Anatomy in Dreams

Body parts in dreams and their conditions may carry rather obvious symbolic meanings either universal or Biblical, and thus can be excellent dream elements. More than one of these symbols can be employed simultaneously.


By divine strength, spiritual empowerment/gifting

Relating to faith

Position of authority just under someone as in right hand man or Jesus at the right of the Father

By human strength or effort

By natural gifting

Note that the left side of a car is the driver’s side

Possibly relating to analytical thinking

In need of or lacking something

Abundance, carrying favor or prosperity, healthy

Concerning weight issues

Elevated position in reality or in the dreamer’s perception

Lower position in reality or in the dreamer’s perception

This person is being labeled/marked by others or their spiritual enemy


The negative interpretation is related to stubbornness and obstinacy.

The positive interpretation is related to perseverance and risk-taking.

Concerning life

Concerning speaking life through faith

Concerning your speech

Concerning authority, accomplishment, reward, honor or pride

Concerning nurturing or mentoring someone or something

Concerning sustenance or maintenance

Personal information may be kept in these babies! So this may be concerning relationship protection

Out of sight, what you can’t see such as betrayal

Concerning the past

“Outstretched arm”- strength and might reaching out

An extension of something

You guessed it: the smelliest place in the anatomy

1. Concerning relationships (especially if you are female)

2. May be concerning work (especially if you are male)

But depending on the context and application, either may apply, most likely the first.

Having to do with supporting the weight of something.

Having to do with retaining uprightness and possibly balance.

This definitely is about the level of activity of the person, so a large one may indicate not enough activity. I once dreamed I was patted on the behind and it was fulfilled when I was cut short of my activity in court (I thought I would be put on the stand, but wasn’t).

If showing, concerning reproduction

Mobility and power for victory and protection

This may be Biblical. Covenant(commitment/contract) and/or identity, Revelation 19:16.

Regarding a person’s submission or independence

Well, well, we finally received a dream about the knee; so we can add it to the dictionary.

The knee is both a universal and Biblical element. In both cases, it most often refers to “submission and humility” as in subjects falling to their knees before a king.

Surprisingly, most Bible references to the knee are in the same context, although they sometimes refer to bowing before the King of kings rather than a national king.

Many passages, of course, refer to kneeling for prayer as Daniel did.

The dream spoken of at the top of this entry was of a hairy knee of a woman trying, but unable to shave the hair. Hair on a knee would indicate that the hair on that area of the body has not been worn down by use. So the interpretation is that the woman needs help in the area of submission of humility. She alone would know what relationship of her life this refers to (God, husband, boss, etc.).

KNEE- 2nd possibility

A second possibility when considering symbolism for the knee is also both universal and Biblical, and has to do with a person seated on another person’s knee. This is generally associated with love and affection.

This may be Biblical. If so, it means “Almighty Rescuer”.

Shin is the 21st letter of Hebrew alphabet. It stands for Shaddai (Almighty). Gematria = 300, completion. The shin hour is the latest possible moment for an action.

In other words, Almighty God showing up at the 11th hour.

Concerning your walk, that is what you are doing

If something is at your feet, it’s very near, and you may have authority over it.


This may be a Biblical Element

Identity- Ex 28:36-38, Numbers 24:17, Rev 13:16, Rev 14:1

Remembrance- Ex 13:9-16, Deuteronomy 11:18, Isaiah 48:4

True self, essence of the person

A person’s presence (as in the face of God)

A person’s reputation

A spiritual being. This may be true if the face is missing as in a hooded creature with darkness inside or if the dreamer just never is able to view the face because the person is behind or beside him.

Different from UNSEEN FACES. Faces that the dreamer can’t recall may simply be a detail insignificant to the dream.
Or the dreamer wasn’t supposed to remember the face as it would be “too much information” and throw the dreamer off what the focus should be.

Eyebrows in general have a couple of main functions. One is to prevent sweat from falling down into the eyes. Just as important is their contribution to communication by facial expression.
Eyebrows in dreams most likely are speaking to one of those concepts rather than both.
A UNIBROW most likely has to do with the first, indicating “full protection” from sweat getting into the eyes. Dreams of unibrows may be telling the dreamer not to sweat it, not to fret… “don’t let weariness or fear cloud your sight; look to Jesus instead!”


Glory, wisdom, anointing, essence, the real you


Changing for better or worse (better may be light colored)

Concerning a negative change initiated by the person
Or a significant pruning of that person for their good from God

Concerning being gently pruned by the Lord for their good

Wisdom, maturity

Positive interpretation indicates purity.

Negative interpretation may indicate false purity.


Lack of it on someone who has it in real life may indicate immaturity.

If the dreamer doesn’t wear a wig, its symbolism would be similar to makeup or clothes.

If the dreamer normally wears one, this would represent their hair. If it comes off in the dream, the person is exposed (good or bad).

If the wig is on backward, the person may be moving in the opposite direction that they should.

No worries, we doubt that this person has cancer. We strongly suggest that this about an inner spiritual condition which could be described as a disease that needs to and will be removed.


If it’s the dreamer’s eyes, it may concern the insight or perceptiveness of the person.

If another’s eyes, their character of them may serve as a window to the condition of the soul (what’s going on inside).

This generally has to do with discernment as in “I smell something”.

Like the eyes, this concerns perceptiveness.

It’s not hard to figure out that this may be about your speech.

Maybe someone is leading you on, just giving you “lip service”?


About issues of information, wisdom, or foolishness

Having to do with wisdom

Eye teeth indicate the need for something to hold on to like an encouraging word, a verse from scripture, a prophetic word, a dream or vision

Front teeth indicate issues concerning openness to receive information

Having to do with slowing down to think something through


Can wrap around the other fingers. Very critical when it comes to the use of the hand.

Pointer, points things out

This has the longest reach

Or- flipping the bird is obvious symbolism

This is the ring-finger, about commitment

The smallest one handles the details

A second possibility is that these may represent a number of something as man historically counts by them.


Apostle (can wrap around the other fingers. Very critical when it comes to the use of the hand).

Prophet (pointer, point’s things out).

Evangelist (this has the longest reach).

Pastor (this is the ring-finger, about commitment to a congregation or small group).

Teacher (the smallest one handles the details).


A matter of the heart

A matter of purity or cleansing

Ability to break something down and fully understand

Ability to withstand, perseverance

Life-giving substance, blood of Jesus


Concerning spiritual hindrance caused by emotional wounding.

Could represent a demonic attack in that literal area of the body.

Could represent God’s at work to heal something related to the symbolism of that body part.

If the dream is about the healing or removal of a part of your body that in reality is diseased, we strongly suggest this may not be literally about the healing of that disease, at least not until after the inner spiritual condition that could be described as a disease is healed by the dreamer’s persistence.

This symbolizes protection

If these come out, it indicates a flushing, a removal of what doesn’t belong.

Problem with processing information, that is understanding wisdom

Concerning a growing negative that needs to be fully cut out. Involves a habit.

Concerning a negative relating to life or death issues.

Could be referring to your speech since what we say has more power than we realize.

Relational issues

Something being cut out that doesn’t belong.

Something being fixed the hard way within a person’s attitudes and behaviors due to the person not taking care of it an easier way.

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


You may submit brief dreams as COMMENTS for other dreamers in the community to respond to on the Open Discussion post or an appropriate dictionary page.



Be aware that community interpretive-comment-replies come from a wide-range of interpretation perspectives, experience and training, and there may be quite a wait.

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April 17, 2019

128 responses on "Anatomy in Dreams"

  1. Good day, last night I dreamt that the 4yr old boy I nanny, Quinton, fell and broke his leg in half. I don’t remember which side. The leg broke right in the middle, and clear marrow spilled onto the floor. I called 911, and he kept walking on that leg, I tried to keep him still but he kept walking around on it, even though it was clearly broken in half all the way through. This morning I find out last night he went to the ER with an ear infection. Is this dream about me or him? What does it mean please?

  2. I believe God is confirming that there is grace available to you in this situation and that you WILL be used of God . So do not fret or worry for no matter what others are talking about you for God IS on your side. Blessings !!

  3. I had a dream that I seen words in fire I heard God voice telling me “ I AM” the I AM who created the heavens and earth and that it was him and this was his will what I was going through and then I received a calendar in my dream with the numbers from 1 to 10 with a extra 5 at the bottom the outline of the calendar was thin wood the numbers were blocks connected to each other with white strings into rows then I was reading the Bible in the book of Exodus 40 then I went to a bathroom I saw that my right breast the pore of the nipple opened up was bleeding and then it opened up more to a point where milk was just pouring out and I remember I said omg there is milk pouring out I woke up from there

    • Recently a month ago I was told from two prophets that I barley spoke to that God had opened a door for me and was placing my ministry in my hands and not to fear and when I renounced my position in my church to do his will the pastor and church members said it’s not God wills and that nothing good will come out from it and that was I was spiritually immature following my own emotions and if I left for good my ministry won’t come and I left for good and I found out my pastor is talking about me to a church member and it hurts so I asked God if this was his will because I was confused and didn’t understand

  4. Last night’s dream was about my son IRL James breaking his leg off from knee down and then he could attach it and walk and no one could tell it had broken but is needing fixing that I somehow know. but funnily enough I had this dream after my friend told me last night of a similar real life incident about her brother fracturing the same part of his leg then I slept and had this dream

    • Hi Sheba! It’s very interesting. Personally, I think you had the dream as a response to the story you heard. But if the dream has a message from God… your son refers to something you’ve birth, so you’re observing that there’s a need to humble and submit to somethings and plans of God. In other words, God’s plans are better than our plans. Does this make sense?

  5. Thank u Sheba,Karen n John for the thoughts..
    Its a blessing to be here.
    Amen for the Calling dream(Had been thinking why such cruel ppl with all weapons were not breaking the doors of house n kidnapping them ! Wonderful to know that House wuld represent IN CHRIST 🙂 )..
    And thank u for the interpretation of snake one too.. Am encouraged.

  6. Continuation……….

    First i thought they r only kidnapping christians but it was not so. they were not bothered abt religion or anythng. Anyone outside the house they were taking them in their truck.
    Next scene i saw me n my dad were in a truck trying to save some people from them and they were chasing us..
    What does it mean. Bcs ths dream of kidnapping people i saw three times in two consecutive days though the scenes were different.

    • God is giving /or will be giving you a vision of people that will be needing spiritual help and HE will use you to rescue them and help you. I think you saw this dream thrice is because God wants to confirm to you that you ARE going to be used in this situation. So hold fast and stay strong God is with you in this !! Does this make sense to you?

    • Hi Queenie – An additional thought…I think the house may represent the house of God, in other words those in the house are safe because they’re in Christ. Those that are outside are “fair game” or easy targets for Satan to steal. He tries to “kidnap” both lives and souls, and only Christ can “ransom” them. We get to be ministers of that salvation. What a wonderful calling dream for you!

  7. One more dream.
    1. I saw there was panic as a group of cruel ,rude people were involved in kidnapping anyone who was standing outside the house(human traffickers kind) in the town where i was living(i didnt see my present town,it was new). The people were safe inside the house. I was seeing all this thru a window and was scared.

    Next scene i saw they were taking ppl in a huge truck. I was helping the people to hide from them in the house & close the doors &windows & lights off.

  8. Train dream also makes sense.
    A year before saw a dream which is still very fresh in me.
    I saw i am standing on the top of a stair case.. Its very tall stair case. And near first stair on the handle there was a small snake coming up. But i thought since i am standing on such a height this snake can’t come till this height. But suddenly it got wings and within seconds it flyed and came up near my face and i covered my face with my hands. And got up from dream bit worried..
    What would this mean?

    • This dream is telling that you have a really good reputation and God sees you as being a good person on the inside. Isn’t that lovely to know that He sees and knows everything about us ?? BUT …. you need to be on the alert as the enemy is trying to creep up and is also going to try and intensify efforts to attack you in this area by spreading lies about you. Someone close to you will cover you and protect you from this.
      Hands – Concerning relationships (especially if you are female)
      Face – A person’s reputation

      • Hi Sheba! Thanks a lot for your take on this! I didn’t see her comment. I think I need to start going through other sections 😀 . God bless!

        • Hi John
          Actually Rev Lyn has closed all other sections and has asked everyone to use open discussion page but I happened to see this one and got an interpretation so did it, we are all in this together John helping each other:) and great to hear about your being such a great man of God at such an early age. May God bless you and Use you richly to extend His Kingdom !! 🙂

          • Amen! Thank you so much! I didn’t realize that she closed other sections. There was a time Karen asked me to check other sections especially the one about snakes because there’re lots of dreams to look at.

          • Sorry I have to comment here as there is no reply button on yours – so the snakes section is only one open to people other than open discussion but the other sections seem to work fine and coz I had some time I thought of giving it a shot as it will not only help them but also me in my interpretation and I’m sure Rev Lyn will be Ok with my commenting on this other page.

          • It’s okay. Thanks for clarifying this Sheba. God bless!

          • Hi Sheba (and John – hope he sees this)… From time to time, people do post in various categories and I’ve always just gone ahead and answered those. The general categories were never locked, it was just that Rev Lyn was trying to streamline things at a time when she wasn’t able to address dreams much due to her other obligations. The closed categories might not even be pertinent any more…not sure.

          • Hi Karen! And yes I saw it 😀 Thanks for your clarification too 🙂

  9. Thank u so much for the interpretation,its encouraging. Yes it fits my present situation as i m going thru a waiting period in my life. And sometimes get fearful and discouraged thinking about future.

    Though earlier i thought this dream is about some sin in my heart that needs to be forgiven. As i felt right hand represents the heart condition. So was asking God to show me the area where i need to repent but was not peaceful & that time got this website.
    Thanku. Blessed.

  10. Hello.
    I had a dream that i had something like bulbous growing on my right hand.. the whole arm was with lumps/boils kind. Was luking very ugly. And i was showing my arm to some people near by (though dont remember who were they and other elements also i dont remember)
    What does this mean???

    And i do have dreams about travelling in a train with family,friends or waiting for train.
    What does it mean?

    • Hi Queenie! Please tell me if it makes sense to you. I think this dream is showing you something about your faith. I think it’s a warning that God is showing not to let the enemy grow lumps on your faith to discourage you. Pray against doubt, fear and discouragement. Makes sense to you?

      Trains over refer to movement; a move of God, but it’s on a specific path. So the dreams show you waiting for such from God.
      Make sense to you? God bless you!

  11. Just want to say ‘Thank You’…I’m reading other dreams and old submissions of my own. Just grateful. Hope all is well.

  12. Thanks so much, Lyn. What you said about the possible meaning fits exactly! The big issue the Lord is working on with me right now is growing a thicker skin in all kinds of ways, from opposition from other Christian leaders, to impossible personalities at work, to scoffing about my dreams, on and on. I seem to be getting it from all sides. I’m learning to just keep my own counsel and live solely out of the Lord as part of my preparation as a leader and a prophet. How encouraging to know the meaning of the dream!

  13. Element request: What would skin symbolize? (A guy compliments me that my skin looks really good). THANKS!

    • Good question! There are several possibilities. You’ve heard of thin- skinned or thick skinned? In these sayings, skin has to do with the amount of sensitivity to pain. So nice skin could have to do with your ability through the Spirit to avoid getting easily offended or upset. If you had another dream that night or if there is more dream context, the meaning may be adjusted.

  14. Hello! I have a dream element request: what would lungs (and illnesses related to them) mean? Does it have to do with a person’s spirit?

    • Lungs have everything to do with the Spirit! The Spirit is symbolized by air and wind, also some times of water. Since the lungs take in air and process it, the lungs speak of hearing and understanding the voice of God. That should help you make sense of that dream. Blessings!

  15. Thanks for your help on this. Also, I ended up having to see him last nite, and God is working. He’s dealing with a major underlying issue, bitterness, thru a bk he got from a street miinistry, and is getting some freedom. I had confirming dreams last nite, one re me and “Joachim Phoenix” (“may Jehovah exalt, God ptepares,” and Phoenix being the bird that built its own funeral pyre and then rose from the ashes.) How cool is that! God is so gracious and merciful!

  16. Your interpretation fits this dream and some other context. I felt it was about my authority to speak as God’s representative and that G finally “heard.” I think I do represent God in His fulness to G. The dream being about the Trinity also fits a dream i had about wearing an iridescent blue dress w/ a flowing train & a vision a minister/friend at the prophetic conf. had of someone in an iridescent blue gown that flowed like water & it being about the Glory of God & the train of His gown in the throne rm. I texted him our thoughts, no comment.

  17. Hi Lyn – G texted a dream re me, he’s wondering what it means, I want to get it right. “… I had a dream yesterday w/ you in it, on a throne w/a tiara. You had 3 faces left middle right & each time you spoke to me a different face did, & the liquid gown changed color too, white blue orange. You touched me, I fell on my knees worshipping. You kissed me & I liquified & you drew me into your mouth. You hugged me & we joined as one. What do you think that meant?” I had just 2 days before had a very serious phone conversation with him re how his behavior was doing harm to others. I’m thinking this is related to the dream. What are your thoughts on this dream? Thanks!

  18. Yes. Right on point. I have gained a lot of weight and my mind is always on not letting it get even more out of control.

    Do you have YouTube? Would love to hear your testimony…anyway, I know a lot is going on and that may not be where you’re lead. Thanks so much!

  19. I dreamed I was in a school environment & sitting on/bench at a table with 3 others-diverse youth. I was their peer & thin in weight than i am now. From table, I looked into hall and saw a heavier version of myself walking to bathroom. I was disappointed & sad. I looked again & saw an even fatter version (bigger than the first) walking towards bathroom. I looked insecure, uncomfortable & unattractive. My walk was odd, trying to adjust carrying fat. I was shocked& shocked to see an old denim outfit stretched to fit the bigger me. I hated what I saw.

    • In dreams, body size often speaks of the amount of prosperity of the soul, with thinness associated with a poor soul condition. In this dream, however, negative feelings are connected to excess weight, so in this case, the dream may be addressing fear of weight gain. I don’t know your background, but if so, this is a warning. These fears are a precursor to eating disorders. I have personal experience in this. Or could be from Satan. What do you think?

  20. Hi, hope all is well.
    My husband dreamed that I was looking through bills, and had one from ‘ABC Animal’. I had been charged but didn’t know why. I called the company to see who they were, was told they take small size “meat” from people. I asked if they’d taken my “meat” and they wouldn’t give me a clear answer. I told them I would have a test run and if I found out they had taken “meat” there would be issues. Husband says he believes the charge was around $17.

    • The meat can mean your body. By connecting this to your other dream, may I suggest that Satan may want to use an eating disorder to take you down. There is a cost. I will get back to you in a few hours to bring insight as to what God says the cost is. Please give me feedback as we are here and equipped by experience to help.

  21. Hi Sweetheart, may the Lord fill your heart with his goodness, hope and his joy.Praying for you and your family. May he breathe his peace over you:)
    Thank you for your interpretation. Yes its someone I know and is close to my heart

  22. One of the things I’m praying for is faith and direction in my vocation. Money is tight and dwindling, my health can’t sustain a lot of work hours or stress, and the Lord has told me I am to be a writer. So, obviously I’m in need of discernment, trusting God has me. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Joseph is: May Jehovah add/give increase. Do you think they could be connected?

    • I think I ignored you. Tough month. Fighting powerful curses. Perhaps God has clarified your dream by now. I could do coffee if you want to minister to each other. Let me know when you have some options.

  23. I had this dream of a guy placing his head very affectionately on my shoulder in front of family members who were watching.I was a little shy but he was confident.

    • If the guy seemed FAMILIAR, then that’s good. He may symbolize the Holy Spirit and his authority in your life will be visible 1) to the Implementer of Blessings 2) possibly literally to your family.

  24. Sorry, I forgot an important detail! I was wearing a black blindfold at the time. (???) Blessings!

  25. My friend, Joseph and I were talking. (He and I are more like siblings than friends). Suddenly, he reached out, snatched my wrist into a tight grip, and held it. I decided to ignore him until he could behave more maturely. Then, he did the same thing with my other wrist. Even though I struggled, I couldn’t break his grip.
    I was telling him to cut it out when I woke up. I’d love your insights! Thank you!!

  26. Hi Lynmarie
    Had a dream last night and as usual it had several scenes. I’ll post the other part under a different element. I felt a milk let down in my left breast and when I looked down on it, milk was dripping. I felt excited because I was sure I was pregnant so I went into the bathroom to squeeze off the milk in the tab and as I squeezed the breast a dark liquid which was blackish/purple spatted out instead of milk. There was alot of that liquid flowing out of my breast.
    Any insight over this dream? It has really baffled me. Thanks

    • You have been pondering how to respond to a situation and feel as if you now have an approach. You fantasize what you’ll say and how effective it will be to change the situation. God is kindly informing you NOT to go with that approach, that the approach will worsen things. Wait on the leadership of the Lord. He will show you how to approach this. Boy, can I relate to this right now. Keep listening to God!

  27. Thank you very much Lynmarie. God bless you in your ministry and in the everyday life. Thank you:)

  28. Thank you very much, Lynmarie. I think your interpretation make sense. It is touching my heart. Only a couple of questions. When we are observers in a dream could be such a dream about us too? What does the cat mean in this dream? Thank you.

  29. Hello, Lynmarie. My friend, sister in Christ had a dream about us, she was observing in a dream only. A dream: I dreamed that I was at your home. Your(my) hair was very short, such as bare regrowth after cutting. Then I saw your husband, who ripped a cat, a very brutal beating, scraping its feet, smashing its head. Then stops, and the cat turned around and in man’s voice told: too much pain, I can’t suffer any longer.
    I understand, that dream has a serious message, but I can’t understand its fully. Please help me with interpretation. Maybe I can avoid something bad. Thank you very much.

    • Hello Lithuania. This dream is most likely about the dreamer.

      It looks like God is telling her that He knows she has been going through a lot lately, almost more than she can bare, and on a daily basis. He knows she feels trapped, overwhelmed, and in pain. The dream suggests that God is pruning her right now, and that the keys to exiting this season and seeing multiplication are to TRUST AND OBEY. God loves her as the Ultimate Father.

  30. Concerning knees and blood: What does it mean when you are in a fight with a man (can’t recall face), and during this fight he takes a razor blade and slashes both of your knees, you’re gushing blood, but shortly after they both heal, unscarred, and you win the fight and cause him to shed blood that doesn’t stop bleeding?

    • First, it’s vital that you remember that your battle is not with man, but with your spiritual enemy, the devil who prowls around seeking whom he is able to devour.

      The dream speaks of someone intimidating or humiliating you into doing something you wouldn’t otherwise choose to do. A mess has been created by your compromise.

      Thank God that you get revelation and put an end to it. Do you sense God speaking to you in this?

  31. One question – does the cow symbolize mental processing because a cow chews its cud, like ruminating on something? Thx.

  32. I’m so sorry about your wrist! What a bummer! Everything you said above totally fits. G is doing a LOT of serious thinking and taking a new look at some of his entrenched views, and there is a major transition happening that started this week that will impact many areas of both my and G’s life, foremost of which is that it looks like I’m going to have to separate myself from him again for a time, as the Lord has made it clear He wants each of us to Himself for now. Thanks, as always, for your insight and wisdom.

  33. Hi Lynmarie – Your take on the chest and the bands makes total sense. My friend G is very much a black and white thinker, it’s a huge obstacle in his ability to understand the things of God. I’m hoping it’s something that would be mostly resolved if/when he receives the mind of Christ. Do you see the downhill as a negative thing in this dream? But it curves to the right… Any other ideas on the cow? The feeling in this dream was neutral and the colors were muted, like it was maybe evening. Not sure how to take this dream. Thanks for your thoughts.

  34. Hi Lynmarie – Had a weird dream last night that I can get some of the meaning on but not completely. What would the chest represent? Dreamed I saw a cow and a man rolling downhill on a road that curved to the right and had trees on either side. The man’s torso was bare except for a wide band of white cloth and a wide band of black cloth. The sense was that these were some kind of bandages, but there was no obvious wound or blood or anything gross. I’m thinking this is a positive dream about healing and provision flowing easily now, but not sure, and what would a black band represent? Would appreciate any light you could shed on this. Thx!

    • Well, I’d say this may have to do with provision because of the cow. The chest has several possibilities. For one thing- it’s the core of our being, where our vital organs are housed. I see the bands as identity. Black and white next to each other may mean that the person sees things as either black or white. There are other possibilities as well, but is any of this making sense as you look at your life situations?

  35. Thank you! That is very encouraging. 🙂 That also goes along with what the Lord has been showing me, through circumstances and prompting. Blessings to you!

  36. Hi! I had two dreams, nearly back to back, that included symbols of both blood and money. In the first, my professor was doing Old Testament blood sacrifices. Her name means “foreign riches.” In the second one, my childrens’ Godfather brought me two large boxes of “feminine products.” (Maxi pads). He asked if they were mine since he found them in the back of a car. Apparently, I had previously stashed cash in the boxes and forgotten about it. He asked if the boxes were mine, and I went through them to retrieve the money. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  37. I am standing in a schoolroom full of desks. Then some gentleman, resembling a pastor I listen to ,comes to me and acts like he going to talk to me but I can’t hear him. He is wearing a short gray wig. while he talks to me I am wearing all my clothes but as I touch my mouth I feel something. I put out my hands to only see blood. I turned around. I was only wearing white underwear. I noticed the left side of my mouth has been bleeding. I was covered with dried blood from neck down. they were students in classroom but none noticed I was naked or bleeding. I went into another room to hide to find a mirror and then tried wash off the blood.

    • Off hand, I’d say God’s telling you that He is aware of your pain and is teaching you how to receive inner healing on this issue- this because of the schoolroom and dried blood. But a key question is, “Who does the pastor represent?” God himself, a pastor? Why false hair? Discerning that will help with the rest. Let me know what you think and I’ll help you put this together.

  38. ok, thanks, I cant recall any situation where I have been told off and in both dreams I am giving my opinion or advice. I have kept this person in prayer so will continue to do so. Just a question the first dream where I am with an unknown person and they have been told off and come to me was in July 2015, this more recent dream of a man telling me about how he was told off was this year – what is the significance of having two very similar dream themes over a period of time? Is this situation being emphasized or could this point to this dream being literal and happening soon?

    Thanks again

  39. Hi and thank you for your help,

    The friends name means oak tree and it seemed that he had overslept or woken from a long sleep. So if this is about me does it mean I am getting a wrong or not a quite right perspective of something? It is interesting that he got told off and was telling me about in this recent dream, as earlier this year I had a similar dream about a unknown man being told off in a shoe store and after he came to me and I give him advice or my opinion. I feel the two dreams point to the same situation.

    • With the name meaning added and mention of the other dream and that it looks like YOU haven’t recently been told off; I would suggest that God may actually be talking to you about this person or another person that they symbolize… someone who has been unaware of something but has been told off. God may want you to pray for this person.

  40. Hi – After I posted that last dream it occurred to me to see if Pyle had a meaning, and it refers to stakes or a stakemaker, with the origin being “javelin.” So I’m thinking this was about the enemy saying he completed his attacks on my anointing and the associated relationship (“hands” referring to relationship – G, and perhaps also my job), with his javelin (and there was a dream a while back about me being hunted by a hunter with a large hooked nose). But the interesting thing is that this person only LOOKED like Gomer Pyle – was a deception – so the plan was not accomplished. Also interesting is that the very next night the Lord gave me 2 dreams to show me HIS view of my anointing. Good to know about the cluster factor. Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll be quiet for a while now, I promise. 😉

  41. One other belly dream (the night before the other two)… if you’ll bear with me (I SO appreciate your time on these, Lynmarie). I dreamed I saw a somwhat short guy and in the dream I was thinking he looked like Gomer Pyle and flashed on his face having a big nose like Gomer Pyle’s, then the face resolved into one with more defined features and I realized in the dream that he only looked like Gomer P. He was doubled over and I think was holding his hands to his belly. The colors were all grey tones. I looked up the meaning of the name Gomer and it apparently means “to finish or complete.” I am coming up on what I believe is the season of completion that the Lord has shown me regarding His prophetic destiny for my friend G and I, and I have had some prophetic words spoken over me about God giving me “double for my trouble” (I believe re years of stress, loss, and heartache). This dream was in the context of a couple of other dreams that night about Satan trying to threaten or discourage me, so Im thinking it may have a negative message. What do you think? Thank you, Lynmarie!!

    • If you are asking if this dream may have come from Satan, it could. One of the early units in the course may help you clarify. What’s not in the course, though, is that dreams FROM the dark-side do seem to come in packages. So if you think you had one dream from the dark-side on a particular night, the others that night are most likely from there also.

  42. Hi – Thanks so much for the interpretations of the belly dreams. So basically, the belly would refer to just the flow of the Holy Spirit, and whatever the state of the belly would be the more detailed definer? If that makes sense… I love the interpretation of the belly on the table dream. 🙂 It brings to mind Proverbs 10:23, “Doing wickedness is like sport [fun] to a fool, and so is wisdom to a man of understanding.” Dreams are a big jigsaw puzzle, and I always loved doing those as a kid! God is so cool! I do wonder, though, if G might be literally himself in the dream, because in the dream I was doing the thing with the table first and then he “was willing” to try it also, and he does have some very vivid, detailed dreams…

  43. Hi again,

    I just wondered what a red eye could symbolise? – In this part of the dream I am having a casual conversation with a friend and I notice that one of their eyes is red. it looks like they had either overslept or had a long sleep and just woken up. there were no negative feelings here, just me noticing their one red eye. They were telling me about how they had gotten told off by someone and I was giving them advice.

    Thank s 🙂

    • Funny- red eye is a term we use for a late night flight, and also we see those in straight-on flash pictures. But I’m thinking you mean red eye as if someone was crying, or hurt in the eye, or infected as with Pink Eye for instance. Or even tired eyes.

      Interesting that it’s only one eye, so that shows only half the perspective is hurt or tired or infected. Keep in mind that this is most likely about YOU. Look up the meaning of the friend’s name and see if that helps to make sense of it.

  44. Plump belly maybe healthy life in the Holy Spirit or some such thing?

    • Yes, you are right on with that. Also this can mean richness in spirit and having understanding. Be careful not to assume G is literal. More likely is that something you like very much and are involved with can be described this way… maybe even dream interpretation. I say that because you are in a mall indicating this is about so very many things (and we sure have lots of elements in dreams). Having fun, moving along quickly, possibly to “pick up” things. SMILES!

  45. Hi Lynmarie – what would the belly signify? Not the internal organ of the stomach, but more the external belly. I know that rivers of living water (Holy Spirit) flow from there… Examples: 1) Dreamed I was wearing a full-length beautiful silk dress in peacock colors while serving at a banquet, and my belly was slightly plump. 2) Dreamed my friend G and I were at a mall and there was a wheeled table that we could get going very fast and then ride on, and he did that lying on his belly on a towel. Any ideas? Thanks!

  46. Thank you that is very encouraging and helps a lot in being able to clarify this dream – I have been getting so many negative thoughts lately but I still trust and am keeping faith that the lord will bring me through it!
    Thank you so much!

  47. I recognize that there are a couple of different categories I could’ve placed the above dream under, but I chose this one bc of how the hands, arms around the waist, and speaking in his ear stood out to me. My thoughts: There may be some kind of agreement or commitment that may come my way. It’ll be subtle. It will be something I am not normally accustomed to maybe in the work place or my life in general , but it will feel right by the Holy spirit , and I’ll be able to move in it with confidence.

    It seems as though it is something or a situation I will be engaged in as a means to growing deeper in relationship.

    …but theses are just my thoughts . I’m still praying .

    • You are on the right track. Gabriel on several occasions was entrusted to give important announcements including giving Mary the amazing news that she would be the mother of Jesus. So a person named Gabriel in a dream usually symbolizes a messenger of good news. His affections toward you symbolize God’s love and favor toward you. You will have to discern what the boys symbolize, but they are significant to your life and hindering something.

  48. Someone I know (named Gabriel) and I were sitting at a kitchen table at I think was my mother’s house. The house was unknown but it was a family occasion and he was there with me. We were sitting in a chair together, and talking among family at the kitchen table. I felt my left hand fingers being inter mingled with his left hand fingers, and it felt soft and subtle, but right.

    I am usually nervous to display public affection bc I’m unsure if that’s what he’s comfortable doing, but this time he initiated his hand in mine so I received it and drew in.

    I placed my arm around his waist and leaned forward into him and gently spoke to him in his ear asking how the kids were. He responded by telling me they were not doing well bc of their behavior.
    I became concerned for him and the boys so I sat bck in my chair and he sat in the chair facing me and we grew deeper in conversation about the boys, and why they are going through some things. It ended up just being me and him at the kitchen table discussing his boys.

    I noticed his comfortable smile, and demeanour toward me was more engaged with me and his hair was grown into an afro as we continued to talk.

    He eventually began to look different, nothing bad, and still the same person, but more mature looking.

    I woke up….

  49. I should add that because I was feeling a bit downhearted over many things in my life I just felt like running away and hiding or just starting over new somewhere other than where I am currently.

    • Thank you for pressing in to find the true meaning and application of this dream. In reviewing your current situation, job, and prayers; and adding a likely application— we have taken a fresh look and it looks like our original comment was on track, but not as specific. I think unpacking this will be helpful.

      The dream seems to be direct answer from God to your prayers concerning your current inner struggle.

      a) the child is sick- represents your inner struggle and doubts about God’s love and faithfulness to you.

      b) the father would symbolize the author/originator of the doubts.

      c) since the father is speaking with condemnation( “It’s too late… you can’t just send someone home because you can’t handle it!”) — he ISN’T depicting God, (and the name meaning associated with Julie also supports that the father symbolizes Satan).

      d) “It’s too late, he’s got YOUR dna now”— this is Satan telling you that you can’t change your outlook now because it’s indelibly linked to you, that is, you’ve had it too long.

      e) You want to send the child home— the spirit within you wants to send Satan’s lies back to where they came from! GOOD!

      CONCLUSION— You are awesome and Satan is a liar! This doubt and negative perspective came to you from Satan and he is desperate to keep you from sending it back to hell, because he knows that when you regain your faith in God’s love for you, his schemes to kill steal and destroy in your life will be over. Discernment about yous job, etc. will be clarified after you have done this. BTY- we ALL find ourselves where you are from time to time; it’s just a matter of how long the seasons are.

  50. Hi Lyn, thanks for your help, no I work in a secular school. The main feelings I had in this dream was feeling misunderstood as I wanted the child to get better but the father interpreted this as me wanting to avoid or get rid of his son implying I could not handle this or didn’t want to deal with it.
    Ive been continually seeking the lord to help me be in the right place to serve my purpose.


  51. Thanks for your thoughts, im still feeling a bit confused on this one, I had been thinking about my purpose and felt stressed with everything going on around me so considered changing my workplace – When the father in the dream said “you cant just send someone home because you cant handle it” For some reason that made me wonder if my giftings were in the right place but because of stress, pressure etc I wanted to just avoid everything and leave my current workplace. Because that is what I had been feeling before I received this dream.

  52. Is this symbolic do you think?

    • I really suspect this all is symbolic including the child and father. The father represents Satan the accuser and the child, what he has hatched, that is his scheme against you. Why that particular father and son? Because, as you say, you have developed a relationship with the son. This dream would indicate that the scheme has “involved” you but not tricked you yet. That’s what I’m getting, anyway.

  53. Sorry yes they are familiar to me, I wrk with children and this particular child I’ve developed a really great relationship with, I’m not too familiar with the father we are polite with each other. The night before having this dream I felt very down just seeking The Lord for my true purpose and even considered changing my workplace so I could just be where I’m supposed to be using my giftings and just where The Lord wants me, so when I had this dream I was puzzled, I’ve never had issues with this father either

  54. Thanks Lyn,
    So in this dream is the father symbolic of the accuser? and is this dream pointing out the strength of my faith? The night before I was praying about purpose and asking the lord to help me really understand mine, I also have established a close relationship with this particular child and was surprised to have this dream.

  55. Her name is Julie and Im quite close with her or have a good working relationship with her.

    • Again, you have to look at your situations to see if there is any connection. Looking at it without that benefit, I first would say it’s a good dream.

      It looks like the Accuser of the Brethren is up to trying to whip you around. I’d suggest that he has a scheme which is not working on you and he’s unhappy about giving it up. He can see it won’t work on you because the depth of your faith is to the core (DNA). (I factored in the friend and the son.)

  56. Hi again,

    What is the significance of DNA in a dream? In this dream a man is angry with me as his son is sick and he is kind of blaming me for this. In the dream I suggest the man take his child home to rest but the man misunderstands and says “It’s too late, he’s got YOUR dna now” He also says “you cant just send someone home because you cant handle it!” implying that I just didn’t want to deal with it but in the dream I felt he was misunderstanding me. I was holding his son, and a colleague whom I am close to is present and just observing this but she does not say a word. I just felt misunderstood in this dream but the DNA thing stood out
    I don’t know if this is literal but I do know this man (not well) and I am wondering if the son is symbolic but not sure as he does have a son I get on well with.

    Thanks again

  57. Wow! Thank you for your responses to both those posts. That’s so encouraging to know that the Lord is giving me discernment, that my friend is truly called, and that my intercession does have power (which I knew but it’s wonderful to get confirmation of that from another godly source). I have been a dreamer for years but didn’t realize they were significant until a couple of years ago when I received the full baptism in the spirit, after ehich they have been literally poured out on me. Your website has been my main tool to learn about dreams, and the interpretation of the symbols has been so incredibly accurate to the actual situations and resonates with my spirit. Thank you so much for your ministry!

  58. Thank you that is helpful, yes I couldn’t understand it because it felt positive but I sometimes overthink things and started wondering why on earth my hair would be wrapped like that! At least it looked lovely and healthy in the dream lol! thanks!

  59. Re above dream and more context, another time i dreamed that the same friend had dreadlocks (which I know symbolize rebellion, which fits!) and was going to wash them but then asked me to cut them off for him. (I’ve been doing warfare intercession for him for these 14 months. Does that fit this dream?)

  60. This is one of many, many dreams over the past 14 months re a friend of mine who sometimes appears as himself, sometimes symbollically. He asks me to look “down there.” I say, “Are you seriously asking me to take a look?” He says yes, turns around, pulls his pants down, bends over, points to an area near his right groin. Rectal area is hairless, pale skin, small anus. I see maybe something like a rash or a bruise. (This friend has a strong calling on his life, doesn’t yet know the Lord but dreams indicate he will. Is this to do with repentance? Hairless, small anus???). Thx.

  61. Hi just in regards to hair – I had a dream where I was smiling at a friend but my hair was wrapped around my whole face so that only my eyes were exposed. The dream felt positive and I was smiling genuinely, but im wondering what that would mean to have my hair wrapped around my whole face?

  62. Hmmm, so the exposure and removal of a strength? Of mine, or someone else? Or something that symbolizes strength? Interesting …. I will have to be watching this one …..! Thank you!

    • Certainly not the removal of a strength. It’s something which didn’t belong will be exposed for the purpose of removal. I would expect this was spiritually INSIDE you (your arm figuratively). You didn’t realize it or didn’t realize something could be done about it. This is a good revelation of something that can be fixed like a curse or “growth” that can be removed or broken.

  63. Last night I had a dream that there was a bulbous growth on my left forearm about the size of an egg. I noticed the lump grow before my eyes. I feel like there were more elements to the dream, but can’t remember them anymore.

    • It sounds like God is telling you that something which didn’t belong will be exposed for the purpose of removal. The right arm can mean an assistant (like a right arm man). Left arm is not that. Has to do with “Outstretched arm”- strength and might reaching out, or an extension of something.

  64. Thank you for your response. Your response reminded me of a scene scene in another dream I’ve had in the past. My knees getting stuck and not being able to move caused me to remember a scene I a past dream of God showing me that I was going somewhere special, but I got stuck from moving bc of a pile of books. I couldn’t get past this pile. The books represent knowledge, and I’ve always been a sticker on *knowing*. The dream of my knees tell me that I’ve not been submitting to the purpose of prayer or to His way in prayer. It speaks to my strong will of knowing the answers to certain situations that God has been telling me that I will not be given all the answers to. I’ve prayed for God to *tell me what I want to know* instead of praying for wisdom and instruction in how to move forward in what I don’t know; just trust HIM.
    My pastor recently, a couple of Sundays ago, spoke a word that confirmed that I will not know all the answers, but I’m still to submit to instructions God has given.

    I acknowledge not submitting to to a specific situation in my life that I pause at for fear of rejection and hurt; yet he’s continued to speak the same thing to me about it. Siigghh….. Lol I’m publicly repenting, and submitting to His will and trusting Him for the outcome.

    • Enjoying getting to know you better. I can totally identify with having too many questions for God. Once I got a prophetic word that God couldn’t speak to me so easily because I had too many questions. While I was asking one question, He wanted to answer another, but I’d be expecting the answer to the one I asked. Got it. May you be blessed in your walk with the Lord.

  65. I just now woke up from this dream. Now that I’m awake, I can only remember one scene of it.

    All I can remember now is getting out of an unknown car. I was with my dad (James Sr.), an long time friend ( James Robert Jr.), and I know one, but possibly two other males (I can’t recall who they were now, but I knew while dreaming. In real life, my knee joints have always been laxy, but for some reason in this dream, they were not working at all. They kept trying to become disjointed with each move I made. They would slide out of place and cause me to try to maneuver them bck into place.

    The males that were around me helped me stand, but with each move I made my knees became more laxy to the point I couldn’t move from where I was standing, and couldn’t walk. The males weren’t sure of what to do at all to help me.

    I suddenly began to reach out to the side to my dad; to the other side to the other person; and when I tried to move again, I reached behind me to my long time friend (I’ve known since elementary school).

    I yelled out “I need to go to the hospital, bc I can’t move”, and i knew that I needed knee replacements….IMMEDIATELY.

    I woke up at 2:25am

    My thoughts: I’ve allowed my prayer life to become disjointed, and it’s caused me to suffer and hinder my walk. I must replace reaching out to ppl to help me stand, with a renewed prayer life to hold me up.

    • Right on! I would suggest that your father represents your Heavenly Father. Interestingly, your long-time friend is also friends with your dad- a perfect set-up for this character to represent the Holy Spirit.

      I sense that the knees that don’t work at all now and need replacing reveal something blocking the effectiveness of your prayer life. You “can’t move” meaning “you can’t move God”. This insight would indicate the need to find what is hindering your prayers.

      Here’s one possibility: Bowing down to other things more than to God. Ezekiel 14:2-5 says “And the word of the Lord came to me, saying, ‘Son of man, these men have set up their idols in their hearts, and put before them that which causes them to stumble into iniquity. Should I let Myself be inquired of by them? Therefore speak to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God: ‘Everyone of the house of Israel who sets up his idols in his heart, and puts before him what causes him to stumble into iniquity, and then comes to the prophet, I the Lord will answer him who comes, according to the multitude of his idols, that I may seize the house of Israel by their heart, because they are all estranged from Me by their idols. ‘”

      Please get back to us on this. We’d love to see how the Lord is working in your life!

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