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Pregnancy, Childbirth & Babies‒ Category Description

What do babies generally symbolize? Are pregnancy and baby dreams literal? What does how far along I am in the pregnancy mean? What do the details of the childbirth or child symbolize? What does the midwife or doctor symbolize? What if the mother is someone besides the dreamer? What does it mean to be caring for a child or children? And what about the birth of grandchildren? And what about nursing a baby in dreams? What about dreams during pregnancy?

This category speaks to these questions.

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Babies

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Babies & Children

Babies in Dreams
Newborns in Dreams
Newborns Standing & Walking
Newborns Speaking
Newborn Singing
Newborn Playing With Toys
Newborn Remaining Naked
Newborn Remaining Undiapered
Newborn Urinating in Toilet
Changing Baby’s Wet Diaper
Changing Baby’s Poopy Diaper
Grade School Age Children
Middle Schoolers & Teenagers
Caring for Children Not Yours
Our Own Children


Pregnancy Dreams Prophesy Childbirth?
Dreams That May Prophesy Childbirth
To Women Struggling With Infertility
Dreams during Pregnancy
Pregnancy in Dreams
Length of Pregnancy
Barely Showing
5 Months Pregnant
Transparent Belly
Baby Kicking Visible to All
Immanent Childbirth
What do abortions mean in dreams?
Hospitals, Doctors & Midwives


Dreamer Ready to Give Birth
False Alarm, Labor Not Started
Dreamer Actually Giving Birth
Fast & Easy Birth
Long Labor
Painful Birth
Breach Birth
Leg Out First
Birth Right Through Belly
Birthing Prematurely
Birthing the Unexpected
Birthing Location

Obstetricians, Midwives & Hospitals

Birth Location
Hospital Birth
Birth Center
Birthing in a Car
Husband Assisting Birth
Birthing in a Gymnasium
Birthing Without Assistance

Nursing a Baby

Nursing a Baby
Nursing From One Side Only
Nursing Baby is Choking
Milk Shooting Everywhere
Baby Unable to Latch
Baby Unable to Get Enough Milk
Milk Not Letting Down
Milk for Baby has Dried Up
Toddler Nursing
Unable to Wean
Nursing Baby Biting
Nursing Nonmilk Liquid
Nursing a Baby in Public
Breast Torn Open- Milk Removed