Rooms in Dreams

Building components and rooms in dreams may indicate a focus on what the room would symbolize. A dream scene taking place in a bathroom, for instance, may have something to do with spiritual or emotional cleansing.

It’s not uncommon for rooms to indicate a part of the human body. We have seen dreams with fires in the kitchen or bathroom to indicate health problems in the stomach and intestinal track respectively. And an electrical short in the attic to prophesy a problem in the brain.

Building components, furnishings, and appliances carry similar metaphoric meanings.


A focus on the first floor may indicate that this situation is just beginning. This is a ground floor situation.
Perhaps inexperience describes this situation
Concerning storage of past issues

Hidden issues

Concerning waiting season of preparation

A place of preparation (cooking up ideas, new things, etc.)

Can refer to digestion organs in the human body.

Concerning the family

Foundational issues



Dividers, separation into groups– not necessarily negative

Hindrances, obstacles


Concerning vision hindrance

Closed off area

Established Transition

Upward transition or downward potential

Quick movement

God taking you to a different place, quick steps

Future vision

Future, or nearby, or within authority of house

Past or generational issues

Past or within authority of house

Open heaven

Concerning court/legal matters

Vision from within a ministry or situation

Concerning start of something

Open heaven. There is favor in this situation.

Love and intimacy, nurturing, cultivating

Protection or boundary

Spiritual covering

Choice, opportunity, pathway to a new place

Doors separate two distinct areas, keeping them apart and forming a boundary and barrier which must be dealt with before crossing through. Also, there may be an element of mystery as to what is beyond a door.

Closed Door- full of potential or peril (for anything might lie behind it)

Door Remaining Closed- may be a protection, or a challenge

Locked Door With No Key- an opportunity for a later time

Opened by a Knocking, Handle Turning, or a Provided Key- simple action will allow us to pass through

Open Door- 1) We can see beyond it 2) We can cross the threshold

Stagnant situation

Focus on this

Concerning timing– what you are seeing will take place later


Furniture often speaks of what you have– either good or bad. I can be speaking of ideas, knowledge, talents . . . These are your assets or liabilities. They can be things that you should rid yourself of such as bitterness, guilt . . .

A small amount of furniture may be indicating a new start or a situation which will need development.

Concerning business

A seat, where something sits or remains, an attitude or position/opinion you take

Concerning spiritual intimacy

Concerning a situation (abbreviated house)

Concerning a contract

Concerning an agreement or covenant

Concerning leisure

Fellowship or group partaking of spiritual food

Concerning partaking of the Word of God within a ministry

Reflection of God. Have seen these refer to ministers or worship team members.

Set aside for later

Cleansing in preparation for something new

Once it referred to getting the right angle on something (front or top load)

Like playing the drums, playing the piano most likely has to do with communication. But this communication can be described as ELABORATE.

One dreamer conveyed a dream of a pianist judge and the ruling in the court. The dreamer was undergoing a struggle for a mortgage approval. The pianist symbolism made clear the situation the dream was speaking of… elaborate because it was so involved and taking so long.

Playing piano can also symbolize BEAUTY because there is both melody and harmony. This may be speaking of speech or presentation, but can be speaking of another kind of beauty, for there are many ways beauty presents itself and through any of our senses.

A piano may, of course, be rather literal in a dream, symbolizing music. One dreamer moved into a house with a golden grand piano. The person changed churches and the music there was optimal for that dreamer who joined the praise team.

Another dreamer dreamed she must give up her keyboard and was instructed that she was not to take it with her to college, but rather, to give it to a woman who already had one. This dream prophesied that as the dreamer moved into a new (and higher learning) ministry experience, she was literally to supply a keyboard to the ministry, so the keyboardist wouldn’t have to keep bringing on in each week.

In antiquity, drums were a primary means of communication, perhaps, from one tribe or village to another. Therefore, playing a drum or a set of drums in dreams most likely speaks of communication… speaking, marketing, persuading, preaching, etc.

Even if the dreamer is a drummer in real life, the dream is most likely about communication, and may provide instructive detail.

A drum set in the distance may bring encouragement by showing that they at least are in the room.

Someone else playing your drum set reveals that the dreamer needs to take authority of some communication.

A teacher, for instance, reported receiving dreams that a simple set would do, that less pieces were better.

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April 17, 2019

51 responses on "Rooms in Dreams"

  1. Lyn, 6 yrs ago I was prophesied that God would plant me in my place of assignment as it relates to church and I believe that He will. I am tired and I will wait upon Him. So happy for you and Frank. Congratulations!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much, I wish I had known you earlier, a lot of things making more sense now. All the best as you obey God’s instructions, I’ll also pray for you as I pray for myself God bless you!

  3. Awww!! I certainly don’t want to add to your anguish ; posting too man dreams. Before reading your comment on this dream, i mentioned to Brittney that you respond to a lot of dreams. I have taken u for granted, please forgive me. I should be better at interpreting dreams bi now, but…..u are so skilled. I will do better, friend. Thanks

  4. Hi Lyn, soon after that dream, I had another one in which someone told me that God wants to do something great in your ministry but there’s not enough substance to sustain it. I’m amazed that you’ve also used the word substantial. Your interpretation clarifies what the ‘substance is,’ more word so I can be able to teach better and handle ministry demands better perhaps?

    • First, I was reading what I wrote about victory through your own efforts. Let me clarify. We can do nothing with God. The dream seems to urge you to do something, and that He will bless what He leads you to do.

    • I believe God did speak to you about me, and I so appreciate your sharing. It’s because there is a similarity between where we are both at right now. For, me, substantial means make more courses available, the ones already in progress.. get them posted! Ouch! I feel like I’m doing all I can but am hindered from other responsibilities interfering. But God is telling me through your dream that there ARE choices I can make to free up more time. One, I have to put greater limits on the free ministry I do; two, less relaxation time, TV, like you. I receive it. Thanks!

    • God is directing you by His Spirit to how substance applies to you. More word, always. If you are creating the materials, more materials, or more depth in them. Love you are stepping out. And I will pray your teaching be blessed!

  5. Hi Lyn. Dreamed again about two men attempting to rob me and I called out to my daughter Brittney who was sitting in the vehicle. It’s like I gave her a signal to come and assist me. 3 Rd dream this week about being attacked, guns.. Etc

  6. I dreamt I was in my kitchen, there were 5 oven trays, an unknown person told me my trays needed to be heavier so I wouldn’t use as much electricity. He had one the right weight, 200g or something like that which he sat besides my ones. I saw the first one increase in weight and he was going to do that with the rest of the trays.

    • I am wondering what you are up to. Whatever it is, it needs to be more substantial. So if it’s Bible teaching, use more scripture and detail, for instance. So what you are preparing to share with others? Use the reply ABOVE this comment.

  7. Hi. Dreamed I was in the kitchen which is in the basement of my house. I saw someone peeping through the window. I began calling out to my daughter Brittney. I called her many times and she finally answered. I told her to come help me. Then I woke up. Earlier, dreamed I went to challenge the young man and how he was driving. He pulled out a gun on me and then I backed off.

    • Gee. Something up again. Drama for more testimony. Remember, your daughter probably represents something YOU have birthed. Kitchen is the place of preparation including within the mind. Second dream foretells someone taking offense to your challenge of how they are proceeding. Proceed with caution and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

  8. I asked because he is the man I’ve been praying about

  9. Does Joel represent something else in the dream other than a person?

  10. I’ve been praying for a husband.

  11. I dreamed about being in my old bedroom where I lived years ago in an apartment. I was lying on my bed with a guy named Joel who I attended church with years ago. We never had a relationship with each other at all. We were holding hands, talking and laughing. It was nothing sexual at all, just innocent. In the dream I felt at peace and complete. My mother was also in the room with us. Everyone was happy in the dream. I could smell Joel’s scent so clearly that upon waking up I still smelled him as if the dream was really real. I woke up happy and at peace and smiling.

    • WOW! I love this!! I read this after commenting on your other dream… and the message is the same: God is now willing to answer your prayers and the Holy Spirit will direct your path in this. To confirm the application of the dream, what have you been hoping for praying for?

  12. I drempt there were ants crawling all over a kitchen counter and sink, hundreds of them and the sink was filthy, counter was cluttered with water and dishes and my husband walked in wearing a tshirt, jeans and women’s bright colored sandals. And showed me two other pair of bright colored sandals his mom gave him.

  13. I dreamt of being given poison to drink by demons in a kitchen and as soon as they looked away I spat it into a sink? Do you know what the poison is? Is it lies? Thank you so much LynMarie for all your time. It is a lifeline x

  14. Thanks, Lyn! I admit I’m struggling to identify which situation this applies to. (A lot has been going on lately). What do you suggest on this case? Thanks!!

    • The key to determining the application is that it can be described as intending to produce the same results time after time. This most likely would be an institution of some sort- church, school, etc. If you don’t yet see a connection to the dream, you will; events will point to it if you don’t get more directly from God.

  15. I forgot I had another dream about a basement last week! Here it is: I was laying on the floor in a strange basement apartment – it was open to the school or factory upstairs, even though it was tucked away. I got up to get in the bed in the same room. There was a small retainer (like to realign a mouth) on the pillow. I thought it was Barb’s. (A friend in real life). Thank you!

    • God seems to be revealing what’s been hidden, specifically, what is beneath something that can be described as intending to producing the same results time after time and which is a personal issue. In this situation, it looks like the Lord is keeping the enemy/demonic in check. It’s a dream for the purpose of comfort and hope.

  16. I entered the basement of a house I was renting. The landlord had planted flowers at the door, and was watering them with a mist. (I had to walk through a mist of water to get into the basement). The landlord had cleaned and organized everything. In fact, half of it was now a plot of soil, perfectly groomed and ready to be planted. Even though it was a basement, there was a high window giving sunlight to the new “field.” In real life, my landlord is the Godfather of my children.

  17. Thanks so much for your insights, Lynmarie. Now I have to determine what all needs to be put away… I’m trying to put this together with my other dreams, and that’s a little puzzling. It’s also curious that these things are to be STORED rather than thrown out of the house, and again, with the clothes in the bathroom not being dirty.

  18. What would a storage chest symbolize? This was part of the same dream I posted about in the Bathrooms category. On my way through the house to my mom’s shower (moving from right to left, for some reason), I came across a HUGE storage chest of light wood, that I’d never seen in my parents’ house before. Then I was standing on top of it and then going down some steps to the left, and then noticed that there were some drawers for accessing the chest. I’m concerned about all the leftward motion too… Any ideas?

    • This speaks of putting these thoughts or choices [clothes] more deeply away, deeper than just hanging them up in the closet. You put these away and then STAND that! Right to left may or may not have meaning, could be a detail; or could be a clue as to what sort of choices, like earthly choices.

  19. Lynmarie, about the dream I just shared with you and you said it’s very personal. I agree, indeed it is. Last night God gave me an insight of the whole scene and up this moment I’m amazed. I couldn’t even share the clarification with anyone but I believe God has this in control. Thank you so much.

  20. Thank you, I’m so puzzled. Indeed God is faithful to provide, I will ask Him for more insight and clarifification. I will keep you posted.

  21. I dreamt I was in my bedroom asleep and then my eyes were openned and a Tv screen appeared in the room- then slideshows started the first thing that appeared in that screen was a man- I could only see his torso wearing a Pink and blue shirt. There was a music backround coming from that screen Just when I was wondering, that man was zoomed in and the colors could appear clearer. Then my 1st born son appeared in a dark room, soon he appeared carrying two lamps -lighting only part of him, not the whole body. Then another slide appeared- it was my second born son on his bed, the slide quickly changed I saw my last born (daughter) on her bed as well. Then soon her teddy bear was zoomed in and I heard her crying- I tried to listen if the crying was from the house or from the tv screen, it was from the screen.
    Backround: When I saw the screen, I had just gotten into my bed after a midnight prayer and had started my fasting from that hour.

    I honestly don’t know what this means, not even sure if it was a dream or a vision, neither do I know the meaning of all this.

    • This seems very personal. The slideshow could be God “showing” you something that to this point you have not been aware of. The shirt of pink and blue is tough because we don’t know if it’s positive or negative, but more likely symbolizing something child-like and sad (matching the Teddy Bear part). The children seem to be confirming the same message: that there is something you are unaware of. Only one thing you have “birthed” has an inkling of it. Ask God for more insight and clarification and I’m sure He will be faithful to provide.

  22. LynMarie,
    I hope this is a continuation of my previous dream. Last night I dreamed that I was shopping at this Luxury shopping area called the Bravren. (I was shopping there a couple weeks ago when I bought my first Louis Vouitton Bag). I looked down and noticed that I was wearing my new shoes, which I usually only wear to work, ( my Christian Louboutins). Then I noticed that there was a rainbow in the sky. I ran towards it. It was a not a normal rainbow. It was shooting straight up into the sky. it was shaped like two triangles connected. One triangle was upside down connected to another triangle that was right side up. That’s the best that I describe the shape. I ran over to it. People has gathered around it and sat down in chairs to stare at it. There was a woman there who asked me why the rainbow was there. I told her that I had been praying for something specific for a long time and that is why the rainbow was there. Then I woke up.

    Background: I sold my 4th house last month( I’m new to Real Estate, only 6 months in) and wanted to do something special for myself–I had always wanted the handbag and the shoes. I had been window shopping them for over 10 years. I wanted the shoes because Oprah wear them. It has sentimental value to me. I only wear them to work. The handbag I have wanted since the late 90s. With kids and responsibilities I just never got around to having any extra money to buy it. I actually stood outside the Bravren a year ago, took a selfie in front of the Louis Vouitton Store, and said that I would be back to buy a bag from there. The day I bought it was dream fulfilled. God is good and He is faithful.

    Do you think this dream is connected to the the “Boss” dream?

    • If I were you, I would suspect that the dreams are connected. This prophesies a promise being fulfilled, and dreams coming true. Specifically, a promise that was cut short or incomplete before now being completed.

      One of my daughters had her second miscarriage yesterday. They so want a child. But by this morning, she is exhibiting a joy that can’t be explained. Why? Because she knows deeply that God is good and that He will fulfill the promises He has made to her. It is the same for you. God is proud of you and will fulfill His word to you.

  23. Thanks! I pray that is the case. I will keep you updated.

  24. I dreamed that I was on the phone with my “Boss”. He told me I would be getting an addition to what I have. It’s hard to explain but basically I saw my room and my bed. Next I saw another bed being added to my room that was the same size as my bed. In the bed were two people whom I couldn’t make out.

    I didn’t want to be crowded in my personal space so I asked Him if we could just move downstairs to the basement which had a lot more space. He told me “no”. My room was on the top floor of this large house.

    Next I climbed to up, near the roof and someone was waiting on me. This person had me write my last name on a paper or book. I started to write my maiden name but then changed it to my married name. Then I was allowed in to this room. It was very bright, sort of light daylight, but a bit more light.

    We currently live in small quarters, which I’ve been praying about. Having has a miscarriage October I’ve been thinking about the possibility of a new baby….

    Any thoughts?

    • Rather than literal, your boss represents God, and he is pleased with your life. We know this because the bedroom symbolizes and intimate and personal situation that is being spoken of in this dream. The addition will become obvious, not hidden. Please allow me to suggest that God may be answering your prayers… literally. Let’s see what else He has to say. Send another when you sense it may be on the same topic.

  25. Thank you – yes the place in the dream was similar to a nature walk I had been to which was a source of great peace and beauty to me, the stairs in this dream was enclosed by this lovely nature reminding me of this place.

  26. I had a dream that I was outdoors in a really nice nature type place – kind of like a nature walk. In the dream I was at the top of the stairs and looking down at a man in a white tshirt. He was a few steps down from me but looking up at me. Seems he was resting.
    Is this indicative of where we might be in our walk?

    • One possibility for the setting is that it sounds lush/green which could indicate mature and positive spirits. Him looking up at you strikes me as him “looking up to you,” that is, thinking highly of you or admiring you. Sounds good. Let’s see what happens.

  27. I dreamed that I was in a hotel and I was looking for the perfect penthouse suite. The walls were white. I found one I liked. It had large, oblong shaped Windows. One window was rectangular at the top but then rounded at the bottom and the bottom protruded inward. The other was the same but protruded outward. Windows mean vision, but is there more to it due to the shapes? Thanks!

    • So God is talking here about a situation where you are searching for just the right “thing”. A price has to be paid for it, but it’s a “lofty” endeavor. It seems to me that the Lord was saying that as you reach out you will draw something in. It’s good. The meaning of the squared corners and rounded ones aren’t so obvious. What comes to me is that something connected to “rules and regulations” is also connected to love. Stay in touch for sure!

  28. Dreamed I was in a basement ( dark & gloomy). Mice where running around. I noticed a sump pump (thought they were coming and going from there). In the dream I thought to myself, “The mice are coming out during the day time too,” so I picked up my mattress from the floor, and propped it against the wall, so that the mice couldnt get to it. In this dream it appears that I had been sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

    • Here’s my take. In this dream God is telling you that He knows your thoughts and that you can and should win the battle of the mind. The basement is what’s going on beneath the surface. The mice feed on rubbish rather than God’s word.

      I love this verse: Ephesians 4:17- So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking. How many times do we exercise futile humanistic thinking rather than to think like the princesses we are?

      Instead we are to remind ourselves that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20).

      How do we pull up from a stall out? Philippians 4:8- Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

      Get the mattress off the floor. Limit your exposure to soulish humanistic thinking. God is good… all the time. BTW- I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have these seasons, me too, of course.

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