Nature and Earth in Dreams

Earth symbols and nature in dreams include geographical features, weather types, directions, shapes, and more. These carry a variety of meanings and can serve as relatively straight forward symbols.

Eternal or something going well

New beginning

The end of something

Something going south may not be good

Stability, groundedness, normality, within the rules or boundaries, limited thinking, limited possibilities

Completion/perfection, trinity

Cycle (of natural consequences, of life, etc.)

Divine, spiritual, faith, in the spirit or from God’s perspective

Right as in right hand man, person depended upon

Possibly relating to creativity depending on the context

Human effort or strength, worldly, earthly, natural rather than supernatural

Left as in not right, or not the right hand man

One dream of a man’s left arm being cut off meant by his ex-wife meant that she intended to cut off him and the extension of him, that is his family. The right arm was not used as the symbolism associated with that would have added an unwanted element to the dream.

Passion or apathy (concerning anger or love for instance)
Holy Spirit activity

Trouble, turbulence

This storm is from the enemy

From God

More disturbing and messy than storm

Things are uncovered, laid bare, broken down or broken apart for you to see clearly

Will bring positive change


Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit or demonic spirits depending on the clarity
Moving Water- Move of a Holy Spirit or demonic spirits
Natural Body of Water (Lake, Ocean)- Group of people. See related listings>
Swimming Pool- a collection of the Holy Spirit, a place filled with the Holy Spirit, a large group of people filled with the Holy Spirit
Spa/Hot tub- Small group of spirit-filled people

Outpouring of either good or bad

Judgment or attack

Purity, removal of guilt

Multitudes of people
Eternity, Divinity

Where man meets God, can be church, can be death, etc.

a collection of the Holy Spirit, a place filled with the Holy Spirit, a large group of people filled with the Holy Spirit

Small group of spirit-filled people

Smaller mass of people than ocean

Move of God if clear
Move of the enemy if dirty

May be referring to a chasm such as relational or spiritual

Smaller move of God if clear
Spirit of God through people
Smaller move of the enemy if dirty

Emotionally cold as in a person acting cold toward another person

Something on-hold, saved for a later time

Activity is completely stopped

Judgment or shaking

Origin or beginning of something
Death of something

Explosive, eruptive

Flow from the enemy burning as it goes

God devouring (judgment)
Satan destroying
On fire in the Spirit

Promise, unconditional covenant

Period of time, life season. This situation will change.

Leaders, people or even a nation of people

Seeds or signs of life

Made by man, human-built

Borders, protection
Can be speaking of any area such as provision, health, etc.

Obstacles, hindrances
Something you throw at others

State of a person, persons, church, etc.

Groups of people

A sibling or family member

Parents, father and mother
Possibly Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit

Son of God or Heavenly Father

Can be earthly father

2nd heaven is a term for Hell; moon can mean a demonic territory or principality

Large obstacle

Danger in an area of support

Hiding place for good or bad
Hidden away for a purpose (like pregnant, in preparation)

The journey you are on or will be on, life


Place without provisions

Place of lack

Season without revelation or direction

Without purpose or assignment

Lonely place

Much help is needed

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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April 11, 2019

74 responses on "Nature and Earth in Dreams"

  1. Hi lyn, I had a dream,in front of me is a huge hill, there is stairs for climbing upfront nt left hand side. but I just climb that hill without using stairs,I’m just on height.infront of me are water falls but those are very unique,1 is water with cooling Breez,I can feel the water over my face but right side is fire fall it’s just consuming lava & and its mind blowing,so bright n just staring that scene.

  2. Hello. I dreamed that I was at this deli counter. i was with someone else whom I don’t recall who it was. They put small, frozen muffins that were topped with two walnuts, on a thawing tray. A tray that thaws out frozen food, but it was taking a while to thaw it out. Meanwhile I had a small empty jar of nail polish in my hands. I was hoping to get a refill of it. thanks for any help you can give.

  3. had a dream I can’t remember too much but what I remember is I’m in Houston and I go into a very nice apartment complex it had a elevator inside and some guy son who is a little older than my son takes 20 dollars and a square silver box thing then I’m on the patio and notice I’m higher than a regular apartment complex I see some guy across on his patio then I leave in my car and the boy who took 20 dollars hands me 10 dollars and the square silver box thing I drive away

  4. I was going somewhere and in front I saw a river – it was a beautiful blue river and it felt like I was looking at a cross section of the water from the side. It was in full flow and I wondered how I would cross the river then I had a sense of understanding that the river needs to carry certain stuff and the flow would wane and when the flow waned I would be able to cross and sure enough it did and I was crossing the river stepping on little pebbles even.

  5. Having trouble getting along with my mom I don’t willing practice sin though

    • That is most likely what the dream is addressing. Relationships can be very difficult, especially when darkness comes over a person and they are unable to hear God. Keep praying. Changing your course sounds like a really good idea. I pray God will direct your path.

  6. I dreamed I was in my car driving and I turned around and tried to drive through some water, my car kept sliding I tried my best to keep it from falling in but my car fell into the water and so did I I was so scared I could see things just flashing before my eyes. I woke up terrified

    • The Lord was warning you in this dream that a path you were on was going to take you to trouble. And it sounds like big trouble. I hope my response is not too late. Can you discern what activity in your life should be cut out? Please give us some feedback.

  7. In my dream I was on top of a very tall building . I was trying to let down a net bag tied to a rope that contained some crystal like balls (the size of a fist) but retrieved back the net bag thinking I would break the crystal balls. Next scene I see myself sledding fast on the water and reaching the shore quickly with the net bag on a wooden board that felt like a jet ski. In the process I am not able to bring the rest of the goodies (similar to crystal balls) that are in a cardboard box. Please help.

  8. Thanks Lyn, makes sense. Plans are being made in a couple of areas and God is asking me to have peace as the person who is wanting to help me – her name means peace. So I have inferred that God’s peace is available to me through this time

  9. Also, just to add to what happened the day I dreamed this, the water in the kitchen stopped working and I was very afraid that we wouldn’t be able to get the landlord to fix it as she hasn’t done anything but give us grief about this house. A major reason I have been praying for a new home. This old house adds to my stress a lot.

    • Glad you shared that. Life events can be so prophetic. I am seeing one just over the weekend here. Water flow is akin to flow from the Lord or Spirit. But, in this case, it could be a sign of anxiousness concerning the flow, not the flow itself. I too have a large family and know how it feel to be financially uncertain. We lived on irregular commissions for many years.

  10. Thank you for your reply. I have been praying about finances for a while now. We both work really hard but we have a large family. Things are really tight and its feeling like we should of moved up but we haven’t yet. I know you are correct. My husband decided to manage the cooking and finances, something I had previously done. thank you again!

  11. I had a dream in which I saw myself in a kitchen and as I looked outside through the glass I could see two big vehicles (pickup trucks type) parked on the side of the kitchen outside but covered with yellowish autumn leaves all over and I am thinking – how are these vehicles going to come out? Then I see my SIl and her hubby saying we will help clear these. Next minute the vehicles are gone instead there is lush green lawn in it’s place and the area of the lawn looks much wider.

  12. I dreamed that I was in a car. I wasn’t driving. I was sitting on the passenger side. I think my husband was driving. It was a beautiful day and we were on the freeway. there was a gap in the freeway where you had to go under the water to get to the other side. we got to the gap and we went down under water. there was water in the car. I was breathing normally under the water but my husband was worried. We ended up on the road. I know we were not on the other side of the freeway. We were in a town. It was still sunny out. we were driving along on a road.

    • The car has to do with an activity your husband or what or who he represents is managing. Underwater could be a financial term. For instance, it you have fears about provisions related to his work, God is saying you’ll be fine. Of course there are other ways of looking at water. What’s going on in your/his life?

  13. What is the significance of grass? It is a steep hill with LONG blades of grass. My son and I use the grass (holding on to it like handles) to pull ourselves up. The climb is not as hard as I think (given the slope) and the grass is soft (doesn’t cut our hands) and strong enough to hold our weight. The overall dream is very positive I was just wondering if grass had a specific significance.

  14. Thank you. May I clarify an additional detail?

    I try to clear my vision my washing by off the windshield with water. I then notice that I am pulling into the parking lot of a restaurant.

  15. Hello,

    Curious as to what driving in fog could mean and seeing scars on my left arm. Thanks for your help!

    • Driving in fog- you are engaging in an activity which includes an element of danger because it has been veiled, leaving truths hidden. Pray for God to shed His light on this situation. He is faithful to speak in one way or another. And, as always, remain clean to position yourself for blessing.

    • Scars on left arm- You have been hurt in the past by reaching out, and although there has been healing, the memories still contribute to your current state or situation. This could be good (as in an enhanced capacity for ministry) or bad (as in this is obvious to others).

  16. Hello Lynmarie! I’m very new here, and have left comments in other sections as well. I’m going through bouts of depression, something I never had an issue with before, and with the depression has come more frequent dreaming. I was wondering what the dream element of a tsunami meant or if it was the same as a flood. Dreamt I was sitting in a chair outside on a patio somewhere, with a round table to my left, and I saw a tsunami wave about to hit me. A voice in my head said “RUN!”, but I couldn’t get up. I was immobilized.

    • I’d say that he devil is trying to incite fear in you by enticing you to be anxious that the worst case scenario for your life will come about. This dream looks to be similar to some tornado dreams or fleeing dreams.

      Satan is a liar! Your worst fear will NOT come to pass. Identify and remove it. You have some decisions to make. Trust God and do what you have to do. Does that connect with you right now?

  17. Thanks, Lynmarie, for your insights. Exciting times! Also, I must tell you – in that same prophetic word about the conferences, the Lord said that my friend G is right on the precipice of a breakthrough, deliverance, and coming to Christ; and gave me some specific instructions. HALLELUJAH!! 🙂

  18. When I saw the tide come over the “normal” line (not splashing, but gently rolling over), I thought it might represent more of the presence of God. The fact that it went straight over the waterway instead of filling it up first, indicated to me that it had to be supernatural and when it came to the restaurant floor, it seemed as though the restaurant was uneven because it only filled about a meter into the restaurant and the rest of the floor was dry. Initially I thought someone might die? Strange. Then I thought again: the presence of God right now, just flooding us.

  19. Question, first off: you didn’t mention if rectangular has a different meaning from square – ? The only banquet dream that has a host is that one that I submitted in the People category where it was hosted by that older couple who seemed to have some kind of rift. Sometimes I’m serving at these and sometimes helping with cleanup. I am called to work with women in the area of restoration, so perhaps cleanup might refer to that? I recently got a prophetic word about me being involved with conferences for women.

    • Yes- rectangles imply expansion, extension, addition, increase… but sometimes they can be just a detail.

      The dream definitely sounds like a confirmation of the word and/or speaking of your ministry! And the rectangle matches that as well. May God mightily bless you in your work!

  20. Hi Lynmarie – Is there any difference in meaning between something that is square versus something that is rectangular? I seem to dream more about rectangular objects than square. Had a recent dream about a banquet (lots of banquet dreams lately!) with round and rectangular tables. Thanks! I’m loving the dream course, by the way.

    • Glad you are feeling like the course is worthwhile. Match these up with life situations. As you know, square may symbolize stability, groundedness, normality, within the rules or boundaries, limited thinking; while round may have to do with continuance (good or bad). Different shaped tables can have to do with different types of people. Hope that helps. By the way, is someone hosting these banquets? Who?

  21. Hallo Lynmarie – thank you for taking time to answer.
    This does not make sense at all. Right now, our church is actually going through a new phase of the rain of God. Raining love…Children are stepping up, praying for people. God is moving and doing such a new thing that I am totally amazed – sometimes speechless.

    Thank you for trying, though xx

    • Thanks for getting back to us! So we still suspect this may be about a church or ministry. And this dream is a great example of the need to determine the application of the dream in order to reckon whether elements are positives or negatives.

      I see that I said floods are negative, and we have to consider that possibility. I meant to say floods tend to be negative, and we have to consider that possibility.

      • So let’s look at the ocean flowing in as POSITIVE. Water is often spiritual- with clear water meaning the Holy Spirit. Ocean in the scripture generally means a sea of people (the Antichrist comes out of the sea). A secondary meaning for the ocean is the Kingdom or Presence of God OR Heaven. Either a flood of people could be prophesied here or a flood of the Presence of God.

      • If either or both of these are happening, this dream confirms it… but then, there’s the electricity going out. Again, that would generally be negative, but it one dream element is positive, the rest probably are. How can the power going out be positive since lights are aligned with Christ? One thought is that what happened simply created a need to light the candles. I have seen lamps in the front of churches in dreams symbolizes those praising the Lord. Beyond that, sometimes these dream make complete sense when they are fully played out. Your thoughts?

  22. In my dream, I was working in a beautiful restaurant, situated on a shore. Outside the restaurant, was quite a deep waterway – V-shaped and layed out with bricks.
    While I was serving, I could somehow also see the outside of the restaurant as the ocean started to rise. I remember the waves pushing up – over the “normal” line and I remember saying “it has never gone past this point before”
    Water kept coming. The water went right over the waterway and into the restaurant – not with force, but gently. I remember looking for candles and lighting them because the electricity went out.
    None of the guests left – they just continued as per normal – even the rest of the staff acted as if this was quite normal.
    I was not alarmed – just a little surprised, I guess
    I woke up

    • The restaurant indicates this is about serving people information they can digest, a very strong sign it may be about a church or ministry. That it is on an ocean seems to confirm since this symbolizes that it is available to people.

      Floods are negative, and we have to consider that as a possibility. That the power went out would most likely be speaking of the Holy Spirit’s Power. No one was alarmed, so not to worry. Fix it with repentance and purity. Does this make sense in your situation?

  23. Something else that puzzled me was the fire wasn’t destroying anything or hitting the house I don’t even remember holes in the ground when it hit the ground.

    • The dream does seem to be prophetic. I would expect the sister to be a sister-in-Christ or a different sister or a person who has left the Lord.

      The fire not destroying anything may or may not mean much, but the fire itself does seem to show judgement or trouble of some kind. I would continue to pray for more insight.

  24. kiki nickname takesha moss real name, she’s in a backslidden condition if that would help any. she has been out of church/christ for about 3 years now. really wonder if it even has meaning or if it was just a normal dream the fire is what caught my attention that’s why i wondered what it mean

  25. Also in the dream the phone rang and someone (unknown)answered it and said it was for me, the sister that saw the fire first handed me the phone but the person on the other end asked for someone else not me so I handed the phone back to my sister n told her it wasn’t for me. When me sister saw the fire she walked away like she didn’t care that it was raining fire

  26. I dreamed that I was at my moms House in a room my sister looked out the window and saw fire falling from the sky it was like it happened out of no where I then looked out the window and I saw the fire falling from the sky too and I started praying for me and my family.

  27. I have a question about why the symbol for 3rd level of Heaven can be Hell? My understanding is it means God’s abode or paradise

  28. Thanks Lynmarie, that’s a great consolation and confirmation!
    Bless you

  29. I had a dream in which I am travelling with my son, he is driving the car and I am sitting beside him in the passsenger seat. We are driving up a hill/mountain around it at great speed. Sometimes it feels like the car is going to trip as it comes close to the edge but that hasn’t happened as the car is going fast enough and we are climbing up going around the mountain. He is showing me his flying school which is next to the mountain. And I can hear someone say that when we reach the top the plane will take off and I am thinking this is not a runway of the plane it is the path up the mountain.
    ( In real life my son has a Pilot’s license but something has been keeping him away from pursuing it further and taking up a job in that line as he thinks all his classmates were not able to get jobs so he will not also)
    I would love to understand this dream.
    I know it’s your birthday today Lynmarie, plz do take your time in helping me with this. And have a very happy and blessed birthday today Lynmarie
    With every blessing

    • This is a guidance dream. The key to understanding this dream is in this phrase- “the plane will take off”. This seems to tell us that your son in the dream is literal.

      He has been climbing so to speak, that is, at work rather than at rest. That’s the school.

      The voice is the voice of the Holy Spirit saying, “Don’t let the others influence you. Your life is in MY hands. Apply for jobs. You will get one!” Isn’t God good! I love it when He makes himself so clear. Do let us know what happens.

  30. I’m excited as well 🙂 I don’t want to get carried away with my own emotions, but dont want to dismiss what the Holy Spirit may be doing. Just trying to find the balance in these new (to me) gifts. Thank you so much!

  31. I’m really not sure 🙂 God has been growing me in the area of understanding spiritual gifts and developing and refining the gift of discerning of spirits within me. I wasn’t sure if it was a prophetic dream. I don’t believe I’ve ever had one before. I rarely remember my dreams and not only do I remember this one, but it is vivid and it’s as if I can still feel the drops on my skin and the anticipation I felt as they were falling on me. I didn’t have a clue about the colors of the garland and what that could possibly mean, if anything at all 🙂

    • Yes. The colors of the garland symbolize gifts you are holding in your hand having to do with power, prosperity and hope. I am not surprised that you say you are developing spiritual gifts. It’s going to be exciting!

  32. I was standing in a long line of people and a woman came to escort me up to what appeared to be a stage or platform because it was my turn. Above the platform was a cloud that resembled the sky in Da Vinci’s Starry Night. I couldn’t look directly at it and hid my face and it began to rain drops on me, thick like paint. I was holding what appeared to be three strings of Christmas garland in my hand. One was green, one red, and one a dark yellow. They then became braided.

    • Wow, so interesting and sounds prophetic. Sounds like God is showing you something in relation to a time when it’s your turn to speak out concerning something or minister in an obvious way. It’s as if He’s saying he will be with you to guide your words… that the Holy Spirit will speak accurately through you. This has to do with power (or warfare), prosperity (spiritual at least), and hope. Sounds good to me! What do you suppose you are up to? What is this about? Tell us!

  33. Hi there,

    I dreamt I was back in my childhood area on a bridge with my daughter. The bridge was newer and the water was nice and clear underneath. As we walked over I was telling my daughter I used to be afraid of heights and the deep water when I was younger. We went across the bridge at great speed, almost like we were flying but it was a pleasant experience and the water was beautiful. I then tried to take a photo once we were across but there were homosexual couples walking in front so I couldn’t get a clear shot.
    The scene then flicks to me in a room with an ex boyfriend (whom I cut ties with years ago) He mentioned he and another girl went away on holiday, I then realised they were together but couldn’t figure out how as she had just had a baby and I wasn’t sure if it was his. I wasn’t upset but just left wondering how that all worked.

    in real life im not bothered over that relationship it was years ago but im wondering what that aspect of the dream means as well as the bridge.
    Thank you for your help

    • Hi Jay! Definitely a prophetic dream. God is first telling you that you are on the right path, where you belong; and that you are or will be going through a quick transition as something good and of the Spirit is ahead (lucky you… these are sometimes long). Something new will begin and you are now spiritually prepared for it. You are no longer tempted to work through things without leaning on the Lord. Excellent!

      The scene in the room seems to be saying that God is proud of you, that you are strong in an area that you once weren’t. Because of that, you will not be suffering the consequences of making the wrong choice. This last scene may play out a little more specifically, but I’d expect my comments to be accurate. The boyfriend is a symbol, not literal. Looks like an awesome message from God! And I bet this makes sense in your life right now. Can’t wait to hear about the “other side”.

  34. I’m glad for the positive interpretation you have of what didn’t seem like a positive dream to me! Could you help me see which elements in the dream correspond to which of the elements in the interpretation? Thank you!!

    • Unless you are from NY or have some personal connection to it (used to live there, family lives there, were turned down for a job there, etc.) New York City is nicknamed the “Big Apple” and symbolizes the BIG TIME as in “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” We’ve seen this used this way by the Holy Spirit in several dreams. Train tracks is connected with this as it shows evidence of activity considered “heavy” in this picture.

      Most likely, the 2 women represent 2 choices, and God is showing you the path of the choice you took. This is discerned because we perceive the dream to be intrinsic. Being “lifted up only to fall” is just what it looks like.

      So the baby is most likely you; your husband, Jesus, stands over you and has you “bundled up” as in “protected”. Baby is smiling because good things are coming!

  35. Actually, that was a dream I had in June 2013. Unfortunately, I told the friend the dream, and she did not receive it as for her from God. Our friendship, which was already experiencing some difficulties, appears to have been indefinitely put on hold. Other friendships seemed to blow up in my face shortly after that, and just at the moment we are experiencing some unexpected difficulties and betrayals relating to my husband’s transition to starting his own business. So lots of ups and downs relationally, emotionally, and now financially as well.

  36. Well that certainly IS encouraging! Thank you, so much. I’ve always loved writing, and write a blog, but it has very low readership & I haven’t been writing much lately. Your description of praying with no discernible results is so true. I’m not sure what the choice was, but my path in the past two years or so has been a complete roller coaster, between relationship and employment disasters. There have been lots of disappointments and I struggle (not always successfully) against just giving up, and yet despite it all. I would love to experience a breakthrough!!

    Now, I wonder what the choice was …..

  37. Her first name is Cheryl, and yes, the bus was public transportation.

    • Good morning! Without knowing any of what’s been going on in your life, let me give this a go. It’s actually a very good and encouraging dream!

      You must be up to something and I can’t wait to find out what… are you an author, an actor, journalist? Because you’re headed for the big time! Looks like God has been watching your life even though it has seemed like He’s nowhere to be found. You’ve prayed, but the heavens seem as brass. You made an initial choice and your path ever since has been a roller coaster ride. Just when you are lifted up, things don’t work out and you suffer disappointment. It’s happened repeatedly. But this season must have been preparing you because you’re nearing a big breakthrough. The Lord Jesus is surely watching over, loving, and protecting you; and soon you will be an answer to someone else’s “prayers”!

      OK. Let me get some feedback here…

  38. I first found your site trying to understand this dream, have read through the elements that I could find in the dictionary, & would love to hear your thoughts:

    I was in a bus in NYC & saw 2 friends out for a run. They parted at an intersection, but I was still able to see one friend, who suddenly tripped and fell badly, sprawling on the pavement. She got up and continued running, only to fall again, very dramatically. Once again she got up (looked like her body was flung up and placed again in a running position) and continued to run. A third time she fell, this time at the edge of a canal, with a train track along the edge.

    She fell into the water, then her body was flung high into the air in a caricature of a jump, clear across the canal, onto the road at the other side, where she was flung onto the ground, landing with her legs bent under her unnaturally.

    The whole time I could see her, I was horrified, wanting to help, but unable to do anything from the bus.

    The dream cut to a later time – I was visiting her at her house. She was all bundled up in blankets like a baby, smiling, her husband was taking care of her, and she was not hurt.

    I woke up with an urgent feeling that I should tell the friend about the dream. Meaning?

  39. Thanks Lyn: This is encouraging me in my long wait. I feel like so many others have passed me by and I have been left standing still in a difficult time. It speaks right to me and my situation. When I had read your Left interpretation in the above list, I thought perhaps I was waiting in the flesh and not waiting on God.

  40. Is there any meaning to being stopped on a freeway in a turning lane waiting to turn left and the light is red….cars passing me on the right…and telling me I should just make an illegal left hand turn..I finally got a green light and made the turn legally and came back onto the freeway ahead of a major traffic jam that everyone else got caught in that was passing me and crossed the bridge and the way paid for me to cross into my destination was paid.

    • The symbolism of “left” here has more to do with the context than it would if it were used in a more isolated way. When making a left turn, one has to either “yield” to other traffic or “wait” for a green light.

      This dream confirms that you are correct to WAIT while others appear to pass you by. Your refusing to compromise WILL PAY OFF as the Lord will before long give you the green light and PAY THE WAY for you to “transition” into something better and more secure than many others experience.

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