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Houses in dreams as well as buildings or settings generally have to do with a life situation.

Scriptures says that a house divided cannot stand; a metaphor for a situation. Jesus spoke of building a house on a rock rather than on sand; saying that any and every situation should be built on solid ground. Matthew 7:24-29

When the setting of a dream is a building, room or other location; think of it like a parable. The location depicts the situation. The message is, “there’s a situation in your life that looks like”…

The situation can be your health, a ministry, a career or job, a relationship, a church situation, a financial situation, a family, a person, or perhaps the body of a person.

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Large houses in dreams:
The situation here is a large or important situation. It may even have a great impact.

Small houses in dreams:
This situation is smaller and less important, has a smaller or more temporal impact.

You are in authority over a situation. That means you have the capacity to effect the situation. It’s your situation and you may be able to change it with you actions, words, or even prayers.

There’s a situation in your life over which you have less or no authority

You are moving toward a new situation or buying what someone is selling you. For example, you are buying that a particular job offer is the one you should take.

You are selling something! It could be selling your capabilities to a potential new boss or trying to convince a person to date you, for instance.

That’s good! A person is buying you, your ideas, your counsel, or what you have to offer.

The other details of the dream are for a later time. Be encouraged, there is a plan, but it will unfold with time as you are not prepared for this yet.

There is a situation being put into place for you, it is under construction. Things you are unaware of are happening back stage, and at a later time the preparation will be complete and you will see this manifest.

This situation has been neglected or not cared for properly

This is a messy situation or in need of organization and removal of some things.

This indicates more experience, skill, talent or power is available than with a ranch-style home

Past houses in dreams:

This situation relates somehow to a past issue or situation or perhaps an unresolved one This situation may have originated in the past Could have something to do with the name of street or town

A place you belong or place of rest, safety, or relief (may be spiritual).

Homes vs. Houses in dreams:
While a house is necessary for human survival, a home is necessary for human fulfillment and may symbolize a place you belong and a place of rest or relief. Your dream may or may not distinguish between the two, or the word “home” may be used.

Very common. Unfamiliar homes are given rather than literal ones because they are metaphors anyway. This also helps you to not focus the house itself, but on the other elements.

What’s the different between an apartment and a single-family dwelling (house)? Notice that everyone with a unit in the building is experiencing approximately the same thing. Dreaming that you live in an apartment (especially when you don’t) indicates that you are going through something either common to man or that many others are also going through at the time of the dream.

This situation is about a time of rest

About a spirit of poverty

Someone is camping out/remaining by choice in something that they should have moved on from


This dream is speaking of a very temporary situation or condition. It will change soon.

This is referring to your activity such as your career or ministry, but provisions are involved in this situation.

This is a temporary situation or condition. A change is coming.


Temporary situation
You may have to pay for it
Vacation/time of rest

Concerning taking in or dispensing information
Can symbolize a school, church, ministry, or Bible study


This dream concerns a business, vocation, enterprise, or venture

This situation involves a high calling or great amount of spiritual peace, power, or maturity

This concerns general provisions being stored up for you


There is a situation in your life that concerning provisions, or the marketplace,

Concerning provisions or issues in a specific area

A place to receive either and upgrade or downgrade. Be careful.

Concerning the most basic general provisions

A place to receive power or fuel to keep you going
Can be about encouragement of provisions

This situation can be identified as a place of restoration or repair


You will be shown something

You are being watched or highlighted before others

This shows what’s happening behind the scenes

Something will be magnified

This situation is in connection with a big impact or event

Concerning wild, untamed, immature persons or pagans

Concerning amusement or humor

Expect a scary ride with ups and downs

Know that you are on tracks and you will be safe

Although the coming experience may be uncomfortable, it won’t last long

Look, don’t touch


This refers to a community park, not an amusement park

Represents a short time of rest and relaxation

A school of thought or mindset, possibly a religious belief
Having to do with God’s work
An organization or gathering of people

Somebody needs to learn something
Somebody is learning something or will learn something

Place of healing
Someone is sick in some way and needs healing
Church or ministry

Immobility, or bondage


This situation concerns general provisions which may currently be accumulating but not released

Concerning seed and harvest, cultivation

This situation involves the raising of something

Royal, protected, favored, a blessed people within

Lavishly adorned or can be the same as a castle


Time of joy or possibly gifts

Warfare situation

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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