Clothing & Nakedness in Dreams

Clothing or nakedness in dreams can bring significant insight into the meanings and messages. What you see is pretty much what you get. Connect it with the dream context and factors, and you’re on your way to understanding this riddle!


Beware of overstepping your boundaries, authority, or calling. You may be stepping into something you are not called to do or to a level you are not ready for!

You have outgrown something, you need to be moving on or forward to a greater task or position. You can handle more than this.

You are In need of more complete covering. You are somehow prohibiting rather than utilizing the protection available to you. This is most likely spiritual protection.

This dream is revealing a transition for you. Things will be changing. Get on board with change.

Choices are before you, consider carefully. Do what you can to assure the correct and best change for yourself and expect a transitional period.

You are supposed to be involved somehow in the meaning of the items


This may relate to your assignment, gifting, or purpose.
It may be speaking of having or lacking protection.
It may indicate the essence of what you are going through or believing.
(In a dream, a person who recently lost a loved-one wore a black coat)

This indicates the role you are to play

In spite of what others say, you’re a good guy

Since hats in dreams indicate a ROLE that the person wearing it is playing, a backwards hat most likely indicates that the role being addressed in the dream is BACKWARDS. If the person wearing the backwards hat is the dreamer, the concept is simple: the dreamer is carrying out a role in an opposite fashion to God’s will.
If the person wearing the hat is not the dreamer, the dreamer must discern who or what the person wearing the hat symbolizes, because this person is most likely not literal.

This indicates the level or type of protection you are carrying

This indicates an earned reward and possibly the authority that goes with it
(Proverbs 17:6, Isaiah 61:3, Isaiah 62:3)

Pants speak of the complete fulfillment of your calling or purpose rather than a preparational season

This may refer to your current assignment, but not your long-term calling

Shorts symbolize a partial fulfillment of your calling or purpose

Same as shorts

The belt holds up the fulfillment of your call or purpose, such as provisions allowing us time

You are caught by surprise or unprepared for something that will occur

There will be a transition in your life which will bring cleansing, healing, removal of the unprofitable

Swimwear indicates your ability to move into deeper spiritual things

Expect to be moving fast in the spirit

See weddings and marriage element category

You are being called into a more formal role or position
Business attire may indicate the dream is speaking of business or career

These speak of the everyday. I dreamed I gave my new daughter-in-law her denim vest (she rather than I would be with my son on a daily basis).

Concerning small tasks. I dreamed that someone gave me a bundle of underpants (I was soon given new duties to perform).

This speaks of what you have been through, your experience (I have the T-shirt).

Shoes speak of the condition of your walk. Is it a walk of peace or conflict?

Your protection is minimal in this the activity of the dream

You may have a spiritual authority in that culture as an intercessor or in your activities

God is speaking to you about another culture

Interpret according to the name


This indicates that you will soon be transparent or vulnerable- not always bad, but not always good. If you have something to hide, that might be telling you to expose yourself before someone else does.

Consider what is coming up in your life to see if this is a warning or a calling.

I have dreamed this many times, once, the night before a prophetic minister picked me out of a crowd to minister to (his eyes saw beyond what showed to others).

This may be highlighting your nurturing assignment

Nakedness below the waist exposes your reproductive area indicating fertility or ability to multiply, but most likely the reproduction is not physical

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April 17, 2019

103 responses on "Clothing & Nakedness in Dreams"

  1. Greetings. Curious cuz my sis had this dream bout me. Lyn states dreams r usually 4 the dreamer. My sis dreamed that I was trying to put on a pair of sandals, but they wouldn’t go on. She then assisted me with putting on my sandals and they did fit. Any thoughts? Thanks

  2. Dreamt that I sat on the muddy ground to put on put on socks for only the big toes, then I added the ones that covered my feet. The thought of the mud making my white clothes dirty didn’t bother me at all, I just wanted to put on my socks. But the facial expressions and comments of the people around me caused me to remove my socks. Then I realize that there was something like a sheet that separated me from the mud on the ground. The sheet that neither I nor the people who commented had seen

  3. Hi Lynmarie, thank you for the encouragement!God has just brought freedom and I have been able to leave the women’s refuge a week ago.I have been ministering to others by sharing some of my testimony and how much the father loves them. God is breaking off control and lies.He is showing people their worth and beauty in him x

  4. I deamt I was helping others disposing of their no longer wanted shoes

    • This is a beautiful and concise prophetic dream. God is encouraging you as you assist others in becoming free of behaviors and habits which don’t serve them well. God is confirming that your ministry is effective! What are you doing?

  5. Spot on! Lyn. How did you relate that to inner peace? Which aspect of the dream relates to inner peace I mean.
    I am stoked really truely stoked !!

  6. I thought the same as Vera mean FAITH ,Thanks Lyn!!
    Also just wanted to mention that I felt such great urge to unload all the dreams at once – then I felt a bit guilty that I had done that BUT now I see there was an urgency there specially with OBAMA dream. GOD SURE IS GOOD and IS surely working behind the scene.

  7. So marvelous to hear that coz I’ve been thinking of you constantly and praying for you and your ministry. I am so overwhelmed by your generosity and I see you as a great role model Lyn! Past few days I have been missing the dictionary soooo much and have been a bit concerned if everything has been going well with you and your ministry but God is good. Also it’s incredible that He does reveal his mind to and through ordinary people.

  8. Obama dream is separate from the Hostel one. You can tell I am being inundated with dreams 🙂 GOD IS GOOD!!

  9. inside a hostel kind of place seeing everyone unload and organise their stuff in small places. I hear someone saying All that you need is some place to sleep and keep your things. My brother ( name means Skilled) crying and asking – why did you not come to my birthday party?Now I see myself lying on a bed with my husband out under the open sky and next to us is Ruth trying to share our blanket that’s furry brown but we somehow manage to move her into her own blanket . Then I hear a very loud ( lady) voice repeatedly saying Vera Vera Vera Vera from high above by the side of the road

  10. Saw Obama in the dream. He was about to touch me but fell down grabbing his tummy and rolling under the office table on the floor. 🙂

    • Do you know God well enough to believe this? That He uses common people to do His business in extraordinary ways? That He speaks to us giving us insight and encouragement about our future? I believe He has shown you what’s going on with me this week, that the dictionary was down for a few days because of some processing issues. And much more importantly… though you, God has once again confirmed (by using like symbolism) to me the largeness of my future impact on the Kingdom of God. AND IN DOING SO, reminded you that He has GREAT things in store for you!

  11. Lisa is my workmate she is a librarian at our school.
    Both my husband’s and my heritage is Purely Indian.
    Thanks Lyn

  12. Lisa brought a bag of clothes from her trip for me. In it was a top (that I could wear with pants) made of indian fabric . There was another one a bit longer top knee length that I was trying out it was green and blue. I introduced her to my husband she did not see so the next time I introduced again and they said hello to each other when she was leaving. My husband’s face looked more brown as his complexion is much fairer than mine close to European type. he pronounced her name wrong and I am correcting him.

  13. Thank you for responding. I believe that your interpretation is correct. I am trying to move forward in my career and I don’t how to proceed.

  14. That’s incredible Lyn!Hope he had a great time!:)

  15. Thank you LynMarie. So good. I remember getting so excited and full of joy. Will keep waiting on him to make it so clear. You are such a blessing x

  16. Hi lyn,
    I see my bedroom it looks v huge in the dream& a huge bed & its covered with white bedlining &when i look at the bedsheet there is undernith another very old style coloured sheet which i want to remove. i see my hubby is busy talking with an unknown lady, he seems too busy talking with that lady so i can not change the old bedsheet.
    Thanks much.GB

    • So this dream is about a large issue which is personal or involves intimacy. Also, it’s about a change/new beginning that you are hoping for. Something (or someone) you are connected to related to this issue is blocking this change. Use your discernment to determine what this applies to in life and whether you should fight or wait. What do you think?

  17. In my dream I was walking and as I was walking I saw my reflection in the mirror. I was focused on my shoes then I saw I was wearing mismatched shoes. To myself I was wondering why no one had told me I was wearing mismatched shoes. One pair was white and red. The other pair was white and black.

    • The dream is speaking of something you are doing with hopes of moving forward in some way. God seems to be telling you that your approach is conflicted. Choose one “chair” to sit on, so to speak. White may have to do with your motives (purity) or what the activity is (positive activity). Red could be power or battle. Black can have to do with dark forces, for instance. More info on colors on colors in dreams.

  18. I had a dream a few days ago being in a building selecting dresses off racks and also dressing myself up with jewellery. Do you think this can be connected? Its almost as if God had been stripping things off to clothe me

    • This dream seems to speak of choices, as if God is showing you what’s going on in your mind. He knows that you are pondering a number of possibilities, but He is saying He will guide you through His voice. Look for Him speaking to you everywhere- scriptures, songs, creation, dreams, conversations. He will confirm what He is saying to you.

  19. Thank you Lynmarie. Really appreciate your prayers. Trusting the Lord to find a way out into freedom as shown in the Tiger dream. I believe the new good thing will happen after this. You are such a blessing and encouragement. Will keep you posted:)

  20. Hi Lynmarie, thank you for your response. You are totally correct. It has happened. This dream correlates with my previous dream about the tiger. I approached my pastor about this and as a result it escalated in the tiger suddenly appearing and I fled into a place of safety. Everyone is aware of this now

  21. Ok. Thank you Lynmarie! I think your interpretation is right.

  22. Had a dream I was at my parents sitting on a bed talking to my nephew and I was naked my mom told me to put on some clothes or leave so I got up and told her y’all let other ppl walk around here with shorts on. I went to go in the bathroom and my father came with a belt in his hand like he was about to spank me but he never did and I started telling him I didn’t do nothing and he said I had to leave from their house so I went in the bathroom to put on my clothes.

    • This main issue in this dream is resolving who your parents represent in the dream including if they are to be taken literally. Your Heavenly Father would not have4 a belt in His hand though you could view Him that way. Nakedness is generally being vulnerable before others, either willingness to be open in sharing, or being perceived by a prophet of God. But it could alternatively speak of having no assignment or no history. Though this is concise, you might need to couple it with some background.

  23. Hi Lynmarie. Thank you for your insight! I am in a situation in which I don’t want to do something because I don’t feel ready for it but it could also be because I think I could do better in another position. In the dream I was going to take a flight to my home country and in real life I don’t want to go there at this moment because I don’t feel ready for it. I don’t know if that is what the dream literally means or something else.

    • Most likely, your home country represents the “place” you are supposed to get to. If you were headed there, God is saying that He knows you are trying to do His will. That in real life you think “I could do better in another position” fits perfectly! But God is saying, “Do it… even though you will have to humble yourself; I will bless it”. You will do well which most likely will lead to a higher/better position somehow.

      Confirmation through another dream or whatever is always suggested before taking action, of course.

  24. Hi. I was looking for the right clothes to go on a trip. Found a big crimson bag with some clothes and then a beautiful outfit that I liked but thought I was too fat for it. When that thought occurred suddenly I was wearing the outfit and it fit me perfectly. It was a long golden short sleeve shirt, dark shiny pants and a beige sandals with gold straps. I thought it was too dressy for my flight and kept looking for another outfit.

    What could this mean? Thanks.

    • It looks like God is telling you that you should do something that you feel does not allow you to fully use your experience, knowledge or gifting. He is calling you to an assignment which looks too small for you, but it is a perfect fit for this time, and God wants you to do this for good reasons. You will be amazed to see how anointed you are in this role and how beneficial it turns out to be. Does that fit something that’s going on right now?

  25. Hi Lynmarie, dreaming of walking Naked with only underpants, along a path with bright green valleys and grass.Does that mean that God is going to expose things? I felt vulnerable but people on my way weren’t looking.

    • Sorry for delay. You are on the right track. A couple of possibilities for this. One is that others can see you because you have made yourself vulnerable before others (such as sharing a testimony the exposes intimate things about you). Know that the focus on the underpants could have to do with one task or assignment (such as giving a testimony. Has this taken place yet?

  26. Okay, got it. Thank you. You and your family have been especially on my heart this past week. I’m praying for you all that God would undertake in every way for you. Blessings to you.

  27. Hi Lynmarie – Could you explain a little more on the definition of “belt” in the elements list above? I know pants refer to the state of fulfillment of your calling depending on their length, so belt is the key thing that brings it about? I don’t understand the part about “like provisions that give us time.” I had a dream involving a belt G wore, so wonfering… Thanks.

    • I should note in the entry that the belt can speak of truth or deception. It should be truth, but if it’s not truth, it’s deception.

      “The belt holds up the fulfillment of your call or purpose, such as provisions allowing us time.” The example given there is just one of countless possibilities. Just saying that if we were starting a ministry, for instance, and had a lot of money, we wouldn’t have to worry about the time it takes to get it going; we’d have provisions.

  28. Thank you Lyn! In many ways it is a very good dream. It starts out dark but ends well. God is good!

  29. So glad about the hosiery. Thank you.

  30. ok. there are not any of those places in the dream. In the dream, I’m in a cathedral with other people and we are under siege. When the lights come on and we are released, we all have piles of clothes that we didn’t have before. We begin to gather them up to leave. Mine pile is rather large and I’m searching for my pants. It was an odd addition to the overall dream so I wasn’t sure how to interpret it.

    • I’d say a cathedral speaks of a beautiful mindset. It means you are in a good place spiritually, as others are. God has an especially large pile of clothes for you to utilize, that’s things to wear… might even be attitudes, beliefs, fruits of the Spirit. Sounds like a good dream.

  31. also a pile of clothes? I see the closet is choices but this is a pile. I am in a dark place for a long time and suddenly the lights come on and in the dark I have accumulated a large pile of clothing (they are mine). I am searching through it for my pants. I get the meaning of the pants (fullness of calling) but not sure how to translate the pile.

    • The meaning of a pile of clothes may depend on the context. Does the dream show where they are headed? To the laundry, trash, closet? Is there a storage chest nearby?

      Often in life, a pile of clothes on the floor developed because we have hastily taken them off. So in a dream, this may be speaking of ideas or activities we have worn for a while and discarded.

  32. What would hosiery represent? I see that socks refer to level of protection, is hosiery along the same line or something different. They were old fashioned (no panty).

  33. The ministry sponsoring me will unravel??? Oh my!! That’s a surprise, kinda. Oh well, as long as the Lord is with me. Love y’all…

  34. Hi Lyn. Thanks for getting back to me so swiftly. Not sure what the sash represents, but the symbols on your website relating to business attire and the belt agreed with my spirit. In the dream the sash was unraveling slightly, but my thought in the dream was to change and put on the belt. I will let you know how things go with the seminar. By the way, a few days ago I dreamed I was pregnant! Been pregnant a lot in the past year. Again, thanks Lyn. Hey, I got a new job. Dreamed about it first, and then it came to pass.

  35. Also Lyn, the topic is Emotional Baggage.

  36. Hi. Yes, I am using power point. The only title is B. Sharp, Inc presents I Wish You Well seminar. It’s being held at the church I attend. At one point the pastor thought I could operate under his 501c3 once I start moving in the direction of forming an agency, but he saw that I had a lot of things in place, so he took back his suggestion. Other than that, it’s B. Sharp, Inc.

    Lynn, how did you get that interpretation for the dream, regarding a title being omitted? I stand in awe of God.

    • A sash is typically associated with a uniform or something official. Dignitaries and royalty use them, pageant girls, etc. I can’t see right now how that could possibly apply. Perhaps your connection to the pastor in the long run?

  37. Hi Lyn. Hope all is well with you!! I searched your site under clothing and want to share with you. I dreamed that I was wearing a black dress and I tied a tan sash around it but I didn’t like the way it looked, so I thought I should use the brown belt that goes with the dress. I had on tan shoes.

    I actually own the dress, belt, and shoes that I had on in the dream. I am thinking that this is the outfit I should wear Saturday when I present at my 1st seminar. I haven’t worn this outfit in years. I tried the dress on and it fits. Your site talks about business attire for the new role, and the belt holds up the purpose of fulfillment. The sash I had on began to unravel and that’s why I put on the belt. What do you think? Thanks.

    • Interesting that you are thinking you will wear this very outfit Saturday… God having fun. I would suggest that the Lord is telling you that there is a component to your seminar which has to do with something official (like a title or affiliation) which should be avoided or omitted.

      On another note, are you using power-point?

  38. Thanks, Lynmarie – I’ll be sure to let you know what happens!

  39. My dream last night took place in an upscale clothing store (I’m usually a Goodwill shopper). A personal shopper employed by the store greeted me enthusiastically and selected a rack full of clothing for me to try on. They were lovely clothes (although I don’t remember any of their details), well made, and exquisitely suited to me in color and fit. I purchased the clothing (somehow there was plenty of money in the checking acct) and happily left with my purchases. I also had a different hairstyle in the dream – long, flowing curls (like I had in high school when my hair was permed; now my hair is in a pixie cut).

    I would love for this to have a meaning as abundantly lavish as the symbols in the dream, but wanted to check here…..! Thanks!

    • Yes, it does have a meaning abundantly lavish! God is clothing you in some good stuff… could be the righteous of Christ, etc. or something more worldly if you know what I mean. You are going to be looking good on the inside and out by His hand. Hallelujah! Let us know how you think this plays out!

  40. The visitation is the name of a church service. I don’t know this lady. She was mean and was the driver of some car. She just said only carn can buy Chloe’s clothes. In the dream the “he” was carn. She said he didn’t believe in that. Carn is is a famous prophet.

  41. Had a dream I didn’t have anything to wear to the visitation. So Kendra was about to give me some. She wanted to dress me and Chloe alike. Kendra asked can she buy Chloe some clothes. She was asking her size. The lady said carn buys her clothes and nobody can buy them but him because he doesn’t believe in twin dressing cause that’s witchcraft. Kendra said something but the lady walked away looking like Kendra was crazy and the lady got back in the car with another lady. (Kendra is my spiritual mom & Chloe is the niece of a famous prophet)

  42. Thanks for your help Lynmarie, really appreciate it!

  43. Hi Lynmarie – Thank you for your comments on necklaces and earrings, those were helpful. Yes, I’m definitely in search mode, seeking further understanding of the revelation already given to me. It’s getting there! I really appreciate your help.

  44. Hi Lynmarie
    I forgot to mention what is happening in real life and I am wondering if this could be literal as at work my boss really likes me but has not been able to give me any promotion as other senior managers below her don’t favour me. Could this jewelry have a literal meaning by any chance of her wanting to give me something that I have already outgrown.
    Thanks so much for walking alongside me and helping me understand my dream. May the God of peace and hope and providence be with you Lynmarie

    • Yes, the dream could certainly have to do with your work though often a boss in a dream refers to God more times than not.

      Pink in the negative refers to something “too small” or ‘child-like’ would might fit if the boss is literal or refers to one of the bosses.

  45. Hi Lynmarie – I have a further question on earrings and necklaces in the context of prophetic gifting. You mentioned in the posts above that earrings have to do with “helping folks hear from God” and “hearing and faith.” I had a dream months ago about a necklace of large chunky beads of amber and crystal that would ‘go perfectly with my sweater’ that I really, really wanted, and then several weeks ago when I was starting this period of intensely seeking God for more revelation about my friend G and God’s prophetic purpose for us I had a major dream, part of which involved sorting thru things I had including necklaces (including a feminine one of small square crystal beads and I think also one of amber) and earrings. There was a pair of worn red vintage hoops, some beaded danglies, and a pair of black beaded ones missing some beads, shaped like a flat leaf or a fish. There were pairs and singles, some needing repair, and there were some old earrings from a while back that were already broken and I wasn’t concerned about those. I’ve definitely been sorting through all the dreams and prophetic words given to me over the last couple of years. Could the earrings represent prophecy from others to me or a gifting I might have? And what type of gift does a necklace represent? I’m especially curious about the black beaded earrings. Any insights you could share would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

    • Keep in mind that jewelry are ACCESSORIES. They are added onto the essential clothing. That’s why we often associate them with spiritual gifts, but jewelry can mean anything that is added with the purpose of beautifying.

      Earrings are in connection with ears (HEARING), while necklaces are FRONT & CENTER.

      I have not seen jewelry refer to prophetic words from others to the dreamer before. You dream seems to have an exploratory connotation, as if God is showing you that YOU are in search mode in some way.

  46. I think also that since my neck seems to be broad it might mean that my neck is not made for that and the gifting might not be meant for me but why would God show that to me if it was not meant for me?? Also what is concerning is that in a hurry the boss was giving me a rather large piece of earring for my ears made out of pink pearls but it was only for one ear so wondering what that might mean.

    • Right! Actually, the necklace doesn’t fit because your neck is too large. This is a compliment and encouragement. God is saying that this isn’t a fit because you are already beyond needing that gift. That’s good. The necklace does have to do with the prophetic, but I can’t tell you what specifically.

      One ear isn’t a bad thing. It’s just conveying that this particular gift – about hearing and faith – is one of 2 (or several) and it’s suited to you now.

  47. I was thinking about what could be standing in the way of receiving from God and I thought that my neck appeared to be too broad for the necklace and was wondering if I needed to persist and take risks as that’s what the positive interpretation of neck is on your list. I thought positive may be more applicable than the negative one of stubborness as I am keeping myself open to God’s calling and not resisting it.

    • Let’s dig deeper. The neck is the place one can TURN to see different views. A stiff neck or one that is in a neck brace, for example, would be a negative. Your neck is too broad so that necklace can’t fit. The various types of jewelry generally show different prophetic giftings. Perhaps you are not supposed to wear that particular gift (it can’t fit) because the earring is more suited to you now. Any idea how this applies to your life?

  48. “The Lord bless you and keep you;
    25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,
    And be gracious to you;
    26 The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
    And give you peace.”’

  49. What does it mean to be barefooted in a dream?

    • Let’s say you dreamed this about yourself. This means that for some reason in some area of your life, your walk is completely unprotected. This would be a warning dream to advise to to get yourself protected.

      Here’s an extreme example from real life, but it makes the point. A dreamer told me he dreamed this. I shared how to interpret it. He admitted that he was having relations without protection. The dream element spoke to two reasons he was unprotected- one natural and one supernatural (out of God’s will since he was unmarried).

  50. I had a dream in which on of my colleagues is showing off her jewelry to me. Her jewelry is for her ears and almost turquoise color and I respond to her in a annoyed tone. As soon as my boss hears me do that she brings me two pieces of jewelry.One of them is a necklace has a metal chain with a beautiful dark blue pendant on it. But when I try putting it around my neck I find that my neck is too broad for it. I am a bit disappointed. The other one is a piece rather very large for the ear as I understand it and is made of pink pearls but it’s just for one ear. Please help me understand this.

    • Give me a couple of days… it’s my birthday! Blessings.

    • This dream speaks of a connection with prophetic gifting by way of something or someone you see. You will most likely be annoyed when you are told that God wants to adorn you with a new gifting but something is standing in the way. The earring speaks of this someone or something helping folks hear from God utilizing one of two general means. The main message is to ask God to show you what is standing in the way. Feel free to come back to me on this if you have more questions.

  51. Hi Lynmarie – another piece of my dream puzzle… What would a dress symbolize? I’ve dreamed of both regular length dresses (a little above the knee, a little below the knee) and full-length dresses. Thanks!

    • A dress might be similar to another type of clothing, of course. A dress for a woman is equivalent to a suit our complete outfit for a man.A skirt is similar to pants. And long involves something more long-term or more fully such as an assignment rather than a duty or a purpose rather than an assignment.

      Sometimes, like other dream elements, clothes can surprise us. Just this week we had a coat (the last garment we put on in real life) symbolize the “last stage” of music production because it was in that setting, context, and application.

  52. Maybe fabric represents the essence of me, which is basically an artist and one who needs to create. I sew pillows from antique fabrics, restore antiques and create items with antique components, and do flower gardening for myself and private clients. The Lord has given me a vision to combine these skills into a cottage industry/ministry for emotionally wounded women where they could make a living helping me in one or more of these creative areas as well as receiving ministry to heal the whole person.
    Re the scarf – i believe the lace symbolizes my femininity, the white of the scarf would of course be righteousness and holiness. Maybe its about developing the above ministry…? God is also speaking to me about developing my prophetic gift further, and also I’m seeking a deeper prayer language. Also I have the gift of teaching and am a Bible teacher at my church, want to develop that. Re the prophetic gift, I want to enroll in the dreams course but can’t seem to get logged in on the checkout page… sent you an email about that. 🙂 Thanks so much for your input!

  53. Two dream element requests:
    1) Scarf. I’ve had several dreams about a lacy white scarf being placed around my neck.
    2) Fabrics. I have a lot of dreams involving fabrics or various kinds of textiles, usually antique or vintage and very beautiful, sometimes piles of fabrics and sometimes piles of textiles like rugs, quilts, or blankets. Had one recently about 2 pieces of silk taffeta, one rose-colored with green & blue roses on it, the other piece green with rose-colored roses on it; pieces start out with 1 side being taffeta texture and other side being like tiny hooked rug texture then like needlepoint then like taffeta also. I am into antique textiles in my personal life… Do fabrics in general have a particular meaning?

    • Fabric represents the basic structure or make-up of something. One of our sons is an electronic music producer, and God depicts him as a seamstress because he stitches different fabrics together (keyboards, flutes, strings, bass, drums, etc.). So what are you admiring, processing, or stitching together? I believe the Lord is using something loved by you to demonstrate something to you.

      A scarf is really just a piece of fabric, right? You wear it all by itself. It’s an accessory… a symbol that is sometimes used for spiritual gifts. Is God talking to you about that?

  54. Also dreamed I was instructed by the pastor (Pastor Jean- One of many pastors in my life from earlier years) instructed me to get ready for the choir event. The choir was instructed to wear white and blue, and the dress could have a hint of lavender in it. In this dream I took out a blue and white dress that I already had, but didn’t think it was a good choice because it was a halter dress; the back was out, so I went to a department store to buy a new dress, but first I was standing behind a wall peeping in on a choir that was already performing, admiring them, when Pastor Jean saw me and asked what I was doing. I then informed her I was going to buy a new dress for the occasion.

    • The pastor could symbolize another pastor, God himself, or a gift from God. Choir may be literal, but often speaks of a person’s spiritual ears being hearkened to the Lord on a moment by moment basis. Or it can be about your participation in speaking out concerning something.

      Blue and white depict communion, intimacy and purity… and purple, royalty and authority. Put these element meanings together to see what this dream might apply to in your life.

  55. Hi Lyn, yay you remember me, your site and previous feedback has helped me so much, I hope you are well! Yes haha the lord has matured me so much through dreams and I’m now in a place where I am not constantly on the look out for a companion, the previous dreams were all learning for me and the lord preparing my heart, I’ve learnt to let it all go and just cherish knowing my father more and more! I most definitely will keep in touch, you guys have helped me so much in the past years.

    Thank you so much and god bless!

  56. Thank you so much that does make sense, this man is someone that has caught my attention but I don’t intend to move forward unless the lord makes it clear that is his will. Currently I’m content to continue to wait and observe and just be where the lord wants me to be. But these last two dreams the white shirts stood out so I guess I just want to understand it all. Thank you kindly!
    God bless

    • It’s good to hear from you. You came to my mind this week in prayer. We go back pretty far now. I agree that this dream is promising and would love to hear more of the same. Also, I’m delighted to see such peace and maturity! What we release to God will come back to us for sure! Stay in touch by way of comment. Blessings to you!

  57. I dreamed that I was outside my workplace and saw a man wearing a white singlet carrying a stack of something like papers, in the dream it seems he was showing off his strength to me, but his white singlet stood out. Another dream I dreamt this same man was standing in the distance and he was wearing a bright white t-shirt and brown/tan pants. We were then around others sitting in a square type area – him on one side and me on the other. It seems he was smiling and relaxed. We were at some sort of movie theatre going to watch a movie. In both dreams this mans white singlet and white t-shirt stood out. What does this mean?

    • The bottom line is “who is the man or what does he symbolize?” That part you will have to discern or find out through more dreams or real life, but it seems to me that he is depicting a literal man or the Lord.

      The white T-shirt in a dream like this would most likely speak to the character of this person, that he’s been purified through experience. The white singlet seems to be an extension of the same message, that this person has acquired muscles through discipline and purity.

      The movie could be literal or a sign that God will be showing you something. Overall, this is an excellent dream! Our prayers are with you for your heart’s desire to be fulfilled.

  58. I dreamed I was snuggled up to my new boss. He was sitting behind me on the couch, and I was on the floor in front of him with my back to him. He felt so familiar and comfortable, I took a deep breath and relaxed into the close contact. In that moment, I was absolutely in love with him, even though he and I had just met moments before. In real life, I’m in a season of transition with my vocation. I’ve also been recovering from an extremely long and difficult season. This details showed me I am no longer in a preparation season (which I thought) but am in the new season, where my true purpose will be fulfilled. It is an “everyday” reality I’m needing to embrace.

    • Thanks for sharing here! Yes. Great job interpreting this!! The dream seems to prophesy a time when you are thrilled with the role God has given to you, whether it be a job, ministry or both.

      Whether this shift has already taken place or not depends on if you already have this “new boss”. If you don’t, God is confirming that when a new opportunity comes, take it; you’ll love it. That’s great news. I can’t wait to see this unfold and learn more about it!

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