Yes. It’s true. God really did bring a $3500 overnight to one of our daughters through a dream.

In our experience, God typically loves to surprise us with provisions. On occasion, He’ll give us a heads-up that He will be providing, but we’re usually left wondering how and when… and we generally face quite a queue.

Our Heavenly Father could, of course, give us the winning lotto ticket number or the fantasy football pick for the week, but I don’t find Him doing much of that. But at times in life, we truly could use a tip like that. I’m sure you can think of a time you would have preferred that God had done just that for you.

But you’re ahead of me on this already. You’ve already thought of a couple of reasons God doesn’t make a habit of showing us directly the exact route to the treasure at the end of the rainbow. “It’s all we’d want of Him,” I can hear you saying.

1) I like to compare God’s ways concerning monetary provisions to a child and parent in a Christmas setting.

Think of how you felt as a child at Christmas. I know for me, that season was magical. The dignity of the brightly colored tree in our living room, the purity of the falling snow, the bells ringing outside the small town stores as shoppers took to the streets, the wondrous Christmas eve service, and the family coming together around gifts and a feast… all prepared with love. And then when I opened that one most exciting gift, I was absolutely delighted.

I understand now that my parents had invested plenty of time deciding and finding that JUST-RIGHT gift for me. They loved me with their whole hearts and awaited my reaction to their gift. They made sure it was wrapped beautifully and placed at the back of the tree so I would find it last. They managed to have all eyes on me as I unwrapped it, so they could take great joy in my reaction!

If you are a parent, you know precisely what I’m talking about. If I had known EXACTLY WHAT the gift was before the morning of December 25th, they would have been disappointed and saddened to miss the joy of that moment!

2) And then there’s the reality that when push comes to shove on this earth, our bottom line is always provisions, economics, money.

Provisions are our security on this earth. But God wants to be OUR ULTIMATE SECURITY, the one we know we can count on no matter what we’re left with or without.

That’s why God tests us so much in the area of provisions, and why—in the earth’s final days… in God’s final exam— those of us who are here will be tested ECONOMICALLY… through the taking or not taking the MARK OF THE BEAST. At that point, those who want eternal life will have to literally BANK ON IT by refusing the mark.

So there’s two of your reasons why our Creator and Provider leaves us “keeping the faith” when it comes to sustenance.

That being said, there have been times when God has given us a clue as to WHEN specifically provisions would be coming. And that was great, but it still left us needing Him!
We had to keep the faith that what He had showed us in dreams would actually take place on time… without knowing how, and sometimes without having ANY IDEA HOW. And we always want to know HOW.

Cashed in on That Dream!

In this instance, however, a strategy needed to be revealed in order for the provision to come. And God knew a dream would be helpful in order for certain obstacles to be overcome.

Now I am going to have to get rather personal. Let’s start with the dream:


On Oct. 12, I dream that our daughter who is a single mom pulls into a drive through. You know, like at a fast-food restaurant. Strangely, there were 2 silver sides of a car sitting there. Picture one side leaning on the other and both with the outside of the car outward so you could see the shiny silver. And the majority of the lane is taken up with the car sides.

Our daughter drives into the beginning of the drive-through, and when faced with this obstacle, tries to push her way through anyway. Although she can’t get past it, she insists on getting through and begins to try another time.
I’m there somewhere and I object and tell her “You’re scratching up your car. Get out of there. It won’t work. Don’t proceed”.
Though it is difficult to convince her, she retreats.

I am standing on a doc. There is a pirate ship with a smaller one inside. A man comes alongside me and tells me to jump on the back of it. The ship starts to float out to sea and I wake up.


Yup. That’s it. That’s the whole dream that led to our daughter cashing in. “How in the world did you get something out of that?” you ask. “How did that lead to a windfall?”

Here’s how it went. The daughter calls me up a day later and reminds me that on April 15th she had filed an automatic extension to the IRS, and that the tax filing deadline was eminent. Since I had a good deal of experience filing business and personal returns, she wanted my assistance. I agreed and told her I would come over that night the 13th.

I was very aware that I had received an impressive dream about her, but unsure of its meaning. We sat down at the table and began the process on one of those on-line tax filing programs.

As we progressed, we of course ran into obstacles that had to be overcome. Questions about insurance, health programs, etc. She had to find some answers in her files or by speaking with someone who had the answers. Before long, we came to a dead end.
It was then that I revealed to her that I had had a warning dream about her, and that I felt that she was moving too fast, that we needed to slow down and really get this right… maybe look into postponing again. She responded that she was absolutely not interested in postponing or taking it slower. We agreed to pick up the project the next morning.

So, now it’s the 14th, the day before the deadline. After a couple of hours battling through to get the answers needed, we could continue the process. But that dream haunted me. What were the pirate ships? And the drive-through? And the car sides?


Before long, the meaning of the dream became obvious. So God likens the IRS to PIRATES! He’s right on with that one for sure! What a kick. I wish our politicians would see the light on that one!

And why a smaller pirate ship inside a bigger one? The state tax return which is filed within the federal filing process, of course!

A drive-through is a quick and convenient way to get a meal, so the drive-through represented the online tax-filing program. These programs are so much faster, easier, and better than the manual filing method I used for years!

A car represents activity, and silver associated with a price (or money), so the car sides in the dream spoke of an activity associated with a price that has been sidelined or “set a side”.

Putting it all together into a general interpretation— While your daughter is tempted to rush a process related to an activity which has been set aside, which is handled in a convenient way, and which is associated with a price and with piracy; she will benefit by slowing down in this activity.


During a dark season in her life, God is whispering to her, “I love you”.

Prayers appreciated for this awesome single mother of two who is under God’s umbrella of protection even while continuing to struggle with loneliness and extreme disappointment… and “does God really love me?”

Remember: Each of us receives our own dreams, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of dreams.

I’m not you, but that’s my view! Every Blessing!


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