Anatomy in Dreams


Body parts in dreams and their conditions may carry rather obvious symbolic meanings either universal or Biblical, and thus can be excellent dream elements. More than one of these symbols can be employed simultaneously.

These elements may 1) symbolize one concept, 2) carry a variety of meanings to choose from depending on the context of the dream, 3) hold personal meaning to you, or 4) on occasion, be literal.

Anatomy elements in dreams are categorized on this page as follows. Click the category to view its entries at the top of the page.




By divine strength, spiritual empowerment/gifting

Relating to faith

Position of authority just under someone as in right hand man or Jesus at the right of the Father

By human strength or effort

By natural gifting

Note that the left side of a car is the driver’s side

Possibly relating to analytical thinking

In need of or lacking something

Abundance, carrying favor or prosperity, healthy

Concerning weight issues

Elevated position in reality or in the dreamer’s perception

Lower position in reality or in the dreamer’s perception

This person is being labeled/marked by others or their spiritual enemy


1. Concerning the mind, thoughts

2. Concerning something at the TOP

3. A floating head speaking= a “talking head,”- of no concern

The neck is where the head turns, so in general, it symbolizes decision-making or one’s capacity for decision-making. This entails the amount of one’s objectivity and openness, as well as wisdom.

The negative interpretation is related to stubbornness and obstinacy.

A positive interpretation may include perseverance and risk-taking.

Concerning life

Concerning speaking life through faith

Concerning your speech

Concerning authority, accomplishment, reward, honor or pride

Concerning nurturing or mentoring someone or something

Concerning sustenance or maintenance

Personal information may be kept in these babies! So this may be concerning relationship protection

Out of sight, what you can’t see such as betrayal

Concerning the past

Involves “reaching” or “reaching out”

An outstretched arm may symbolize strength and might in reaching out

Or an arm my symbolize an extension of something

If the right arm, it can refer to a person who is the “right arm” of someone

You guessed it: the smelliest place in the anatomy

1. Concerning relationships (especially if you are female)

2. May be concerning work (especially if you are male)

But depending on the context and application, either may apply, most likely the first.

Having to do with supporting the weight of something.

Having to do with retaining uprightness and possibly balance.

This speaks of the level of activity of a person.

A large one indicates there is not enough of a particular activity.

I once dreamed I was patted on the behind, for instance, and it was fulfilled when I was cut short of my activity in court (I thought I would be put on the stand, but wasn’t).

One possible implication associated with a large one is that the person KNOWS what he or she should be doing, but isn’t doing it.

If showing, concerning reproduction

Mobility and power for victory and protection

This may be Biblical. Covenant(commitment/contract) and/or identity, Revelation 19:16.

Regarding a person’s submission or independence

Well, well, we finally received a dream about the knee; so we can add it to the dictionary.

The knee is both a universal and Biblical element. In both cases, it most often refers to “submission and humility” as in subjects falling to their knees before a king.

Surprisingly, most Bible references to the knee are in the same context, although they sometimes refer to bowing before the King of kings rather than a national king.

Many passages, of course, refer to kneeling for prayer as Daniel did.

The dream spoken of at the top of this entry was of a hairy knee of a woman trying, but unable to shave the hair. Hair on a knee would indicate that the hair on that area of the body has not been worn down by use. So the interpretation is that the woman needs help in the area of submission of humility. She alone would know what relationship of her life this refers to (God, husband, boss, etc.).

KNEE- 2nd possibility

A second possibility when considering symbolism for the knee is also both universal and Biblical, and has to do with a person seated on another person’s knee. This is generally associated with love and affection.

This may be Biblical. If so, it means “Almighty Rescuer”.

Shin is the 21st letter of Hebrew alphabet. It stands for Shaddai (Almighty). Gematria = 300, completion. The shin hour is the latest possible moment for an action.

In other words, Almighty God showing up at the 11th hour.

Concerning your walk, that is what you are doing

If something is at your feet, it’s very near, and you may have authority over it.


This may be a Biblical Element

Identity- Ex 28:36-38, Numbers 24:17, Rev 13:16, Rev 14:1

Remembrance- Ex 13:9-16, Deuteronomy 11:18, Isaiah 48:4

True self, essence of the person

A person’s presence (as in the face of God)

A person’s reputation

A spiritual being. This may be true if the face is missing as in a hooded creature with darkness inside or if the dreamer just never is able to view the face because the person is behind or beside him.

Different from UNSEEN FACES. Faces that the dreamer can’t recall may simply be a detail insignificant to the dream.
Or the dreamer wasn’t supposed to remember the face as it would be “too much information” and throw the dreamer off what the focus should be.

Eyebrows in general have a couple of main functions. One is to prevent sweat from falling down into the eyes. Just as important is their contribution to communication by facial expression.
Eyebrows in dreams most likely are speaking to one of those concepts rather than both.
A UNIBROW most likely has to do with the first, indicating “full protection” from sweat getting into the eyes. Dreams of unibrows may be telling the dreamer not to sweat it, not to fret… “don’t let weariness or fear cloud your sight; look to Jesus instead!”


Glory, wisdom, anointing, essence, the real you


Changing for better or worse (better may be light colored)

Concerning a negative change initiated by the person
Or a significant pruning of that person for their good from God

Concerning being gently pruned by the Lord for their good

Wisdom, maturity

Positive interpretation indicates purity.

Negative interpretation may indicate false purity.


Lack of it on someone who has it in real life may indicate immaturity.

If the dreamer doesn’t wear a wig, its symbolism would be similar to makeup or clothes.

If the dreamer doesn’t wear a wig (or wears one infrequently, or used to wear one), and the dreamer is always checking to make it’s positioned so you can’t tell it’s a wig, this means the dreamer is focusing on how she looks.

If the dreamer normally wears one, this would represent their hair. If it comes off in the dream, the person is exposed (good or bad).

If the wig is on backward, the person may be moving in the opposite direction that they should.

An idea you have birthed is unwise and will not turn out well

No worries, we doubt that this person has cancer. We strongly suggest that this about an inner spiritual condition which could be described as a disease that needs to and will be removed.


If it’s the dreamer’s eyes, it may concern the insight or perceptiveness of the person.

If another’s eyes, their character of them may serve as a window to the condition of the soul (what’s going on inside).

This generally has to do with discernment as in “I smell something”.

Like the eyes, this concerns perceptiveness.

It’s not hard to figure out that this may be about your speech.

Maybe someone is leading you on, just giving you “lip service”?


About issues of information, wisdom, or foolishness

Having to do with wisdom

Eye teeth indicate the need for something to hold on to like an encouraging word, a verse from scripture, a prophetic word, a dream or vision

Front teeth indicate issues concerning openness to receive information

Having to do with slowing down to think something through


Can wrap around the other fingers. Very critical when it comes to the use of the hand.

Pointer, points things out

This has the longest reach

• Also- it’s the middle finger that’s used for “flipping the bird.” Ponder the statement “flipping the bird” makes; it says “Go to Hell.” Since the middle finger symbolizes evangelism in ministry, this action (raising the middle finger at someone in a negative way), then, symbolizes evangelistic failure. Amazing.

This is the ring-finger, about commitment

The smallest one handles the details


Apostle (can wrap around the other fingers. Very critical when it comes to the use of the hand).

Prophet (pointer, point’s things out).

Evangelist (this has the longest reach).

Pastor (this is the ring-finger, about commitment to a congregation or small group).

Teacher (the smallest one handles the details).

A second possibility is that these may represent a number of something as man historically counts by them.


A matter of the heart

A matter of purity or cleansing

Ability to break something down and fully understand

Ability to withstand, perseverance

Life-giving substance, blood of Jesus


Concerning spiritual hindrance caused by emotional wounding.

Could represent a demonic attack in that literal area of the body.

Could represent God’s at work to heal something related to the symbolism of that body part.

If the dream is about the healing or removal of a part of your body that in reality is diseased, we strongly suggest this may not be literally about the healing of that disease, at least not until after the inner spiritual condition that could be described as a disease is healed by the dreamer’s persistence.

This symbolizes protection

If these come out, it indicates a flushing, a removal of what doesn’t belong.

Problem with processing information, that is understanding wisdom

Concerning a growing negative that needs to be fully cut out. Involves a habit.

Concerning a negative relating to life or death issues.

Could be referring to your speech since what we say has more power than we realize.

Relational issues

Something being cut out that doesn’t belong.

Something being fixed the hard way within a person’s attitudes and behaviors due to the person not taking care of it an easier way.

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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