Colors in Dreams

Colors in dreams are only important when they are not details. They generally carry positive or negative meanings and are discerned primarily from the context. Strength of meaning is indicated by the depth or lightness of the colors. Neon indicates imitation or counterfeit while mixed/blended colors my be mixing positives with negatives, positives with positives, or negatives with negatives.

The ancient Hebrews, like other ancient societies, experienced colors primarily through creation: blue the color of sky, green of vegetation, red of blood, white of wool and snow. These peoples believed that God or the gods deliberately designed colors with deeper purpose than meets the eye. These color associations remain universal, but are enhanced by the fact that nature was so close to them in contrast to today when we derive color meanings from manufactured and synthetic items.

Below we explore colors and metals influenced by the Hebrew scriptures as well as universal color symbolism. BLUE, PURPLE, RED at times may symbolize royalty, authority, and wealth since the natural dyes for the colors blue, purple, and scarlet were rare and expensive in ancient and Biblical times and only available to royalty or the wealthy.


Communion, revelation.

Numbers 15:38

• The priests wore solid blue

• Blue cloth coverings protected the holy articles of the tabernacle

• The sky suggests the zone connecting heaven and earth.

Sorrow, depression, emotional lows

Royalty, kingship.

Judges 8:26; John 19:2

• Worn only by those in high rank in royal courts

• The bronze alter of sacrifice was covered in purple cloth for travel

False authority, domination, oppression

• The color of political wealth and power

• Babylon, the great harlot of Revelation

Apocalypse and image of the world’s wealth and power gone awry,
is described as wearing purple and scarlet

Blood atonement, sacrifice

Power, anointing, wisdom for battle

Lev 14:52; Josh 2:18,21; Isa 1:18

• The tabernacle’s linen curtains were red

• The blood sacrifices, the cross

Anger, battle, bloodshed, destruction

2 Kings 3:22; Rev 6:4; 12:3

• the great harlot of the Apocalypse appears dressed in scarlet on a scarlet beast

Purity, righteousness, holy power, Spirit of the Lord, angels

Rev 6:2; 7:9; 19:8; 3:4-5; 15:6

• The absence of darkness

• Heaven’s garments

Negative- Religious or legalistic spirit

Mysterious, unknown, unable to see


Negative-Death, spiritual darkness, evil, famine

La 4:8; Jeremiah 8:21; Rev 6:5

• In the Bible it is not used as an image of sin

• God’s presence in times of divine judgment upon sin and evil.

• “Darkness fell over the whole land” when Jesus died (Lk 23:44)

Positive-The glory of God- Ezekiel 1;4; 8:2 KJV

• The Lord is described in visions of Ezekiel as amber

Negative-False glory, attempt at self-glory

Positive-Hope, faith, strength

Gifts from God

Negative-Coward, fear-based motive

The color of fire and autumn leaves

Positive-Perseverance, persistence

Negative-Stubbornness, strong-willed

Positive-Growth, prosperity, conscience

Negative-Greed, envy, jealousy, pride

Positive- Child-like love or faith

Negative- Childish, immature

1) Maturity, honor- as in gray hair

2) Having to do with seniors or a community of seniors

3) Death, sadness, weakness- as in gray skies, gray clouds, grave

Humility, compassion, pastoral color

• As in the dirt we are made from and will return to

• As in the leaves that fall from trees

Compromise, humanism or fleshly perspective (human perspective disregarding divine perspective)

• False human compassion as salve from motives to feel better

Redemption will result from this, the price of redemption

Appropriate use, purpose

• Mentioned 300 times in the Bible

(Matthew 27:3-9, Exodus 30:11-16)

• Next to gold, it holds the most value

Temptation, covetousness

• Joseph’s brothers sell him for twenty pieces of silver (Genesis 37:28)

• Joseph planted a silver cup in

Benjamin’s satchel (Genesis 44:2)

• God warned his people to “not make gods of silver alongside me” Exodus 20:23

Purity, holiness, glory, prosperity

Hence, of immense spiritual worth

• Despite its rarity as a commodity, it’s Mentioned 425 times in the Bible.

The primary meaning is value, with secondary meanings of permanence and durability.

It is clearly associated with wealth.

Idolatry, defilement, contamination, misplaced honor, lawlessness, licentiousness

•  Idols were either solid gold or carved from wood and coated with gold.

•  Aaron allowed the Hebrews to make a golden calf while Moses was on the mountain.

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