Bathrooms in Dreams

Bathrooms in dreams generally have to do with personal cleansing to prepare the dreamer for promotion. The bathroom may also be in conjunction with a ministry, a career or job, a relationship, a church situation, a financial situation, etc… These are important and generally positive dreams since and purity and righteousness are critical for advancement.

Urination or defecation outside the bathroom, however, is a whole different ballgame, and not so good.

We don’t want to omit pointing out that on rare occasions, these dream settings may refer to a literal digestive system since housing themes often represent a family, a person, or the body of a person.

Place of cleansing and moving toward perfection

Place of removal of the unwanted, unprofitable, or toxic
Place of repentance
Place of spiritual and emotional healing


Cleansing before others
This may be a warning to do your spiritual business privately
This spiritual business may benefit others

Large need for removal of the unwanted, unprofitable, or toxic

Humility leading to removal of the unprofitable

Season of crap or cleansing is coming to an end

Positive: Appropriate and needed removal of the unprofitable
Negative: Inappropriate outburst of the unprofitable

Appropriate and needed removal of the unwanted, unprofitable, or toxic
Toxins could refer to wrong attitudes, negative emotions, or wrong actions, sin, curses, etc.

Inappropriate loss of temper or control, negative outburst  

Positive: Removal of excess
Negative: Disrespect

Disrespect of authority

Leaking foundational knowledge or wisdom

Assisting others in removing the unwanted/unprofitable

Person needs much ministry or counseling

Preventative cleansing, not allowing the unprofitable to take hold

Concerning relational cleansing or cleansing from guilt

How you are seen by yourself, others, or God

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April 11, 2019

94 responses on "Bathrooms in Dreams"

  1. A nightmare part of a lucid dream: I entered a bathroom and felt a sense of urgent danger. With a key I locked the door and felt safe. An awesome person I know well from church shot with a gun at the lock twice and entered. He was clearly hijacked, his eyes were empty and deadly and desired my death with every fiber. I was pushed into the bathtub: sitting with my legs over the rim. I began to pray desperately for protection. He was very pleased of my bad situation. I felt the spirit’s presence in flashes of peaceful light. He shot the side of my belly area, a lot of blood spilling into the bathtub. He exited pleased. Strangely I had no pain, and was not faint, I was in peace and knew my help is coming and all is well. Thanks.

  2. I have a dream of praying on a prayer mat in wash room but in the different direction (it is not the direction we face while praying normally) and iI was praying loudly and my voice was so pleasent to hear but iI also hearing someone praying loudly through mosque loudspeaker and suddenly my father came in washroom and said to me pray with him or follow the voice but i keep on praying near completion and woke up and complete the prayer unconsciously.

    • God is pleased with your spirituality and repentant heart. He is telling you to rely less on what you have been taught, and more on Him alone… his voice. Your Father symbolizes the Heavenly Father. He will be speaking to you further. Stay open to what He has to say. God Bless!

  3. OK, so I’ve had recurring dreams in the bathroom. The first one was a bathroom that seemed to be going under renovation. I just remember that there was nothing but a floor with dust since everything was removed like the shower, sink, toilet. I tried to clean the floor, but I just ended up spraying it a couple of times and then I woke up. My second dream was like that but I sprayed a few more times. In my third,I asked to use the bathroom and this time it did have a toilet, but the floor was dirty as well. So I sprayed a lot more and I ended up using the toilet…it didn’t even have the toilet seat on.

    • Here’s my quick take: You are needed in a place that needs cleansing. The floor most likely represents a place you speak from, your platform. This (church, small group, work, etc.) needs cleaning up. You may be trying to help this group now by speaking into their situation, but it seems there is no place for you right now. Pray for intervention.

  4. TALL – Elevated position in reality or in the dreamer’s perception, SHOWER – Preventative cleansing, not allowing the unprofitable to take hold

    This seems to be a good dream in which you are in a place of cleansing so you can be promoted
    By any chance do you remember your friends names ? That might help decode this dream further.

  5. Hey! I had this dream I was wondering if you could help me with. I had this dream that I can’t get out of my head where I was out with a couple friends and for some reason we needed showers so we went to my old workplace and used the showers there (which are outside and shared with the company next door) When i came out I was just in a towel and my hair was still wet and i heard my ex boss’ voice around the corner. I tried to hide from her because I knew i shouldn’t be there but she saw me so i started apologising and trying to explain myself. I remember looking up as she was much taller then me in the dream but in real life she is shorter than me. I woke up before anything else could happen. Thanks

  6. Yes, I believe so. God has been cleansing out some friends from out of my life. The one I mention above would always come against the gifts of God in my life, causing me to question. Thank you for the explanation of 444 I see all the time everywhere as well as 11:11/111and most recently 333/33. I do feel God encouragement around me, especially this last month as i’m pushing through the wilderness. Thank you Oforkanji John for taking out time to interpret my dream.

  7. I had a dream about an ex friend (antoinee) came to my house and stayed. The next day she went out telling people I had a dirty bathroom. I responded that my house has to many bathrooms and I can’t keep eveyones bathroom clean, but she kept telling people. Dream switched I was in a dream but out at the same time ( my kids came and woke me but I wasn’t completely woke) I was surrounded by mountains (like grand canyon). As I was looking at the mountain I saw the numbers 444 then I woke up completely.

    • Hi Angela! Bathrooms usually refer to a place of cleansing. Houses may refer to family, ministry or church. The part of the mountains is really interesting… You were awoken, so it’s like God’s wanting you to wake up to something. The Number 4 refers to God’s creativity. So 444 means a higher degree. I believe that there’re creative gifts that God’s given you and He wants to work with you and your gifts to clear out obstacles and dirt. It’s like when you feel you can’t, God’s encouraging you that you can because He’s with you. Does this make sense to you?

  8. I dreamed that there were several toilets overflowing, most with water and one with defecation. I believe that I watched the one with defecation, waiting for it to finally flush, but it didn’t. I have been a dreamer since I was a young girl. My pastor has been telling me to pray for interpretation for years, I have in the past, but maybe i’m not doing something right. I don’t know. I used to fear the dreams, but God has alway given me the victory in the end, so now i’m better. Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing what God gives you for me.

    • Hi Jamie! I think this dream is showing you several areas in your life that requires cleansing. God has cleansed and overflowed with His Grace and you have overcome…but there is one area that seems like still has to be cleansed and it’s giving some hard time. Maybe it’s personal or in social life or something habitual, ministry, work? Does this make sense to you? My advice is never to let the enemy condemn you, but God’s mercy and the blood of Jesus brings cleansing. Please give me your feedback. God bless you!

  9. I was dreaming being in a classroom, I went to the toilets, they were all open and very filthy so I looked for a less filthy one to pee, I felt disgusted. The next day I took anointing oil and prayed for cleansing, I dreamt that I went to visit to my sister.I had to use the toilet and was relieved that it was clean. The bowl was small so I struggled to pee inside. I felt relief as if I was pressed and peeing in real life, I woke up and checked if I had actually relieved myself in bed, I hadn’t-kindly help me to interprete this, thanks

    • Hi Ishara – You are in a situation where God is teaching you something and probably it is a time for renewal and refreshing from the past as you get rid of things that are not needed maybe something toxic that has caused you emotional pain ?? You will find this hard but in the end there will be healing ( both spiritual and emotional ) and you will feel much better . God is good – He cares for us so rest and relax in HIM and be blessed!!

  10. Hi lynmarie
    Menstrual pad n mense dream
    I keep having this reoccurring dream of going to piss and then found out I am on my period. And last night I went to take a bath and before taking a bath I toke off the sanitary pad that has blood on it folded it and place it on the floor only to see there are about 6 used pads on the floor then I had a bath
    My husband and I in reality are trying to  conceive so I don’t know if that has anything to  do with it.

  11. Lyn here’s another: My husband was at my house but brought a girl home; was flirting with her in front of me, watching my tv and hugging her, talking bad to me, was supposed to take Our son with him that day (not sure about this since he seemed like he lived with me too) but was supposed to have Our son that evening with him. Instead left Our son with me, handed me a note, I couldn’t read all the writing on the note. It was blurred out but what caught my attention about it is that it reminds me of the bible bc part of the note was in red pen and the other part was in blue pen. But all I could read was a phone number and a name of a girl that I grew up with as a kid (Amanda) and after that it said “running for the final time” I looked at him and said you’re just leaving Our son with me?he smiled, said yep gotta run.

    • Sorry for delay. The husband could symbolize something you are partnered with. Could be anything. The son is something birthed by you, and it looks like God is leaving it up to you. Looks like God is speaking to you about how he sees you as well: lovable, worthy of love.

  12. Thanks, your interpretation is so correct, been going through lot of pruning lately. I have also started to see visions of people with various sicknesses, addictions etc in my prayer time, quite strange actually, plus suddenly I am connected to a friend who is also a dreamer and encourages me in exploring the prophetic side of my life. Connecting to you has to be one of the best things since I got born again. Had no idea God was speaking through my dreams all along!Thank you,looking forward to partnering with your ministry long term, very worthwhile.

  13. A few weeks ago the prophet said an inheritance was being with held from me. She said she could hear an attorney saying negative things about me. Lynn, that’s the 2nd time in 3 yrs that I heard an inheritance was being with held. Prophet also said the check is in the mail…. So maybe….

  14. Hope u r enjoying time away! Dreamed I and family were in the attic maybe. The copper pipes were leaking from the ceiling. Britt pulled the pipes apart and some steam was coming out. A man appeared and turned the pressure dial and the leaking stopped.

    • Attic has to do with the past. Leaking pipes is not good, and the heat is on. Someone like an attorney will turn up the pressure. What do you think is going on? All your dreams seem to be about the same subject.

  15. Went to my husband’s place. My husband said he interviewed for another job. He has a new job. I said why another new job? He said I think I would like this better. Then our son ran towards the creek, my husband ran to catch him. My husband slips,falls on his back in the creek rocks and water. I ran to him, rubbed his face, he looked away but let me. i hugged him, he hugged back. We sighed, he embraced me. We cuddled. Then went inside. We changed wet clothes and were exposed looking at each other.

    • This actually sounds promising. If he didn’t get a new job in real life, the new job may have to do with a new role he may be playing in life, perhaps even in your marriage! Your son may represent the hope/desire you have birthed. Husband slipping on the rocks may picture slipping on the rock, i.e. stumbling onto the will of God and falling into the move of God (the stream). My hopes are up for you guys!

  16. I dreamed that I was sitting on the toilet and facing a window straight ahead. I saw a bird flying towards the window. It then became a small light which grew bigger and brighter as it drew closer. It then got in through the window and hovered by my left ear. My left ear popped open and I could hear an unknown voice, and I started excitedly looking for my husband to tell him what had just happened.

    • The dream indicates you are most likely removing things from your soul which don’t belong and at the same time (or as a result) seeing prophetically. It looks like someone or something you have connected to is bringing enlightenment and understanding about hearing from God. Because this is the left ear, it may be about understanding dreams and perhaps even us! We praise God for you as you move forward in ministry!

  17. That’s great news! I believe you are right! The Lord told me “It is finished” painted on a rock Saturday and right after that “complete” was on the side of a truck in passing on the road same day as the rock. I’ve had several dreams lately, one I posted in another category on here I believe. I told him I forgive him and apologized to him. I said I’m not going anywhere no matter what and he’s always welcome home. I wrote him a note of how I respect him and plan to give him this Saturday.

  18. Think this relates to my last dream and situation. I was in my home, my mom was babysitting, I was getting ready for work. The tv in the family room was on, mom acted like she didn’t know why. I look at the bathroom, my husband was standing there, towel around him, got out of the shower. Asked why he’s there, mom said he didn’t have anywhere to go, he’d showered there all week. His clothes, my sons clothes are lying beside him on the chair, mom said he wanted to come home but didn’t know how to tell me.

    • I’m wondering if there has been movement/change in the situation since this dream. It indicates that he is thinking about returning home but not sure how to facilitate that. My response would be to give him a nudge by way of a positive sign. Please tell me how this is going.

  19. Oh Yea I don’t know if you remember about the dream about the sugar skull but it totally taking place I know I have moved from the clothes rack but I was Wondering if you can help me understand the rest of the dream thanks ?

    • Hi Steffani. I haven’t forgotten you. Your dream has a number of elements that don’t seem to fit together like a lot of other prophetic dreams. I am not sure it is prophetic as it is rather complex for as short as it is. But in case it is, here are a some comments…

    • Your son can be something you birthed. In this dream, purple would be God-given authority/royalty. Ice Cube could be speaking of rap music or it could be about a person who is cold toward others or you. Asleep on the toilet is unawareness having to do with removal of the unwanted. The woman could be you or church. I wouldn’t work much on understanding that. Have you had a dream since then which is less complicated, but impressive?

  20. Yes..its ice cube the rapper..I was putting the women shoes in the tote oh and Yea that was my son in the black suit with a purple dress shirt with no shoes thank you Mrs lyn

  21. Makes more sense now. In second of the two bathtub dreams even though we are clothed and talking about restoration he seemed hesitant about it so I did just lean over and kiss him and when I did that he loosened up and kissed me back. That’s when I woke up.

  22. My husband filed for divorce and we are currently separated. It was after that, and me praying for restoration, and asking God to show me what is happening in the spiritual realm with the marriage that I cannot see in the physical that I started having these dreams almost every night for the past few weeks. I am definitely not clear on why he wants a divorce at all, as he was not able to provide any answer really as to why.

    • This makes sense and the feedback helps. The dreams were when you started pondering and hoping for restoration. Note that you BOTH had your clothes on. You are not prepared for this bath- this re-immersion/restoration- because clothes on in a bath doesn’t fit. Also, neither of you can understand each other as you are not exposed/naked.

      Husband was deconstructing mirror because he doesn’t WANT to see, and the sink because he doesn’t want to repent. Hope this helps.

  23. I had two separate dreams, two different nights, and the dreams took place in two different locations, where my husband and I are sitting in a bathtub fully clothed, facing each other talking about marriage restoration plans. Then another dream followed a few days later of my husband was in our bathroom deconstructing the mirror and the bathroom sink as I stood and watched wondering why he was doing that. Any thoughts on that?

    • First, remember it’s possible, even likely, that he represents something else you are partnered with besides him… like a job, business, commitment. The dream seems to be about your considering restoring this. Also the dreams confirm that there’s a lack of ability to see the situation clearly. Pray for that clarity. And be open. God is faithful to speak.

  24. I dreamed of me waking up after my nap to shower this morning, and my roommate brought a friend home & was preparing for church. She apparently let her friend use my shower without me knowing. I got up to shower for church, & found my worst fear in the bathroom, a menstrual pad. I noticed it as I sat on the toilet, laying as if I’d forgotten to throw it out after changing. To my horror, my shower was wet and bathroom dewy, so I knew she’d just used it and saw it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • The dream could be taken more than one way, but seems to be about something connected to something you’re connected to seeing that you are ridding yourself of something that doesn’t belong. Sensing what this might apply to could really be helpful in making full sense of this.

  25. Hi Lyn,

    Love your name, I also go by Lynn as well 🙂 I received a prophetic word that God would be releasing many prophetic dreams to me this year, and it’s been happening daily. However, I noticed that when my mind gets cluttered, my dream life diminishes and I have a problem remembering my prophetic dreams. I also notice that the more I operate in spiritual discipline, holiness and staying focused on God, the more crisp they are. Anyhow, I’ll be here a lot this year clearly haha! And I’m so excited to have found your site. My dream is below.

    • Did you know that the name Lynn means waterfall or beneath the waterfall– a perfect picture or hearing abundantly from the Spirit! God is amazing. Did you pick that name out, or did your parents name you that?

  26. Oh I forgot to add as I’m looking for his shoes in the stall I see that ice cube is gone just disappeared and a woman is in the stall asleep on the toilet and pee is on the toilet…huh??

  27. I need help with a dream I’m in Walmart with my son and a man. We go into the women bathroom, my son goes into the stall with ice cube, and outside the stall putting women shoe and perfume in a tote bag with pink lining and a couple talking sweetly to each other. Then my son asks can we go mommy. He had on a black suit with a purple dress shirt but no shoes. I start looking for his shoes, no shoes.

  28. Sorry I meant to say I woke up at the house of a guy that I like. I just knew I was at his house even though he was not there.

  29. Hi Lyn,

    I had a dream where I woke up my crush’s house. he was not around but his brother was home. I went to use the toilet. I was pretty pressed. His brother came in, then left but I called after him. he asked why didn’t use the other bathroom. I replied i preferred this one. the bathroom filled up with women, one who was the brother’s ex. I then bid the brother farewell and told him to come back home soon. As he left I took some tissue cleaned the floor where my urine had splattered. never met the brother in person just pictures.

  30. Yes, that fits. I have taken some off already, others are in process. Wouldn’t the fact that the clothes were bright colors and weren’t dirty indicate that there was nothing wrong with the choices in and of themselves, just that some of them weren’t right for me?

  31. Hi Lynmarie – What would a bathroom cluttered up with clothes mean? I dreamed I was going to take a shower in my mom’s bathroom, but when I went in, it was cluttered up with clothes. They were all colors and didn’t appear dirty, but I was just surprised they were there. Would it maybe have to do with juggling too many roles in life? I’m just now changing my job situation and other aspects of my life to simplify it and reclaim things I’ve lost (some but not all of it to do with G and I separating ourselves for a time). Thanks.

    • This could certainly have to do with that. Also or additionally, the dream seems to speak of many choices or possibilities. Perhaps you have already taken some off, but they need to be completely put out of your mind.

  32. I forgot to say thanks to Rev Frank for answering my question. Thanks once again!!

  33. I also want to add that I had a dream a couple of months ago about a huge snake that looked like almost a drain pipe very long was burying itself into a hole. At the end of it’s body was not it’s head but a woman’s head that seemed like planted into the ground with her hair taking the place of roots, in the end the lady’s face was being pulled out and the hair being pulled as a result from the ground. Is it telling me that the mother has stopped her activity? Although there are many people trying witchcraft sort of stuff on us so I can’t tell exactly who?

    • Yes, this dream seems to speak as you suggested. Long snake and ground speak to great length of time.

      Witchcraft power can be real. Combat it through Ephesians 6:14- Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness.

  34. Aww…. you are such a precious gem Lyn – I did not take the word ragged seriously but on the other hand it gave me the correct meaning of what could be happening. Yes the girl is fine it’s the mother and father both that are causing problems e.g witchcraft, could we separate her from her parents?? Do demons transfer to their children as well??

    • Actually, demons don’t seem to transfer to all children of those in spiritual bondage. They tend to pick one at birth to target, or return later to harass one or more. She may not be a problem, but since marriage unites entire families, the parents could bring a lot of ruckus for years.

      God seems to have said through the dream: proceed; she isn’t as she appears. His purposes, however, may not include marriage. Proceed with positivism, but caution.

  35. Thanks sooooo……. much for your prompt reply you are such a lovely person. Please rest assured I will be praying for your wrist. every blessing xox

    • We’re in doctors office now Lyn says sorry for using “ragged”, what she meant to say would be “expressing concern” because that would be more accurate. The dream also shows you are expressing concern properly and He is not displeased with that.

    • Shubha, Just a note…witchcraft is extremely dangerous. If your son is in any type of intimate contact with this girl, that could be very bad. Demons transfer through physical contact. Ask God for revelation, discernment etc. concerning this. The girl may sound fine, but may be harboring all kinds of bad stuff…Proceed With CAUTION!!

  36. Oh so sorry to hear that you’ve broken your wrist, Lyn !! take care! Thanks for your reply but I want to add something to what I said before -the only reason why I am in doubt about this girl is because her mother has been involved with occult or witchcraft type thing. And she has been doing negative things to us in the past through that kind of stuff.
    May God bless you and give you speedy recovery !!

  37. I forgot to say that this young girl really wants to marry my son and I don’t know if this is a good match in real life…

    • If I were in your situation, I’d say God IS speaking to you in this dream about this girlfriend, and saying that while you are ragging on the girl and expecting the worst, there is more to her than might appear, good stuff. Give her a chance. I am not judging you at all. That is clearly what I see, and believe me, I’ve been there!

  38. Hi Lyn

    This is a dream about me and a young girl. I am sitting on the toilet seat in the house that I live in now and peeing . I am covered fully with my clothes but the door is open and this young girl is standing in the doorway waiting for me to finish so she can get in to have a shower. When I look at her I ask – did you cut your hair as it’s looking bobbed from front but in response she shakes her head and now I can see her ponytail. So is that a dramatic haircut?? I don’t know?

  39. Hey thank you’ 🙂 ? Tongues – will it something dealing with anger or words affecting others ? Will that be the temptation? :/

  40. I felt like we(my family&pastor)traveling from 1 city to another city on a plane… Later changed into a big huge bus. they had stopped for refreshments.So I run to the wash room to pee really bad ‘ a girl In charge of the toilet’they opened the toilets just for few mins and then they close it,i had a token number of 3600-toilet-really dirty and bad,it was a indian toilet , so I peeped and that same girl comes in,telling me if Im done?Last thing on m, I hope they didn’t leave me

    • Plane and bus are about movement (but not literal) of an entity like a church or company. The pastor could be literal or symbolize God or even another pastor.
      Putting together the bathroom elements, it sounds like the God is letting you know that it is Satan who will tempt you to UNLOAD on someone! I suggest when a temptation to speak your mind comes up, hold your tongue. Let us hear back from you.

  41. Wow, yes! We are in a transition stage now (going on a year now) of my husband starting a business – so if the “taking care of business” were meant in a literal sense, that would be wonderful news, since it’s gotten off on shaky footing!! 🙂

    I have struggled for years to understand where I belong, both in a geographic sense (which church to go to in this case) and a symbolic sense (which friends I fit in with, what type of person I am, what kind of wife to strive to be, etc). And yes, this is also a season of letting go of a lot of things that have not served me well – attempts to control/micromanage (that’d be the inflexibility, I guess), as well as friendships and some habits that are hard to shake.

    It’s so good to hear His affirmation – thank you!!

  42. Hi! I had a dream the other night that had me back at the house where I grew up, in the bathroom that my sister and I used. I remember that I looked at the toilet (but upon waking I didn’t remember details from that), and the sink, which had an orange stain in the bowl of the sink. I’m having trouble combining those details in a meaningful way….!

    • So it sounds like God is talking to you about an issue related to “home”, that is, the place you belong and should be, but in a symbolic sense.

      The fact that it’s in the bathroom indicates that He is referring to the taking care of business. The toilet says- this has to do with the removal of things that don’t belong because they can become toxic.

      The orange stain in the sink would seem to suggest that He’s proud of you for letting go of inflexibility. Does any of this seem to fit?

  43. Thanks a lot for that insight. I’ve been doing a soul searching as to what would be causing such dreams to reoccur thus being on a constant look out for the things that could be “unclean” in my life. You’re right I think it’s time I let God himself to do the cleansing himself instead of my working at it. Thanks once again..

  44. I have these reoccurring dreams about toilets and menstrual flows. The theme is almost the same. I would be pressed and would be looking for a toilet, when I find one it’s either the toilet is dirty and I fail to use it or I would be flashing the toilet but some poop would still remain. I feel disgusted in these scenarios because of the filthiness. Then the menstrual ones, I would be bathing and I would see my menstrual flow and would be washing it off.
    From what I’ve learnt and studied, these speaks of cleansing but the question I’ve always asked myself is what am I being cleansed from which has taken this long? I have devoted my life to serving the Lord and I strive to live a holy life.
    If you have any insight on what these dream mean kindly assist with the interpretation. The Lord richly bless you.

    • This may be a reflective dream. By that, I mean that God may be holding up a mirror to you to show you what you look like so you can see it for yourself. The message of the dream seems simple: you are unable to be fully clean.

      Rather than taking it as if God is showing you that there is a hindrance to your being clean (like a curse or a sin), maybe He’s showing you the opposite- that you will never be able to clean yourself, that only He can do that as you simply accept His grace and forgiveness and then TRULY KNOW that you are clean. I John 1:9- If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

  45. I dreamt of being in a water village where there are two rows of “floating houses”, and I was in one of the houses peering out. I saw a woman who went into the toilet in a house on the opposite row. It looked like she was about to pee. She floated horizontally in mid-air like Superman and she urinated.

    • Individual elements do carry symbolism, but you’ll have to put them together. If the water wasn’t clear, that would mean that the situation the dream is referring to has a very bad foundation and you are in peril. I assume you read on the page about urination. Floating sideways may indicate something going “sideways” or someone taking the wrong view (have seen this before). The woman in the dream could be you, or not a person at all. The other house may speak of a needed change.

      See if any of this makes sense in your life. If not, the dream may not be from the Lord… so junk.

  46. Thank you so much, yes it doesn’t make much sense but what does reasonate with me is what you said where the lord will use me in ministry, I have been praying for my giftings to be used where its needed and I have a real desire to help others especially children and families who live in poverty.

    Thank you so much will keep this in prayer.

  47. I should add in regards to the child displaying negative behaviours, what I’ve observed is that he needs love and attention and in my opinion his mother however I think he doesn’t see her often.

    • From what you have shared, it seems unlikely that the dream is about a situation with this particular child or his father. More likely is that you are called to minister to someone, but it will be an adult who is caught up in some childish behavior. This dream seems to share that your ministry will be effective as the recipient begins to take on your good attitude.

      The father “working at your daughter’s school” would typically be symbolic as well. Consider that this may be connected to a philosophy you hold concerning a particular aspect of like. Specifically, the root [father] is eradicated by your ministry.

      If none of this makes any sense at this point, now worries. The meaning and/or application of this dream will most likely unfold a bit at a time until it totally makes sense as life makes it clear. The point is that the meaning of this dream will become clear and minister to you when you need it.

      Still, what is clear now is that God will be using you in a ministry to a particular person and you will be effective.

  48. Thanks for responding- it might help if I put the dream up – The child is actually almost 4yrs old and I do know that currently his mother has moved away leaving the father the responsibility in which he is struggling a bit. In the dream the child has made his mess all over my workplace floor but he is happy and playing. I am on the floor cleaning up this childs mess but I didn’t seem to mind doing it. Also in the dream the child makes me laugh as he is trying to imitate me laughing. I see the father also trying to clean up the child. I then see that the father works at my daughters school which is next door to me (irl this father doesn’t work and my daughters school is not in this area) so I was puzzled by that aspect. I am then remembering a prophetic word given to me a while ago about meeting a school teacher which seems to refer to this father in the dream however in real life he is not employed as he is looking after his children.

    Hope you can help

  49. Thanks Lyn, the ministering aspect reasonates with me – I should have mentioned that the child in this dream, is actually a child whom I know and the father in the dream is the actual father…I do know that this little one’s mother is absent and the father is struggling a bit taking on responsibility, does that still point to me helping in some way?

  50. With defecation on the floor, what would it mean if it was a child who did this and I was the one cleaning it up? I was picking it all up with tissues, this childs father was also trying to clean the child up. It didn’t have a negative feel to it just that this happened in the dream.
    Thank you!

    • We’ve seen these several times. I actually had a similar one last week. These type of dreams are letting you know that you are called to “minister” to someone, to help them get the right perspective. So God is giving you insight with regard to a person who is creating a mess with their attitudes, words or actions. The father probably symbolizes God at work in this challenging situation. Good time to pray for the Lord to move strategically and for Him to lead you in this “ministry”. These are usually about family members.

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