dream, when a snake morphs into something else, it means that the deceiver is connected to that. So the python dream connects pregnancy with the deceiver. This indicates that you are on the right track with deliverance as somehow there appears to be a curse. Thank God these can be broken with the enlightenment of the Lord.

      Dreaming that the women around you being pregnant sound like the devil is taunting you. I assume the dreams are rather dark in color. You will be in our prayers that the Lord reveals the key to unlocking reproductive freedom in your life! Please stay in touch.

  45. The past two years I have had multiple dreams that I am hemorrhaging. Whether I’m asleep, walking and people notify me, ect. But lately I’ve had dreams of being pregnant. I’ve had one twice where people/doctor tell me I’m one week pregnant. Then last night I had a dream where I’m pregnant and I feel I’m towards the end. Everyone was accommodating to me. I get up to use the restroom and felt something come out. Somehow there was a small door beneath the toilet and I was able to see through like a window what was in it. I saw the shape of a baby. It was a girl. I hurried took it out, washed it up in the sink and went out to show her off. But when I handed her to one of my mentors she looked like she turned into a doll. Plastic arms and legs and feet. I became sad and she looked at me like I was crazy to think it was a real baby.

    • Let me get back to you on this one.

    • From the sound of it, this sounds like a dream from God, because you seem to remember in detail and didn’t mention it feeling dark or creepy. I will go on that assumption, but if wrong, it will change the meaning.

      Hemorrhaging is associated with miscarriage, and is mostly likely negative unless it’s coming from somewhere in the body other than the reproductive system (then it might be positive). One of our daughters dreamed of this a couple of months ago and literally had a miscarriage within days.

      Putting this together with the other elements in the dream, let me ask you if there is something going on in your hopes that God may be revealing shouldn’t be birthed because it’s artificial and not for the best. God may be giving yu a heads-up through these dreams to let go of this idea. Does that make any sense?

  46. Oh, that’s what I was so hoping!! Joy is what I have been lacking, and longing for. And I am so encouraged that the changes I’ve been working to cooperate signify a victory!

  47. My 12-yr-old daughter dreamed that I gave birth in our living room (on the chair where I often sit!) to a daughter whose name meant “joy”. A week or so later she dreamed that I was pregnant, and had been since last May. Would these dreams actually mean me, or someone else?

    (For what it’s worth, her dreams reminded me that about a year and a half ago, I dreamed that I gave birth to a baby in what seemed like a retirement home, or possibly a resort. Literally everything in my dream was white. After the birth, my bleeding stopped very quickly. It all seemed painless. Not sure what the meaning would have been for that one…..)

    • Love it when God speaks to us through children! God is surely prophesying here that you are about to make a breakthrough in the area of JOY! I’m not surprised to see this after reading your bathroom dream. These indicate a major victory taking place in your heart and having positive and impactful spiritual consequences!

  48. I had a very weird dream – honestly: It is only the last week that I started dreaming these things (referring to my other dream that you are working on, Lynmarie).

    I dreamt that I was breastfeeding a small, fury animal. It looked like a hamster or something – no tail, just cute. It did not hurt and I saw milk coming from its mouth as it was drinking. Must admit, I tried to hide it from everyone in the dream.

    Must add: My husband and I registered for adoption January 2015. We asked for specifics: newborn baby boy (I want to breastfeed) and that the baby would be healthy. We have not received our baby yet and I must say that the past 2 months, it has been in my mind the whole time – wondering why it is taking so long.

    Please don’t judge me if this is a bad dream. I feel really vulnerable and guilty for dreaming this

    • A typical prophetic dream. I don’t think there is doubt that you are kicking around an idea, and maybe working toward it. But God isn’t in it. Only you, by the assistance of the Holy Spirit or by other dreams will know what this applies to.

  49. Thanks so much!! And I’ve been told often that I have a prophetic gift thanks for the confirmation. I pray God continue to bless you

  50. She was pregnant in the dream, I also walk to my old house I used to live in when I was in high school, I went in my parents old room and begin to change clothes but my mom interuped me and said a lady and her daughter wanted to take a picture with us so I put my shirt back on but I didn’t want to take the pictures because I had a feeling the lady was up to no good. My old house had a magnolia tree in real life

    • First, let me confirm that you are prophetic, that God has blessed you with prophetic gifting. Now, let me just address what I feel is significant about the dream.

      Biblically, trees generally represent people or a group of people. A magnolia tree is a most beautiful and dignified tree, if you will. The blossoms in the air indicate springtime, a new and good season. So this seems to prophesy a new beautiful season for someone. You should discern what this specifically applies to by way of other dreams or a God-given discernment gift.

      Being back in a house you previously lived in is also significant in dreams possibly speaking about a place you “belong” or a past issue that is reoccurring. The part about your ex is also significant and these 2 dream symbols may relate to each other since an ex usually symbolizes something that has tripped you up in the past. At first glance, I’d say that the plans of your adversary, the devil, are to try to make you feel shame… I will let you know if anything else comes to mind on that.

      And, lastly, I believe the Lord wants to assure you that He can be trusted… even to work through people. I know that can be a tough one!!

  51. They were magnolia flowers falling from a magnolia tree her first Name is Sicorie she was my high school friend she’s actually pregnant in real life

  52. I Dreamed of a bunch of white flowers falling in a field. My friend stated in the dream those white flowers mean death, and I told her no man can predict your death I was trying to tell her superstitions are not from God, and I told her let’s go so we began to walk off, I noticed after walking for a while she disappeared. Also in the dream my ex husband was dating a lot of different women and people was coming back telling me about each woman. I was focused on living right so I wouldn’t respond to the gossiping in a negative way, but I asked why were they attacking me

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