A Prophetic Dream Received by Lynmarie, June 2015

My JUNE 2015 dream‒ the month Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the 2016 Presidential Election‒ prophesied his election, the battle he would endure while disabled, and eventual assistance to re-stand.

I journaled the 4 scenes that morning, so the document is available among my other dreams recorded in my June calendar of 2015.

In this post, I will share the 2nd and 3rd scenes only… saving the 1st and 4th for another post.

Let me take you through the details of the these scenes, and comment on them.{Comments Italicized.]


Suddenly I found myself in an elevator with Melania Trump. We were going up… way up to the top floor of a tower.

I knew in the dream that we were going to where Donald Trump was. The elevator took us to the top floor. Nothing was said. She exited, and the scene ended. It was if she was giving me a tour of the future.

Melania taking the elevator to the top-floor most likely symbolized her husband’s overcoming all the competitors for president, and secondarily was depicted similarly to their coming down the escalator to announce his candidacy…. coming down, going up.

Seemed pretty clear to me: It prophesied a Trump victory… most likely in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Why Melania, though? Would she literally usher me into the White House? Answer: Highly unlikely! Since most dream elements are parabolic, she most assuredly symbolizes something. But what?

Why Melania, though? Would she literally usher me into the White House? Answer: Highly unlikely! Since most dream elements are parabolic, she most assuredly symbolizes something. But what?

Since more times than not, spouses in dreams symbolize “a partner of some kind” ‒ Melania most likely symbolizes something or someone Mr. Trump is PARTNERED with. Explore in your mind who or what he could be partnered with… and don’t forget to include God as a possibility (I have seen that more than once).


Next, as if I was a detective or sniper, I found myself in an adjacent building looking through the window to Trump’s suite. I wasn’t using binoculars, but could see into the suite just that clearly.

From my vantage point, Donald Trump was near the center of the room, but to the right. That’s symbolic politically, of course.

A number of people were standing in front of the bar to the left of him, and a few on the right.

Bars where alcohol is served in dreams usually symbolize the serving of “spirits”. Since it’s spirits rather than one spirit, they symbolize the kind of spirits that won’t do us any good.

Hey… that politicians can be influenced by dark spirits should be no surprise! And notice the locations of the people at the bar: “to the left of him, and a few on the right.” Obviously, these are Democrats and Rinos. Because this part is so accurate, it also helps to confirm this is a prophetic dream.

As I zeroed in on the scene, I noticed there were no chairs. Everyone was standing… except Mr. Trump, who was no longer standing. He was now in a wheelchair.

Without delay, a fist fight broke out as a man to the left attacked him. He fought back, but it was difficult since he was “handicapped.” (Think handicapped as in golf.)

This disturbed me in the dream. It wasn’t fair! A man in a wheelchair, disabled in some way… fighting off a standing adversary!

It prophesied that from the beginning, there wouldn’t be a level playing field… and that Trump would have to fight while severely disadvantaged. Clearly that was an accurate prediction in my opinion.

But why only one man punching him? Perhaps the man symbolized a unity of forces.

It seemed as if this fight went on for a long while… until finally‒ and supernaturally‒ some large arms gently lifted him out of the wheelchair and caused him to stand. There were no longer blows thrown.

I knew in the dream that he was no longer handicapped, and would be functioning at full capacity from then on…. his STANDING restored.

But when was the fight predicted in the dream to be over? How could it be over? We may have to wait to really see the complete fulfillment of this. But it does seem impossible without the help of “those large arms.“ Are you comprehending the implications here?


The first question to be asked regarding the dream is “How do I know it was prophetic? And why was I so confident it prophesied the election of Donald J Trump, and wasn’t symbolizing something or someone else?” I’ll cite just three reasons:

  • A. I have had other dreams and visions concerning the United States which have played out as prophesied.
  • B. The dream contains confirming elements within it… things depicted so accurately through the symbolism in the dream.
  • C. I had two prophetic dreams earlier that month implying Donald Trump would win his bid to become President as well.

What predictions was I confident about after that dream?

1. The dream prophesied Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election while initially one of 17 Republican candidates.
2. The dream prophesied that from the get-go, Trump would be forced to fight an enemy.
3. The dream prophesied Trump having to fight while disabled in some way or ways.
4. The dream prophesied a time when Trump would no-longer be overpowered and would rise again.

Sometimes, prophetic dreams take time to fully play out in real life. Let’s keep watching and see how and when the rescue and restoration comes.

Comments welcome!

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!