Objects in Dreams

Objects, items, and implements are great dream symbolism elements since there are unlimited possibilities which may bring clear revelation. The difficulty with objects is that the dreamer may have to discern which ones are details and which are to be ignored.



1. Words— good or bad
In the bad sense, “cutting remarks”

2. Having to do with cutting, such as “cutting something out”


Power by the word of God


1. Power and authority over something or someone

2. Spiritual authority, whether good or bad


Spiritual ammunition, power


Concerning accuracy

Curses or demonic attack



Loss or gain of favor


Indicates the value of something

French currency has symbolized Heaven’s currency


Future favor or disfavor


Favor or disfavor


Identity, hidden thoughts, purpose


Like wallet but larger, life issues

Can be Spiritual Gifts
Or can be something that adorns a person or embellishes something in a positive way


Covenant relationship or union if on the wedding finger


Blue-Ribbon- dreaming that you are awarded a blue-ribbon signals that someone is pleased with your work on a project. This most likely is God, but depending on the dream details, this may be saying that “a person sees you as doing a good job” or that “you think you deserve a pat-on-the-back for your work.”

Red-Ribbon- this indicates a good job, but less than its potential. One dreamer received a red-ribbon and was mad at the judge. In this case, God was encouraging the dreamer to be open-minded because a better idea was available.

White-Ribbon- this shows participation, but little effort. Since God tends to bring encouragement rather than discouragement, don’t expect to see this symbol in a dream from God.

Champion-Ribbon- this award in a dream suggests that this is the best, the top. This dream element is confirmation. Stick with what you are doing.

Reserve-Champion Ribbon- God is encouraging the one awarded this ribbon that this idea or project is second-best, and perhaps to seek a better one, because there is one, and He is faithful to provide it.

Represents an unnecessary burden


Something needs to be held or held together (like lips)


Don’t miss this message

If the caller is unknown, this may represent an angelic visitation



Great heights


Concerning communication or the need for thinking something through

Concerning personal things like wallet

Literally: utilize the computer or internet

Can involve security issues

In antiquity, drums were a primary means of communication, perhaps, from one tribe or village to another. Therefore, playing a drum or a set of drums in dreams most likely speaks of communication… speaking, marketing, persuading, preaching, etc.
Even if the dreamer is a drummer in real life, the dream is most likely about communication, and may provide instructive detail.
A drum set in the distance may bring encouragement by showing that they at least are in the room.
Someone else playing your drum set reveals that the dreamer needs to take authority of some communication.
A teacher, for instance, reported receiving dreams that a simple set would do, that less pieces were better.



Like playing the drums, playing the piano most likely has to do with communication. But this communication can be described as ELABORATE.
One dreamer conveyed a dream of a pianist judge and the ruling in the court. The dreamer was undergoing a struggle for a mortgage approval. The pianist symbolism made clear the situation the dream was speaking of… elaborate because it was so involved and taking so long.

Playing piano can also symbolize BEAUTY because there is both melody and harmony. This may be speaking of speech or presentation, but can be speaking of another kind of beauty, for there are many ways beauty presents itself and through any of our senses.

A piano may, of course, be rather literal in a dream, symbolizing music. One dreamer moved into a house with a golden grand piano. The person changed churches and the music there was optimal for that dreamer who joined the praise team.

Another dreamer dreamed she must give up her keyboard and was instructed that she was not to take it with her to college, but rather, to give it to a woman who already had one. This dream prophesied that as the dreamer moved into a new (and higher learning) ministry experience, she was literally to supply a keyboard to the ministry, so the keyboardist wouldn’t have to keep bringing on in each week.


Concerning casting something out (like fishing) and waiting (up in the air) its return/catch


Something to ease a fall



Concerning something to be removed, shut, or stopped quickly


Baggage, weights, burdens, wounds we hold on to or let go of


Protection, covering




Expect to be taught something through an experience

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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