Creatures in Dreams

Creatures and animals in dreams can be very symbolic. They may indicate what is going on in your life in dramatic terms. Don’t forget that many of these animals may reveal to you the general plan your spiritual enemy is plotting against you.

A senior citizen, for instance, dreamed that a bear cub was at the bottom of her right leg grinning. She soon found out that she had PAD (peripheral artery disease) and the blood flow in her right leg artery was significantly blocked. Her spiritual enemy was pleased and hoped she would be afraid of this new (cub) situation. The use of the bear in the dream was an accurate depiction of the situation, a disease which may seem docile, but may suddenly and unexpectedly attack.



1. May concern something appearing docile that can suddenly attack, and could indicates your spiritual enemy’s plan for you. Fear not. You can change that plan.

2. Can indicate judgment and strength.

3. Bears are sometimes likened to possessive mothers and the emotions this could arouse. So a bear might represent a meeting with dangerous emotions such as anger or being easily aroused. This confrontation with emotions could be about an inner conflict within the dreamer, OR it could represent a negative encounter with someone or something else.

The bear is largely a solitary creature, capable of living alone and surviving. This, and its human way of standing and holding its arms out in a hugging posture, may come together to represent a particular person who can be described that way.

4. May have to do with loss or lack as in a “bear market”

Same as BEAR in general only larger and more fierce

Read the BEAR tab and you will see that the bear is also a wonderful mother and protector. We have seen brown bears symbolize a good and protective mother. See the color brown,/i>.

False religious judgment and strength

High level witchcraft or occult activity

Provisions for a journey (can be spiritual)

Concerning independence,
Possibly demonic (independent from God)


Demonic activity that feeds on garbage/impurities/sin
May appear good or cute

Substance, provision, wealth

Something from the past which should be dead

The two listed here are the most common
1. PET
If the dog is a pet of yours, it may symbolize something you are holding onto (a belief or habit).
This may or may not be a good thing, and the context will indicate if you are to let go of it.

Here’s why:
He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.” Matthew 15:26
In contrast with western connotations, dogs in a biblical context are associated with dismal poverty and life at the bottom of the social scale. They are repeatedly depicted in terms of disgusting and inadequate diet. They are never satisfied and are willing to consume what is repulsive in their continual hunger.

Gentle strength, burden-bearer

Something which should be obvious
Great impact or issue
Wisdom and strength

Lack of discernment

Something which should be obvious

Significant power or move of God


Intimidation or Justice

Foolishness or mockery

Demonic activity that feeds on garbage/impurities/sin

Earlier demonic activity

Half horse/half donkey. Known for stubbornness Deut 13:13

Unclean, impure
Spirit of Greed

A possum in a dream is generally an alternative symbol for a deceased person, which prophecies that something which appears to be over and done with will be resurfacing. A possum is similar, prophesying that something which appears to be dead or asleep is actually not, but rather, is pretending to be. This, then, specifies that there is dishonesty in the situation being addressed in the dream.

This dream element is most likely a warning that someone is masquerading as benign when they actually have an agenda that may be intended to bring harm. And the motive stems from fear.

It should be noted that the symbolism of this element may include (or be focused on) the fact that the possum avoids putting much effort into building, preferring to utilize what others have built.

Another possibility worth noting is that this creature may represent an unusual immunity (protection) from disease/poison which can be extended to others.

Multiplication or lust

Same as elephant, but charges blindly due to poor sight


Same as mouse but larger issue or impact

Submission, sacrifice, humility

Covering or disguise

Trickster that is extremely clever and devious

Soul or fleshly power

Power over the flesh; hunger, cancer, etc.


Same as elephant, but issues of the Spirit

Relentless thief, preys on fear, visually expressive, no patience

Prefers attacking in family lines, familiar spirits

Soul or flesh-powered


Painful demonic attack

May be short-lived or hold significant consequences or even be very destructive

Bringer of anointing or something sweet such as music

Occult activity or a negative that spreads

Ladybugs in Christian dream interpretation are a sign of blessing. More specifically, they indicate the Lord’s protection in the removal of pests. Think of ladybugs in dreams as God’s angels equipped for victory in battle after battle. The implication is that the situation in the dream may involve much warfare and many battles.

Many ladybugs in a dream indicates much protection. One ladybug may indicate protection, but that there is only one situation which needs protecting.

Witchcraft or occult origin

Demonic trap/attack

A plot to do you in


Something that wiggles its way in bit by bit


Aggressive, pushy, vicious mouth, fast hidden, dangerous,
destructive attack of lies
Something that steals like a money pit

Not easy to approach/self sufficient (hard shell/armored claws)
Able to protect itself (armored claws)
Able to provide for itself (armored claws)


In the spirit
In fishbowl– easily seen

Killer whale is a great threat
A friendly whale is truly no threat

Spirit of lust (jumping)
Out of the water (Spirit) too much

Manipulation, dangerous and restrictive, entrapment Jezebel

Tail=tale. Lies, rumors
Longer or venomous is more destructive
White snake = doctrines of demons (false religion)

This tale (lie) is going somewhere, more public

Reclusive, hard to approach
Slow but persistent


Biblically, birds are associated with the demonic

Negative: Fear, anxiety, cowardly motives
Positive: a woman


Prophetic calling or anointing

Facilitating the birth of something new

Carrying out God’s purposes

Preying on the weak

Ashes to beauty, ugly to beautiful

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


You may submit brief dreams as COMMENTS for other dreamers in the community to respond to on the Open Discussion post or an appropriate dictionary page.



Be aware that community interpretive-comment-replies come from a wide-range of interpretation perspectives, experience and training, and there may be quite a wait.

For faster and more reliable responses, submit your dreams for Professional Dream Interpretation Assistance.


Searched this category and don’t see the element you’re looking for? Request new element information by submitting a request on the corresponding dictionary topic page.
We will add your element to the dictionary. 50 WORD LIMIT; SUBSCRIPTION TO COMMENTS REQUIRED.


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April 24, 2019

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  1. On our way out we passed a large coiled snake at the end of another slide. I told my daughter to run. As we we’re running she stopped and said she wanted to give the snake a hug goodbye. I yelled at her not to touch it. She didn’t listen and gave the snake a hug and said goodbye. Sure enough it bit her. Right under her eye. I started fussing at her for not listening. I woke up upset with her. Can someone give me the meanings?

  2. I had a dream my 6yr old and I were at a playground. She was taking turns sliding down a tube slide with another kid(a little boy) when it was the boy turn to slide her went midway then stopped. I then looked down the slide to see why didn’t he slide to the end. I noticed dirt then a baby snake head sticking out. So I told my daughter that we were gonna leave. Continued

  3. Hi,

    I had a very disjointed dream that has been bothering me for days. i normally do not remember my dreams, but this one is sticking around. In my dream I was in a house with other people. There were 2 golden snakes, thin but long. Apparently they were very poisonous, so everybody was running away from them and I was trying to stop them from completely entering the building, and trying to kill them without getting bitten. A flock of geese appeared and trampled one snake, but there were 3 more that turned into golden dgraons with long tails. these dragons escaped out of the building and flew away. What is the meaning? In my dream I was not terrified, but concerned about getting bitten and I remember that it was important that they not enter. When the dragons flew away there was a feeling of wonder seeing them fly and profound relief.

    • Hi Emmie! This dream got me thinking. The Gold colour in a negative sense could refer to greed, idolatry, or licentiousness. Snakes refer to lies. Dragons refers to Satan in the bible. I checked out the characteristics of a “Flock of Geese”, and I found out Geese share a common goal, they often offer support to each other, humble to help each other and they stay committed to their goal. ( ). So I believe that’s what the Flock of Geese could represent because such wonderful characteristics can chase out the devil and the problems he brings. Does this make sense?

  4. Hello

    I had a dream about a polar bear that had an injury. His right arm was taken off. He limped over to a pool over water to lay down and rest. This was during a very hard time in my life with leadership around us.

  5. Hi Tara
    The enemy wants to incite fear in you through something going on in your family life and he is using vicious aggressive lies to drain you and your trust in God, FEAR NOT!!! Keep on trusting Him and know that He (GOD) is on your side.
    What is going on in your life in line with this? I would love to hear from you and support you in prayer.

  6. It was night. I was running through the woods. There was an alligator that I could hear, but could not see. Other people and animals were trying to get away from the alligator. Two horses cut in front of me running in the opposite direction back where I had come from…a mare and a foal. They looked terrified. I arrived at a house and ran inside. I sat down in a recliner in the living room in front of a television. I lay back in the recliner and pulled an afghan over me. Then suddenly I felt something tugging on the blanket. It was the alligator. He began to attack me viciously. My husband woke me from my dream because I was crying out.

  7. dreamt I live in a house ,the front is a whore house same as the back, it was raining , I got up to close my window an old man after having sex with all the girls , he saw me and said I could do with a black girl so I told him immediately not interested, he came into my house to force me and i ran out through the back door for help and another man ,a younger man tried to force me I refused, then I took my phone to call the police and found out that the older man was digging a grave inside my house and the younger man was coming after me with a shovel , I realised they want to kill me and Bury me so I cried Jesus, you can’t let them do this to me.then I wokeup

  8. my friend Jeniffer in the dream was coughing and spitting out Mucus , when I looked at the Mucus it look horrible with lumps and I asked her to go see a doctor that she might not be well, then I woke up.

  9. i was in a church with a baby boy who is mine in the dream, baby was playing with other kids, there was a lady who look really angry at me , she left and came back, on her return i started looking for my son, I searched frustratingly, didn’t see him , I suspected the angry lady, so I asked her, but she did not respond , I checked the storage room , and start removing bags from the room , as I kept calling my sons name bobo (handsome boy) and he was responding to my call and I removed things fast as I was afraid he might die due to lack of air, I woke up

  10. I had a dream I was asked to draw a picture of a very large coiled snake. I drew the snake and submitted it. After, I was in a dark room alone. Suddenly, the very huge snake I drew appeared. The snake lunged to bite me and before i knew it the snake was holding me in its mouth. I studied the snake as i was in its mouth. It was light green with brown spots and horns on its forehead. All I could think of was I left out all this detail in my drawing i will fail the assignment. Somehow i walked away from the attack unscathed.

  11. Dreamed that I was trying to start my car and it wouldn’t start after trying a few times I noticed it was out if gas, and the hand was on E two men from my church came up and noticed I was out if gas and said they would help me. When I opened my car door a lot of birds(baby sparrows little brown birds) started flying and the baby bird that was trap inside my car flew out and joined the others.

  12. Thank you so very much for your ministry, I certainly will! It seems now I have prophetic dreams every night, sometimes two or three even!!!

  13. It was also REALLY hot in this giant green house.

  14. I was with Kellan Pickle (a guy a barely knew in high school) we had two trash bags and were going to clean a giant green house. As we started, I told him the house was creepy. We looked up to a balcony inside of the house to see an elderly couple seated together. In front of the couple were two lions on one throne. I shouted “You are fake lions, the only real lion of Jesus the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!” They both (the lions) floated up towards the ceiling and I woke up. (the lions were very fake looking like people dressed as lions)

  15. I had a dream last night of a large and long yellow serpent (not snake, not dragon, but serpent). It was in the basement of the house my husband and I just bought and plan to move into next week. We were trying to get it out, watching it chip off cement from the outer walls with its movements. Somehow we got rid of it, but we realized we had been only temporarily successful. We sat down and talked about how to get rid of it for good and tried again (I never saw what the methods were). The next scene was of us unpacking our household goods in an old building in the woods of our property because we were not able to live in the house. I’m new to this site and looked up “snakes in dreams” to arrive here. Does anybody know what this might be about? It seems the Lord is trying to warn me about something.

  16. Also, i recently received a prophetic word that said my voice is of great “import.” As in it brings something in (imports) AND holds weight (important). He also said my voice invokes God’s presence – like a herald saying “the King is coming!” But the invocation is also a welcome, inviting the Holy Spirit into situations. Talk about confirmation! Thank you!!

  17. That’s fantastic! Funny enough, this dream rode around in my briefcase for a few weeks. God brought it to mind when you and I communicated last. Details: the pink ants were scurrying EVERYWHERE! Not in a wide area, but they were frantic/out of control. I was amazed at how quickly (as in instantly) they gathered into a calm, tight, orderly pile. Also, on some of them, parts of their bodies were white. Blessings!

  18. I was lying on a mattress on the floor. Another mattress was close by in an adjoining room. I saw a bunch of pink ants on the other mattress, blew on them gently, and they instantly clumped into a pile. Then, I noticed a third mattress leaning against the wall in the other room. I pulled it down; it slammed down, sandwiching the ant pile. Then, my son Isaac and I walked downstairs holding hands. There were two loving couples with very dark skin on the main floor. One couple was wearing identical green tshirts and the other purple tshirts.

    • Here we go again. You are such a prophet. You are providing info about someone else. Because of the ants, I’d say it might be me; and it has a similar message as the other recent dream. You see into a “neighbor’s” room, a place where the person there has small responsibilities with people of faith (pink). Ants also possibly because from the perspective of looking at the whole globe, they would be very small (from distant places. Also, bugging (don’t take me wrong). Another opportunity, responsibility, place to camp out covers them- a new season.

    • I also see you representing the Holy Spirit in this dream. Wrap your head around that. You have the power of God and the breath of life; you pull down the new thing. Also if this is actually prophesy about me, the ants going into a pile could depict me unable to continue individual ministry and everyone taking the courses. (I have a new one coming this week.)

    • Isaac generally represents the fulfillment of a long-awaited promise. The couples speak of authority partnering with or connecting with growth and understanding. You have an unusual calling as a true prophet of God, and I know that will surely be a large part of your ministry. Don’t forget that as you move forward.

  19. Hello, last night i had dream where in it i was trying to kill a long thin green snake. i used everything stones, thorney things and i pressed it under a big brick like thing. When i checked the snake it was not there and i didn’t know where it went or whether is dead. When i was fighting it or trying to kill it, it was it was biting me but i couldn’t fell the pain or have anything on my legs. The dream continued as we were walking in dark holding our torches and we saw snake’ prints or where they have passed.

  20. Events have come to pass in reality almost identically to the dream. I was recently involved with a girl I shouldn’t have been, and a few days later reinjured my right leg and partially tore my LCL, and garnered a lot of sympathy from my teammates and peers as a result . The first time I tore this tendon I had a dream about being bitten by a black snake directly over a spot that I later learned is where the LCL tendon is, and tore it in a freak accident about a week later.

    • The devil must be unhappy with you and want to slow you down. Stay alert for as we know, he prowls around. Your name is found frequently in the Bible in the verb form, גדע (gada’), meaning to hew down or cut off permanently. If you are called to seek out and help facilitate such justice, surely satan would hate that!

  21. I guess we know who this is referring to…sucking the life out. Had several warning dreams this wk re him trying to reestablish contact & he has. Flea eggs – areas of semi-legitimate need for communication – have addressed those & nipped in the bud. Thx!! Lyn, your ministry is strengthening us to go forward in power in the Body where we are. Don’t be discouraged! BUT PEOPLE, WE ALL NEED TO DONATE TO SUPPORT THIS MINISTRY!!

  22. Hi Lyn – what would fleas symbolize? I dreamed last night that i was picking off small fleas and tiny black egg specks from the back of a rather large man’s shirt or sweater, long-sleeved, kind of beige color. I don’t remember if in the dream I knew the man’s name or not. Thanks!

    • Fleas. Good question. This most likely symbolize a person who is attached to you and sucks the life out of you with many many encounters. This symbol indicates the relationship is not healthy, should be modified or ended.

  23. Thank you and God bless you for your ministry 🙂

  24. Hi Lynmarie, I am in Australia, but not Sydney, I’m on the Gold Coast 🙂 Thanks so much for your reply. I do believe you have given confirmation of what I had received discernment on already about that dream and that was that my actions are putting me in danger. We have just walked through quite a horrible situation and I believe what the Lord has shown me is that I have been entertaining the lies that have resulted from this past season, and that I now need to put my feet back into the car, where the Holy Spirit is and not entertain these lies any more.

    • You are surely onto something. I can think of a couple of situations of people close to me that can be described the same way. Thing is, when you’ve had a particular mind-set for a while, like weeks or months, it’s hard to wrap you head around a new perspective. I am praying now for the Holy Spirit’s constant help in this. It can make all the difference.

  25. I was laying in the back seat of a car, very care free with my feet out the window. I had my feet sticking out the window of the car as we were driving along really close to a fence. The fence had snakes coiled up on the top of it, as though they were sunning themselves. My feet were going very close to the snakes mouths but they were not biting me, nor trying to. I did notice there were a few poisonous snakes as well and when my feet went near them I was a little apprehensive, but they didn’t bite me.

    • I see you are from Sydney. Love your name. So in this dream God is speaking to you about a situation you are in that you’re not in authority of, that is, you are not the leader or boss. Work, ministry? I’d say your actions with regard to this are putting you in danger as you take one side. Let us know what you think this applies to and if this is helpful.

  26. Just woke up from a dream where I jumped into a pool of water commonly used for recreation by teenagers and daring people, and suffered a severe shark attacks to my right leg. A lot of people afterwards gave me sympathetic attention for it, as my entire leg was encased in large bandage type device, similar to a cast.

    • I’d say this is a warning dream. It looks like you are involved or considering getting involved in something dangerous because there are demonic spirits attached to it. If you are already involved, get out immediately. If not, avoid this. Involvement will greatly hinder your power to move forward in the Lord. This looks pretty serious. Please share what you think the warning is referring to.

  27. I most certainly will. I understand as a mom how heart wrenching this is.

  28. Hi – thanks for the reply. I’ve been praying for you fervently this past month, knew something was up. I actually had a short dream last week where I was told that Lynmarie was in great need, don’t remember any details. Maybe a literal intercessory dream? Anyway, I appreciate the insights on the lid. Unfortunately I have told the subject of my dreams (G) way too much about them, and the enemy has used that info. Wish I had asked about the lid back in April…

    • Thanks! I do believe God spoke to you about me! As you say, a literal intercessory dream. Praise Him. Like I said in my other comment to you, prayers appreciated for spiritual freedom for the daughter which will bring the reconciliation we want. I’ll stay in touch.

  29. Standing on a staircase, I had sterling silver necklace in my right hand, it dropped, turned into a cobra snake covered in silver from head to tail so shinny it glimmered in the sun, it went down a set of blue stairs, getting bigger at each step it went down, I grabbed a hold of it by the head before it reached the bottom step leading to a vine yard. I hate snakes!

    • Not knowing your story, it looks to me as if you are in possession of something not necessary, but ornamental- like a spiritual gift which brings redemption. Satan wants to convince you that you won’t be successful in doing this, and to take you down in this endeavor. But he won’t be successful. God says keep at this!

  30. I am dealing with a son (1 of the boys) who has married a girl who hates me. I think this child has a wounded heart because he believes I favor the oldest son (one who brought the snake skin). The youngest son has not spoke to me in three years). In the dream, the side of the mobile home turned into a cave with a dirt floor. The two children were playing in the cave. The youngest was all the way in the front of the cave. I’ve been asking God of straegis how to pray

    • Unfortunately I can totally relate! This specific plan of the enemy is classic. Our oldest son has swallowed that concerning our youngest son and our family is current split wide-open. Your dream indicates the younger son is coming out of hiding, and possibly that the lie he has been believing is disappearing. Time to pray for insight as to how to reconnect and show him that your love for him is as great. God will continue to guide you. WE will pray for your family. Please pray for ours.

  31. It makes perfect sense! Thanks Lyn!

  32. Living room of the mobile home I lived in the first 3 years of my son’s lives. cluttered with furniture strewn. 2 boys (about 3 & 5yrs old) were playing. I glanced down & saw 3 snakes & knew they were poisonous. 2 were small brown & 1 was about 2ft, black with white stripe on the back. I leaned to see what kind of snake and it reacted like a cobra. I jumped back to get out of his reach. They hid themselves in the furniture. The oldest boy came up to me with what I thought was the dead cobra in his right hand. But it was only the skin of the black snake

    • A battle has commenced concerning a situation which originated at the time you were living in the motor home. It has to do with something or things you have “birthed”. You are going to need more revelation to fight this. Perhaps you know what the dream is speaking of. Pray for more understanding as to how to get to the root of the situation so you can get the victory. So what’s going on?

  33. Head (no identity), no body, only a head. At first i could only see the back of the head . Next I could see the side of his face and there was a large eagle inside his mouth (stationary) and finally when i saw the front of his face, i saw that there was a snake in the mouth of the eagle. An eagle in in the mouth of a man and a snake in the mouth of an eagle. The man did not look uncomfortable, wasn’t eating it, didn’t know it was there. Thanks guys

    • let me take a stab. I could be wrong because I am providing not only an interpretation, but an application…

    • This actually looks like God is speaking to you about the state of the America because it is a great concern to you. If so, He seems to be unveiling what He sees so you can pray and ask others to. Looks like God is saying that America is at a crossroads as to whether to swallow a great deceiver, but with humility and prayer, this will not happen.

      God is in control in this election and will protect the United States at this time. A great deceiver will not win, but God’s choice for President will win. His reasons for His will are His. Does this make sense? Let’s talk. Questions OK.

  34. Hi – I just noticed the Reply link AT the thread of original comments to my April 18 dream. It had never registered before that it was different than using the Comment box at the very bottom… I wonder how many other people miss that too. Anyway, on July 8 I posted a follow-up question on this dream, and am hoping you’ll see it and make the connection to this thread. Can’t figure out how to cut and paste on my phone… Thanks.

  35. Thank you for your insight on my previous dream . I would also like your input on another dream I had several months ago. I dreamed there was a white tiger roaming thru my house. The tiger wasn’t harming us but it brought on an intimidating feeling. This dream came approximately one week after the unexpected death of my husband’s best friend.

    • So God is letting you know that there is a situation in your life that includes a most powerful force, very powerful. It could be an emotion such a grief, for instance. It doesn’t seem positive, but I’d expect it will pass. Does that make sense?

  36. Hi Lynmarie – I have a question on the dream I had on April 18th, the second part after I took the female goose to the antiques store. This dream is now playing out in real life, where I’m removing my friend G from my life for the time being and doing everything I can to leave him in the best possible situation in the meantime. I’m still puzzling over the meaning of the mapleleaf shaped aqua plate with the lid given to me. Group and new opportunities fits, but the lid?? In a lot of pain, hoping for a good word from the Lord. Thanks.

    • Sorry we are behind in replies. The plate is what is before you, on your table, so to speak. Eagle speaks to the prophetic. Maple leaf is a sign of something sweet flowing from this. I’d think the lid refers to keeping this (prayers, strategic activity) hidden or covered up (unknown to the subject/person). God is Blessing!

  37. Hello

    I dreamt a huge black snake had wrapped itself around my left leg. I lifted my leg up and tried to shake it off and it remained coiled around my leg. After I put my leg down it uncoiled and started slithering away, it was a really big, long snake.

    • No fun. The enemy is trying to stop you from moving forward. Big means a large issue. Long means over a long time or a long tale against you. STAND on God’s promises, and watch the Lord set you free. Make sense?

  38. Thank you Lynmarie, I really appreciate your prayers. I have been feeling trapped with fear and God has promised change and freedom from compulsion and conforming. I am believing him to step in .Any impressions much appreciated x

  39. Dream
    We got to a freeway. It was overgrown.
    I saw a black panther under the freeway. So I drove to it, parked. I opened up the windshield, then the panther darted towards the side sliding door on the right side and jumped up like trying to catch prey.
    He came towards the opening and hissed. He slowly came towards me, so I began pushing his neck downto protect myself. I gothim on the ground. Afterawhile, I started petting his belly. he stopped being aggressive. He became my pet.
    Then wewere in a packed shopping center.
    afriend appeared and said, “you got a black panther? Wow!”

  40. Hi LynMarie- I am in an controlling and abusive marriage, lots of compulsion

    • Here again is the dream: Each room contained a table with a narcotised tiger bound to it. One tiger started to wake up and appeared from behind. I was terrified, He followed, opened his mouth violently. I run inside a room and closed the door.I knew he was going to kill me. I took authority and commanded in Jesus to silence him. He stopped but didn’t disappear. He remained behind the door and I couldn’t get out as I knew he was dangerous. My pastor appeared from the left. He opened the door and left it wide open for me to get out.

    • Your feedback makes sense. So I’d suppose this dream IS about your marriage. So most likely the pastor symbolizes the Lord. The Lord will open a door for you that brings you to a new freedom. Take this encouragement from the Lord and know that He will guide you. We will be praying.

  41. Thank you so much Lyn, I have been ignoring these kind of dreams in the past (worms in the dream) no wonder my life is in a big mess right now. but I thank God for revealing this site to me, it is such a big help. Thanks again

  42. The connection of my dream and this new acquaintance has giving me a cautious peace. BUT I also must take accountability for having other areas is struggle with lust. Have to say that. Truth is truth. Thank you again Lynmarie.

  43. Frog dream:
    Recently, while networking, I connected on a site w/guy on professional site named Bobby from hometown. He messaged me, he’d be in town soon to celebrate his bday…(My husband just said, “Isn’t that the same name in your dream?”)
    I remembered!!!! 4yrs ago he was a suspect linked to two missing women (one from my hometown and one from the city I live in now). One body was found in a ditch. Nothing came of those cases. I never knew him, but reports say he was a ladies man.

    Thank you so much!

  44. Hi Lynmarie,
    Thank you. The Frog dream: I’ve been married 1.5 yrs, not dating of course
    The school of flying fish: at the moment no, but I’m going through a shifting season. Will definitely keep this in mind. It maybe for the future.

  45. Hi.
    Was in a school. Suddenly I saw a school of fish flying north. I felt fear. They suddenly shifted direction, south. I knew there was trouble for everyone. I went to a park where I saw other creatures, I knew not to touch or I’d be transformed…
    I’m missing many details in dream, but this is the meat of it. Thank you so much for helping everyone Lynnmarie!

    • Kind of unusual dream. It’s like God is telling you about a group of some kind that is in your life or that you’ve been thinking about. They are clearly headed in the right direction (toward God) but Satan gets hold of them. You of course, will be careful to have nothing to do with this group. Does this make sense?

  46. Hi.
    Dreamed I was leaving a job, evening. Walked downstairs to parking lot. Saw Bobby (old friend, briefly dated) standing next to his car. He was w/friend, (invisible face). They were attempting to put a long-black case in Bobby’s trunk. Inside the trunk was a murky pond w/tadpoles. I yelled ‘It can go in there’. Bobby opened his car doors, many frogs jumped out. We went to my car to store case (opposite side/lot). I tried starting my car, frogs came quickly from dashboard & trunk. I ran, backed away & slipped off pavement onto puddle in grass.

    • Gee. I know this is specific, but I’d say if you are considering dating someone at this time (or are tempted to soon), don’t. The gentleman has a spirit of lust and only wants your body. Let me hear back from you.

  47. Last night I dreamed that I looked outside in my backyard and there was no grass back there. There was a man back there that appeared to be a landscaper but my yard was full of sand and there were snakes back there. One appeared to be white but the others I saw slithering through the sand were the same color and camouflaged.

    • I’m not sure since I don’t know your history, but I would suggest that God is telling you that Satan has been working on you perspective of the past to twist it in your mind to produce such things as ungratefulness, judgement, and bitterness. God says this is not the view He sees of your past. Seek God’s view of your past. Allow it to be redeemed. Does this make sense?

  48. Shalom Lyn, I just had a dream where someone put worm bugs (the ones that are generated from rotten fruits or dirt) on a sweater that I was wearing. The worm bugs multiplied and entered into other clothes that I had on, so my clothes were full of worm bugs. Eventualy I was able to remove the sweater, and a shirt and a T-shirt that were contaminated with the orms. I remained with a white inner top and shorts that were clean with no single worms. now I didnt know how to pray about this as I couldnt figure out if its a good or a bad dream.

  49. I dreamt each room contained a table with a narcotised tiger bound to it.I could see a tigers starting to wake up. Suddenly, a tiger appeared from behind. I was terrified, He followed,opened his mouth violently. I run inside a room and closed the door.I knew he was going to kill me. I took authority and commanded in Jesus to silence him. He stopped but didn’t disappear. He remained behind the door and I couldn’t get out as I knew he was dangerous. My pastor appeared from the left. He opened the door and left it wide open for me to get out.

    • Without knowing any background (which can make a great deal of difference), I’d say the Lord seems to be saying that something very driving and strong is a threat (like a compulsion such as an eating disorder) is a threat to you. Perhaps Satan has been tempting you in some area. God is telling you He can help you walk away from it.

  50. I dreamt I was at the beach with my churchmates. I saw a small snake under the water but nobody took notice of it. I scooped it out of the water using a dustpan and threw it at the shore. Then a huge colorful slug came and ate it. The snake didn’t die though. It’s body was inside the slug but the snake’s head stick out of the slug’s mouth, still alive.

    • Welcome to our community. Always glad to hear from the Philippines! God is warning you concerning a deceiver, and that by some action of yours, the deceiver will infiltrate and attack a person described as colorful (usually personality). Chances are, this is you, and the Lord in His grace is telling you to protect yourself.

      Protection comes either from worldly savvy through experience OR through Spiritual positioning (righteousness, obedience, faith, etc.). The person in the dream is completely OPEN for demonic infiltration. How else can we help?

  51. Yes this seems to be playing out as I have been going through intense spiritual warfare through my dreams and just last week the lord visited us with my friends as we were praying in a mighty way just like you had said about the dream I had posted about water overflowing in the swimming pool. The lord said ” he is our advocate and that we need not to strive, that the lord is pleased with us”. So you’re right on point, that word brought victory. I’ll post a dream I had about shifting so you can see If it ties in as well. Thanks a lot and God bless you.

    • Thanks for sharing! Your feedback is vital to our reaching folks about the reality that we hear from God these days.

      Plus, that was great to hear. Wish I could have been there! A long way though to Zambia. The closest our family’s ministry has come to that is South Africa. Blessings!

  52. HI LynMarie, My dream about the lion finally manifested. It was a preacher from the middle east who contacted me on Facebook. After showing me all about his Christian ministry in Pakistan he became pushy about me fund raising for him as I am in a western Christian country. It took me a few days to catch on – but his profile name referenced “Lion Judah”. Praise God for his constant pursuit of our spiritual and physical wellbeing!

    • Your feedback means so much! It’s so powerful to have clear evidence that God speaks to us personally! Thanks for remembering to share!

      For our readers, here was you dream (higher on the page)

      I had a dream last night that I hope you can help with. I was sitting on my couch but I was unable to get up/worried about getting up because there was a lion chewing on my right kneecap. It wasn’t hurting but I was definitely its prey and was afraid to move in case it provoked it to attack me further.

    • And here was my response:

      God is telling you Satan’s plan for his usual purposes to kill, steal and destroy. It’s a scheme similar to what he tried on Daniel when a decree was made that those in the kingdom were not to pray to anyone but King Darius. He wants to pressure you into submitting in some way… submitting to compromise- to a boss, friend, family member, salesman, temptation or whatever. Refuse to submit and all will be well!

      Praise God for his warning dreams!

  53. Hi there, I had this dream where my husband and some of his friends had killed a very big snake which had swallowed a mouse, and they had split it’s stomach open too. I saw it from a distance. Someone was explaining to me that it had hidden under a rock for sometime because of the sun. It was blind for being in the dark and when it came out, it couldn’t see- only detect with its senses. That’s how it was captured and killed. The snake was a cobra but in size it looked like a python. Any insight over this dream, I’ll greatly appreciate. God bless.

    • This is a revelatory dream about what has happened or will happen. The husband may be literal or may be symbolizing something you are “partnered” or “agreeing” with. The deceiver (snake) is empowered by feeding on demonic activity, and knows enough to wait for the right moment to attack. Unfortunately for the deceiver, while waiting, the prey was empowered for some reason leading to the blindness of the deceiver. This led to or will lead to your victory.

      Has this played out yet in any way?

  54. Hello. Dreamt a monkey befriended me and a house appeared. Monkey pointed at house. It was abandoned. Saw all different cats in the house, and I started to rescue them. I needed to find 2 more and found a kitchen with cast iron cookware cluttering the stove&drawers.Some were rusty but I wanted ones for baking, but I remembered the cats and started for them. At basement steps I found a fuzzy white cat, but it hissed and ran off. I gave up outside of the house watching all of the cats flee from me, and the monkey had vanished.

    • Glad to have you! And my hopes are that our ministry can be life-changing to you… and very soon!

      In the dream God is asking you to remember that foolish plans originate from the kingdom of darkness, and to once again consider wisdom, for wisdom will benefit you greatly!

      Line up your thinking with the Word of God, for I’m telling you, the guidance therein will add rather than subtract from you. Depend solely on God and His Word. The results of doing so will astound you!

      What say you? What have you been contemplating?

  55. I had a dream of someone swallowing a snake while holding it by the tail, and then pulling the snake back out. (Similar to what these sword swallowers do, but with a snake. I feel as if that someone who swallowed the snake could’ve been me, although I was on the outside looking in. – I’ve had a multitude of snake dreams, but this one needs attention. I have some thoughts on this one, and a reason behind my ideas of what this may mean, but either way, would appreciate your insight. Thanks.

    • You are right in expecting the dream to be depicting you. Dreams like these usually do.

      There is a concept or idea that you are toying with. The Lord is warning you that it is a deception. It could be anything from a doctrine to an investment opportunity. When you perceive what God’s referring to, don’t proceed on it.

  56. The Lord has been speaking to me in this season about speaking out His promises and standing on the Word – speaking that He will provide – but my faith has been rattled and the prolonged nature of the situation has worn me down. I believe this is the situation the dream is referring to – and of course, because of my anxiety, the crocodile made me more anxious, because all I could think of was, “great, a bigger enemy is lurking – and I can’t take a bigger one!”

    • Thanks for responding. I can relate for sure! Fear not. The greater and more creature in terms of words is on your side. Use the power of words to speak life and prosperity. This appears to be a test. You will pass and this will pass.

  57. Thank you! Your answer has brought me a lot of peace. I have been wrestling with severe anxiety for the past few months, largely over finances, as we are missionaries and are at the end of our rope – our support has dwindled to almost nothing – and we’re very much at a “red sea moment” where we need Him to come through in the next week or so – and I have been suffering from severe anxiety attacks over it.

  58. I dreamed that I was on a life raft, and on another life raft was a chihuahua. (In the past, the Lord has referred to the enemy – which often sounds like a vicious dog – as merely a chihuahua with a microphone – just to provide context) Suddenly a crocodile came out of the water and devoured the chihuahua. I was afraid, but the crocodile didn’t seem interested in me.

    • Welcome! Thanks for the context on the chihuahua; its meaning in this dream is most likely consistent.

      So it looks like God is telling you that you are in a precarious situation and in need of rescue since the enemy is nearby. Don’t fret as this “demon” will be devoured by powerful words.

      Your job is to discern what area of you life this may apply to. Any ideas?

  59. I’ve been seeking the LORD more diligently so I won’t miss the call of God on my life. I was so in motion before that marriage. He’s faithful!

  60. I will. I do know that after a horrific divorce (Jezebel) several years back I live in defense mode dreading someone trying to control me due to lack.

  61. I had a dream that I had two snakes on my back. The snakes were curled around each other. I could not see them but felt them. Other people could see them but appeared not to do anything about it. It seems I was going about life like this I was too scared to reach behind me to pull them off. Before I woke up I started to feel pain as the snakes were going into me.

    • This dream contains confirmation that God is speaking to you about deceptions you can’t see. At the same time, the devil wants to incite fear. Now is the time to remember that God has your back; He will protect you from what you can’t see. Turn to Him for insight and rescue.

  62. Wow! Thanks so much for your insight. Looks like I need to seek the LORD further for revelation. Thank God for His grace.

  63. I had a dream I was with people unknown and there was a guy with a hole in back of head with big snake in it, wouldn’t come out.

    • If the people felt unfamiliar, they symbolize dark forces such as curses or demons. You have been given insight into a matter. A man, most likely you, have been missing something important in your thinking, and that will result in the birth of a deception. Ask the Father for more detail if what this applies to doesn’t become obvious. He is warning you in His grace. It could be about someone else, of course.

  64. AWESOME! Aren’t dreams fun? 🙂 But there’s so much to learn… it’s rather daunting. I’m praying for your situation as I pray for mine, also. THANK YOU.

  65. Also, taking “him” north (if it is him) to my homeland, family origin and foundation would fit my “assignment” to take him to Christ, and him being adopted would fit the Father grafting him into His family, and that I cant own him, i have to give him to God. I’m fact, we just had a very significant conversation yesterday about adoption and this Honey Maid graham cracker commercial where the adopted little boy is so completely accepted in the damily that no one thinks of him as being adopted or a different color. That really moved G, as he has no family ties, spent a lot of time in foster care as a child, and when he was talking about this commervial I was thinking thats exactly how God treats us, if only he realized.

  66. Thanks so much for your insights. I’ll have to mull this dream over more, but the only thing it seems to fit is my prophetic destiny with my friend G, who is the guy that represents “home” for me. The traits of geese you mentioned fit. what is developing in our relationship, too, as well as the protecting and positioning. I know it seems a little obsessive, but truly, so much else in my life depends on what happens with that. Part of the breakthrough happened this past Saturday! The Lord is truly getting thru! Any ideas on why the goose might be female?

  67. Hi Lynmarie – Had a recent dream, wondering what a goose would represent. Dreamed I was in a city and saw a brown-speckled female Canada goose that I decided to rescue. I swam way up a river with this goose under my right arm, then looked for a safe place for it. Found a little niche in an antiques store amidst some textiles (both symbols of value to me) for it. Goose was sweet & playful like a pet cat, & somebody in store was maybe going to adopt it. Then a plump older lady was giving me an aqua plate in the shape of an eagle or a maple leaf (symbol of Canada) with a lid on it. My family is from Canada & its very special to me. Also is N of me (Wash. state). Any thoughts? Thx!

    • In this dream God may be using symbols which are personal to you. The goose and leaf may be speaking of Canada, which for you may represent your origin or where you belong (home).

      Geese often symbolize devotion, communion, and cooperation, and knowing when to lead or follow. Also, natural and positive cycles. They can foretell wealth and other positives.

      The activity of the dream says that you are protecting and positioning this. Perhaps you have an idea of the application of this dream.

  68. First part of the second dream: I was at a camp out on the east side of the field when a group of white drones came flying through the camp site picking everything up, one picked me up and carried me to a building on the west side of the field where it put me inside a giant envelope that was hanging in a building. As soon as it left I got out and went to the door, outside of the next door down was a man wearing all white plus white lab coat, he asked me what I was doing here, then I ended up in the north side of the field where the second part happened.

    • Not sure the directions are important, but being put in an envelope is significant. I would say the drones are spirits, and being put in an envelope may have to do with your being invited to participate in something… probably not good, like a temptation.

  69. Thats what I was thinking, because of late last year I got over several bad addictions. Ive been aware of the realm you mentioned for several years. It has taken several months for my dreams to follow my conscious and not fall for temtations ive been givin in my dreams. I felt they were a test of my true intentions.

  70. She firstly asked me twice If i knew who she was. Thats only the second half of the dream if you dont mind me replying with the rest. Thank you for your time.

  71. This dream 2-3 weeks after previous. I was in woods near the edge of a field, in the field there was a swarm of white things flying (maybe birds, couldn’t tell) and a swarm of black birds flying. A white man shaped thing came running at me, its face kept changing, I felt it was demonic. Then black birds came towards me and formed a bubble around me before white thing got there. A lady formed out of the swarm and asked me what the distance of my 3rd eye was in dreams. I said with my body, very vivid, not detached like previous dreams. She smiled and said good, then asked about my dreams that have came true, I felt comfortable around her.

  72. I was in a school bus in the woods, a man lived in it. Outside there was a commotion, we looked out a window and there was a black bird of some kind pinning a white owl against a tree from a limb they were standing on. The white owl had its wings spread out like a crucifixion pose. The man pointed and said, “That’s a religious symbol!” or “That’s a biblical reference!”. One or the other I know.

    • I’d say that God is teaching you something about the angelic conflict (so many Christians are uninformed and unaware of this realm). The owl represents wisdom and purity under persecution. Here’s what God’s talking about: Matt 5:10, 12- Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

      Secondly, most likely, it’s YOU God’s talking about and wants to encourage!

  73. Thank you very much for help. The meaning of the dream became clear.

  74. Lynmarie, thank you very much for the answer. Yes, this does fit with reality. Only couple questions. Could be the creature a real man, or only a characteristic of something, or somebody? What does it mean, that an egg was boiled? Could be this penguin related with spiritual warfare, because of colors of its feathering – black and white? Does it mean, that in this situation isn’t enough to soar over difficult circumstances, but is need to dive into deep things to solve it?
    Thank you very much. God bless you in all your circumstances.

    • The dream is surely just telling you that swimming in the Spirit (being led by the Spirit) and digging deep (in the Word) is appropriate for this particular situation.
      It being a person may not fit in with the other elements of the dream.
      Boiled egg most likely means processed by heat.

  75. Hello:) Please help understand what does penguin could mean in a dream. My friend intercessor had a dream. She is carrying in her arm, near her hip a big boiled egg. Sound came out of egg. She looked into the egg and saw two penguins – one died, one alive. She helped alive penguin came out of egg and carried it some time. Thank you very much.

    • God is providing direction through this dream. Penguins are the only bird that swim rather than fly. Swimming may symbolize diving into DEEP things as opposed to soaring over difficult circumstances. Though there are other distinctions, this is a most likely meaning. So she is involved in birthing a couple of penguins, but only ONE is the real deal. Does this fit with reality yet?

  76. Hi Lynmarie, my apologize for the above dream. I wanted to say a PUPPY with white hair (fur) as in a small dog -not a Puppet.
    My apologies.

  77. Thank you for your prompt response Lynmarie, this makes a whole lot of sense… I can link the white puppy with false purity , looking to what is happening in my life at the moment.

  78. Hi Lynmarie. I had a dream where I saw myself preparing something at my house in the Kitchen and there showed up a puppet with white hair, I was so surprised how it got in the house. Then the dream ended. What could this possibly mean?

    • Kitchen dreams are often about your thought life, that is, what you’re cooking up in your mind… or at least preparation of something.

      A puppet came into the scene, meaning something controlled by someone else. Puppets are often seen as bad, but the white hair may indicate purity, OR it could be false purity. See if any of this matches up to something going on in your life.

  79. Oah Yes Lynmarie. Precisely so. Sickness has really interrupted his activities in the things of the Lord, he used to play a piano in church and was into praise and worship but all that gradually faded away. I believe God for a breakthrough. You have an amazing gift Lynmarie, we thank God for you. Wooow!

  80. The name of the friend that was scratched by that snake is Praise

    • Without knowing his situations in life, the dream seems to depict a scene like this. Your husband is moving along in life minding his own business when something involving deception interrupts his praise to God and disturbs an activity he’s involved in. Brothers (most likely in-Christ) take up the cause through prayer or action, one of which brings solid and dependable protection in the matter.

  81. Hi Lynmarie
    My Husband just shared this dream with me and I can’t really find rest about it. He dreamed he was with his two friends and all of a sudden showed up a snake in their vicinity, he tried to kill it and to stop it from bitting one of his friends but the snake scratched his friend and hid in my husband’s car. He drove the car with it inside to his parents’ house, when he got there his two brothers were trying to assist take out the snake out of the car- in the dream one of the brother had just finished putting a concreate on a boundry wall at the back yard.
    Background- My husband has just done an opperation – suffered from cancer. What this dream possibly mean?

  82. Well I cant see this situation yet but it will be interesting to watch it unfold.

  83. I had a dream last night that I hope you can help with. I was sitting on my couch but I was unable to get up/worried about getting up because there was a lion chewing on my right kneecap. It want hurting but I was definitely its prey and was afraid to move in case it provoked it to attack me further.

    • God is telling you Satan’s plan for his usual purposes to kill, steal and destroy. It’s a scheme similar to what he tried on Daniel when a decree was made that those in the kingdom were not to pray to anyone but King Darius. He wants to pressure you into submitting in some way… submitting to compromise- to a boss, friend, family member, salesman, temptation or whatever. Refuse to submit and all will be well!

  84. I have no idea. I however have been struggling with family members who are controlling and manipulative. I have been trying to break free of them for years. I was in a relationship wuth some one who i thought was the one I prayed to God for but again because of the manipulation of my family members and some of his friends he ended the relationship. I have since moved to another country in hopes of starting a new life but once again my family is still trying to control my life by using communication with my 12 yr old daughter to keep tabs on my life. My ex is still a part of my life ge looks after my financial matters at home on my behalf. I have since focus on walking with God have been abstaining from sexual immortality. It been a constant struggle with depression because I believe in my heart that he is the one god has for me but my physical circumstances say otherwise. I have recently decided to leave it all in God’s hands as I have been trying deal with all these issues on my own.

  85. Hope you can help I posted in the wrong section before. I keep having these snake dreams. In one dream it’s always the same long, black, shiny snake and I am always standing at its tail when every I try to approach it to see the head it slithers away and disappear. The last dream in which it appeared I was at a dinner and the room had bright lights the dinner table was all set in gold and the snake just appeared I was seated at the rail end. I got up and realized that everyone had disappear and I walk towards the far end to see its head and the snake just disappeared. The following night, I dreamt I was at a different place I was laughing an talking with people I didn’t know and the hand of a man gave me in a milk, white bowl it was so white it looked pure some white rice and a cook piece of snake meat it was the center of the snake, the colour looked green and brown and I told him in disgust I cannot eat that. He took it away and return with the same bowl of rice only this time it was the cooked head of a snake the colour was kind of brownish, greenish with a long yellow stripe to the sides. It’s been a few years since these dreams have started. It’s always a black snake and most times it will growl as a dog or bear and it’s eyes would be glowing red.

    • What stands out first is that you are being served snakes and they are on the table you would eat from. This most likely speaks of a deception being put before you by your spiritual enemy. He wants you to buy into the lie, to consume it, take it in. This is presented to you in a way that you are not able to see it face to face or for what it is. This is coming with something that looks pure, good, and foundational… but beware of this deception. Any idea what it might be?

  86. I dreamed of an alligator staring at me in the living room of an unfamiliar house which I assumed was my home. In the scene before it, I was in my bedroom, which was very dim. I kept clicking the lights off and on, and after several tries, the room eventually got brighter.

    • This sounds like a warning dream prophesying a viscous attack, and because of it things will look bleak for a while, but a new day will come. Be prepared. Maybe try to perceive where this is coming from so that you can attempt to defuse it.

  87. I dreamed (possible vision,) of a white man’s hat with a black band around the rem was in my bedroom. I picked it up and a blue coiled python possibly, fell out still coiled but the head was still in side with the mouth biting to stay inside. I snatched it out by the neck and threw it away from me. then I woke up. I’ve had vision before that came true….sleeping with the enemy???

    • You’re not in bed with the enemy… not yet. It sounds like God is warning you that your spiritual enemy is putting before you an opportunity based on a lie. If allowed, this wants to “attach” to your head 92 word-plays here) and would begin with your thoughts. That it is a white man’s hat may be a clue as to what this deception concerns… and because it has a black band, it could have to do with racism. God will help you discern this as needed.

      The message is: Don’t fall for it! And you won’t!

  88. I am in the last stretch of my first pregnancy. I had a recent dream of walking into my lounge and seeing a baby gorilla in there. I was quite taken aback because although a baby it was quite big. As I tried to think of ways to get it out of the house I realized it had found baby girl clothes to wear and once it spotted me it was quite demanding of me, my attention and having its way. It seemed to grow bigger before my eyes. I remember feeling anxious about not knowing how to deal with the situation.

    • This one requires some common sense. 1) It does have the qualities of a dream from God 2) Why would God use a gorilla when speaking to you in your condition? 3) Even though you found baby girls clothes for it, and it was demanding, and grew bigger (just like newborns)… this is not a good symbol for your coming child, right? 4) And I don’t think it’s the size of the child at birth. Many other symbols would work better.

      That leaves a possibility that I suspect is the key. The gorilla in your room is taken from our idiom “the gorilla in the room”, in other words: something that is really obvious and urgent, but it’s not being acknowledged as such. Why God didn’t use an elephant? There may be several possibilities including personal ones. So, I’d say that God is confirming that this thing you are ignoring should be dealt with. Perhaps there is something you need to prepare, and you know it, but have been postponing. Love to hear your thoughts on this, and congratulations!

  89. Dear Lynmarie,
    Good morning and happy new year. Greetings from the UK.
    Thank you for the time you take to read our dreams and the time you take to reply, May God richly bless you.

    I have 2 dreams that have brought me concerns. 1 dream, I was in the new church that I started attending, there were too ladies in this new church one of the ladies was my friend before I started attending this church, but when I started attending the church I noticed alot of things that were not right about how she treats people, so I kept my distance.
    But the dream her and her friend had gone to the pastor , though it was my new church but the pastor in the dream that I saw was the pastor from my old church,they went to him and said bad things against me, but it seemed like in the dream the pastor didn’t believe them, in the same dream I started to look for my blouse and they both came and we’re pretending to help me look for the blouse, then inside the church building the president of my country was giving a speech about blood pressure, but I didn’t stay to hear all he was saying as I was busy looking for my blouse, and I saw my son going to the listen to the president as he spoke, so I asked him, where are you going he said he was going to listen to the president. (My son currently lives in Africa though am I am trying to bring over to the UK, which has been a rough and expensive journey as he was refused twice and we are still on the case , but in the dream, he was in that church in the UK with me. president after his speech he asked are there people struggling with high blood pressure and I raised my hands as I am under treatment for high blood pressure, and he had like a brown natural herbal tonic and he said if you have high blood pressure to come and get the drink, so my son went to get the tonic, I saw him going and I asked again where are you going? ,he said he is going to get the tonic from the president, I let him go ,but I was busy looking for my blouse in the dream, the 2 friends one of them is a fashion designer, so she had alot of cloths on the sofa in the church and my spirit told me to go and check for my top under her clothes on the sofa. when I started picking up her clothes 1 by 1 to search for my blouse between her clothes, then she quickly took all the clothes like she was preventing me from going through them and she said look your blouse is not here and then I woke up.

    2 dream, same day I had the first dream.
    I came across a friend, like a long term friend and she invited me to their house, when I got there it was like an estate with the whole family and the houses are very big and beautiful, when I got into the house , it was very organised and there were her family, but it seemed like all the men in the family are all men of God , they were wealthy, very rich, but when I came in i started to feel like I don’t fit in as I was casually dressed whilst they were all prim and proper. so I sat down at a corner by the stair way and I was eating whilst watching the men of God planning a new strategy on how they can deliver the word and messages of God, then a little bit of my food dropped over their table and they looked up and saw me and the called out to my friend which then I realised was like a servant in the house and they told her to get me intothe main house, that why should I be sitting at the stairs, so as they my friend came to get me ,one of the men stood up and raised a talk and all of them stood up whilst I walked past, but in the dream I understood that the reason for that was so that they do not get distracted as I walked past. Then a lady took me into a room and asked them to bring me a new outfit , they mentioned a designer brand , but I immediately said , I doubt if the dress would fit me because the designer companies don’t do sizes for big people like me, but then they brought like a baby pink dress , I tried on the dress over my top that I was wearing and it was beautiful, it was almost like the dress was specifically made for me. So as I wore the dress I fitted in ,I didn’t feel like I was out of place any more, then there was a baby boy being looked after by the friend who had invited me,as they were making me look beautiful, and I was getting ready to sing the baby ran out intothe street full of cars and I ran to chase the little boy and by the time I got to him the friend who had invited me had already got to him first and picked him up,so we went back to the house and they now asked me to sing as I started every one was upstanding, they a young man said to me we have to prepare you ,we have to train you well , when I looked it was like o am in the midst of very wealthy, rich , high class and excellent people and in my heart I took a deep breath thinking is this me? How did I get here in the midst of this people who walk with excellence without compromising then I woke up.

    • Glad you’ve found us and connected! Let me comment on the first dream though it’s definitely beyond our 100-word limit. Remember, dream elements are often parabolic.

      Looks like God is telling you that while you are focusing on your desire to help/minister to others, God wants you right now to focus on taking in the full revelation of His love and grace toward you. In allowing the depth of that revelation to sink in, your faith will build and you will advance toward the ministry he intends for you. Go for that! I have been exactly where you are and I get this struggle… you have gifts and experience. You want to DO, you feel ready, you feel equipped… but God says to focus on your intimacy with Him and the WHO (who you are). Then you’ll get there in His time. Does this make sense?

      If you want us to look at the 2nd dream, would you condense it down (100 or so words) and post it on whatever dictionary post that you think is most applicable.

  90. Well that’s good to hear! 🙂 My husband is in the process of starting his own business (which has involved a lot of purchases, and has been slow to start up), but also I feel like my belief system concerning abundance and scarcity is due for a tune-up. God’s brought that to my attention numerous times in the past few years, but up to now (husband resigning from job and starting business) our finances haven’t really changed. Thanks for your interpretation, Lynmarie!

  91. A few nights ago I had a long involved dream that my husband and I had purchased a cow, and were spending a lot of time, effort, and confusion in tracking it down. I don’t remember if by the end of the dream, we had found it, or not……

    • God is speaking to you about substance, provision, wealth in relation to something you have bought, bought into, or received. Sounds like up to this point you’ve been somewhat going in circles concerning substance, provision, wealth… but you will break free of this financial curse! Hallelujah!

  92. Lyn marie, thank you. I honestly thought I had let it go when I severed myself from him, but maybe the dream is telling me I hadn’t. The act of me catoutiously pulling the pants with the bugs crawling all over them, not in them, off the bed to drop them on the floor was instruction to dropping the matter fully.

    I really appreciate your help with this dream. Sometimes I just get stuck in trying to hear the Lord correctly and I need that extra spiritual sense to aid me. Bless you!!

  93. Appreciate the background. We will add you to our prayers. Just remember God is working things out on your behalf so walk in peace and joy.

    I had a dream last night that I was moving (not sure how that applies to me). But there were a couple of other interesting things in the dream, one in which I was conveying to someone how I was “happy” no matter the season. I elaborated by mentioning I was happy when raising my children, happy when this and when that. In the dream, I also realized that what I was saying was powerful advice, but not totally true in my life! Join me in refocusing our efforts to maintain the smile regardless of the circumstance. The devil just hates it when we do that.

  94. Lynmarie, idk if that dream had anything to do with what I experienced this evening. There’s been a man I have loved for a while (there’s history). We became astranged and he pulled away from me after we bumped heads, since then I’ve reached out to him, been fighting to maintain our friendship , but he only responded to me when I reached out to him at times. Tonight , I felt tired of feeling ignored by him even as a friend (bc we both serve in two facets of the same ministries so I see him a lot). His communication dwindled with me so I felt as though I was loosing him. His lack of communication and interaction with me was bugging me. I severed myself from him earlier this year but then honestly thought the Holy Spirit instructed me to stay connected. Tonight, he purposely avoided me. He is also being chased by a female who stays in his face a lot (also in the same ministries. I guess the bugs represented the female and his lack of interest in me. The pants represented him, and the ladybugs were God showing me the truth about his role in the situation. Idk…I’m praying harder now, bc I need healing for my heart and soul.

    • Appreciate the background. We will add you to our prayers. Just remember God is working things out on your behalf so walk in peace and joy.

      I had a dream last night that I was moving (not sure how that applies to me). But there were a couple of other interesting things in the dream, one in which I was conveying to someone how I was “happy” no matter the season. I elaborated by mentioning I was happy when raising my children, happy when this and when that. In the dream, I also realized that what I was saying was powerful advice, but not totally true in my life! Join me in refocusing our efforts to maintain the smile regardless of the circumstance. The devil just hates it when we do that.

    • I have 2 more things for you this morning.

      1) After I shared with you about the “season” message in my dream last night, I decided to open the card from my brother which had been sitting around for a while. I figured it was a Christmas card, but it turned out to be a Thanksgiving card. On the front… “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven”. Ecclesiastes. 3:1. God is amazing, isn’t He? I have been grumbling lately about a few things, including a re-occurring illness and a demanding responsibility.
      2) Let’s revisit your dream: I just had a dream with small and medium sized ladybugs, and some other unknown bugs in a pair of unknown male pants in a hotel room. The scene with the male tan pants lain on my bed repeated itself. If there is more than one woman in this real-life scenario, these could potentially point to them bugging you! Notice that this dream takes place in a hotel. That means this dream is about a temporary situation and costs something (your joy, perhaps). The pants on the bed are no longer filled with legs. Sounds like this is something to let go of. Bless you!

  95. Lynmarie,

    Those are the exact thoughts and feelings I got when I was going over the dream. I’m still praying, and I am thankful for your help in confirming what I was sensing. Bless you!

    Thank you!

  96. Those are the exact thoughts and feelings I got when I was going over the dream. I’m still praying, and I am thankful for your help in confirming what I was sensing. Bless you!

  97. Also in the dream my sister baby was sick and they were panicking trying to call the Dr but I picked the baby up prayed for her until the sickness left her body and i could see it leave spiritually as i prayed. My stomach was big & full in the dream to were people thought i was pregnant but i wasn’t really pregnant with a real baby.

  98. I dreamed me and my mom and my two sisters was riding in my car and my two sisters said they were sick one of them said she was feeling her death then a bird flew inside the car i said that’s a sign of death. i got out the car to pick up the mail the bird brought i look to see was my name on any of it and it wasn’t none of our names was. I got back in the car and i wanted to have prayer to rebuke the spirit of death but they wanted to go eat i didn’t want to eat at the restaurant because it was unclean so i didn’t order

  99. Good morning Lynmarie, Thank you so much for these interpretations . I am so grateful, God in deed surely speaks through our dreams. ..
    By God’s grace I will send you wedding pictures as my testimony.
    God bless you and may he continue to sharpen your gift of interpretation in Jesus name. Amen

  100. Thank you for your response. .
    we usually call the old lady mama Mercy , her name is Mercy

    • You are being led by the Spirit in your dreams and in real life. I believe your stance is right on. Here’s my take on the dream.

      The daughter is birthed in the dream by both of you. She surely represents “marriage”. So in the first dream, the Lord is saying that the letter of the law is important, that until he makes your relationship legal, he is some trouble.

      Alcohol or a glass which holds alcohol, crazy enough, can represent a person. Remember, we call hard alcohol “spirits”. Of course, alcohol and symbolize demonic spirits as well, and this can be tricky. Beer is associated with harmless fun, and wine with joy, even in the Bible. So given the context of the other dreams, I would say that God is saying this man is “stealing” you. He needs to pay the price for you… marriage.

      The new “church” represents a new “belief system”… that marriage is the way. It may look to this guy as “bondage”, but this dream says it’s actually the way to “freedom”! Notice no walls in this church!

      And I don’t know what your intimacy level is, but God is saying that He is a God of mercy! He will bless the marriage! Do what you feel led to in order to convey this. And the Lord says in this last dream, the man will respond and marry you. Trust God in this.

      That’s my take, for what’s it’s worth. Send me a wedding picture, woman of God!

  101. Dear Lynmarie,
    Thank you for your previous response to my dream that was very helpful. God bless you for the time take to read and respond to our dreams questions.

    I do need help again with a reoccurring dream.
    I am in a relationship with someone for the past 2years plus. I want to get married but he says he’s not ready to get married yet , but each time I decide to leave him I would have a dream that we have a daughter ,the first dream he was in some kind of trouble with the legalism in land and when I took our daughter to the authority he was freed,
    The second dream, we were walking down the street with our daughter and he went in a shop to get a drink , but he was accused of stealing a bottle of beer even though he doesn’t drink alcohol and when I came in the shop with the daughter the let him go.
    The latest dream was last month, in the dream he was carrying our daughter as we went to a new church and he was very happy . when entered the new church we met an old lady from our old church who came to us and greeted us and the man who looks like the pastor of the new church also came to greet us. It wasn’t a big church and it was in an open space .

  102. Hello, I just had a dream with small and medium sized ladybugs, and some other unknown bugs in a pair of unknown male pants in a hotel room. The scene with the male tan pants lain on my bed repeated itself.

    I don’t do bugs, so it’s really bother I got me to have a dream with them in it. Lol

    Thank you

    • The ladybug is the 1 insect that is positive in dreams. It can be a positive sign… of the presence of God. It also may be associated with children.

      Tan pants on the bed would seem to indicate the coming or previous presence of a man, or have something to do with what you have been or will be up do in terms of activity.

      The unknown insects often times have to so with something “bugging” you. See if any of this connects to what’s going on in your life.

  103. Thank you very much! This helped a lot. I appreciate your time. Thank you 🙂

  104. Thank you do much that makes alot of sense,
    Also may you can help with this dreams, I am in a relationship for the past 2years plus ,the gentle man says he’s not ready for marriage at the moment, but every time I makeup my mind to leave him,I have a dream that we were together and I had a daughter with him in the dream.
    The last time I had this dream was last month as I tried to leave him, I had a dream in the dream we were together and he was carrying our daughter as we arrived at church , but a different church from where we worshipped.
    And in this dream we seem happy and we saw an old lady from our old church and she seemed happy for us. This dreams are similar and it’s always a daughter.

  105. i had a dream earlier in the day about a huge snake passing by and people were running , but it was not near me so i was only looking. then later at night i had another dream of a snake we were walking and a male friend had in in his hand to swing me and the i spoted the snake ansd as i was about to avoid the snake tell the person trying to swing me about the snake , and the snake turned and came right at me , as i was high the snake jumped coming right at my neck but my hair blocked the snake from biting my neck, i woke up in fear.

    • Good to hear from you, UK! We had a similar dream submission from another dreamer. Dreams like these are warning the dreamer that there is a deception or deceiver coming, that is evil and sneaky, which can affect not just the dreamer, but others as well.

      I can’t say for sure the meaning of the person trying to swing you; it could have to do with being at a concert, though.

      The Lord Jesus seems to be telling you to expect an attack. But he also confirms in the dream twice that you are protected through your excellent walk with Him. So do not fear. You will be protected. You will be safe! Please reply should you have any further questions or when you have feedback.

  106. I had a dream where I was at the base of a large dense tree trying to entice a bird out with food. Small birds flew out of the tree and a very large and colorful owl-like bird came out and on to my arm. The bird was majestic and colorful and very vivid. I was not scared but in awe. I noticed how gentle it was on my arm. I walked over to a campfire with chairs circling it. I only saw my boss sitting at one of them. When I tried to explain this animal to him, he scoffed and said how I and Marty(A strong Christian coworker) are always talking about the birds. What could the meaning of this be?

    • Here’s what this looks like. Apparently, you have an interest in deliverance and spiritual warfare, but someone— or a part of you— (represented in the dream by your boss) is skeptical but shouldn’t be. Here’s why.

      This dream speaks of a something a person manages (like a ministry, for instance) that you are or will be exposed to. God sees this as large and packed with something (like information, for instance).

      There are still some “bugs” in this, if you will, which you— by means of prayer or hands-on activity— attempt to or hope to remove. As you become involved, you see that behind this is great and divine wisdom communicated in a gentle and loving way. This source of wisdom is associated with something dynamic, such as a dynamic way of expression or a wild testimony.

      Connected to this is a group of people focusing on spiritual enlightenment; and you are a participant. You need to discern what this is, but the Lord is encouraging you to press on in this.

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