People in Dreams

People in dreams generally represent something other than literally themselves!

Most persons in dreams, even family members, are symbolic of something or someone else. The language of dreams is “parable”. Their name or most notable feature may be symbolizing something. Dreamers, then, rarely receive personal information regarding their friends, associates, neighbors, extended family, fellow church members, etc. unless that information is highly relevant to the dreamer.  Remember, most dreams are for the dreamer’s personal insight and direct benefit, not someone else’s. “Someone else” should be receiving and searching out the meaning of their own dreams.

The difficulty in interpreting the meaning of people in dreams is primarily in discerning just when a person is not symbolizing something or someone else (but literally depicting themselves), because there are exceptions up to 10% of the time.

Additionally, mothers and fathers tend to assume their children in dreams carry a literal meaning. We wouldn’t want to be wrong about a warning dream! But the question is still the same, “Is this dream about my child literally, or is it about something I have birthed in my life?” Untangling the riddle becomes more difficult, of course, the more children you have!

We suggest: before assuming that a person in a dream literally represents themselves and is not symbolic, consider these 10 categories of symbolism concerning persons in dreams! And remember, we are not talking about things that can represent people here (creatures, objects, etc.), but what people in dreams may symbolize!



This very common possibility involves a person’s proper name symbolizing the meaning of the name. We placed it first on our category list because we’ve personally seen this hundreds of times.

Aaron = messenger of light

Alex = protector

Ann = grace

Ben = right-hand man

Charles = free

David = beloved

Frank = honest

John = gracious

James/Jacob = supplanter/deceiver

Mary = bitter

Rick, Richard = wealth and fame

Robert= famous brilliance

William = protector

See PROPER NAMES in our dictionary for more examples and links.


This category is rarer than PROPER NAME MEANINGS due to the much more limited possibilities of word play. Keep your eyes peeled for the use of homophones, however.

Oprah Winfrey = win free

Sharon= share on

Baron= barren

Justin Timberlake= Justice


Here, a person symbolizes another person with the same proper name.

This option is common when available. It is of course limited to your association with two people who share the same proper name, usually the first name.

Russell- One of our son-in-laws is named Russell, so when we became involved in a legal dispute where the attorney also had the name Russell, we knew when our son-in-law started appearing in some crazy dreams, they were about the attorney.

Helen- Both my mother and mother-in-law were named Helen. I often dreamed of one of them, and generally (but certainly not always) one Helen in a dream referred to the other. Equally, as often, however, the Helen represented the meaning of the proper name which is bearer of light, or shining light which carries a spiritual significance.

So why do these dreams have to be such difficult riddles sometimes. The answer is addressed in Proverbs 25:2 2‒ It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter; and in 1 Corinthians 13:12‒ For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.


Another interpretation category is a person/group symbolizing another person/group with the same outstanding trait, profession, or title. We’ve seen this category in numerous dreams.

Large family may represent another large family. Our family is larger than average with 5 children (currently 16 of us including grandkids). From time to time, family members dream of a family that we know, an even larger family. The dreams all but once referred to what was going on in our own family. The exception was one dream which referred to another large family we had become involved with during a difficult situation.
See category #7 first on this, but extended family may represent a church family. In one example, I dreamed that I served a huge buffet to my extended family. I had enough food so that extra containers were stored beneath the tables. My cousins enjoyed it so much that I suggested I serve them monthly. Before long, the pastor of the small inner-city church I was attending announced to me that the adult Sunday school teacher was taking a week off once a month to teach at a nursing home. You can guess that I was asked to teach monthly. The extended family in my dream turned out to have depicted my “church family”.
One sister/brother may represent another sister/brother in the family. Whether the dreamer is a sibling or is dreaming about a particular child, the possibility the one sibling or child is depicting another should not be left unexplored.  Context and application are the best clues.

A sister or brother could potentially represent a sister or brother in Christ, or someone who is like a sister or brother, though we can’t remember such a dream example.

One attorney represents another attorney; one teacher, another teacher, one Pastor represents another Pastor. Several friends of mine have experienced strange dreams of particular pastors. Many of these have symbolized another specific pastor, but some of these pastors fit into CATEGORY 6‒TRAITS ALONE.
In a series of later dreams, I interacted with Tom Tancredo, a republican congressman who had just changed to the Independent party to run for governor. Since his outstanding trait was independence, I knew he was representing a son of ours who could be characterized as independent, even from early childhood.

Glenn Beck has appeared in a couple of my dreams and clearly symbolized my brother because of his very strong will.

The focus in one dream was a couple. The dream indicated that the dreamer would not be able to continue relationship with this couple although they were best friends in real life as well as in the dream. This was due to an issue the wife had. As life played out, the couple in the dream turned out to represent another couple. What was the same about the couples that that one could symbolize the other? Both couples were best friends with the dreamer, and both were of the same race (but different than the dreamer).


This category is different from MATCHING TRAIT in that a person does not symbolize another person at all, but his/her title, profession, or outstanding trait itself!

You may have to stretch to wrap your head around this concept, but it’s a very strong possibility when it comes to interpreting people in dreams.

Our children in dreams more often than not represent something we have birthed. If this is the case, consider the following: If we have several children in reality, the distinguishing factors of the child in the dream might be a clue as to the application of the dream. Is the child your newest child, the child most like you, the oldest child, etc.?
Sometimes the person dreamed of is distinguished outstanding features such as eager student, outgoing personality, contentious, etc.. The dreamer can ask him/herself, “What makes this person distinct? What is the outstanding feature of the person?”
Once when we were involved in a real estate transaction, we needed a high appraisal. I dreamed of a friend’s father who happened to be a congressman. He was a liberal democrat which meant that the appraiser would be liberal (just what we needed!).

BOSS‒ Someone in authority

CHEF‒ A creative person who is processing ideas

DOCTOR OR NURSE‒ Need for healing (any type)

FARMER‒ Concerning cultivation or seed and harvest, like fishing for business, church members, etc.

FIREMAN‒ Rescuer

JUDGE‒ God as judge

LAWYER‒ Jesus our advocate

PILOT/DRIVER ‒ Someone is in the driver’s seat in an area of your life. This can be good or bad.

PASTOR‒Another pastor or a spiritual authority

POLICEMAN‒ Spiritual authority

PRESIDENT OF USA‒ ultimate or final authority

A person or group from a different race than the dreamer may be referring to a person or group of another race, but not the same one. I have often dreamed of a group of Asians which clearly symbolized blacks.

Another possible metaphor is that persons are foreigners, not of the same spirit or belief system.

To a light-skinned person, a dark-skinned person may also indicate darkness of spirit. My mother dreamed shortly before she died of a black man at the door with a glittery purple and red costume on. It unfortunately turned out to symbolize the trustee to her estate, my brother (purple= authority, and red= battle). Treachery and legal battle followed!

Yes, we can address controversial elements because they do appear in dreams. If you see this life-style as sin, whether that is true or not, consider ignoring your bias when it comes to dream interpretation. The symbolism we’ve seen may look different than Christians might anticipate. Rather than symbolizing an abomination, here’s what we’ve seen.

First, these persons in dreams indicate a spirit, either a disposition/orientation/perspective/attitude or a literal spirit. This is focusing on one issue. In particular, we have seen this refer to a spirit of independence, that is, an attitude of no need for a partner of the other gender. If you’re married and dream that a gay person lives with you, you most likely simply need to deal with some pride issues. If your spouse dreams this, he or she might consider the same thing.

father, judge, pastor, US President, doctor, king, boss, coach, attorney, potter, hair stylist, life guard, mother, sheriff, etc.


Here, a person symbolizes his/her connection or relationship to you, but may not represent a literal person. Don’t forget to consider this possibility because it’s utilized in dreams frequently. The examples will help you define this option.

In a recent dream told to us, the dreamer saw his best friend taking him somewhere that he was received well, a place that everyone knew and loved him. The dream has not played out yet, but when asked who his truest best friend is, he told us “Jesus”. We suggested that he expect to be taken somewhere exciting, but perhaps not by his friend.

In another recent dream, the dreamer relayed a scene where he was accompany by a close friend. When putting the scene in the dream context as well as his life context, the close friend is most likely his wife!

When we experience these dream themes, we are often being told about something we are partnered with such as job, school, girlfriend. See WEDDINGS AND MARRIAGE.
Sometimes, when you the dreamer see yourself doing something in a dream, if you are married, you may be actually symbolizing your spouse since “the two have become one”. We have seen that one play out.
This dream theme is very common and often the dreams keep repeating. Generally, because dreamers have not trained themselves to translate the metaphors, they assume that these dreams must be more literal than symbolic and are about an upcoming encounter with these EX’s.

Quite the opposite is most likely. EX’s generally represent something in the life of the dreamer rather than depicting the literal person.

These dream themes actually mean that an enticement will resurface in an area of past failure, particularly in romantic relationships. Beware, dreamers of EX’s, because you may be lured toward someone who appears attractive and positive, but is not going to be in your best interest. The contexts in those dreams often provide clues as to who the person is, what role they are playing, or what action is going on.

Again, our children in dreams more often than not represent something we have birthed or begun. See PREGNANCY & BABIES.
Our father in a dream may be literal, but generally:

1. Our father in a dream may represent our Heavenly Father, especially if our real father is or was a reasonably good role model (though all fathers are far from perfect).  This can be true even if the father is depicted as soon to die since in some seasons of our lives, it SEEMS like God is dead so to speak; that is, sometimes it seems like He has abandoned us. But take heart, those seasons are a temporary part of life to mold and purify us.

2. Our father in a dream may represent our literal father-in-law or step-father. (And of course, after eliminating the other possibilities, any person in a dream may be literal, but most (90% or so) persons in dreams are not.

3. Our father in a dream may represent an authority figure such as a boss or someone who fathered something in our lives.

4. Our father in a dream may represent the father of lies, which would be Satan. One of our children recently dreamed that we received a phone call informing us that his father/my husband had died. Yikes! Don’t you love those! The interesting part was that prior to the phone call, his father was racing a race car which was a Cobra. Since a cobra is a most venomous and deadly snake, could this not be interpreted as the father of lies dying in our son’s life? We suggested that he revisit the personal condemnation lies that he had believed as a teen or in recent years (you will never become anything, nothing will ever change, you won’t be able to succeed at anything, you won’t succeed at relationship, etc.) and ponder which one or ones were still encircling his mind from time to time. It will be interesting to see what happens, and we’ll report back on this one.

A person’s mother or parents in a dream may be literal, but generally:

1. Our mother in a dream may represent the motivation behind something, the origin of something, or the nurturer of something. Make sense?

2. Our mother in a dream may represent the Holy Spirit, especially when accompanied in a dream by our father so that we’re now talking about a set of parents. “What?” you say, “Now you’re really getting crazy!”

Remember, the totality of God is described as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In a simple family, there also three: father, mother, and son. So mother could represent the Holy Spirit. And remember, these terms for God express who He is on our terms since we can’t really comprehend the eternal realm.

Someone asked me, “Then why wouldn’t the whole family of 3 appear in our dreams? Why would we have dreams about our parents without a son there?” In a literal since, maybe that could be supported theologically, but perhaps we shouldn’t get too theological. Dreams are parabolic anyway and certainly confusing enough as it is (Proverbs 25:2‒ It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter. 1 Corinthians 13:12‒ For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.)

See the dream at the bottom of this page for an example on a mother symbolizing the Holy Spirit.

3. A mother may represent someone “mothering” as in providing advice or serving (cooking, cleaning).

      In one recent dream, the mother turned out to be the dreamer’s attorney.

In another, it was a girlfriend working her tail off to get a commitment.


This interpretation category can be described as a group of people symbolizing the amount of blessings or curses for the dreamer to expect.

If you have a dream about your immediate family, it very well may be literal, relatives and strangers generally carry a different meaning.

However, dreams about lots of relatives (extended family) coming into your home may indicate the amount of blessings which will be entering your life soon.
On the other hand, if you dream about a bunch of strangers entering your home, that’s not a good sign, and indicates curses or a negative season. We’ve dreamed this theme multiple times and seen it play out. My advice, if you’ve getting dreams like that, is to seek your creator and ask what it is that may have opened the door for that, what you need to open yourself to, or what you need to learn in order to be the person He desires you to be. You may be able to shorten the season.

This category is based on both universal and scriptural element types. To understand the universal connotation, one has to remove himself from today’s global and multicultural perspective. Historically, clans built walls around themselves and put a high value on their tribe. Others were seen as threats and outsiders.

This was also true of the Hebrews. There were Jews and everybody else! And remember that their scriptures clearly reflect their emphasis on the value of children, who were considered blessings; the more the merrier.

For more information on this topic, visit BLESSINGS AND CURSES‒ YOU CHOOSE.


Generally, these dreams mean that: Something this person represents will resurface.

This category is the opposite of DEATH DREAMS. While Death Dreams depict someone currently alive in reality dying or dead in the dream, Deceased Persons Alive dreams depict a decedent as now alive!

These dreams may bring out strong emotions which range from highly disturbing to quite exhilarating. We get asked a lot about these dream themes.

Dream of loved ones once-again-alive may be very dramatic and impressive which may indicate that the application of the dream is pretty important to the dreamer. Here are a couple of examples.

Background: This dream took place 4 ½ years after my father had died and 6 months after my mom. The brother who was assigned to be the sole trustee surprised us with behavior so treacherous that it would make a good movie. The story began to unfold is ways that looked like justice would save the day. But several months into the legal battle, it began to look like the brother might get away with a good deal of his schemes. In fact, it seemed like God had abandoned the other siblings.

The dream: In this night vision, I had to revisit my father’s corpse in the morgue 3 days after his death. When I entered the room, I noticed that his eyes were open, then moving slightly. As I wondered if this was some normal biological reaction, they totally came alive! I hugged and conversed with him and then went to get my brother (not the trustee).

Interpretation: Going on the interpretation for Deceased Persons Alive dreams, “Something this person represents will resurface”, I was encouraged. If my father in the dream literally represented himself, he would be taking our side because he was a man of integrity. We could take comfort and expect some justice. If my father in the dream represented my Heavenly Father, the result is the same. Perhaps the symbolism is both signifying confirmation. Now, months later, as the battle goes on and on, I continue to take comfort from such an impressive dream.

Sometimes the deceased person in a dream, although a loved one, represents something negative. Sometimes this person represents a curse, perhaps a generational curse. If the topic sounds intriguing (or if you’re beginning to wonder if you’re cursed, check out this on-line information For more information on this topic, visit BLESSINGS AND CURSES‒ YOU CHOOSE.

The Dream‒ In this dream, the dreamer is confident that the deceased person, a father-in-law, does symbolize a curse or something negative. Fortunately, the man could not stand up in the shower. So that tells us that cleansing (forgiveness) when put in place will render the curse unable to stand.


The facial features of the persons in this category are not memorable or impressive. In fact, we may never be shown the face at all! Take note of these. They may not represent a literal person, but a spirit perhaps within a person.

In these dreams, we can’t recall the face, but we get a good feeling from the person, as if they are familiar, maybe a friend. This is a positive (and even Biblical) symbol. The person represents something good, blessing, or a good spirit connected to someone.
Strangers in dreams when they are indistinct are generally a bad sign. The feeling that they are unfamiliar goes hand in hand with a sense of tentativeness or caution. That may indicate a bad spirit connected to someone or a curse.
Sometimes we never actually view the face of a character in a dream. Perhaps they are positioned behind us or there is simply darkness within a hood. These people generally represent an actual spirit such as the Holy Spirit, a demonic spirit, or a spirit of greed.


With this possibility, a person symbolizes a group of people. Not as common, but always a possibility depending on the context of the dream.

I once dreamed of US Senator Al Franken who had just been sworn into office.  In this dream, he represented all the Washington politicians who were like-minded. The example below provides another example.

DREAM: a young man dreams that he is considering asking his girlfriend from middle school to marry him since she just called off the wedding she’d planned with another guy. He decides not to, but when his brother says that it would be OK to just invite her to a family dinner, his mother has the opinion that even this would not be a good idea.


X-girlfriend = Category #6 CONNECTION‒ an enticement will resurface in an area of past failure. Beware, because you may be lured toward something or someone which you are still attracted to, but is not good for you.

X-girlfriend = Category #4 MATCHED PAIR TRAIT‒ one x-girlfriend represents another x-girlfriend. The dreamer feels that both applications most likely apply.

Brother = Category #10 REPRESENTATIVE‒ After eliminating several other categories, the dreamer feels that his brother represents the family in general since this brother and his wife hosted the last holiday gathering and was hosting the upcoming family gathering in the dream.

Mother = Category #6 CONNECTION‒ definition #2, our mother in a dream may represent the Holy Spirit.


The dreamer concludes that the most likely scenario is that his most recent girlfriend, who is currently dating someone else, will break that relationship off and contact him to see if she can get it going again. He feels that hearing from her shortly would be a sign that the dream was a prophetic warning, and he says he will not agree to converse with or meet with her.

Although most persons in dreams (around 90% in our experience) symbolize something or someone else, exceptions are not unusual. So, in maybe 1 in 10 dreams, a person can be interpreted as that literal person.

These persons are generally limited to family, someone who holds authority over the dreamer, someone who is partnered in some way with the dreamer, or someone who potentially could have significant effect in the dreamer’s life.

Expect the other elements in the dream to remain symbolic. This principle applies to other dream element categories as well. Maybe one in 10 will be literal within a dream.

And by the way, a dreamer’s entire immediate family (or most of them) in a dream are usually literal rather than symbolic.

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


You may submit brief dreams as COMMENTS for other dreamers in the community to respond to on the Open Discussion post or an appropriate dictionary page.



Be aware that community interpretive-comment-replies come from a wide-range of interpretation perspectives, experience and training, and there may be quite a wait.

For faster and more reliable responses, submit your dreams for Professional Dream Interpretation Assistance.


Searched this category and don’t see the element you’re looking for? Request new element information by submitting a request on the corresponding dictionary topic page.
We will add your element to the dictionary. 50 WORD LIMIT; SUBSCRIPTION TO COMMENTS REQUIRED.


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April 11, 2019

200 responses on "People in Dreams"

  1. Hi Lynn,
    My fiancé had a dream, still stuck on the symbols , please help if you can .
    He dreamt he came to my house in the Caribbean (Jamaica, he also lives in Jamaica too) he noticed that 2 bathrooms were at the back of my house he walked into the first one and saw me in the bathroom with a white elderly man, I was in the mirror putting on make up etc, he says I looked slimmer and younger , my fiancé was going to say something but I said ‘it’s ok’ In the other bath room there was a white elderly woman , it’s seemed the man and woman were married….he say the woman was waiting on me , ( not sure for what ) anyway he woke up afterwards.

  2. My elder sister’s name is a native name that means “God’s own is good”

  3. Thanks ma for d help. God bless

  4. 3. This is like d 3rd or 4th time I will dream of having issues with my elder sis. And in reality,We almost had.
    4. My elder sis is d firstborn and am after her. My younger brother is d only boy and last child of d house. Mom’s a widow. My aunt is mom’s immediate elder sis.
    5. For a while now have been dreaming of being in d gathering of part of my immediate family and dis my aunt,her husband and daughter. In reality,both families are close.
    Pls HELP ME OUT!…

  5. My aunt n her husband and mom,I think tried to calm me down too but my elder sis went on talking and getting me sad with what she said. When I return to d room I was with them,mom said something and I got angry and held d neck of her dress telling her to leave me alone to be. She got angry and said she will do dat. All through d dream,I did not notice my baby. I didn’t see him neither was anything referring to him seen.
    Am so confused about dis dream. PLS HELP ME.
    1. I don’t have issue with any member of my family now.
    2. Am not married but d issue and scolding for getting pregnant outside wedlock had been over a long time. And all of d pple in my dream,aside my mom’s younger sis had been supportive in diff ways.

  6. The rest were only listening and contributing at some point. Although,looked like they agree to what my big sis was saying. Then I found myself in another room like a room after the one I was with them cos I could still hear d conversations in dat room,but I locked up myself in dat room(that is d way it looked cos I later asked my junior brother to help get d key from someone somewhere). Later,my mom younger sis came with her daughter and my neighbour came with hers (this looked to me as though a small celebration was going on,dis neighbour of mine have all males as biological children). They try to call me down but I wouldn’t answer cos I was bitter and angry and in tears.

  7. Good day! I had a dream where my 2months old baby was much older,cos he could walk,and he had issue with me. In dat dream,what I can remember was rejection. I woke n d next dream I had was about me,then mom and elder sis and my aunt with her husband and daughter walked into d room I was and a kinda mini-meeting began. In dat dream my elder sis did more of d talking dat was like accusation and condemnation.

    • Your actions, words, or thoughts have “birthed” condemnation and rejection. Deal with it by the power and Spirit of the Lord before it grows further. Humble yourself. Do what it takes to mend relationships. It’s worth it.

  8. @sheba i can actually relate to that!


  9. @sheba when i think of my ex, all I feel is exhausted bcoz then I will recall the moments when he was being stubborn. I forgive him.

    I dont usually dream. When i dream, it’s either: A. Mess up dream: ie when i see dinosaur running in front of my friend’s house while we’re talking
    B. Nightmare
    C. A real life dream
    D. Dream of snakes

    Most of my dreams are about snakes. When i dream and i can remember what the dream is about, i usually try to look deeper..

    • Hi Teo
      If that is the case then it must be to do with a calling to forgive your own self for all the things that have happened to you in the past because of your own decisions.
      The other part that you mentioned about your dreams – I think that means the enemy is simply trying to incite fear in you because of the potential God has placed in you – the enemy sees all that and targets such people to cause fear in them through such dreams. Blessings !!

  10. I had a dream about my ex boyfriend. In my dream i forgive him for everything. I can’t seem to move on from this dream. What does this mean? Thanks.

  11. Many times a pastor in a dream will represent another pastor or leader or even the Lord himself. Keep that in mind when it comes to discerning what area of your life this dream speaks to. Here’s my take:

  12. I had a dream where me and other people from my church were in a prison. This prison was in a basement in a building in the city. Our pastor/prophet said we will get out of the prison. It was a huge iron bar door that was locked and prevented us from getting out. He goes to the door and the door doesn’t open so he was like “I thought God said that the door will open?” So I began to climb the iron bar and I saw that the hinge looked different. I pulled out the long hinge and i realized that I was able to bend the door. When I pulled it out, I bent and pushed the door open and the prophet and the people looked at me. I got on my knees and thanked Jesus for giving me the wisdom to figure that out.

  13. I was sitting in the middle of the church at a table with 3 other women. The pastor/prophet was standing in front of the church. There were women surrounding him and calling his name. All of these women liked him. There was also one woman on his right that had on a red skin tight dress and touched him and called his name 3 times. As this was going on, he kept his eyes on me and I kept my eyes on him. I knew that he didnt want the women and he held his arms down tightly to his sides. A young man that liked me saw that I did not lust after the pastor/prophet and came to give me a hug. I did not respond to him like the women did to the pastor/prophet and the young man sat down and watched the pastor/prophet in jealousy.

    • God seems to be relaying that while others are wanting ministries in your church with wrong motivations, your motivations are pure. While others seek power through leadership, you are content to turn down so-called opportunities if you sense they aren’t what God has your you. Hold out for what you are drawn to. The enemy may be trying to distract you. God will bless what He has called you to.

      • You are accurate. I spoke to one of my pastors about how many people only connect to the church to make their names big and to be known. Many women only come because they want to marry the pastors and it makes me very uncomfortable. One of the pastors also recommended me to be part of a certain ministry and I told him no which was difficult because I did not want to be seen as rebellious. We just started new ministries last week and I was debating in my mind and asking God to lead to the ministry I should serve in because I feel like my pastor would place me somewhere else. So I am praying about this.

  14. I had a dream of a celebrity who I know has launched a fitness app. I’m in her and her husband’s house and I hear her husband say the app was a slow launch. I remember looking at her app and thinking it was missing workouts for pregnancy.
    As I’m with her husband in their home, water shows up everywhere and I’m helping to clean up. It seemed it was rooted from their washer/Dryer unit in their home. I’m there helping clean up and I also see how committed their marriage is and how much they adore each other. Specifically, I hear her husband say how much he appreciates that she is an independent woman. Thoughts?

  15. While we appreciate your ministry, John, we are concerned about the accuracy of the content. If you ask us, we can give you a minister’s discount on the course because of your heart for people and faithfulness to ministry. Let me know by way of reply or email and i will email you the coupon code.

    • Hi Rev Lyn! Thank you so much! The reason I haven’t taken the course is because of work load from college as I’m in my final year. Thank you for the correction! “People” and “places” in dreams have been my greatest weak points for a while, but I really plan on learning more.

  16. In the dream, i saw myself looking into the eyes of this guy (lets call him James). As I was looking into James eyes, I saw his pupils turn yellow. I then ran out of the room feeling shocked with what I just saw. I arrived at this room. As I was about to enter, I felt like James was behind me. He tapped on my left shoulder & I get the feeling like he is saying “hey, I care” but the thoughts running in my head was he might not be the person i thought he was > what if I turn around & something bad happens OR he came to making me feel like he cares, but his intention is actually opposite whereby I might just be attack if I turn around ? I was bit frightened to turn around but I still did anyway. As I turned & finally face James, I felt James was slapping me while praying in tongues simultaneously. This is not like the literal face slap, where I can feel pain on my face. But is more like my face felt the motion of slapping, as I can feel the air gesture above my face slapping left & right. I felt myself telling James “I got trust issues okay!” Then, I stomped my feet out the door. Running away, I turned back slightly & saw James still praying in tongues & he mentioned trust issues in his prayer.

    • Hi Stesha! Very interesting dream! I think this is a dream that’s not from God because it goes against the characteristics of the work of the Holy Spirit – “slapping and speaking in tongues”. Dreams from God shouldn’t be condemning and frightening. So I think it’s a dream from the devil. I think the enemy is trying to make you feel you have problems in trusting God, or God giving you gifts and working through you, and this makes you feel unworthy. Ignore the dream, and pray against the lying voice of the enemy and keep asking God to invade your dream life. Does this make sense to you? God bless you!

    • Thank you, John for all your ministry. I wish you would take our course. I see no reason to believe this is not from God. The symbols fit together to bring a warning message. First off, know that it is extremely unlikely that the man in the dream is to be taken literally. God is most likely warning you about someone who appears to be similar to him, someone who has taken an interest in you.

      The eyes tell you that though this person appears to be godly, he actually is fear-based rather than faith-based. Specifically, he is unable to see the light. While he disguises himself as a strong Christian, he would be abusive if you were to move into a relationship with him. When you see a righteous-looking man approaching you, know that your first perceptions are correct and stay away from him. God is warning you. He can see what we can’t.

  17. I would like to give testimony to the work that God is doing in my life. I was given a dream that part of it came true today. After church my family and I went to the newly opened food market shop I saw in my dream and I saw products of the white star shaped pot plant I was shown in my dream. The plant is rare and grown only in one area in the country. Its a herbal plant meant to heal wounds, bruises, joint pains etc. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the plant products sold in the food market shop. It came in both herbal water and topic oil. Praise be to God for showing me the way. I thought I was going crazy but now one of my dreams has been proved true.

  18. Reading your first comment again and I can relate to that… I have been blessed with a job and may have to quit because of my son not having a consistent baby sitter… I’m not really upset but not happy about the idea of it… Other than that nothings out of control in my life unless my dream was a warning… I do know that dreams can go many ways… But I do think part of my dream was about my step-baby… Thank you though for your interpretation of it..

  19. When I switched belts, the belt was silver…. However I reached out to my step daughter’s mother and she said my step daughter had been acting rebellious.. In which that’s how I interpreted my dream… I got from my dream that a rebellious spirit had gotten on my step daughter.. But it is also true in my life of what you’ve interpreted from my dream..

    • I had a similar dream once. Doubtful that this dream is about your step-daughter. It’s surely about something in your life that appears to be out of control. The dream suggests that redemption is the answer, that it’s coming in your life. I’d find and collect some verses about redemption, and speak them daily.

  20. I had a dream my daughter was being disobedient… She wouldn’t listen… So i began hollering at her and she still acted like she wasn’t listening to me.. I began to whoop her… When I whooped her with the first belt it didn’t do anything, she still was being disobedient.. Then I got another belt to whoop her and this belt was a lil heavier and it was Silver…

  21. To Bwalya2, dream of Sept 19: Since Lyn is asking for fellow dreamers to help out now with interpretations, I’ll give this one a try. The meaning of your boss’s name is most likely the main point of the dream, or possibly what is most notable about this person, so could you tell me his name first of all? There must be an urgent message from the Lord in there if you’re having multiple dreams with this person being so central.

  22. Hi Lynmarie,
    I’ve been dreaming of my former boss alot ever since he died. He was a very firm and somewhat mean to me in the earlier years of my career but we become very good buddies before I left the company. I’ve just been wondering what he represents in my dreams because he’s been featuring in most of my dreams. He’s not so intimidating in my dreams so he doesn’t make me feel bad at all. Kindly assist with the significance of him in my dreams.
    Am internally grateful for your usual help. God bless you.

  23. Dreamt I saw my mothers friend, the setup was in a food market shop, I greeted her by hugging her and tried to kiss her but she pulled her head away. She had pulled her head away so sharply it simply struck me as to what was wrong. I noticed as she walked away she had a wound behind her neck which she had covered with a plaster and also noticed she was limping. I then saw her son who was wearing a brown leather jacket who I tried to greet by calling out his name but he flat out ignored me. He also had a wound on his forehead. I was then shown a star shaped flower in a pot plant.

  24. My uncle was a very Godly man. He is the one who helped me develop a strong relationship with God through counselling me. I always looked up to him for help as my mum had passed away and being maternal uncle he literally took our mum’s place for us siblings. We lived with our maternal grandmother and he lived with her too. He wasn’t married and spent all his life helping us then other cousins too and many many more people outside of family. So he was a great influence on me that way.

  25. Thanks for responding. I am so cautious about the whole thing concerning the attorney at the church. I haven’t been there in over a month. So tired of tring to fit in at church. i am so done….

    I keep getting the message when attempting to post to ur website “content not safe on this website.” It/s been going on for a few…

  26. Thank you. I’m simply praying for opportunity to visit regularly again…but fear binds him at the moment. I won’t force anything, and it’s something that’s needing initiation on his part.

  27. Sorry…my circumstances do match what you’re seeing. This man has been a constant since 2013 in dreams. We met in church in passing before then, but at that particular time we began spending time visiting within the confines of the church and eventually meeting up regularly at a restaurant. Trains have been another regular theme with ‘us’ in dreams.

  28. Hi, thanks for responding. I had a similar dream recently in which I ended up taking high-quality cinnamon and sugar bagels to him after he left an evening party he (Beau) escorted me to. In real-life I know who this man is, we’re not in contact at the moment (reasons explained in the dream-fear). Another similar dream was interpreted the same as you did. Thank you.

  29. Yes you are correct and it is her doing the witchcraft. The Lord exposed her to me and since then I have been doing warfare prayers and I have gone no contact with her. Since she is my husband’s sister they are still talking to each other and she has turned everyone against me and has made me look like the bad person. I’m tired and just focus on my family and stay in prayer.

    • This is such a familiar tactic, twisting things and attempting to turn people against you. I have been battling this greatly recently and just got one victory, but there are more to fight. Keep it up! You will get the last laugh so to speak.

  30. I had this dream about 12 years ago. I saw a figure stroking my back I knew was a ghost that I was not scared of. Then he went into the backyard and picked up a pot for potted plants and turned it upside down so it’s bottom faced me and on it was written in sparkling letters “now everything is yours” coincidentally couple hours later when I woke up we had a pone call to say that my uncle who loved me a lot had passed away. I still have a feeling that some inheritance is being withheld from me as well.

    • This could literally be about an inheritance, but I would think God would have spoken to you more on this subject if this were the case. It could also be about a spiritual inheritance if your uncle was a Godly man. Was he? it wouldn’t hurt to pray even now and ask God to explain further on this if you still don’t have understanding.

  31. Hi. I recently presented my business proposal to an attorney at the church where everything unraveled. Ithe attorney agreed to be part of the board for my business… Honestly, I am frustrated about everything, church, job, etc

  32. Hi. Hope all is well with you! Dreamed I was at a clients home she was having a party, her name is Yolanda. someone was at the door that she didn’t want to let in, so she asked me to lock the screen door and so I did. Later she told me to send my proposal to an attorney

  33. I keep having reoccurring dreams of my sister in law doing witchcraft. The first dream she was casting a spell to effect my ovaries I saw the color green on my ovaries and she was in full witch attire, next dream she was doing witchcraft to my husband and children’s food/also she was able to manipulate her brother (my husband) over the phone in the dream she also had someone helping her that looked like my mother in law. The last couple of dreams her husband warns me about what she is doing. She looks at me in the dream like she has been exposed and doesn’t want to be around me.

    • God is surely warning you in this dream that a person like your sister-in-law, or even literally her, is putting curses on you in the ways you see in the dreams. The food curses may have to do with some information they are receiving which are not accurate or are twisted, but could be poisoning them, literally or otherwise. Ask the Lord to provide you the key as to how to come out from under these curses! We will be praying. Are you seeing any evidence of this yet?

  34. Yes, I am ready! Thank you so much!

  35. Dream about three known men in my life. Patrick My best friend, Desmond an old neighbor and Joel an old church member I reconnected with a few months ago. All three guys were standing at the foot of my bed in the bedroom while I was lying back on the bed. In the dream it felt like the guys were telling me why I should choose them to be my man but I only remember hearing Joel talk though. Joel said something to the effect of when I’m ready to be with him or something then give him a call. He was irritated. He walked out of the room and I woke up. It really bothered me.

  36. I wanted to add that the dream was so clear and vibrant.

    • A very good dream! Again, this is about God saying He is willing, and it really looks like it’s more literal. It’s like he’s telling you to be responsive to focus on the friendship aspect of the relationship, not the romance. Don’t hurry that! Don’t push it! Let him chase you. The romance will come on it’s own. Seems to be a very promising, yet instructive dream!

  37. I dreamt about being in my old bedroom where I lived years ago in an apartment. I was lying on my bed with a guy named Joel who I attended church with years ago. We never had a relationship with each other at all. We were holding hands, talking and laughing. It was nothing sexual at all, just innocent. In the dream I felt at peace and complete. My mother was also in the room with us. Everyone was happy in the dream. I could smell Joel’s scent so clearly that upon waking up I still smelled him as if the dream was really real. I woke up happy and at peace and smiling.

  38. A large, busy breakroom. Beau and I take seats by a window. I want coffee, so does he, black. A woman with a cavalier attitude ask for directions to the VA. Using my phone I guide her to the newest part via google maps. At the coffee station, my blue coffee cup has been washed, drying above with a red one. I fill them both. Ex switched places with Beau, acts like he belongs there. Dismissive, I take out a chicken and broccoli rice bowl. Beau asks me what he thinks the meal is. I’m thinking of sharing with him.

    • Sorry for delay. Hope our comments can still be helpful. I’m jumping to application here and could be wrong, but I’d say the dream is speaking to you about your ministry, and it looks like it has to do with emotional healing and deliverance. The extent of ministry depth needed for this ministry seems to be in question for you. You are right to think that the removal of fear is connected to the need for spiritual nourishment. Does this make sense? If your circumstances don’t match this, we can take another route.

  39. Yes it will be hard.. I’ve tried & written letters.. To him & cried.. Only to be criticized..& told I have not enough faith to understand what God is doing in our lives.. Way to harsh with me.. But With God all things are possible.. Thanks so much…

  40. On top of a building I saw a vine of green tomatoes with which I planned to make chutney when ripe. I looked down the side of the building – my husband and son (18 yrs) enjoying their swim in an ocean. Then a huge splash from ocean and I rushed downstairs thinking my son’s in danger, saw someone lying down on the ground, a man was trying to spray something into his nose and I saw his eyes start to flicker as a result. This person on the ground did not look like my son – he looked older

    • In this dream, God may be saying that He will be surprising you as something comes to life that you had been hoping for and cultivating. It’s something you started yourself and you’ve been working on for some time. It seems to be related to spiritual discernment and the presence of the Holy Spirit. I’d take this as good news.

  41. I’m currently having problems with my left ear has a lot of ringing and fullness and am unable to hear clearly. I’m having a tremendous amt of stress in my marriage.. I’m about to start prayer with a marriage prayer husband is not participating

  42. Hi 🙂 In my dream I was somewhere in a crowded place, I think it was public. Something was happening. I saw a person coming towards me but barely walking. He was hurt and I think he was bleeding. He fell in my arms and I used a lot of strength to lift him up. I don’t know who this person was but I know I felt an enormous amount of love for him. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that in real life. I woke up happy and confused at the same time and I will never forget that feeling.

    • I would say that it looks like God is giving you a heads-up to expect a person to cross your path that needs your ministry. This person is hurting because of a struggle in the ability to move forward in his or her life. God has chosen you to encourage this person. This will bless you as well just because you gain pleasure from helping. Let us know as this plays out. You are a very Godly woman.

  43. I dreamed of an old boss of mine who I was also close personally. She was at my new job and I asked her how she was doing, and she in turned then said “How are you doing really?”

  44. Hello. Dreamed 2 doctors asked if someone would get them lunch from cafe. I volunteered very enthusiastic. Took elevator down to cafe, then got distracted sat down. Then realized i came to get lunch so i went up to the counter. 1 dr. wanted spinach salad with feta cheese the other wanted fruit salad. i saw an old coworker Vivian from 20 years ago. I licked my tongue at her she ignored me i went back upstairs.

    • The coworker from the past might be an important piece. What was her job? Her name?

    • I could be more helpful if you shared what is going on in your life, especially with reference to physical or emotional healing.

    • God is speaking here of a relationship. that needs healing. God is prescribing the power of the Holy Spirit over time and the use of the fruit of the Spirit. So this relationship CAN be healed. You can redeem it by applying the fruit of the Spirit deliberately and daily even when it doesn’t come naturally. Then give it time and prayer so the Spirit can work. God knows this will be lots of work and that it would be easier to just drop the matter. But God WILL redeem it with your help.

    • The journey won’t be easy, especially as you allow yourself to be led by the Spirit of Love moment by moment. But it WILL be worth it. Humbling yourself is very hard, but receive this assignment for “the joy set before you”. Let me continue to hear from you. I can relate and I will be praying, Mary.

  45. My dear friend Georgia was giving me bags of stuff. Each bag contained a heavy, large necklace of either pure gold or pure silver. Georgia is an elder in my community. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation are very valuable and precious. They are applicable and available to you and in a present situation. Discern the situation or area of your life God is speaking to you about. Use these as they will be beneficial.

  46. Hi Lyn, I had a dream where a prominent political leader of opposition party from a neighbouring country visited my family, and I prepared fish curry for him to eat. I set the table and went to the kitchen to get fish curry, and found there were no fish in the pot, just the curry left. I later found out that the cat had eaten all the fish. I was so embarassed and had to go back to the guest and told him what happened! the dream ended with everyone ( my husband and the political leader) being so dissapointed with me.

  47. OMG… I was already convinced that I could not work this job!! I have seen and read charts that caused me to weep. I even told my supervisor that I didn’t think this was a good fit for me. Then today at church the word was all about God’s grace not judgment. I cried the whole service, because of his amazing grace towards me!! I am too be s carrier of His Grace …

  48. Thanks Lyn. I now work with HIV clients and homosexuals. Amazing, right. I am also having another seminar in a couple of weeks.

  49. Goooood morning! Dreamed I was at a church, fav song was playing and I started dancing, then I saw pastor Jean with 3 other ladies lined up facing away from the altar all dressed in perwinkle robes. Surprised to c her, I embraced her and asked, “are u preaching here?” She introduced me to the other ladies and said, ” I delivered her a few months ago. ” i yelled out to someone in the song to say, “look, pastor jean is here, but she rolled her eyes. Next I was being escorted up the stairs by the usher to the choir stand.

  50. Just to add, we never got to the destination, but I found myself in a car, going to the same place but with different people. This time as well, I didn’t make it to the destination. But what troubles me is the presence of my late brother in law in my dream.

    • Fear not. One of my daughters dreamed this week that she saw herself dead in a bodybag (but it had a positive meaning).

      Something you thought was OVER or GONE will resurface and you are glad! Godwin symbolizes something. What was his main trait or what he was known for? He name means “friend of God”, so it could be that someone who is a friend of God will resurface in your life.

  51. Hi Lyn, I had a dream where I was with my late brother-in-law his name is Godwin. We were on the plane going to attend a funeral at my grandma’s place, ( though I had no idea who died and in real life I am not close to this grandma and other relatives from that side) . On the plane I was telling my deceased brother in law that I miss him (we were never close when he was alive), I even put my head on his chest. Throughout the dream he didnt speak even a single word. Kindly assist.

  52. Ah never thought about that Lyn……..His name actually means one who does not believe in God another meaning not under anyone’s control
    without a superior, supreme, paramount and also originates from their God Shiva

    • It does look like your husband in the dream may be literal. If so, the demonic is interfering with your marriage in the spiritual realm specifically in the area of his being led by the Spirit or hearing God’s voice (possibly due to the woman you mentioned). The volunteering for a haircut is probably a warning for you to employ strategic prayer and spiritual warfare on his behalf. It is not good. Praise God who gives us instruction.

  53. I had a very short dream this morning .
    My deceased nephew is answering my husband’s phone and saying I can’t talk to him. He is too busy taking a haircut. This lady is into ungodly ways and has been scheming against me.
    Could it be something she has birthed is not letting me have a good relationship with my husband as he gets annoyed with me for little things and will stop talking. But now he is volunteering to be pruned as he is going for a haircut??

  54. Wow amazing!!!! Amen and Amen Lyn, thanks for the confirmation!! I can already see things starting to shift to the positive side in my real life. Things that did not happen for us for years – we seemed to be stuck somehow not being able to move ahead as opposed to what’s happening now. And it’s going to be a testimony to us and to others that God rewards those who diligently seek Him.
    Thanks once again!!

  55. Negative actually to belittle me but on the outside she wants to make it look as if she is helping me but the big boss knows her too well so

  56. As I mentioned earlier that I am being inundated with dreams – here’s another one.
    I saw my brother’s wife the one mentioned above in the jail then one other lady also in jail {both have been scheming bad things against me and my family }This was like one after the other in my dream then I saw my immediate boss crying and saying she is not able to do things to me as our main boss is not letting her. I am feeling sad for my immediate boss in my dream

  57. His name means skilled or proficient. He is very outgoing, a go -getter and is able to convince others easily. He has gathered a lot of wealth through his skillfulness. His wife is not a christian and pursues all sorts of ungodly ways which is a big challenge for him she is very strong willed too. I have another brother too and a step brother – both younger than him. I am the oldest in the family.

    • Hmm. He represents something. He could even represent his wife since God sees him as the HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD. His death in that interpretation scenario, would reveal the death of the curses/cursing. So it could be good. I would weigh this possibility against other dreams and look for confirmation that way.

  58. Thanks Lyn !!
    I had a dream about my brother crying profusely because my husband is’nt in good terms with him in the dream. Then he handed me all his belongings that he had on him I think (his keys, his wallet and his phone) and said I am going now- as in dying. then I take hold of him and pray over him rebuking the evil one. As I am holding his hands and open my eyes I see myself holding a statue’s hands actually.

  59. Lyn ,the house did sell. The stairs probably represented how it was going to happen step by step. I did get a bouquet of flowers, (a huge one haha in real life) from the real estate agent and it IS bringing sweet smell from the sale and from the real flowers. Many thanks and PRAISE GOD!!!

  60. By the way, in your response you wrote IRL, what does that mean?

  61. Well, well, well!!!! Oh my. That’s so awesome. I was in panic mode after having that dream. Do you know a year ago my sister’s husband actually told her not to go back to the church, but yet in the dream this morning her husband represents my Jesus!!! So cool….. Anyway, thanks a million. I will be still and wait upon the Lord. ?

  62. GM. Something is up and I am not sure what is going on!
    The new members class is this a.m, had dream this a.m that I was talking to the pastor who’s church I have been visiting the past few weeks. She expressed that she loves me and could use my help. 2nd dream, I was speaking to my sister about this pastor and she said her husband forbids her to go back to that church. In reality we both have been going to this church just recently. In both dreams this pastor was not the sole person in charge.

    • Couple of things. 1) Your sister’s husband is the same as your- Jesus. So that’s a red flag. Not saying Jesus doesn’t want her there, but this info is for YOU. 2) If others are in charge with the pastor, and that isn’t the case IRL, most likely, this is referring to the demonic (they love to be involved in churches- at the top if possible). 3) The TIMING is VERY SIGNIFICANT. I would say this is a warning dream. Ask God for confirmation.

  63. I saw my deceased MIL is walking beside me and she has come to attend my Father in laws 80th (and in real life it’s his 80th b-day next week. )She is making room for me to sit in the church by pushing away someone sitting next to her. I am wondering as to why we are sitting in one of the back rows as it’s his b-day and we should be right at the front.

    • The deceased MIL represents something which appears to be over and done with, but will resurface. Look at what specifically she might symbolize. It could even be a personal insecurity. If that’s the case, for instance; don’t accept it. What do you think this might be about?

  64. Hmmmmm………yes got the point Lyn! Yes I am keeping up my faith reminding myself of what God has shown me in my dream. Waiting can be a bit challenging but if that’s what God wants me to develop – long-suffering; so be it. Just need prayer support.
    Thanks for being there for me all along Lyn.

  65. Oh will continue to pray for your wrist Lyn.
    Also the house did not sell in auction yesterday the offers were way too low!! So it’ s still on the market with a price tag on now.
    But I am still believing for the sale = sweet smell from the bouquet of flowers that seem real at the start from my previous dream. So true – what you said about wrong doers. I know God is good and rewards them that diligently seek Him! Amen and amen.

  66. Thanks Lyn! It does make sense as I sometimes tend to doubt and wonder how the people who are succeeding in life around me through doing wrong are better off than me. I like the MESSAGE to resist and keep on doing what God wants me to. Thanks again for making it clear. Blessings!!
    PS – Hope your wrist is better now.

    • Good. And thanks. Still in pain. Boy can I relate! “…wonder how the people who are succeeding in life around me through doing wrong are better off than me”. For one: daughter’s ex in-laws who are out-laws (even with felonies), yet multi-millionaire family and no change and no justice after several years! As you say, we just have not get weary in we-doing.

  67. My husband’s spiritual state – he is quite there one day another day he has slipped .I see him read his bible but his actions do not match. You never know when his faith will be up and when it would take a plunge. His brother in law’s name means ruler or emperor. I forgot to mention that the B-I-L is wearing a lady’s jacket similar to his wife’s jacket that is grey silver type color. And they’ve brought a baby along. B-I-L comes from a non christian background.

    • The dream (above) includes some interesting symbolism. I suggest you put together the possible metaphors, adding in a possible application, and see how this comes together.

      May I also suggest this dream is about you and something you have partnered with (perhaps a way of thinking). Here are some possibilities on the meanings of the dream elements.

    • I died- dying to self in a particular area, letting go of something
      Went to heaven- moved to an ideal spiritual place
      Humongous royal blue curtain- Veil in the Tabernacle- now the Holiest place is available to you
      Extremely tall- Jesus
      People playing a board game- others are playing games with God, don’t be like them
      Looking for my loved ones- looking for blessings or a quick reward
      Husband arrives/B-I-Law put his arm around my shoulder- temptation comes (due to fear) to pick up what you have let go of. MESSAGE- resist

  68. Another example: I have had 2 dreams involving old neighbors from another state. Mary Kate and Jack. I think it may be their name meanings but not sure. The last dream I was with them and we are preparing to go to a store. We get there and instead of a store it is like a school cafeteria with many children. It is filthy and there are flies and bugs on the food. Some of the food is molding. The children are eating this. I begin to clean the children up and keep looking for my own children among them as I wake up.

    • These dreams have to do with the toxic effect of holding onto anger against people or God. God is providing a picture of how bitterness welcomes demonic activity and harassment.

      If you have been disappointed and hurt deeply by someone, overcoming resentment about the situation and giving it up to God can be one of the toughest assignments God gives us. The poison of it works on the victim, not the perpetrator of the offence. That’s illogical.

  69. The people application is the hardest for me. For example: I am on a dock. There is someone with me. I think it is my ex-husband but other times I think it is my daughter (his daughter). We are then in a boat (this is where it is my ex). he disappears and I dive into the water. The water is clear to the bottom and deep. Later someone (I think ex husband) comes on the boat to get me. I have lost my towel and see it at the bottom. I dive to get it and have no problem getting it but it is full of water and too heavy to get back on the boat.

  70. Another dream as well in which I saw my husband was when I died and went to heaven and saw a humongous royal blue curtain and an extremely tall man who would be least 20 times taller . He led me to a place where some people were playing some sort of board game. I joined them and kept looking for my loved ones but couldn’t see anyone. Then my husband arrived with his B-I-Law and put his arm around my shoulder while we were sitting down. I thought he (my husband)follows me everywhere and has followed me here as well.

  71. In my dream my husband is embracing me then pulls out a bouquet of red roses that he has hidden on the stairs and gives me. Then kisses me on my lips. The roses look like plastic ones but when I get them I am saying these are real. I had this dream in the house that we have put on sale at the moment.

    • So God is telling you that something you are partnered with (such as the commitment you’ve made to sell your house) will bring a sweet smell, and although it (for instance the offer or offerer) may not look for real, it is. God is good!

  72. Yes you’re right, I actually hard this dream in “three parts” it was all in the same night. The other one which I didn’t post was about my husband and I showering in a public shower area with the shower heads hanging high up from the roof. We were enjoying the flow of the water from the shower heads. Looking at all three dreams they all have the theme of water which is speaks of the holy spirit. You’re spot on.

  73. Hi Lynmarie,
    What does it mean to dream of a dictator? I dreamt about Kim Jong-un the north Korean leader who came to fix a pipe because the water pressure was very low. Peter (my sister’s partner) had called them with his team. They came with such arrogance such that He hit the pipe with a hammer in a very rough way and it split open. He said the pipe was clogged with grim and he drained the pipe and the pressure improved.

  74. My teen son has been in a frightening rebellion these last two years. My son is currently a lot like his grandfather, Paul: petty, rebellious, and destructive. He’s doing MUCH better, but it has felt bad again this last week. What a comfort to know God will manage the situation! And yes, it may take time. This is also a good reminder for me as I step into some new & vulnerable spaces in life. God will take care of me and my loved ones, so I don’t have to feel like every battle is mine and mine alone. Amen! Thank you!

  75. Whoops! I just remembered a detail! When the teacher king entered the room, he asked: “who pooped?!” Funny, but important. Lol! Thanks again.

  76. Dream: I was in a room with three men. One man is a teacher who’s name means “king.” The other two were named Paul: my father (deceased) and a young man who is a spiritual son to me. The “king” went over to my father and gently wrestled him down, and smothered/contained him. It was almost playful, like my sons used to do when they were little. In real life, my father was a petty and destructive man. (Bless his heart). The other Paul is a loving, godly man in every way.

    • Destruction has resurfaced in your life through a person. God is letting you know He has smelled the sink of the destructive words, and will tackle this problem by dealing with this person gently. It may take time.

  77. You’re right! I was thinking of this: “While you are intrigued and ready to move ahead, the subject does not consider himself ready.” That could mean a lot of different things. Maybe a better interpretation would be to take a pause and not try to push this mentor ahead.

    • Agreed. Once you discern the application, the general interpretation adjusts to a more specific one (it’s in the course). In this case, we don’t know the the person in the shower will EVER get out of your way. He/she may just be blocking you without getting personally cleaned. Hence, a different symbolism for showering!

  78. I’m in a mentoring relationship with a church leader. (I’ve suffered spiritual abuse and trauma in this type of relationship in the past). Recently, some personal/theological differences have caused tension. It doesn’t look like this relationship will continue to be a blessing to either of us. Also, this mentor has not made room for me in ministry within the church. 1) I shouldn’t wait for her to continue my ministry endeavors, and 2) I should be cautious about disconnecting from this relationship. Thanks!

  79. I’m sorry, I’m struggling to make the connection. Can you say more? Thank you!

    • Not sure what you are asking- here was my first reply: I fell and broke my wrist/hand in 2 places (prophetic) while visiting a church (already in plenty of pain with 2 broken relationships). Naturally, my right one! Can’t do pain meds. I’m a mess. Doctor’s name speaks of mocking. Sometimes we have to pay to play, don’t we? My time is coming!

  80. Further confirmation: my ex’s name means “dark skinned.” The person this dream is pointing to is African American. This is also a tricky relationship in terms of the amount of ties we have to one another, so I don’t want to cause any damage as I move forward. In other words, this dream has saved me a lot of pain! Thanks be to God! I’ll wait and pray…

  81. I had a dream I was trying to get ready, but my ex-husband was hogging the shower. I waited and waited, and finally yelled at him the second time checked to see if he was done. Also, in the same dream, i was traveling in a car with bunch of moms – one of them was my friend, Kristen. Kirsten means “follower of Christ.”

    • I fell and broke my wrist/hand in 2 places (prophetic) while visiting a church (already in plenty of pain with 2 broken relationships). Naturally, my right one! Can’t do pain meds. I’m a mess. Doctor’s name speaks of mocking. Sometimes we have to pay to play, don’t we? My time is coming!

    • I would say that this dream is about a struggle having to do with an area of past failure, likely relational, While you are intrigued and ready to move ahead, the subject does not consider himself ready. Meanwhile, you have a lot to give for the sake of Christ; concentrate on that.

  82. BARBARA- This is Lyn. I had to restore an earlier version of the database and lost your comment, but here it is from my comment notices: Dreamed I was singing loudly, “I am climbing up Lord, on the rough side of the mountain. I am doing my best to make it in.” (I don’t like that song!) The Pastor looked at me as though to say, “Aw..she sings.” And i looked at him as though to say, “Don’t ask me to sing.”
    At the pastor’s house last night he spoke about bringing gospel music into the church. Personally, I prefer praise & worship, not gospel.

  83. We currently live in different states but will reach out, say hello, and see what happens. Might as well live adventurously!

  84. Thanks Lyn! Went away for a few days on business but my apologies for the delay in responding. It is pretty amusing the different women who appear in my dreams. They have ranged from ex’s, to friends, and now celebrities (this was the first dream involving a woman with children I don’t know personally but their names have almost always been the key). My dreams have significantly decreased over the last few months BUT there is a growing internal and external sensation something is coming in the (near) future! Rather giddy with joy in the present and hope for the future!
    An update on the dream I mentioned earlier in this thread …figured out who the representation (ie Ex) was and have been praying for her for some time. The good Lord saw fit to answer those prayers as she is now seeing a lot of growth professionally and her heart has mended a lot as well!
    Lastly, please let Rev Frank know in a bit of humor, met a girl while on business this week whose nickname is “Seattle” Blessings!!

  85. Thanks Lyn. How are things going?

    I do believe the dream is connected to the upcoming seminar. I was thinking more in terms of generational sin passed down which keeps families in captivity; slavery. The scene was set in the 1800s. Nevertheless, I am excited about the seminar. God is my strong tower!

    • OK then, how about this. The dream takes place in a warehouse. Those who are slaves are — USED by their enemy and owner. They are impregnated.

      So here’s what I see as the message: Those who are slaves to sin (those who are holding on to sin) are KEPT/STORED for later use by Satan and impregnated for birthing something for hell’s benefit whenever he sees fit.

  86. Greetings!
    I had one of the most disturbing dream, here goes: Dreamed I was in what looked like a huge dismal warehouse. I saw two black females and they were slaves. The scene reminded me of the old dreary movies of slavery. In this dream the white slave owner had sex with the 1st female slave and then he had sex with the 2nd female slave. Sorry to be so graphic, but in the dream the slave owner ejaculated into each one of the slaves. The female slaves didn’t resist the slave owner, but they didn’t show any pleasure in what he was doing either…

    I am preparing in the natural to present a seminar on Emotional Baggage; not sure if there is a connection.

    • This does seem like a parable and could very well be bringing a perspective of God’s to you because of the seminar. Jesus said as recorded in John 8:34 “whoever sins is a slave to sin”. Can you see what God may be saying by this picture? Tell my by reply. PS- got your comment about your change of desires. I pray God will bless that area of your life.

  87. Hello! Hope you all are doing well! Noticed a recurring theme of children/infants but they always belong to a married woman with whom I am interacting and (almost) always their real-life husband is there too. Whether real-life or not the husbands are always fine with me interacting with their wife and kid(s). Am I missing something with the children always belonging to married women?
    Example: Recently dreamed of being late for a date with Jessica Biel. But, when I finally arrived at her house at the top of a mountain/hill she wasn’t ready. So, we just decided to hang out at her BIG house and play with her 4+ kids (can’t remember exact #). Justin Timberlake was around but he didn’t mind me being there.

    • That the women are married might not be the point. The meaning of their names might be the focus. For instance, Jessica is derived from Jesse which means “gift from God” in Hebrew. So the “gift from God” has birthed some things. The husband may be referring to Christ.

      If the woman is an old girlfriend or girl you desired, that would change the meaning. And God could, of course, be speaking to you about 2 different matters if you have both of these type of dreams.

      Remember too, that God may be speaking to you about everyday stuff rather than something big like your destiny. I know He’s ALL IN with you.

  88. What a relief! Thank you, thank you! I tend to be a worrier – my besetting sin… Maybe that’s why God chose to give me dreams. It sure helps, I’ll tell ya. I will hopefully be signing up for the course this week. I can’t wait!

  89. Hi Lynmarie – Can I ask one more question about the possible meaning of the older couple in the dream above? I’ve been mulling this over and was wondering if a dream like this could show my friend G and me in the near future as it does AS WELL AS being the older couple in some possible future a couple of decades from now where things went wrong and there’s this rift. Does that combination of time elements ever happen in dreams? That would make this dream both a promise of blessing as well as a warning dream. This has really been worrying me, and I’d like to rule out that possibility if I can. Thank you so much for your thoughts.

    • I see no possibility that the older couple depicts you and G. I believe it’s about something else that you would consider trivial compared with such a long relationship. The good news is that this dream tells me that God talks to you a lot about many things. And that’s awesome. You should take the course.

  90. Interesting! Okay. I’ll be on the lookout for this couple. Thank you!

  91. Hi Lynmarie – I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to consider the meaning of the older couple in the dream above. Once again I apologize for the lengthy post. I’m trying! I did just see the post on dream submission policies and will try to cool my jets. 😉 I’m just so hungry for information! I will be signing up for the dream course this month. Thanks for all you do!

  92. Hi Lynmarie – I had this awesome dream about a month ago that was very encouraging to me, but there’s an older couple involved that I can’t figure out the meaning of, hope you might have some insight into that. This was fairly lengthy, very detailed and vivid, and felt very significant to me. Trying to summarize… several other women and I go into a house with light green, somewhat shabby paint but inside it’s fabulous. Lg rooms, archways, all white. There’s a ballroom (empty) with an orchestra stage at one end, another smaller ballroom/dining hall, and a large banquet hall with many tables adorned with lots of fresh flowers as well as sprays of dried flowers with purple colors, some actual lavender flowers, and ribbons. There are many women there. There are plates, glasses, and silverware, especially table knives. Lots of food including fruit and cake. The decor is to-die-for vintage (antiques/vintage always seeming to symbolize the ultimate in value for me), everything desirable was provided. I’m comforting a friend who has been rejected by another close friend. The lady of the house seems sad, somewhat bitter, not doing well but obviously is very generous. The women and I are clearing up at the end of the banquet, organizing everything by type of item. There are lots of fabrics (a recurrent dream element for me, that you commented on before), including a lavender chiffon scarf that floats off the table and I pick it up. My “dreadlocks” friend, G, shows up with the pastor, puts on a full white apron, and starts helping clear up. The woman of the house shows up again, this time with her husband, and there’s obviously some kind of rift between them, although they’re jovial and hospitable.
    Dream seems to me to be about ministry, of which I’ve had a number of awesome dreams over the past couple of yrs. Also seems to confirm my belief that G will be part of ministry work with me (??). Who could the older couple be?? Thanks!

  93. Thanks so much, yes Im still pondering this dream but cant seem to understand its meaning

  94. I’m currently in a situation where two leaders are in a battle one telling me that I’m suppose to attend their church and the other saying i’m supposed to attend their church. I asked an elder what this dream meant and he told me it was judgement ” the great white throne judgement”. He said the first book was my record book and the second was the book of life I just really couldn’t receive his interpretation of the dream, that’s why I wanted you to interpret it. Thanks so much, Lyn

  95. Thank you, I was very confused about this dream mainly because I felt that the lord had shown him previously to me in many positive dreams in a positive light however rather than taking a step to get to know this man better I cannot help being influenced by how he looks in real life and have been just asking the lord continuously whether I should or not. I shouldn’t make judgements but I’ve waited a long time and do not want to make a mistake 🙂
    I guess Im just not understanding why in all my previous dreams it all seemed to be positive but this dream threw me a bit even though I didn’t have any negative feelings in this dream, I just noticed this man looked completely different and in the dream I enjoyed talking to him.

  96. What does it mean when you see someone in a dream that looks nothing like they do in real life? Yet in the dream it is them that you are interacting with? In the dream I am waiting around for this specific man but then decide to go home. Im in a place where there its 2 storeys or 2 levels. As I walk out I see this man waiting to go up in the elevator with his child. the child and I wave to one another affectionately and the man then sees me. Hes surprised im walking that way and asks “how many entrances there in the place we are at (as he didn’t seem to expect me coming that way) I am then having a conversation with him but he is at the top level and I am at the bottom however we are chatting away.
    I notice he looks nothing like he does in real life, he looks shorter in the dream and younger.
    I am then complaining to a friend that I never get to chat properly to this man because a colleague of mine is always watching and it makes me uncomfortable. This friend (who I don’t know IRL) is surprised I like him and says “him? eww” like she wasn’t impressed. I then give his child a kiss.

    In real life I have noticed someone but I am unsure of what he is like as a person, I have been worried he’s not a good man and have all these perceptions of him. Having this dream of him confused me as I know it must be symbolic but im wondering why his appearance is completely different and why he’s on the top level and im at the bottom?

    Thanks again for all your help!

    • There are several elements to address in this. You are “flirting” with something.

      The man who looks different than in real life. If he is literal in the dream, it shows that he is less than what you thought since shorter can refer to stature in God’s eyes and younger can refer to spiritual maturity. Younger can have a positive meaning, but not when paired with shorter.

      Other than literal, nothing is coming to me right now. So if this is right, his child may be his thinking about a relationship with you, for instance (which you are also intrigued by at the moment). The friend’s perception is most likely correct because she is a friend.

      Why is he on a higher floor? If it’s literal, he may think he’s better than you or be a chauvinist. The part where you are entering an unexpected way will play out.

      Even though we’re not 100% for sure that this literally applies to this man, I would like to comment that this type of dream shows me that God speaks to you a lot in dreams. It’s typical of an exceptional prophetic dreamer gift.

  97. I had a dream me my old pastor Allen White and my cousin Pete Taylor were in a room and pastor Allen was telling us how it will be when Jesus comes. He said that when Jesus comes he is going to have a crown, that we would be asked questions about why didn’t we go to church when he told us to. I looked on the table there were two books; the second book had a lot of names in it.

    • Once, while on the board of a COGIC church, a bishop attempted to illegitimately overtake the current bishop by force and by twisting church guidelines. My husband asked which book was the ultimate authority, the Bible or the guidelines. This dream reminds me of that. God is telling you that church leaders are trying to manipulate you. Refuse. Learn from God’s word directly. The Holy Spirit will assist you and you read and study.

  98. Thanks you sooo much i thought it was something else terrible i have to deal with God bless you!!!

  99. I had a short dream i was in my old house (when i was 17)and my ex was breaking up with me and his girlfriend was kind of egging it on saying you know what girls with tongue ring do ( she was standing behind him) i dont understand we arent together so what did i do?

    • Not literal. All symbolic. If this is a prophetic dream, it’s prophesying a coming victory in an area of previous failure as the devil taunts you. Kind of like, “He preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies”.

  100. More of “the one girl [I] hoped things would work out with.” There is someone in my life like that now (I think) who I have been praying for the healing of her heart (she ended an engagement in July), as while as the healing of my own (“heal my heart and make it clean…show me how to love like you have loved me”)

    • The dream makes more sense now! God may be encouraging you to continue your relationship with the girl who’s in your life and to keep ministering to her and praying for her.

      If so, that the enemy wants to “break up the situation” -through her issues- is a big clue to what God wants! Also, it shows that together you are a threat to the Kingdom of Darkness!

      The key in unlocking the dream is that the old girlfriend may symbolize the new one. Her 3 children are her issues… either 3 or a bunch. Her husband is Jesus. Talking with her shows a relationship. All good stuff!

  101. Glad we found each other! Enjoy watching and being a part of the Lord’s work!
    Her first name is Leeann, and I am not married (sadly I am divorced) nor do I have any children. Not sure if relevant but the dream ended with a group of dark figures trying to break up the situation. Violently, yet quickly, dispatched them via handgun with help from two (2) other figures who showed up (making 3 of us good guys fighting. 3 has been so prevalent that it is my indicator for prophetic dreams). I took this to mean whatever the meaning behind the ex/children will come under attack and I will have to work to protect it. Thanks for the help Lynmarie! Looking forward to starting the online courses!

    • You are blessing me again because i had a dream about a Leanne from my high school days several weeks ago, and now I know what it means. The thing is, this dream is most likely about something happening to you, rather than to her or her children. We have to look into what she could symbolize.

      It matters if she was actually a girlfriend, or if she was the one girl you hoped things would work out with. Tell me if either of these are true. If that’s the case, I can offer some comments. I don’t want to go into the other possibilities until we eliminate this one.

  102. First, thanks for the website! A trusted friend sent me your way and it has been a great help! How about a dream with an ex-girlfriend (more of an unrequited love), her real life husband (a friend from high school), and their three (3) yellow/gold haired children (they only have one in real life)? Had a pleasant/warm conversation with ex while the husband and children never spoke but felt friendly.

    • You are spirit-led for sure! I was just working on the whole ex’s in dreams today! Actually, this dream brings up a couple of things i need to add to my notes, so the timing is perfect!

      Before pitching a bunch of stuff to you that may not apply, I’d like to ask some questions. First, what is her first name? Second, are you married with children, and if so, how many?

  103. Thanks Lyn: this is very encouraging….I hope you and frank can be there one day to see the fulfillment of everything the father has promised. You both have been part of this long journey and encouraging me consistently .

  104. had a dream where a man named Gabriel came to me handing me a wrapped gift and told me it was 15 years in the making. There was a wedding dress, army boots, a sword with my name and my friend Rocquel’s name engaved on it, and a new wallet with 10, $100 USD Bills and an American Express credit card with no credit limit given to me. Any ideas?

    • A package is coming for you from heaven because you have passed the test and demonstrated through this season that “God is your strength” (Gabriel). This should be a great encouragement! Plan to partner-up and roll up your sleeves as you weld your spiritual sword and take your place in the army of God.

      You will be moving into a whole new realm of responsibility (10) and yet rest and will be continually rewarded for your faith! (Biblically, 15 symbolizes rest- Lev. 23:6-7, 34-35; Ester 9:20-22.)

      Do be reminded that Lord hasn’t revealed his timing and often sends words exceptionally encouraging because there is still more waiting time. But as you can see, one day soon, it will all be worth it! I’d like to be there to see it!

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