Food & Food-Related Items in Dreams

For starters, food in dreams can tell the dreamer what he or she is or will be partaking of, what he or she is believing, or being served.


Indicates creativity and preparation as in cooking something up

Similar to cooking but involves a waiting period, expectation, and possibly discomfort

This is about trying a sample amount of something

This is a picture of taking in something (generally information) which may be good or bad

Being drunk refers to being drunk with a “spirit” such as greed

Breaking something down or healing

Issues concerning information, insight, wisdom. Loose teeth indicate a need for more of one of these. Teeth falling out is a warning concerning potential loss in one of these areas. Be careful.

Believing something

Processing information

Concerning toleration

Scarcity, shortage, season of lack

A large amount of information on various topics

Fullness, prosperity (can be referring to faith or knowledge rather than provisions) OR concerning weight issues

Shortage, lack (can be referring to faith or knowledge rather than provisions)

Desire for something (good or bad)

Involving something disgusting, or something doesn’t belong or won’t stick. Rejection or folly.


A scene taking place in this room signifies something going on which involves ideas and/or preparation for something. Can be for good or for bad.

Concerning something which is in incubation, possibly with an expectation of success. Or perhaps a need for heat and time is in order

Concerning something that will immerge later. It’s not time yet, be patient.

Something is being laid out before you, out in the open, provided for you

Concerning serving others or serving something to others. Motives might or might not be pure

Concerning a group. Can symbolize many kinds of groups, for instance, a group of responsibilities or opportunities

Concerning a group, can symbolize fullness or completion, but the contents vary. Can be connected to worship. A bowl shared signifies intimacy

What gives a cup significance is what it contains; it may contain blessings, joy, love, or pain

Concerning serving others, but may not be out of pure motives

This symbolizes the stirring up of something

These signify piercing, poking, or digging

People equipped to serve through words (teaching, etc.)

Ouch! This indicates a verbal attack

A person (container for a spirit)

Breakable, fragile. This is not made to last. It won’t function well in battle

Royalty and authority or counterfeit royalty and authority


Comments and Symbolism:
The first meaning of bread is wisdom, Godly wisdom, scripture, teachings, doctrines

She [wisdom] has prepared her food. . . She has also set her table. . . she calls . . . “Whoever is naive, let him turn in here!” To him who lacks understanding she says, “Come, eat of my food” Prov 9:2-5

And he said to me, “Son of man, eat what is before you, eat this scroll; then go and speak to the people of Israel.” 2 So I opened my mouth, and he gave me the scroll to eat.

Then he said to me, “Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you and fill your stomach with it.” So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth.
He then said to me: “Son of man, go now to the people of Israel and speak my words to them.
Ezek 3:1-3

Then they understood that he was not telling them to guard against the yeast used in bread, but against the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Matthew 16:12

Additional Passages:
John 6, Numbers 14:9, Isaiah 55:2


Second Meaning of Bread: Daily sustenance, essentials for survival.

Passages: Give us each day our daily bread. Luke 11:3

Comments and Symbolism:
The number of loaves in the basket indicates the number of days

he [the baker] said to Joseph, “I too had a dream: On my head were three baskets of bread.”
“This is what it means,” Joseph said. “The three baskets are three days.
Gen 40:16-20


Comments and Symbolism:
Barley symbolizes “blessed” or associated with blessing/abundance/prosperity

For the LORD your God is bringing you into a good land—a land with brooks, streams, and deep springs gushing out into the valleys and hills; a land with wheat and barley, vines and fig trees, pomegranates, olive oil and honey; a land where bread will not be scarce and you will lack nothing; a land where the rocks are iron and you can dig copper out of the hills. Deut 8:7-9

Comments and Symbolism:
The dream of the loaf of bread tumbling into the camp of Midian was equated to the sword of Gideon and a prophecy of the victory of the Israelites.

– The bread here represents the blessed representatives of the source of the Word of God, that is God’s People. In those days that was the Hebrew nation; today’ it’s Christians around the world.

When Gideon came, behold, a man was relating a dream to his friend. And he said, “Behold, I had a dream; a loaf of barley bread was tumbling into the camp of Midian, and it came to the tent and struck it so that it fell, and turned it upside down so that the tent lay flat.”
His friend replied, “This is nothing less than the sword of Gideon the son of Joash, a man of Israel; God has given Midian and all the camp into his hand.”
Judges 7:13-14


Comments and Symbolism:
Butter symbolizes smooth such as smooth talk, cunning, silver-tongued

The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords. Psalm 55:21

Concerning the inability to have it both ways; birthdays

Concerning a lot of time

Added to the cookie batter, in one dream these signified African Americans

Concerning harvest or abundance

Very small amount in comparison to what may be available

Concerning something new arriving

Provisions, people, in the spirit

A result or product of an activity, Fruit of the Spirit, Fruitful people

This carries connotations of blessedness, provisions, sacrifice, or judgment

Signifies abundance and prosperity, fertility, joy and celebration

Symbolizes prosperity of body, spirit or soul

Concerning something pure and sweet that has resulted from effort

May be about the day of the week

Deeper concepts, Abundant provision
Biblically, concerning the Messiah’s perfect humanity– the Hebrew meat offerings
A richly gifted or very good person

The presence of a spirit
Anointing oil is the presence of the Holy Spirit and the setting apart of someone as favored

Small groups which can be described as sweet or good

Having to do with a remarkable harvest (reward, result) which doesn’t come easily

Concerning something which is toxic and potentially deadly, but may be spiritual or about relationship or information

Eating pork indicates taking something in which is unclean and therefore toxic

A spell or curse

This is seasonal; associated with Oct/Nov

Celebration or see grain

Of value for its preservation, purification, and seasoning qualities, can speak of the conservative addition of something
New beginning or separation
The negative meaning is death, desolation, curse

Have seen this mean “something stringy” as in the violins in an orchestra.
(This was a spaghetti kitchen dreamed by a ballet choreographer who cooked up dance moves to classical music.)

The result of pressure or heat– good or bad

The subject of contention
A mixture of related information

Here’s an example of a personal meaning- since they were my mom’s favorite, strawberries represented mom

Something seen as pleasant
Could be non-essentials, extras

Something which will fail because it’s flawed, a dumb idea, a goof-ball

Abundantly fruitful, involving multiplication


Water is essential to our bodies. It is the most basic and primary drink and a positive element. In a dream, someone may offer it, refuse it, drink it, etc. In the Bible, water is one of the items that can symbolized the Holy Spirit. A glass of water symbolizes something good, refreshment such as encouragent or comfort.

Someone needs to get going or pick up the pace
Or they are moving quickly or too quickly

Indicates soothing, calming; slow down

Basic teachings or prophetic words

Involving nurturing or mentoring

Indicates making the best of a sour situation OR

We’re talking about spirits, Holy or otherwise

Celebration, Animated spirit

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April 11, 2019

63 responses on "Food & Food-Related Items in Dreams"

  1. i dream of fried rice with brocolie, meat, so looking good and then hear a music singing happy birthday. i want to know the meaning please.

  2. Then it progressed to another dream where I was being begged to let him settle with another woman. Early this year, we got into a relationship but broke up after a month. He stopped taking my calls, I prayed and had a dream where I was a bridesmaid and was sprayed perfume by the bride,and given a purple dress. I eventually stole the perfume in the dream

  3. Thx 4 aid w/ this dream. I was in a market shopping with a cart. I kept searching for eggs, but every egg carton were missing some eggs, all eggs were cooked and some were cracked open, but i kept looking. I left the store w/o paying for groceries but decided to go bk 2 pay. I believe I had a doz of the eggs but wanted more. Also while shopping saw some eggs were Goose eggs.

  4. Thanks Frank. Very interesting….because that first dream actually ends with a convoy of relatives (uncle, aunt, aunt’s husband) driving into our compound. Had a houseful of about three generations of relatives (including those that had come in the convoy). The house was so full that some (who had already been in the house) had to give up their seats for those who had just arrived. And I was in the kitchen trying to make sure I could share the pineapples with everyone.

  5. To Kwilliams, dream of Oct 12: Regarding your dreams about eating, being served, or preparing something, these types of dreams are common prophetic ones, so yes, you can be confident that they are revelatory from God for a specific purpose. See the Eating dictionary listing in this category for more info; eating has to do with taking in information. Preparing something would most likely be about being made ready to serve something (like info) to others. The types of food and dishes/utensils involved give other clues as to the meaning. See the dictionary list for these. The fact that you are having many of these dreams would indicate God is trying to get your attention re the message.

  6. Hi, got some 2 puzzling/weird dreams in one month:
    1) Found myself in the garden. There were mangoes fallen allover the garden but I didn’t see any mango tree anywhere nearby. Saw a ripe pawpaw on a pawpaw tree in the garden. But when tree is brought down, the fruit happens to be pineapple. And more than 2 full basket of pineapples were collected.
    2) Also dreamt of me eating sweet potatoes but having crumbs of rice, falling off my plate.
    Do any of those two dreams hold any meaning or there are just useless dreams?

    • The foods here carry interesting symbolism and fit together well. We will add them to our dictionary. So God seems to be saying that He sees what you are struggling with and has good news. It’s not like you think. What appears to be an allergen and potentially toxic (people) [mangos, pawpaw], can actually be “succulent” when you dig down to the soul level and get to know them. God has fabulous [pinapple] and sweet [sweet potato] relationships [rice] awaiting you. Get ready and then reach out! God will lead you to the right people and bless your relationships.

  7. I have many dreams that conclude with me being served, eating or prepaeing some type of food. The settings are all different. Is it safe to conclude that these dreams are giving me information or Words of Knowledge?

  8. Hi Lynn,

    What does a green pear symbolize? There was a table of fruit and I chose a pear? Why a pear and not an apple or banana?


  9. Hi Lynn

    I dreamt I was in my kitchen with a recently divorced older couple I know. The husband promised the exwife he’d give her food this time but everyone doubted that promise. I instead gave the exwife eggs on a slice of bread. Then a certain lady I know came with part cooked eggs in a hot pan and transferred them into mine to finish cooking them. I wondered aloud how my pan was less hot but knew I would finish frying them and serve the people.

  10. Profile photo of Sonia
    Hi Lyn,
    In the dream, my real husband replied to me he was in a deep sleep and *his* spirit husband woke him…I’m not sure what this meant.
    ( we all know your working in the “harvest”, thank you and GOD will BLESS!!!)

  11. Hi Lynn,

    In the dream, my real husband replied to me he was in a deep sleep and *his* spirit husband woke him…I’m not sure what this meant.

    ( we all know your working in the “harvest”, thank you and GOD will BLESS!!!)

  12. GM. Dreamed I was removing a frig from a row house, while pushing the frig down the street I saw Michael Phelps. He commented that the frig was for his father and he had a new frig for me. Thanks..

    • I am overwhelmed with dream submissions I am answering for free. No time to post all the courses i am developing. Having to downgrade submissions to 1 per month, and more changes coming. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this one. I’d love to hear from you. I know there is some battle going on there in Baltimore, and this dream may speak to it. Thanks for understanding. God Bless, my dear friend.

  13. I want to apologize for posting over my limit last month. I read updated rules a little late. Thank you Lynn.

  14. Seated at religious conference awaiting husband(W). (W) was late, said he was in deep sleep&his spirit husband woke him. They were opening a box of cereal; plastic loud-disturbing. I took cereal to help. Woman behind me looked disgusted. I poured cereal (black). (W) told me to pour more; 2(black)chocolate cookies fell in bowl. ‘He took a lot…’ I thought. I walked cereal back to spirit husband. The mean woman followed me w/her son. She demanded it was hers. I felt horrible. Bc she was mean, I gave to spirit husband. (W) & I laughed hysterically from embarrassment.

  15. Hi! The name of the man is Jarno (for real) and in a dream

    • God is speaking about lifting you up and out of the bondage shame creates. He wants no shame in your life because shame is illegitimate. Jesus paid the penalty for all sin on the cross including yours! God has good plans for you and is ready to use you for the good of the Kingdom and for your benefit as well. Time to forgive yourself and totally claim 1 John 1:9. 🙂

  16. Hi! I saw a dream where i was drinking wine. Next i was talking to some Guy who i know and there was my friend as well. That man(Guy) tryed to ask something from me but i could’t hear or understand what he said. I just heard that he said: it is paid and that he want to borrow something from me. i was thiking right away that yes i am going to help him. Suddenly i started to feel very bad and i remembered that i was drinked wine before. i cried out help and from my friend and that guy disapeared.

  17. Seated at religious conference awaiting husband(W). (W) was late, said he was in deep sleep&his spirit husband woke him. They were opening a box of cereal; plastic was loud-disturbing. I took cereal to help. Woman behind me looked disgusted. I poured cereal (black). (W) told me to pour more; 2(black)chocolate cookies fell in bowl. ‘He took a lot…’ I thought. I walked cereal back to spirit husband. The mean woman followed me w/her son. She demanded it was hers. I felt horrible. Bc she was angry I gave back to spirit husband. (W) & I laughed hysterically, embarrassed.

  18. Interesting… your take fits with another dream I had recently about an eagle in a nest. The eagle looked a little deformed too. So I suppose God is telling me to trust my prophetic gift more, start acting and looking like the eagle I am. Very encouraging. Thank you!

  19. Hi again – Actually the glasses I left momentarily at the vending stand were my “task” glasses, the ones I wear in real life for things several feet away versus the ones I wear IRL for close-up things like reading…

  20. Hi Lynmarie – I was plucking some lemons from a tree. As I was plucking the lemons, I would feel each of them and I would only pluck the ones which were soft. I plucked about 10 of them.
    I read somewhere that lemons symbolize bitterness. Could this dream be suggesting that am reaping bitterness? I don’t have any bitterness in me which I can clearly point at. Kindly help with insight into this dream.

    • This dream and the one posted on Anatomy surely speak to the same issue. I would suggest that you have been reaping sourness where you should have received gratefulness from someone. This appears to be about someone in your life treating you badly and dishing out sourness over and over again when they feel like it. This, you must deal with, but the question is when and how? Your other dream addresses that.

  21. Hi Lynmarie – Last nite dreamed I and someone else, G ?, were at a food vending stand at night getting something to eat & chatting w/the vendors. Started to leave, realized had left my reading glasses there, vendors handed them to me, I said I could tell they were mine just from the feel of them in my hand. I then said “thanks guys” feeling friendly & comfortable, & we walked away.IRL am waiting on God for specific instructions as to what to do in a situation w/G, am afraid may have missed doing something last wk I was supposed to do, not clear. Any ideas?

  22. Had this dream last night….I was outside my former workplace and i was with this educated guy who I don’t no irl. he had a degree in agriculture economics and engineering. We were by mulbery trees and we were eating mulberies which were very succulent .The guy I was with was helping me with pulling the branches down so I could pluck the fruits to eat, I was enjoying the fruits and I’d go for the healthiest and more ripe ones which are black in colour EOD. Your insight on the above would be greatly appreciated.

    • I overlooked this one, but here I am now. This seems to say that the Lord of the Harvest will be bringing something beautiful out of something that looks un-redeemable. I hope it’s encouragement or confirmation even at this point. Is this playing out yet?

  23. I had a first-time dream experience the other night and although maybe it’s common for others, I couldn’t find any mention of it here, so I thought I’d ask: eating something in a dream and actually tasting the flavor of it vividly enough to almost taste it upon waking. I dreamt that a Vietnamese family’s apartment overlooked our bedroom somehow, and when my husband had gotten up, while I was still half-asleep, the Vietnamese grandma came over and placed a round dessert on a dish beside me, squeezed my shoulders in a hug, and left. Then I woke up (in my dream) and ate the dessert, which tasted sort of like a guava cheesecake might. I have flown in my dreams, I have laughed real laughs and cried real tears while dreaming, but I have never before actually tasted something!

    (and I see that “cake” symbolizes not being able to have it both ways – my husband is currently facing a difficult job decision, where one choice allows him to pursue a dream and work from home, and the other choice involves good pay, but a lot of time away from home)

    • When senses are involved, dreams often speak of something important.

      Since you conveyed the dream to me, and cheesecake for me is connected to Psalm 34:8… What comes to my mind is Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Could it be that the something good is coming and you will be tasting it? In this scenario, the Vietnamese grandma may represent wisdom as related to a war/struggle/conflict that is ended. Sounds like a good sign to me!

  24. Thanks a lot this is so encouraging and reassuring at the same time because I sometimes feel that the Lord has forgotten about me because of the various trials I’ve gone through which have spanned for number of years without a breakthrough. So am so encouraged and uplifted by this and deep down my heart I’ve always known that the Lord will recompense me for the troubles I have gone through which feels like they’re is no end. For sure I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me. What about the silver bag which was also in the box, what does it mean? May the Lord be glorified in this gift that you’ve been blessed with. I dream a lot so you’ll be seeing many posts from me so please bear with me, am just a girl who is seeking to know the Lord more.and to know what he is saying to me in these dreams.

  25. Hi lynmarie, I had this dream last night and I can’t find the meaning of the symbols in it.
    My name was being called out at a power utility company but I ignored because I thought it was another person instead,but when l looked I found that my name was written in full with my surname on a placard of of some sort. When I eventually responded I was told that i needed to pick up a statement for my power utility in one of the boxes. As I approached the box I found that there was a bouquet of beautiful flowers like roses but they had unusual long stems. There was also a nice silver bag which was also mine. I was very happy to have received such gifts especially that I was expecting anything but just a statement.

    Any insight on this dream will highly be appreciated. The Lord richly bless you.

    • This dream confirms the interpretation from your bathroom dream. The sovereign and ultimate power source, God, is telling you that you are HIS, you BELONG to Him, your name is in HIS “Book of Life”. God is showing you that you are LOVED by him like a groom loves a bride… giving her long-stemmed red roses to show his love. Know that you are anointed with the same kind of power that He has. Your Heavenly Father wants to bring you a redemption so deep that it is part of your identity. Receive this. Rejoice. Watch what happens next.

  26. Thank you for the confirmation/clarification. Very much appreciated :-).
    Will follow your advice.

  27. What do the pumpkins mean?
    Dreamed I had a pumpkin vine that was running all over the yard.
    The vine had some large and small pumpkins and the leaves were big and green.
    I do in fact plant pumpkin seeds, in real life, but the vine is about three feet long.

    Wondering if it’s a dream for interpretation or simply “a regular” dream. Some friends said yes it’s for interpretation, one disagreed :-).
    Thanks much for your response

  28. It seems like I was in the middle of the kitchen. Can’t remember if I was doing anything or not. I sure hope this “very gifted prophetic person” is me! 🙂 That would be so awesome…

  29. Thanks for your thoughts. I’m single (divorced), and the older couple werent visible in the dream, just the sense that the kitchen belonged to them. I felt in the dream and afterward that the kitchen was somehow for me, maybe that the couple were mentors of some sort, but not sure about that. I just posted another dream involving an older couple in the People category, wondering who they could represent. Didn’t even think about the fact that this dream also involved an older couple… interesting… The context of this dream is that I had recently had a renewed call to minister to broken women, a call that had gotten sidelined for many years. Also very significant is that last February when I had this dream is when I had claimed Psalm 37:4-5 (delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart…) and told the Lord that if He would make it possible, my “dreadlocks friend,” G, is the man I would choose, having a vision of a miraculous work the Lord would perform in his life and feeling that we are truly soulmates. Last February is when the Lord started REALLY pouring out dreams on me, 1 to 3 almost every night, about ministry, promises about G, and the combination of the two (for instance, lots of bus dreams involving the two of us). When I got the baptism in the Spirit 2-1/2 yrs ago I told the Lord that I wanted to have faith for whatever He wanted to do, and He seems to be taking me at my word.
    I do think I have the gifts of word of knowledge and word of wisdom, and those are 2 gifts I have specifically asked for.

  30. Hi again, Lynmarie – I hope I’m not becoming too much of a pest with all my dream submissions lately… I truly appreciate your time on these. This is a dream I had almost exactly a year ago, in Feb. 2015. I was in a state-of-the-art kitchen with many deep countertops made of polished granite of a marbled brown and cream pattern. There was a huge oven. The room was dim but there were lights over the countertops that were mounted on the undersides of the upper cupboards. There was a sense that the kitchen belonged to an older couple. Kitchen plus oven must refer to a time of preparation under heat and over time, which certainly fits. I’m especially wondering what the countertops might symbolize. Christ maybe being the granite? Couple maybe Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Dim lighting maybe because whats being prepared isnt clear yet? Appreciate your input, thanks.

    • Dim lighting goes hand in hand with “time of preparation under heat and over time’, hence, what is being prepared is not ready or up and running yet… in the preparation stage. The granite represents a strong foundation such as Christ as you say.

      If you sensed you didn’t own the kitchen and weren’t playing a role in the dream other than viewing the kitchen, then God was most likely revealing information to you about someone else. Some dreams, however, are showing us a picture of ourselves.

      So that leaves 2 possibilities. If you literally fit the description of an older couple in this situation, God could be showing you a picture of yourself… how He sees you. Cool. If that doesn’t fit, this dream is consisted with a very gifted prophetic person who also receives words of wisdom and knowledge about other. Also fabulous. See what fits and what you were doing or connecting with at the time.

  31. Last night I dreamed that me and my husband were in this very narrow kitchen. On each side of the kitchen were a stove. I was cooking something on one side of the stove and my husband was cooking something on the other side with the other stove. In his pan was two halfs of a large mandarin orange. In my pan was a half of a mandarin orange and a half (long ways) of a banana. They were cooked to perfection. We began to eat what we cooked then I woke up.

    Any thoughts? This is actually the last part of a really long dream last night. I’m super excited to find out what God is trying to tell me. I have an idea, but I’d like to get your take on it. Thanks!

    • Kitchen again refers to thoughts or preparations. Mandarin oranges are distinct in that they are powerful, sweet and easily accessed. Bananas often symbolize something slippery in some way. See if those clues help you match this crazy dream up to something going on in your life.

  32. Last night’s dream: I was just hired to work in a huge restaurant that had many levels. My first table to serve was the owner. He was quiet & had dark hair. His order was specific: one egg over easy wrapped on top of two pieces of light wheat toast. I placed the order. The restaurant became very busy. I had tables on multiple floors. I went to check on my boss’ order. His plate was in the food window & I took it to him. He looked at it and seemed pleased. Then a group of people passed by me & I accidentally bumped his table & his glass of water wobbled a bit but did not spill. I blamed the people walking past. I could tell he wasn’t pleased with my reaction. I knew I shouldn’t have blamed them even though they were so close…

    • Greetings! That you are serving food in a restaurant is excellent! It depicts you providing information. This could be spiritual information or information of any kind. So the size of the restaurant indicates the size of the organization, mission, or company.

      The egg may have something to do with the birth of something or it could be insignificant. These clues should help you determine what area of your life God is speaking to you about. The message seems to be that you are to “take one for the team”… that is, take the blame humbly even though it wasn’t your fault. This response will benefit you. Let us know how this plays out!

  33. That’s wonderful! Such an awesome assurance. Thank you, Lynmarie??

  34. Thank you, Lynmarie.
    His name is Kevin.

    • So this person either symbolizes his ministries or quite possibly God with you. His name means handsome and gentle, and we’ve seen that meaning symbolize the Lord Jesus himself, the dream saying “God is with you”.

  35. Wow! Thank you for the confirmation and explanation, Rev Frank. I cannot remember if the dream happened before or after the meeting but from now on, I will certainly note down the dates

    Yes, I did have another dream recently and I dreamt it during my afternoon nap just this past Sunday. I was in the room behind the stage of a hall/auditorium and there were other people there with me as well but I cannot recall any of them except for a young adult whom I know is actively serving in our church’s children and youth ministries. He is also a gifted musician and is a member of the worship team. I am not in any one of these ministries.

    The hall/auditorium was suddenly filled with animals from the forest. The group of us in this backstage room swiftly closed the door, to prevent these animals from entering. One animal (unfortunately I cannot remember what animal it was; maybe a rhino or hippo or bull or wild boar) was trying to slip in as we tried to close the door. However, it was too strong and it managed to barge in but there was no damage done as it was just curious to enter into the room to have a look around. Harmless. The dream ended abruptly as I was woken up by my alarm clock as I had set my time to wake up to prepare for an evening program.

    • So God is showing you what’s going on “behind the scenes” of a situation. The first name of the musician might be important! What is his name? The wild animal most likely symbolizes the ability of an enemy of some sort to perceive what’s going on in this, but is kept from doing harm.

  36. Thank you, Rev Frank.

    I can now recall that when I had this dream back then, I was one of the committee for an outreach event for our home cell. In one of our meetings, it was very obvious that the Organizing Chairman wanted a hassle-free event, while the Cell Leaders and Supervisors preferred the event to include more programmes which required more planning and effort. I was rather surprised by the differences in opinion as I would have thought that the Cell Leaders and Supervisors would have properly conveyed their expectations to the Org Chairman prior to appointing him as the Chair.

    Members in the Organizing Committee were somewhat “caught in between”. I could see that it would be a learning lesson for both the Org Chairman and the Cell Leaders and Supervisors. Hence, I decided to just go along with whatever the Org Chairman had in mind as I felt that he was entrusted with the job by the leaders, and should the latter preferred to have more programmes for the outreach event, they would speak to the Org Chairman separately.

    By the way, does the plate of stir fried veggies and another dish in the dream, carry any meaning?

    • Thanks for the detailed feedback. What you shared fits perfectly with the dream you submitted. The dream seems to depict what went on concerning that meeting, and may have been supernatural direction if you dreamed it before the meeting. The dream revealed that in your mind and Alvira’s (or she could be symbolizing another person in the group)… there were more ideas (stir-fry) available, but sharing them (the egg) wouldn’t be received.

      This was an everyday sort of dream indicated God can or does speak to you often! I would ask that you allow us to help you when something comes up in the future, especially if the dream is really impressive or disturbing.

  37. I had this dream some months ago and is wondering what it means:-
    I was with my home cell members in my house but I dont recognise the house and in reality, I have never hosted any of the home cell meetings before. During refreshment after the meeting, Alvira took out a small plate of stir fried veggies and another dish, which I cant recall. Alvira and I almost finished up the veggies. I went into the kitchen and tried to fix an egg drop soup but it didnt go well. I used the wok to cook the water and I dripped some of the egg to the sides of the exposed wok, making it stick unto the wok. I remember seeing Alvira’s hubby in my dream, and our home cell leader, Frank, too.

    • Glad to hear you are in a cell group and pursuing God. This dream could be a prophetic, but may not be. If so, put these dream elements together:
      Cell group= literal having to do with the group or study of God.
      Kitchen=you have an idea.
      Stir-fry= a collection.
      Alvira= literal person or the demonic.
      Egg spill= warning, birthing or starting something won’t work.
      Your place= this is your decision.

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