Colors in Dreams

Colors in dreams are only important when they are not details. They generally carry positive or negative meanings and are discerned primarily from the context. Strength of meaning is indicated by the depth or lightness of the colors. Neon indicates imitation or counterfeit while mixed/blended colors my be mixing positives with negatives, positives with positives, or negatives with negatives.

The ancient Hebrews, like other ancient societies, experienced colors primarily through creation: blue the color of sky, green of vegetation, red of blood, white of wool and snow. These peoples believed that God or the gods deliberately designed colors with deeper purpose than meets the eye. These color associations remain universal, but are enhanced by the fact that nature was so close to them in contrast to today when we derive color meanings from manufactured and synthetic items.

Below we explore colors and metals influenced by the Hebrew scriptures as well as universal color symbolism. BLUE, PURPLE, RED at times may symbolize royalty, authority, and wealth since the natural dyes for the colors blue, purple, and scarlet were rare and expensive in ancient and Biblical times and only available to royalty or the wealthy.


Communion, revelation.

Numbers 15:38

• The priests wore solid blue

• Blue cloth coverings protected the holy articles of the tabernacle

• The sky suggests the zone connecting heaven and earth.

Sorrow, depression, emotional lows

Royalty, kingship.

Judges 8:26; John 19:2

• Worn only by those in high rank in royal courts

• The bronze alter of sacrifice was covered in purple cloth for travel

False authority, domination, oppression

• The color of political wealth and power

• Babylon, the great harlot of Revelation

Apocalypse and image of the world’s wealth and power gone awry,
is described as wearing purple and scarlet

Blood atonement, sacrifice

Power, anointing, wisdom for battle

Lev 14:52; Josh 2:18,21; Isa 1:18

• The tabernacle’s linen curtains were red

• The blood sacrifices, the cross

Anger, battle, bloodshed, destruction

2 Kings 3:22; Rev 6:4; 12:3

• the great harlot of the Apocalypse appears dressed in scarlet on a scarlet beast

Purity, righteousness, holy power, Spirit of the Lord, angels

Rev 6:2; 7:9; 19:8; 3:4-5; 15:6

• The absence of darkness

• Heaven’s garments

Negative- Religious or legalistic spirit

Mysterious, unknown, unable to see


Negative-Death, spiritual darkness, evil, famine

La 4:8; Jeremiah 8:21; Rev 6:5

• In the Bible it is not used as an image of sin

• God’s presence in times of divine judgment upon sin and evil.

• “Darkness fell over the whole land” when Jesus died (Lk 23:44)

Positive-The glory of God- Ezekiel 1;4; 8:2 KJV

• The Lord is described in visions of Ezekiel as amber

Negative-False glory, attempt at self-glory

Positive-Hope, faith, strength

Gifts from God

Negative-Coward, fear-based motive

The color of fire and autumn leaves

Positive-Perseverance, persistence

Negative-Stubbornness, strong-willed

Positive-Growth, prosperity, conscience

Negative-Greed, envy, jealousy, pride

Positive- Child-like love or faith

Negative- Childish, immature

Maturity, honor

• As in gray hair

Death, sadness, weakness

• As in gray skies, gray clouds, grave

Humility, compassion, pastoral color

• As in the dirt we are made from and will return to

• As in the leaves that fall from trees

Compromise, humanism or fleshly perspective (human perspective disregarding divine perspective)

• False human compassion as salve from motives to feel better

Redemption will result from this, the price of redemption

Appropriate use, purpose

• Mentioned 300 times in the Bible

(Matthew 27:3-9, Exodus 30:11-16)

• Next to gold, it holds the most value

Temptation, covetousness

• Joseph’s brothers sell him for twenty pieces of silver (Genesis 37:28)

• Joseph planted a silver cup in

Benjamin’s satchel (Genesis 44:2)

• God warned his people to “not make gods of silver alongside me” Exodus 20:23

Purity, holiness, glory, prosperity

Hence, of immense spiritual worth

• Despite its rarity as a commodity, it’s Mentioned 425 times in the Bible.

The primary meaning is value, with secondary meanings of permanence and durability.

It is clearly associated with wealth.

Idolatry, defilement, contamination, misplaced honor, lawlessness, licentiousness

•  Idols were either solid gold or carved from wood and coated with gold.

•  Aaron allowed the Hebrews to make a golden calf while Moses was on the mountain.

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April 11, 2019

50 responses on "Colors in Dreams"

  1. I saw multi bright colours in my dream last night. Like bright orange, yellow, green, red. These colours were too bright and spread all around on wall while i was standing there with plan white convos and board. I picked green colour or may be orange colour i dont remember exactly what colour i was choice from those colours and spread on my plan convos.
    Please what does mean??

    • Different colors represent different things and since you forgot which color you used it is hard to tell the meaning but you can refer to the dictionary yourself and see what you chose for yourself.

  2. Hi Angela
    You are saying that you are stuck in a situation and I agree to that – could it be that God is asking you to trust Him more even during your time of hopelessness. He surely sends dreams to encourage and comfort us and this is one of them.
    In your dream you saw your son (something that you have birthed) pushing the boat( the move of God) away and that made me wonder if you are doing something to stop the move of God but if that is not the case in real life – all glory be to God! You are doing well, keep doing what God wants you do in this situation. Blessings !!

    • Hi Sheba, yes when I woke up I felt very encouraged. At the beginning of the dream I was about to step into the boat as I felt it was the only way to get out of the situation. The boat was blending into the murky scene. My son pushed it out and I got upset as I didn’t know what would rescue us now.Its only when I started running up and down along the river when I discovered the boat this time in yellow float back on the opposite site… any further ideas?Thank you so much

      • How exciting Angela to hear that you felt encouraged when you woke up. God is so Good!! Yes some further thoughts now that you’ve mentioned murky scene which I presume is to do with water right? Murky waters represents the move of the evil one so there you see the evil one coming in like a flood but God has a rescue plan for you in place and you are making every effort to combat this and that’s great to see. You finally sight the boat so God is saying make sure you get into the boat and stay safe. Many Blessings!!

        • Thank You Sheba. I am trusting God for the rescue. I wonder the opposite side means…Ghank you so much for your time and help xx

          • Hi Sheba, the dream has just played out for the past week and yes God send my rescue in getting help from the least expected place to bring hope and renewed strength in the midst of the attacks by the enemy.Praise Goddand thank you

          • Angela it’s marvelous to hear that God’s rescue plan for you has played out already. Thank you Lord You are awesome!!!!

  3. i dreamt my husband at work and surprised by him wearing formal because he always puts on casual when he goes to work and what i could vividly see was a white and red stripped tie what does that mean

  4. I was stuck and water was all around. There was a boat but my son pushed it off. I then started to look for it, hoping it was somewhere in the distance. I then spotted it coming from the opposite site back to where we were. Someone pushed it back. The boat was a bright yellow.

    • Hi Angela
      You have been doing something that is causing for the move of God to stop in your life but God is saying fret not, for He is sending forth hope, faith and strength once again to restore what you have lost spiritually so you can get on to what God has called you to do for His kingdom. Be sure to get alongside with God as He begins to move one more time in your life – that’s what HE wants you to know and do. Amen ?

      • Sorry Sheba but I don’t feel that this is the case. I am stuck in a situation with lots of troubles and been asking God for the rescue. An incident today with kids have been showing me that the situation is hopeless.I believe God is encouraging me that he is sending help that will bring new strength and hope.

        • Hi Angela
          You are saying that you are stuck in a situation and I agree to that – could it be that God is asking you to trust Him more even during your time of hopelessness. He surely sends dreams to encourage and comfort us and this is one of them.
          In your dream you saw your son (something that you have birthed) pushing the boat( the move of God) away and that made me wonder if you are doing something to stop the move of God but if that is not the case in real life – all glory be to God! You are doing well, keep doing what God wants you do in this situation. Blessings !!

  5. I dreamt of a friend who is wearing violet polo shirt and he seems happy and so handsome. He is sitting on a couch, and I seem to be quite upset because I am with another guy. It feels like im afraid of something.

  6. I dreamt I was in a designer store, in a changing room, changing into a beautiful red dress. What could this possibly mean?

    • The emphasis on the quality, brand name and beauty of the dress… in conjunction with the color red… indicates this is a positive message and specifically about you being clothed with the blood of Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate designer and lover of your soul. Redemption and protection clothe you and will be visible to all.

  7. I had a dream that I entered into a church and everyone was dressed in orange and maroon. I felt very out of place because I must have missed the dress code memo. I got sat on one of the back rows and felt that rebuke was coming for not being in the proper cloths. Then a leader who I did not know but who everyone else seemed to know got up and was teaching. He was very showboatie in his message. It seemed he was taking glory for himself and feeding on the praise of the people. His teaching made me feel very uncomfortable. But the people were all agreeing and praising his showmanship.

    • Orange refers to perseverance…but in a negative stubbornness. maroon looks like a brownish red (compromise). Church refers to a mindset, or school of thought. So the dream is simply saying that you’re dressed with a different mindset in this. Your difference from others may result in some unpleasant moments. The part of the leader confirms the compromise -> what’s meant to be for God’s Glory is given to man to Glory in, maybe because it’s flashy? Makes sense?
      With this kinda dream, I advise to ask God for wisdom and a spirit of intercession for people. God bless you! 🙂

  8. That should be “L’s” dream, got cut off…

  9. ‘s dream – The meaning of the name of your schoolmate may be the key to this dream. Can you tell us his or her name?

  10. Dreamt of being driven in a new gray car by a man wearing pure white shirt that was spotless and shiny. I was with a friend and we were wearing black. When entering the car I saw three doors but refused to sit at the back or middle. Sat in the front seat.

  11. I dreamt of seeing a black car with black tinted windows and that I saw an old school mate driving it, I then in the same dream saw myself wearing a brown dress.

  12. Yes, I’m Caucasian. I have some ideas re the individual elements in the dreams, so I’ll put in the idea of formality and see what comes up. Will pray for more understanding. THANK YOU.

  13. Hi Lyn – question about mostly white with some black trim in a positive setting. Have had 4 dreams w/in last several wks. 1) I’m wearing a beautiful long antique wh dress w/delicate blk trim at neck and sleeves. 2) vintage wh potholders strung together decoratively as wall hanging, w/ delicate blk cursive writing on them. 3) wh lite switch cover w/same type of writing. 4) warehs w/wh walls & blk band near ceiling, becomes antique shop. Sny ideas? Thx

  14. God has often used my mom to speak to me in dreams because she was my spiritual leader and an incredible women of God

    • That being the case, mothers in dreams often represent the Holy Spirit. The trinity is like a family: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So in dreams, Moms depict the Holy Spirit… and certainly one like your mom!

  15. My boyfriend had a pair of white jeans that were dirty. He put them in the washer to be washed and when they came out they were still wet so I told him to put them in the dryer and he refused to listen to me so suddenly my mom appeared. I told her to tell him and he listened. then I woke up. Things to know: my mom has been dead 9 years and never met my bf. My bf has told me my mom has spoken to him in dreams before.

    • What comes to me is that God is speaking to you about a situation that has called for forgiving someone. This can be about him literally or someone “partnered” with you” in some way. Looks like the person has forgiven but cannot forget and move on. It’s as if it looks like TIME only will bring true inner healing. But God says the Holy Spirit can handle this task too. Tell this person to ask God for help. Again, your mom represents the Holy Spirit.

  16. Hello:) What does it mean dark blue (very dark almost black) or dark green? Thank you.

    • There are positive and negative meanings, so you have to discern which it is depending on the context of the dream. Dark colors can intensify the meanings or add the element of evil. Just look above for the meanings of blue and green.

  17. Yes it does make sense thank you so much!!!

  18. Hello I had a dream of being in a school building. It looked like an elementary school and I was looking for my daughter. I kept calling her name Shalom and finally found her as I was going towards the back of the school. I remember her eyes being blue at one time and then they changed to brown. I wonder what that means spiritually? Also I saw a lot of boxed candies and I was given a box of chocolate candy and I was eating it. What does candy on a dream mean?

    • Hello, San Antonio. The Lord seems to be telling you that you will soon find peace in a situation which has been troubling you. Inner peace will occur after your perspective changes from disappointment to compassion. Through this, the Lord is wooing you to a deeper intimacy with him. Make sense?

  19. Oh, thank you – I wondered what the significance was of the bureau. That makes perfect sense now, thank you. Also I was sort of wondering about the fruit because I’ve heard that in regard to dreams, “God is full of color”. I was therefore wondering if the detail that the fruit was white was sort of a “washed out” message. There was a sense that something good was happening so your interpretation does make me feel more confident that it was. Thank you so much!

  20. Predominate color of interest in a recent dream was white. In one scene I was spray painting an old bureau with white enamel paint. The context had less of a sense of cover-up and more of a sense of “restoral” and making old things new again. In another scene I was some kind of prisoner, but I was still “going up” to the next floor and doing good things for others. Specifically I was serving up trays of delicious and healthy fruit. The fruits on the tray were prepared and sliced but were primarily white, and none of the slices were darkening due to oxidation.

    • Here’s what the general message seems to be: You are restoring and purifying something that “holds things” (like your mind). That’s good. And even under harassment, you are delivering the fruits of the Spirit! Fabulous message of encouragement from God! Kudos!

  21. Could it be that, by God’s power, I will be able to persevere, leading to maturity &/or honor, which will grow (like hair from a horse) out of sadness &/or weakness as a result of having been stubborn?

    There is definite application to my life in that interpretation. I would love to see a Godly perseverance take the place of my former stubbornness! And oh, if the playfulness of the horses means celebration or joy … ! I would welcome that!!

    Would the false horse be someone trying to mimic a move of God? Who?

  22. What about 3 grey horses with lush orange-ish manes and tail, cavorting in a pasture? One horse had so much hair, there was even some underbelly hair (?!). The fourth horse (who seemed to be trying to instigate violence among the horses) turned out to be a person dressed up as a horse ….

    • The horses of course represent power. Can’t be sure who or what they symbolize specifically. The meanings of the colors appears to be positive (check the above meanings). This will make more sense when you can connect it with an area or your life or application.

  23. Does this apply to visions as well?
    I have seen a small blue dot hovering over someone’s shoulder while talking to them.
    I’ve sent a large red circle on someone’s forehead and pink surrounding someone’s name on a board. Ive also seen like a aqua or turquoise mist in front of a person. Any idea what any of these things could mean?

    • Yes. Colors apply to visions. Here’s what I’d expect.
      Blue dot hovering over someone’s shoulder- perpetual authority in the area of communion with God.
      Large red circle on someone’s forehead- great and perpetual power.
      Pink surrounding someone’s name on a board- person identified by his or her faith.
      Aqua or turquoise mist in front of a person- anointed for communion and increase/growth.

  24. Yes, it does make plenty sense to me. Thank you for blessing me with your gift of dream interpretation. Much love, Your Sis in Jesus Christ! =)

  25. What would mint green mean in a positive dream context? I saw a kitchen painted mint green with two pure white colored washer and dryer in it from my childhood home on Orange Street.

    • Green walls in a kitchen would mean that whatever this area of thought or preparation is can be described by God as growing, flourishing, maturing, heading toward prosperity in some way. This color is a sign to continue this.

      The white laundry machines coupled with the fact that this is your childhood home would suggest that there is an excellent clean-up involved and you are where you belong in this. This should make sense in some area of your life, whether your inner life or regular life.

  26. Refer to the above colors by clicking on each one.

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